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Vice Media, Paragon of Journalistic Integrity, is Shutting Down

We truly are living in the end times. The other day, I read that Vice is shutting down. Vice has been integral to the Western way of life in the last two decades and shaped culture like no other journalistic outlet. Not even a multi-million cash injection by our favorite Jew investor George Soros could keep it afloat.

Without Vice, we would not know that there are gay men who scavenge for used condoms in dirty, dimly lit nightclubs, in order to consume their content. You may think that you do not need to know that such people exist but if you reflexively denounce such a wholesome pastime then you clearly do not embrace contemporary Western cultural values.

There is the suspicion that Western civilization has peaked as there are fewer and fewer scientific breakthroughs. This may be the case. However, Vice has shown the world that the West still has some frontiers to push back. Do you perchance only like to bone slender, attractive women? Begone, bigot! Vice should have told you that you need to have sex with fat women instead because you need to fight fatphobia, but only between romps with “non-op transsexual women”.

In all honesty, quite a few Vice articles read like parody. Here is one in which they try to gaslight the reader by telling them that they always were into banging fat chicks, now they only need to learn to accept it.

It is also the case that Vice has staffed by some truly astounding individuals, some of which should have won the Nobel peace price for their efforts in making “pedophilia” mainstream. No, this is of course not about banging 14 year-old girls who are fully matured women and who have been getting their period for a few years already. Instead, the Vice staff worked overtime to widen the societal acceptance of pederasty, but we unfortunately do not yet live in a world in which the laws are written by the kind of people who also wrote for Vice. George Soros is financially supporting radical leftist lawyers and judges, so this is only a matter of time.

Rest in peace, Vice! I take it as as sign of Western culture shaking off a nasty parasite. It says something that such a degenerate publication that was heavily backed by the mainstream went under. Let’s bask in the glory of this win.

One thought on “Vice Media, Paragon of Journalistic Integrity, is Shutting Down

  1. Idk if anyone saw their journalist Elle Reeve go on The Daily Shoah several years ago, but even I was surprised by how vapid she was.

    Yes, everyone involved with this publication was an enemy of mine. Never mourn the death of an enemy.

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