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39 thoughts on “Open Thread #329

  1. Alek,given how long you’ve been into this,how long are you usually able to stop working out before you start losing muscle? (I think at your point though,you won’t lose ALL your gains even if you stop working out for a year,

    I’m currently in a different location right now and will probably be for at least a month. I’m gonna attempt to make arrangements so I can go to the gym here,but I have to consider the very real chance that may not be possible/practical.

    Interestingly enough,bodyweight workouts at home would probably still be effective for me given how heavy I am. (I’d be stuck to low reps however.) There is still a lot of limitations with the lack of equipment,but certainly better than nothing. that’s for worst case scenario however which hopefully won’t be the case.

    1. Funny you should mention that. I just got resistance bands. I’m surprised how effective they are.

      A set costs 20$ and comes in a travel bag. YouTube resistance band workouts and your good to go.

    2. The High Intensity Training (not the same as HIIT) crowd says you don’t start losing muscle until you’ve taken a 2-week break. This of course assumes you’re keeping up the protein intake.

    1. Yes.
      So the backstory is that an Algerian migrant stabbed some people. And some irish, who are already upset with too much immigration and all the joy which comes with it, just had enough and had protests which escalated, of course the media denounced them as the bad guys and politics and police use all their might against “the far right”.

  2. Do you guys think there is a significant difference between bars and clubs for picking chicks up? I hate being out past midnight, since it messes my sleep, so I’m thinking to ditch night clubs completely, but not sure if I’ll miss out on much this way. I haven’t amassed a big enough sample yet to make the decision based solely on my own observations.

    1. Depends on the bar, but I find them to be way more laid back. I never liked the club environment. The clubs have better looking girls simply because of the volume of people. But the bars allow you to scope out the place to find the one you want. And bars have more normal women if you are looking for a potential girlfriend.

    2. Funny you should mention this. I just went to the store where I get my supplements and skincare, and I was like, let me count how many girls I run by who are as hot, or hotter then the best that nightlife has to offer.

      I counted 27 chicks total. Whenever I see pics from clubs/parties, I see a total of 3-4 chicks at that level (don’t forget, they all look better in the dark, go look up the galleries on the facebook page of that bar/club, you’ll be shocked).

      I interacted with 4 of these chicks, plus chatted up 2 of the “hired guns” (to use old PUA lingo). They were all very nice and happy.

      The reason I did this count experiment is because I have an “excuse” to talk to all 24 if I wanted to, but I will be activating this excuse once my business gets there again, am not in a hurry. Basically my niche-business gives me the perfect excuse to walk up to any hottie and invite her to my events (and similar stuff), or even do the casting agent thing, offering her work based on her looks.

      Yeah, but anyway, even without that excuse, easily made contact with 4 of these hotties. I am currently not pushing the interaction further than just a charming short exchange. I’m in “hibernation mode” until I handle some stuff in my life; wouldn’t even have the time to follow up, or even anywhere to take these girls even if I could pick them up. But plan on activating my whole status-niche plan in about 9-14 months. It’s good to see just how much potential there is though, which is what my experiment was about. Pleased with the numbers. Especially since like you, my main issue is I don’t wanna fuck up my sleep or productivity for anyone or anything.

      Side note: These were all significantly younger hotties. The 30+ chicks basically stick on me like glue. I almost felt bad. This one chick basically stuck to me for like 10 mins, she did everything she could to make me say something (like I did with the younger hotties). But I actually froze due to how direct she was. Now I kind of get a sense how girls feel when a guy comes on too strong, and why they freeze even if the guy isn’t bad looking. This chick was good looking, could have easily been a 9 up until she was 29; but now mid-thirties. Probably need to prepare to leverage more of these, just to practice interactions.

    3. Alek, you make it sound like the night life is not necessary at all. I want to believe that. I kinda see where you are coming from, I think once a guy learns how to tell green girls from the gray/red ones, public areas do become a viable avenue for picking girls up.

    4. Well, it’s not just that. It’s a couple of things:

      – I have excuse (though I haven’t used it yet) thanks to my niche business; that’s going to give me a nice quantity since I can talk to any hottie

      – But even without that, there’s plenty of chicks where an offhand comment makes sense. Like you’re both looking at the same skincare products, or the same supplements or “health foods”.

      – Then there’s the chicks who actually stick to you and follow you. Honestly, I can’t tell what changed coz this didn’t use to happen to me. I can’t walk into a store and not have chicks hovering around me and finding excuses to always be within breathing space away from me. Younger hotties in groups are especially interesting since they’ll make an excuse to come and hover around me as a group, and they keep giggling and looking at me.

      *-Again can’t tell what changed. This didn’t happen to me in my late 20s and early 30s, and I looked better then. Don’t know if skincare makes such a difference, or is it because my energy of success is just that much of a game-changer.

      – I’ve gotten really good at locking eye-contact with chicks on the streets, and greeting them. They all respond warmly. I think afterwards they wonder where did I know this guy from? I spent this summer practicing this, it’s a skill.

    5. Do clubs work for you or do you think you could make them work? Compared to other environments, clubs are very difficult for picking up women. Sure, there are a lot of women in a small area, but you need to be able to act quickly, but his only comes after you have passed the looks-threshold. As there is limited visibility, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. If you cannot do that then women will not even notice you.

    6. I haven’t had a successful pull from a club yet, but I had a girl rubbing agains me (she refused going outside though), some chick hitting on me once (I decided to not do anything with her since she was in her thirties while I was in my twenties, although she wasn’t exactly bad looking). Another time a chick hit on me, and there was a guy with her; he said she is his GF but she denied. It was a fun WTF moment. He pulled her away before I did anything.

      And all that is from going to clubs less than 10 times in total, half of which were in foreign cities, which makes it harder. So I would say clubs are not hopeless for me. But at the same time, all those cases except one were not on a dance floor but in the bar area instead. Dance floors are pretty tough and inconvenient. You can’t even eye the women before approaching since everyone is looking in the same direction. And it’s so crowded that you need to wait for an opening next to the girl you want to hit up, whereas in the bar area there is always some room and it’s all about just approaching. So I feel I might as well go to bars and not clubs.

  3. You guys ever seen the movie Memphis Belle? It’s about an American b-17 “flying fortress” on its last bombing mission over Germany in WWII.

    Anyway, one crazy scene was when they overflew their “target” and the pilot said they were going to double back. The co-pilot said to just drop the bombs. The pilot proclaimed there was a school down there. The co-pilot said “what’s the difference they’re all Nazis!” The pilot looked at him like he was a crazed sadist.

    Fucking hilarious. The whole campaign was to kill and terrorize civilians. What were all of those bombers doing in the air? Hitting precise targets? Such a white wash. Churchill and FDR actually targeted working class areas because the population lived in small tenaments, and therefore they can waste more civilians.

  4. Aaron,
    When it comes to genuine conservative women who have not slept around, and who are suited for long-term relationships, are they typically “shy” in general and perhaps struggle socially understanding certain social behaviors?

    1. I am not sure you can generally make this claim. Women are normally very good at deciphering social cues and they are also acutely aware of not acting in a confrontational manner. The kind of bitchiness you sometimes observe in clubs or at work is learned behavior. It takes years of feminist indoctrination. Women who have not slept around much, however, will be a bit more awkward in the early stages of the interaction. In the end, you are still dealing with women and taking dick will thus come naturally to her. Less experienced women want to be led by you, though. In contrast, sometimes jaded sluts aggressively take control, which seems to be due to them mirroring aggressive male behavior.

    2. Women who have not slept around much, however, will be a bit more awkward in the early stages of the interaction. In the end, you are still dealing with women and taking dick will thus come naturally to her.

      Thanks for pointing this out. One thing that had always bothered me was the feminist trolls (we had one recently) who tried to make it seem like if a girl knows at all what to do in sex, she must have banged a bunch of dudes at foam parties, 2 minutes after knowing them.

      While I do think it’s possible that women lie, my impression from the chicks that I banged and said they had only been with 1-2-3 guys; was that they weren’t lying. We had porn-like sex. But I think that’s just biology taking over. I don’t think a chick needs to have been with 50 guys to let loose once things get going.

      I think the behavior leading up to it is a better indicator, namely if she’s too comfortable getting sexual quickly. But once you’re sexual, I think every girl that’s not a virgin can be super-frisky, because it’s not even confidence or experience, it’s just biology.

    3. @Alek

      Do you remember the name of the feminist troll? Is that the one Aaron banned for very good reason? She spammed like crazy, posing as a man. Just destroying the board. Like a month or two ago. I didn’t think you were active during that time. You probably just ignored her, unlike me taking the bait ????

    1. Thanks for posting this! I was moved to tears. Schindler’s List is arguably the most important movies of the 20th century. I watch it at least once per month. The crimes of the National Socialist regime are simply incomprehensible. On a related note, I am looking forward to similarly impartial and emotionally moving movies of the Israeli attack on Palestinian schools and hospital, which I am sure are already at the screenplay stage in Hollywood.

    2. A hospital where HAMAS has its base and schools where they teach children to hate westerners…

    3. Let us not forget that all the thousands of children Israel has murdered are all actually terrorists. Hamas really had it coming for them, right?

    1. He’s my favorite. When I get a notification that he has a new short out, I drop everything im doing to see it right away.

    1. She’s so eerily real that high profile celebrities will slide into her DMs, not realizing she’s computer-made.

      Instagram is a candy shop for the rich, isn’t it. I wonder if basically every 9+ on Instagram received such an offer at least once.

    2. I would not be surprised if celebs just ask one of their assistant to message chicks on Instagram. Arab sheiks surely do not bother with recruiting hookers themselves either.

  5. Let’s say I’m interested in pulling girls from a subculture, for example, goths. I must dress goth myself in that case. Goths mostly wear black, but black clashes with my skin tone (actually, only minority of white people look great in black). What would you do in that case? Wear black which makes you look worse? Give up? Try to find non-black clothes which still fit in the subculture (idk, maybe steampunk would work)? You could say I should look at what the other guys are wearing, but unlike me they all are east asian so black generally works for them.

    I find that personal color theory is such an overlooked topic. Right colors do make people look significantly better than wrong colors, yet (male) fashion channels never talk about it.

    1. Who says black looks bad on a majority of white guys? Black hasn’t been my color of choice most of the time because the weather is scorching hot most of the time where I live, even though I’ve been into metal most of my life, but generally speaking, there’s no reason it should be a bad contrast.

      Black guys or darker latinos, on the other hand. There’s a reason for all those memes, from the female perspective here in LatAm, comparing “metalheads in Europe vs metalheads in my country”. The former usually looks like a young Varg Vikerness in a shampoo commercial, and the latter… Well, he looks like a hobo, basically.

    2. Who says black looks bad on a majority of white guys? … generally speaking, there’s no reason it should be a bad contrast.

      There is, unfortunately. Not all colors look good on everyone. In particular, strong colors such as black look good only on people who have strong contrast in their facial features. Otherwise the clothing will attract more attention than the face, which is not good. White people often have pretty light hair, so they don’t have enough contrast to wear strong colors. Then there is a problem with clashing color temperatures, black is a cold color, some people only look good in warm colors. That doesn’t have much to do with being white, though. Plenty of white people look good in cool colors.

      I oversimplified some things, if you have time, you could look into personal color theory

      comparing “metalheads in Europe vs metalheads in my country”. The former usually looks like a young Varg Vikerness in a shampoo commercial, and the latter… Well, he looks like a hobo, basically.

      That’s because Germanic people on average look better than any other. A Scandinavian guy wearing wrong color is still going to look better than a black/latino wearing right colors.

    3. Why not simply check out the outfits of popular metal bands and then copy something that would look good on you and isn’t too over the top?

    4. @CyclePath:

      “I oversimplified some things”…

      I think you’re doing the opposite. It’s obvious that you’ve put much thought into the subject, and maybe what you say is true for specific cases, but I don’t see how you can conclusively state that, in general, black is an unfavourable color for white people.

  6. PsychHacks just went on to talk about something we talked about here previously a few months back, it’s almost like he read our discussions.

    He talks about how attention is an attractor for women in and of itself, and if you have it (eye balls on you), she wants you just to have those eyeballs herself. Will try to find the open thread where we discussed this.

    1. Link doesn’t parse above. I think it’s because it was sent to me. Aaron if you want you can replace it with this link, which should work:

  7. sleazy what are your thoughts on therapy for men and women and are you dating nowadays or what is your social life like?

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