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53 thoughts on “Open Thread #341

  1. Tucker Carlson got a culture shock when looking at the Moscow metro:
    On a related note, I had a Russian work colleague once who pointed out some aspects of public infrastructure. The reason for the lavish metro stations, for instance, was to support the working class and uplift their spirits. This is quite the contrast compared to the Western approach, which is to sap your spirits as you look at the ugliest, most derelict buildings as you take in yet another dose of cultural enrichment.

    1. Nothing supports spirits of Russian metro passengers as much as having to go through the security gates and x-raying belongings every single time.

      The answer to his question of “why is Russian metro so clean?” is “because there are no niggers in Russia”, btw.

    1. I read that he died of a blood clot. There is a leading cause for blood clots, so it would be quite telling if this Western puppet ended up dying in prison due to the vaxx. Let’s see if there will be further information forthcoming.

    2. It is downright ridiculous that Navalny has been built up by the West as some kind of liberal freedom fighter. Navalny was a nationalist and neo-Nazi.

      If Navalny were German, he would vote for the NPD.

    3. Navalny was a nationalist and neo-Nazi.

      Which used to be his strongest side. He used to say that regime in Russia will change not as a result of an election. He later fucked up by getting much more mellow in order to get more supporters, and in doing so alienated the very people who could’ve been useful to him (such as right wing extremists). The normies he tried to appeal to instead were quite happy with Putin, and even if they weren’t, there was nothing they could do anyway.

      His last mistake was, obviously, returning to Russia. It was after a failed assassination attempt, so it must’ve been clear to him that he will be either killed or permanently jailed if he goes back. He still did it for some reason.

    1. I don’t think my physique was at that guy’s level, but I have met plenty of women who made it pretty obvious that they found me attractive. Also, an unfortunate aspect of this is that it is often women who are at best average looking who are more blatant in their behavior, as the fatties in the video above perfectly illustrate. On that note, I found it thoroughly repulsive to get approached by women I considered beneath me, but if you are one of the hotter guys in the venue you cannot really avoid this.

    2. Aaron,
      “…women who are at best average looking who are more blatant in their behavior, as the fatties in the video above perfectly illustrate.”

      Are 9s and 10s more discreet with expressing sexual attraction?

    3. More attractive women can afford to sit back and let men approach them. To them, the idea of approaching men themselves is completely foreign. The exact opposite is true for women who are a lot less attractive. The most obnoxious cases are probably women past their 30s who are aware that their looks have been fading rapidly. These sometimes even engage in sexual assault, for instance by walking up to you and grabbing your crotch. Their hope is that if they manage to get you horny, you would not be that discerning regarding their appearance. It may also be the case that these women try to essentially freeload off other, more attractive women. Imagine the case where you are on the dance floor, checking out some hot, young women. An older women could make use of this by walking up behind you and rubbing your crotch. You get horny because you are looking at some very tight bodies. Presumably, the play is that because you are horny anyway, you may as well bang the washed up woman in her late 30s.

    4. I saw some of his other short videos on YouTube where he shows pictures of himself as an adolescent and/or early 20s. His facial aesthetics aren’t quite Chad, but I’ve notice that there’s a small subset of men and women who become more attractive as they increasingly age. I’ve seen women who were more attractive at 24-26 than they were at 18 or 19. Like their face transformed from average to hottie. I’m not sure if its hormonal. I’ve also seen the same with men who become Chads later on in life.

    5. I think it’s just a matter of perspective. Women are only overt when interested in a guy whos many levels above them.

      It’s just that 9s don’t meet such guys. If they did, they would act just like the fatties. And 9s do act like that around DiCaprio.

    6. It’s interesting how the first girl they show just stares at him. No smile/flirtation. Simply an intense stare as if she’s memorized.

    7. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      “It’s interesting how the first girl they show just stares at him. No smile/flirtation. Simply an intense stare as if she’s memorized”.

      There’s women who will not show any signs of attraction because they are intimated by you. I’ve met plenty of women who did not show any signs of sexual interest because they’ve thought I wasn’t attracted to them and some were intimidated by me.

    8. @Chris

      That’s the curse od the Chad light. We’ve discussed that around other threads on here and it’s why I think most of the regulars on this blog are chadlights.

      You’re hot enough to intimidate women, but not hot enough for her to throw herself at you regardless.

    1. Lauren Southern fell far. I would have thought she had the foresight to squirrel away some of the money she was siphoning off her simps. Unsurprisingly, her husband bailed. Presumably to make a point, this former alt-right icon married someone who is non-white or not fully white. Abstractly, she is comparably to a mud shark who also does not expect the guy to leave after getting pregnant.

    2. You sure she married somebody not white? Kid looks white in the first pic, but not really in the second.

      I knew there were photos in the past though when she was doing cosplay and dating some non-whites.

    3. Maybe I am misremembering, but I recall seeing pictures of her and her husband, where she covered that guy’s face, which showed a skin tone that would not be considered white-passing. That she has dated non-whites in the past is only further support. Do we even have any evidence that she ever banged a white dude?

  2. Huh, there’s a recent study by the UK counterterrorism Commission – discussing incels:

    I haven’t come across any study yet on that website about linking terrorism risks and unchecked migration from third world countries.

    1. Obviously, this is because incels are a ticking time bomb, ready to unleash memes on an unsuspecting and defenseless population. In contrast, if Abdul goes on a rampage, killing a few women and children, it is because of a “psychosis”. Thus, such a person is not really in control of themselves. Instead, it is a physiological sickness that makes him do those things! Consequently, it is a task for society to ensure that no such killing sprees ever happen. If they do, it means that we, as a society have failed, so we deserve the blame and not any of those third-world immigrants who embarked on a long and dangerous journey to the West in order to contribute to our societies with their expert skills.

    2. Abdul deserves a new house and a new AMG. Also 5000€ Bürgergeld monthly (welfare) would be nice. Otherwise he has to kill…

  3. How could the Ukraine conflict be ended quickly, bloodlessly, and to everyone’s satisfaction? Is it even possible or realistic? Do some parties to the conflict even want to end the war?

    1. The Ukraine war will end once the people who control Biden want it to end. I think some of them are so out of touch with reality that they believe that Russia is going to lose the war. Of course, there is also Trump who said that he would be able to end this war in one day.

    2. Good luck with that! At this point, I wonder if the point of continuously escalating the situation the Ukraine is to get Putin to wipe out Europe. Our elites seem to have a death wish anyway.

  4. I recently came across a transcript of a presentation comparing the late USSR and the USA today, by someone who lived through the collapse of the former.

    His point (which I think is largely correct) is that the economy and society of the USSR were much more resilient and better prepared to handle a generalized collapse than the US (and perhaps Europe?) are today. And may I point out that is a reason why Russia was able to rebound within one generation.

    The talk is from 2006, so a couple points are outdated (the subsequent shale revolution pushed back the “running out of fossil energy” part), but the main points of it have held up quite well, and will likely resonate with readers here.

    Check it out

    1. This was a great read. Thanks for sharing! You would also have to update the US slides to include racial conflicts, extreme distrust in public institutions, illegal mass immigration, and drug epidemics. This does not undermine the general point in any way of, course. In particular, look at the following statement that presenter made in 2006, and let it sink in that this was almost two decades ago when racial animosities were far from the fever-pitch level they are nowadays:

      In terms of racial and ethnic composition, the United States resembles Yugoslavia more than it resembles Russia, so we shouldn’t expect it to be as peaceful as Russia was, following the collapse. Ethnically mixed societies are fragile and have a tendency to explode.


    Chase Amante takes on this issue!

    What do you guys think of it?

    I have chosen one of his advice and that is to ask girls out as soon as possible, but it doesn’t work out in my environment. Those 2 girls seem to be busy with their lives and are not looking for a date. In my country, it seems women want to hang out casually in public places, mixing with other peoples first and wait until the relationship progresses to the next stage.

    1. That’s interesting. I was going to post that same link. I like how he tackled something we discussed on here. Sluttiness is an evolutionary gambling strategy hoping to entrap a guy out of a girls league. I called it “playing the Chad roulette” in the comments here. He calls it gambling. Almost like he has been reading our comments here.

    2. On his “must move as quickly as possible or else” strategy.

      I think he severely overemphasises that point, and especially in his “auto-rejection” articles.

      It doesn’t apply to all contexts and in fact in a social status based context moving too quickly can kill your status and get you labeled as “that guy”.

      I’ve noticed this is a trend amongst dating coaches and such. They all have one thing (concept, idea) that they’re known for, so they tend to overemphasise and exaggerate it’s importance because their entire brand is based around it.

    3. I actually suspect that some of his readers must have read our blog. Their reactions seem to be based on our articles.

      I think our blogs create more influence than we expected, despite being at the fringe of society.

    4. This is how it normally goes. There are authors you cannot cite in polite society, yet are sometimes quite widely read. Andrew Anglin, for instance, claims that some of Tucker Carlson’s writers are heavily influenced by his website, and I have no reason to doubt this. He also alludes to some “very important people” reading his works. Speaking of my site, I obviously have only a fraction of the reach of some of the better known guys on the intellectual fringe of society. Yet, I know of several academics who read it and also a few business owners, including guys who employ over 1,000 people. This is also one reason why I could only ever laugh at the claim that only “loser” are interested in the topics we discuss.

      By the way, a few months ago a professor who is quite well-known in his field even quoted an article from my other blog in a paper and sent it to me. I did not expect this to happen at all.

    5. @Sleazy
      I think you have made a great distinction. However, I believe that you are writing it from an angle of a conservative woman treating a Chad. For example, this statement:

      but sexual attraction is nonetheless a prerequisite.

      I have.a hard time distinguishing sexual attraction and other types of transactional attraction. Some girls do not seem to be interested in me at first, but show more signs after learning that I am an American. While it is a clear proof that status matters more than mumbling a bunch of nice words, I just don’t think it is the same genuine attraction triggered by physical attributes.

      I think a conservative girl would give an equally hard time if not more to an average guy like me. And since my implication is long-term attraction, it might take a long time before we can even do something sexual, given that she is interested in sex.

    6. “Sluttiness is an evolutionary gambling strategy hoping to entrap a guy out of a girls league.”

      Before Assanova took down his latest blog,he mentioned that one of the values of “unattractive women” is,crude as it may seem to say,is experience accumulation.

      But I think you’ve mentioned somewhere that you’ve never bothered with women below (in your eyes) 7/10.

      But what’s your general thoughts? From what I’ve witnessed in my own personal life,”dumpster diving” negatively affects your social standing,not the other way around. Maybe not to your frat boy buddies,but to women? I have heard women in my vicinity talk about those guys and its certainly not stuff I’d want them to hear say about me.

      The general value I took from that Assanova blog post (from what I can remember of it anyway) is not to be too picky,particularly if you’re inexperienced. (you’re aiming to get laid/experience,not wife those chicks up) But banging women who are far below you seems to bring more cons than pros. especially when you add in the risk of getting baby trapped.

    7. I would only recommend “dumpster diving” if you can do this without any social repercussions. However, even in this case I have reservations because you simply will not desire these women so you need to force yourself to do something you do not really want to do. I recall people trying to make the claim that it is like starving. At some point, you would probably eat anything in order to not starve to death. However, you do not need to have sex so you can very easily skip having sex with women you do not feel desirable. After all, what good is it if you bang some hideous chick only to feel disgusted about yourself for days afterwards?

    8. @Maou

      I agree with you. I don’t have a strong preference for any hotness in girls. I just want to get to know a girl who looks cute to me and is normal, feminine. I think it is harmful to force yourself to court a girl whom you have no personality compatibility or sexual attraction.

      Another thing I have learned a lot from Assanova is be conservative. Yes, if you are not a Chad, if you are not 6 feet tall, if you are the kind of intimidating guy who can get away a lot with women, why do you want to play their game styles? Be nice, be courteous, be agreeable, but be also assertive and don’t let people walk all over you. That’s enough. And the bonus, you may attract a girl who is not fucked in the head.

    9. @Aaron

      Yeah,those are my thoughts as well. I have actually passed up quite a few of these kinds of “opportunities” back when I was in college. Do I regret doing so? absolutely not. I’m almost certain I would have regretted it if I had. ESPECIALLY if it resulted in me getting tied down to one of them.

      Not too long ago,I think “Goodlookingandsleazy” mentioned an acquaintance of his who routinely bangs uggos and is even admired by his buddies for it. (my god…) The one time he manages to get together with an actually cute girl (very briefly if I’m not mistaken),he gets severe oneitis for a long time.

      so it would seem making a history of banging undesirable chicks chips away at your self-esteem,rather than improve it.


      “I think it is harmful to force yourself to court a girl whom you have no personality compatibility or sexual attraction.”

      A good rule of thumb (I forget if it was Aaron or somebody else who originally said it) for choosing casual sex partners seems to be:

      – Gets you hard
      – Does not embarrass you or risk your social standing to be seen with
      – is safe (will not turn into an unhinged stalker. but it can also apply to a woman who is married/involved with folks who will not take kindly to your involvement)

      Note of course that I’m talking about casual sex partners. I think its good to have high standards when choosing a serious girlfriend/potential wife. I personally know several men in my personal life (both in my family and acquaintances) who would have been a hell of a lot better off being on their own than being with who they chose to marry and have kids with. I feel most sorry for the sons (and daughters. Fat,ugly,and bitter nasty mothers don’t tend to raise beautiful cheery daughters) though. they are in for a rough time growing up.

    10. @Maou

      I’ve been thinking about this paradox recently and thought of several things.

      In order to get laid easily, you need momentum, but in order to get that momentum you need to bang chicks. Most naturals are just guys who lucked out by getting the momentum rolling at a younger age.

      For me personally, I just brute-forced my way into a momentum by just going out a ton and escalating on every opportunity. Basically went out every day and night etc.

      Some people recommend dumpster diving as a way to get the momentum rolling. But I thought of something else: age.

      Fit attractive women at 35 are way easier than an ugly 22 year old. I wonder why nobody suggests doing this. I call it age arbitrage.

      I also recently watched this YouTuber called George where he recommends igniting the momentum by going through 20 paid lays in a relatively short timespan, like 1 a week at least. He claims your primal brain doesn’t distinguish between paid and free sex, and you’ll get the same momentum benefits.

      Ive never paid for sex, so I can’t say if it’s right, but it sounds logical. In addition I would say that your primal brain does definitely distinguish between uggos and hotties. So paying 20 hotties does seem like a better idea than dumpster diving.

    11. “Fit attractive women at 35 are way easier than an ugly 22 year old. I wonder why nobody suggests doing this. I call it age arbitrage.”

      Definitely a much better idea.

      “In addition I would say that your primal brain does definitely distinguish between uggos and hotties. So paying 20 hotties does seem like a better idea than dumpster diving.”

      Because of that,this route I imagine also takes care of the issue of inexperienced men getting attached easily getting intimate with attractive women. Unlike the guy banging uggos getting attached to the one cute chick he manages to snag.

      Chase Amante even talks of this benefit. (its under the section “hidden hooker benefits”)

    12. Fuck that’s uncanny, he even uses the term momentum. I’ve never seen that article. I was kind of being facetious about him reading our comments. It’s probably more likely to be an emergent phenomena where multiple minds come up with the same concepts at a similar point in history.

      We’ve been in this for 20 years both, with similar background, so it’s likely we’ll eventually figure out the same ideas and points.

    13. @Alek,
      “Fit attractive women at 35 are way easier than an ugly 22 year old. I wonder why nobody suggests doing this. I call it age arbitrage.”

      Back when I was in my early 20s I had plenty of 30 year olds who wanted to hook up, but I couldn’t muster the courage to bang them. I found them repulsive even if they had an amazing pornstar body. F*cking 30 year olds when I was in my 20s was a no go zone for me – it was just too repulsive. Now that I’m older 30 years old look moderately attractive now, and for some unknown reason I don’t find them as repulsive as I did when I was in my early 20s.

      “Ive never paid for sex, so I can’t say if it’s right, but it sounds logical. In addition I would say that your primal brain does definitely distinguish between uggos and hotties. So paying 20 hotties does seem like a better idea than dumpster diving”.

      I do agree that paying for 20 hotties is better than banging some land whale. However, paying for sex only becomes a problem if youre seeking validation from sex workers who wouldn’t otherwise want to be with you. She won’t be able to fake her attraction no matter how much she tries to bolster your ego. Her words might lie but not her face. She will go through the motions and make you cum quick, get her money and leave. On the contrary, if you happened to meet an escort who finds you attractive then it’s a different story. Those experiences can be a lot of fun when an escort finds you genuinely attractive.

    14. Sure, but I wasn’t saying that in a prescriptive manner. I was just wondering about the guys who resort to dumpster diving due to “ease”. Why not do older (but hottter) chicks instead, wouldn’t that be better?

    15. “On the contrary, if you happened to meet an escort who finds you attractive then it’s a different story. Those experiences can be a lot of fun when an escort finds you genuinely attractive.”

      – I have entertained the thought experiment before,if paid sex can be a way to determine if one is a Truecel (True incel) and not just a Chadcel. If high quality (or at least good quality. we’re not talking about the drug addicted street walkers who are desperate for their next fix) escorts refuse your money,assuming you haven’t been a dickhead during the interaction,then it may well be the case that you are indeed too unattractive (at least,the way you currently are if you find yourself in this situation) to do well in the dating scene.

      I imagine its probably an experiment worth running before considering things like Cosmetic Surgery. (Unless its something like those limb lengthening surgeries. I don’t think that shit is EVER worth it.)

      Honestly,his initial social feedback should have been evidence enough before he took the plunge,but this experiment I’m sure would have been invaluable to a guy like this.


    I had one girl who swnt off the vibe like this girl above. I was speaking Mandarin to another guy and she opened. After a while, I felt she was kind of weird. She smoked too so I excused myself and bailed. With more experience I might have a chance but these types of women make me feel worried for my life so…

    Had I let my guard down in the past, as well as have I ever become more loose, I might score some success with women, really!

    I was already a conservative and closed-up guy, after reading this blog, I became even more reserved than before! Hic!

  7. The only time I recall where I most likely delved in dumpster diving was with this fat chick I met on social media. She was passingly cute, had the youth factor in her favor (I’m 10 or 11 years older than her) and made everything super easy for me. I mean, what chick picks YOU up for the motel and then takes you to your bus terminal (it was out of town)? And yeah, she had a boyfriend so she was the one to block me afterwards, hah.

    BTW, I hadn’t read the term “oneities” for a long time, until now. I mention it because I’m kind of thinking now that, the way oneities are described, they’re pretty much a virgin problem. I used to identify a lot with the symptoms before my first girlfriend (and lay) and during the months after that breakup.

    Now? I either develop love (like for my most recent gf), affection (like for the single mom I was banging on the side that I discussed with Pickernanny once) or it’s just varying degrees of desire to repeat sex (if I banged her once) or bang her for the first time. In the latter case, yes, I may often come off too strong for some particular chick, but it’s a numbers’ game anyway so I mostly shrug it off, though sometimes the girl is so hot and the interaction was going so well at some point that I figuratively knock my head on the walls for a few days. But that’s it.

    My impression is that, for a guy like GL&S’s acquaintance (who banged a lot of uglies before so not a virgin), to develop oneities it might have to be the case that he wants to commit but the girl doesn’t. And girls are usually open to committing with a guy they’ve had sex with unless he was just some drunken lay, she already has a bf or she’s an elite level slut. So it is kind of a particular case.

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