High-Quality AI-Generated Videos Have Arrived

OpenAI recenty announced “Sora“, their video-generation tool. The landing page contains a few video snippets. (I particularly like the clip showing two battling pirate ships in a cup of coffee.) While this and the other clips may seem whimsical, the implications are quite staggering. Let me walk you through a few.

First, OpenAI heavily hamstrings its tool. The example video of a “young man in his 20s reading a book” leading to a young, black scholar flipping through a paperback is probably quite revealing as this is Google-level disinformation. Of course, I am not at all racist but we need to acknowledge the fact that blacks, for whatever reason, have been falling behind in terms of academic achievements, so it may be suspicious that Sora generates such imagery. OpenAI is open about their censorship, though. On a page titled “safety“, they tell us:

For example, once in an OpenAI product, our text classifier will check and reject text input prompts that are in violation of our usage policies, like those that request extreme violence, sexual content, hateful imagery, celebrity likeness, or the IP of others. We’ve also developed robust image classifiers that are used to review the frames of every video generated to help ensure that it adheres to our usage policies, before it’s shown to the user.

Let me remind you that “hateful imagery” is whatever the mainstream does not like. It will probably be hateful to generate a video of a happy white family, or an inner-city street without signs of vandalism. I bet that internally at OpenAI, people are busy generating furry porn and other reprehensible material, though.

Second, the quality of the videos shown is quite astounding. This will mean that the elites can produce any video they want. Theoretically, the Deep State could decide to kill Donald Trump and later on release video that shows him getting chocked to death by Andrew Anglin and Joshua Moon. We are going to enter a world of media manipulation at a level you will find hard to believe. The end result will likely be that video loses all credibility, which can be good and bad.

Third, once video has lost all credibility, there is a chance that society will fundamentally change. This could be the end of dating apps, for instance. People may be forced to interact more in the real world again. Probably, we will need an extra layer of verification for any kind of video-based communication. In one-to-one communication, you may need to request additional verification that you are indeed talking to the person you believe you are talking to. Just imagine your sister called you out of the blue, telling you that she has been kidnapped and needs money right now. Would you be able to dismiss this if her voice sounds like her, the video image seems to be her, and her behaviors are hers, too?

Note that the example of the allegedly kidnapped sister hints at social media being a genuine threat of one’s personal safety. I could imagine social media platforms getting banned as it would be too easy to pull the feed of some thot, training an AI model on it, and engaging in fraudulent activities, be it setting up a fake OnlyFans account or trying to scam her family. Of course, it would be quite likely that in this scenario, governments would shut down all kinds of social media, just in case, even text-based communication, which would pave the way towards a totalitarian dystopia.

Fourth, in Orwell’s 1984 people have no really concept of reality as the elites permanently rewrite history. One way of dealing with the resulting cognitive dissonance is developing the ability that any statement and its opposite can be perceived as true at the same time. We can observe that our elites have fully internalized this way of thinking already, telling us about the benefits of unfettered mass migration while claiming that a sharp rise in violent crime was completely unrelated to it.

If the elites can recreate perceived reality, i.e. text, pictures, and video, at the push of a button, then we could be in for quite a nasty surprise. This is now the by far most exaggerated claim I am going to make in this article, but maybe sit on the thought for a bit: governments may find it very tempting to recreate reality. However, this will led to extreme discomfort in the population. Thus, I find it entirely plausible that, guided by short-term thinking, the elites will start to bombard us with fake videos of illiterate African immigrants turning into geniuses overnight so that they end up giving university lectures on neuropathology in the local language, or of fake companies that are staffed top to bottom with immigrants, of course generating massive profits that are partly used to donate money to ungrateful whites. However, the discrepancy between reality as it is presented and as people perceive it will be so stark that people will lose their minds. This could be starting point of a revolution.

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    1. Thanks! That comment ended up in the spam folder, even though it is not entirely clear why because the default setting is that two or more links are required to trigger that rule. Also, your comment on the declining Western birth rate was flagged for moderation, which I also just approved. It seems that the WordPress filters are a bit too left-leaning and if you bring up that birth rates are declining, then that is obviously a message we are not supposed to spread.

    2. Thanks.

      I do use a Yandex browser so WordPress has to be extra careful with me – I might post Russian disinformation!

    3. Well, you clearly are posting Russian disinformation! On a more serious note, the charge of “Russian disinformation” is extremely popular not just in the US but also in Europe. Journalists, national governments, and even the EU kleptrocracy are quick to denounce any kind of legitimate criticism as nothing but Kremlin-backed propaganda. It is as transparent as it is laughable.

  1. Have you played Deus Ex?
    In 1999, the game was seen as silly with it’s conspiracy theories that are actually true now.

    1. I have heard a lot about Deus Ex over the years but have not played it yet. I don’t know if I will make the time for it as it seems a bit too archaic for my liking. When it came out, I was not into PC gaming, unfortunately.

      A few years later, Metal Gear Solid 2 dropped, which was downright prophetic. Towards the end, there is a long codec conversation about the implications of the Internet for society, which left me speechless when I first listened to it. Back then, it must have alienated a lot of people as it came out of nowhere. Some of the predictions seemed really bold, for instance the description of echo chambers years before the term was even coined. Even the concept of controlled opposition was nothing you could bring up in conversation. Today, though, the idea of information manipulation in order to control society is almost pedestrian.

    2. I should really give Deus Ex a try. Here is the first paragraph of the synopsis on Wikipedia:

      Deus Ex takes place in 2052, as it exists if real-world conspiracy theories turn out to be true. These include speculations regarding black helicopters, vaccinations, and FEMA, as well as Area 51, the ECHELON network, Men in Black, chupacabras (in the form of “greasels”), and grey aliens. Mysterious groups such as Majestic 12, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission also either play a central part in the plot or are alluded to during the course of the game.

    3. The good news is,there are all sorts of fan mods out there that modernize the gameplay experience of Deus Ex. There are even “Total Conversion Mods” that lets you play a totally different game and story using the same engine:

      I never finished Deus Ex. I played it at the time when I was beginning to get sick of First-Person Shooters in general. I think I was not that far from the end of the game too. I have entertained the thought of going back to this game one day but upgrading it via the fan mods,but I may well never get to it (too many other stuff to get to that is of far more interest to me right now).

      The Fan-made remixes of some of the OST are great. I’ve been listening to these two over and over recently:

    4. I’ll second the recommendation for Deus Ex. At the time it was noted for giving you multiple ways to solve problems and having the world respond to choices you made, both in action and in dialogue. We take these things for granted now, but Deus Ex was one of the games that introduced them.

      The world-building, both in dialogue and in codex entries that are scattered around on datapads, makes modern game writing look like kindergarten work.

      I haven’t played it in some years but as another poster said there are mods to modernize the visuals, though the interface is no doubt going to feel very clunky.

      IIRC, the creator has essentially repudiated the game in cuck fashion by lamenting that people now actually believe the conspiracy theories put forward in it.

      Here’s the script which obviously contains spoilers.

    1. Both the West and the ChiComs are terrified of rogue AIs redpilling people (the latter about communism, and the former about communism, DEI, feminism, trannyism, and sundry other mental illnesses.)

      “Chinese companies with the resources to build a generative A.I. model faced a dilemma. If they created a chatbot that said the wrong thing, its makers would pay the price. And no one could be sure what might tumble out of a chatbot’s digital mouth.

      “It’s just not possible to get rid of all the problematic ways these systems can express themselves,” said Andrew Ng, who teaches computer science at Stanford and was a former executive at Baidu, the Chinese search giant.”

      Who cares about Judgement Day, what if they say something problematic?

    2. The NY Post has a good article about how extremely woke Google’s Gemini is:
      Some of the images cracked me up, in particular the recreation of Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring painting.

      E. Michael Jones recently wrote a good article about the incompatibility of generative AI and censorship. Obviously, I do not at all agree with the anti-Semitism on display but the underlying argument is worth discussing, and if society keeps developing this way, we will only be able to discuss it in a gulag:

    3. For Gemini, everybody is black, including people who are white in real life. This includes Elon Musk. I wish I would have saved that tweet.

    4. “Reddit strikes $60M deal allowing Google to train AI models on its posts, unveils IPO plans (AP)”

      I guess Gemini wasn’t deranged enough.

    5. Alright, so in the future not only will Gemini only produce black people, they will also have all kinds of weird fetishes. I was under the impression that researchers were pursuing the lofty goal of achieving AGI, i.e. artificial general intelligence, not artificial degeneracy, but both terms probably sound nigh indistinguishable to some of the people on Google’s team so this is probably the best we can get with countless billions of dollars in funding in the current year.

    1. Cool it with the anti-anti-Western remarks! The version of Sora we may get to play with will most certainly be gimped beyond recognition, similar to how Google’s Gemini sees black people everywhere and the only place for a white person is to serve, in the case of women, as an object of sexual release for the new ethnic overlords. Technology is already at the point where you can easily swap faces. There was a viral clip a while ago of a guy changing both voice and face multiple times.

    2. Please excuse my overstepping the mark. I am very upset that a small 14% party, which is protected by the transatlanticists, is destroying the German nation. That leads to rage.

    3. It seems my intention did not come across properly. I am not at all please with the Green party either. They will make for a great case study on how to wreck a nation. I would not at all be surprised if we see attempts at assassinating opposition politicians this year. There were already attacks on the two heads of the AfD last year, one with a syringe (Chrupalla) and the other (Weidel) had to undergo a phase of heightened security due to an alleged plot to physically assault if not kill her. The AfD may win some of the state-elections in East Germany this year and the German deep state is already hyperventilating. For instance, while any third-world doctor or engineer can just walk in, without showing papers, there is as push to ban Austrian political activist Martin Sellner from entering the country.

    4. “It seems my intention did not come across properly.”


      Every time I see fat Ricarda Lang, I want to fire up the barbecue grill. These US servants have done everything they can to damage Germany. The efforts to ban all non-mainstream parties (BSW, Freie Wähler, AfD, WerteUnion) cannot be surpassed in terms of undemocratic disgust. I very much hope that the AfD will make a big impression in the elections in eastern Germany and in the EU elections.

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