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42 thoughts on “Open Thread #330

  1. AI video generation is improving:
    Unlike the pipe-dream of self-driving cars, the idea of creating videos with AIs seems within reach. Give it a year or two and we are probably able to generate 10-minute long movies this way, without any need for actors, voice actors, or even much of a budget. Porn should be a pretty low bar for this technology, so economic pressures on this industry will increase even further.

    1. ” Porn should be a pretty low bar for this technology, so economic pressures on this industry will increase even further.”

      This is good news. IT will then mean that only exhibitionistic people who want everyone to see their private parts will do this! It will give feminasites one less thing too cry about. But knowing them they will scream how oppress they are because they can’t make an easy 100 grand after indoctrination camp, er college, splitting there legs for some chad!!!

    2. Signed up for the waitlist,hope it becomes available for use sooner rather than later.

      I’ll probably still want to learn to draw when I can afford personal instruction later on though. I can already imagine just sending in an image of your artwork and this will turn it into motion art.

    3. I’ll probably still want to learn to draw when I can afford personal instruction later on though. I can already imagine just sending in an image of your artwork and this will turn it into motion art.

      Don’t you feel completely demotivated by the progress in image generation? You can either spend hours drawing a picture, or you can spend fifteen minutes toying with prompts, and get results of almost identical quality. Drawing is very inefficient. And that is for people who already know how to draw. If we also include years of practice needed to learn drawing in the first place, it becomes way worse. AI will get better from this point on, human drawing will not.

    4. The primary reason I would still be interested in the skill to draw is for the sake of visionary accuracy. You can type the best descriptor you can think of into this machine,but even after significant refinement,it will probably never quite capture what was really in your imagination.

      If you could project that imagination into real life with your own 2 hands however,I imagine its only a simple matter for this technology to convert that into Motion Art.

      Talking about my niche hobby of lucid dreaming again,there have been many times I have wished I at least had some inkling of competency in the arts. I have seen unique dream characters (yes,I’m legit talking beautiful folks that I have never in my life seen or even imagined before. You’d need to have experienced it personally to really appreciate or even believe it) and heard unique music that are doomed to be forgotten to the passage of time,because I sadly lack the ability to record these experiences in its most accurate form.

    5. But yes,you are unfortunately correct that this is one of those skills that often take years to get to a truly great level.

      If I took a single year of consistent art lessons,that may well not be enough to replicate what I have seen in my mind’s eyes. I can imagine though that its definitely better than not having any skill at all in it.

      Its probably just like any other skill that’s been talked of here before. It takes significantly less investment to get to a decent level,and that level is often good enough for our purposes usually.

      I’ve gotten an additional 3-4 months of training in Muay Thai now for example. I’m absolutely better than where I used to be in Fighting Skill. Am I anywhere near professional fighter level? definitely not. I suspect I (and most folks) would probably need somewhere like 3-5 years of consistent training under a good coach/instructor to get to around 80% of a competent Professional Fighter’s combat/fighting ability.

      Is it enough to be useful for self-defense? absolutely. I’m definitely better off in that aspect than where I was in the past.

  2. Even if we don’t agree on the subject of Israel, I still appreciate your political opinion. Could you please write a longer article on the subject of Ukraine? I would be interested to know what your predictions are regarding the outcome of this proxy war.

  3. War criminal Henry Kissinger is dead. This rat managed to live for 100 years. I hope is first day in hell was a good start to his eternal damnation. His death is also timed quite well as this architect of the global US terror regime makes his exit at a time when US hegemony is taking one punch to the face after another.

    Perhaps not completely unrelated to Kissinger, a whistleblower came forward to release a treasure trove of information on the deep state, detailing how the Western governments have been building up the global totalitarian structure of information control since at least 2016:

    1. I don’t get the criticism of Kissinger. Yes, he did a lot of bad stuff but compared to other US politicians he ranks favorably:

      – he recently criticized third world migration to the west (“grave mistake”)
      – he was against left wing governments in South America
      – Vietnam was terrible but he didn’t start it and his policies were quite reasonable given the situation
      – he was against the anti us and pro Jewish agenda of some Americans

      Most of the criticism of Kissinger actually come from the left

    2. The Rolling Stones is a trashy woke magazine (university of Virginia rape hoax).

      „ meant the end of between three and four million people. That includes “crimes of commission,” he explained, as in Cambodia and Chile, and omission, like greenlighting Indonesia’s bloodshed in East Timor; Pakistan’s bloodshed in Bangladesh; and the inauguration of an American tradition of using and then abandoning the Kurds“
      This sentence is very dumb. Crimes of omission implies that the US should invade almost every country in the world to stop some crimes going on. The listed crimes of commission are stupid too. Pinochet in chile was much better than the commie alternative; and with regards to Cambodia… Kissinger didn’t start the Vietnam war and the attacks against Cambodia was the best policy choice given the situation. Kissinger then ended the Vietnam war.

    3. I mentioned this article not because I condone the Rolling Stone but because it lists key events in Kissinger’s life. It is also a mainstream publication. Look past the language and simply go through the various mass slaughters Kissinger was responsible for. Also note that you implicitly state that the US has the right to depose of foreign governments. It is also not quite clear how you can defend the indiscriminate bombing of Cambodia. The US are the bad guy in international politics and history will not look kindly on it. Kissinger was a main driver of the various wars in the post-WWII era.

    4. Oh I stopped reading because that stupid sentence combined with all the irrelevant “white supremacist” talk before from the trashy magazine

    5. The US backing Pinochet in Chile was the best thing ever happening to chile. Chile would have been a third world dump if they didn’t do it and the commies would have ruled. Now it is one of the richest countries in LatAm. That’s why the woke Rolling Stones hates Nixon and Kissinger.

      Let’s put our shizo hat on for another reason:
      “ According to notes taken by H. R. Haldeman, Nixon “ordered his aides to exclude all Jewish-Americans from policy-making on Israel”, including Kissinger”
      “ In 1973, Kissinger did not feel that pressing the Soviet Union concerning the plight of Jews being persecuted there was in the interest of U.S. foreign policy (…) He had a negative view of American Jews who lobbied for aid to Soviet Jews, calling them “bastards” and “self-serving”.[122] He went on to state that that “If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be antisemitic” and “any people who has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong“

  4. Aaron,
    I’ve often heard the cliché that you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. However, can a housewife ever turn into a whore after a breakup or after a nasty divorce despite coming from a good bringing, having a strong moral fiber etc? I’ve known some sluts who came from religious backgrounds who parents were dedicated to the lord, and somehow these girls turned out to be whores rather than some godly woman.

    1. If she has filed for divorce, she is at halfway on the way to whoredom anyway. Genetics are of course relevant and there is only so much a good upbringing can do. If you look around, you can probably name a few successful men within your wider social circle or at work who ignored red flags when picking a wife, so the question is if those women would even have had the potential of being good housewives to begin with. Once they clear out the guy’s bank accounts, many of them will of course go wild.

  5. Does the name Jeanne Tripplehorn ring a bell with someone here? She plays a support role in Basic Instinct, which I watched this week, and I just started watching The Firm, which is also on my backlog. As it turned out, she is in this movie as well. It’s a tragedy what happened to her. In my view, she is far more attractive than Sharon Stone, the female lead in Basic Instinct. Looks-wise I consider her to be at the very, very top in early 1990s Hollywood. Yet, she did not really hit it big. Her breakthrough happened only at 29 with Basic Instinct, which is an age at which female actresses are heavily on the decline already. We had women like Demi Moore and Meg Ryan pushed on us by Hollywood instead.

  6. The GTA VI trailer just got leaked. The video is showing up all over the place but gets taken down quickly. Highlights are: lots of fat black women on a beach, no narrative hook, and a 2025 release date, 12 years after GTA V.

    1. I just watched it. Oh boy.

      It looks like one of the main side quests will be filming the game’s version of Tiktoks. The main “reward” for doing so will probably be getting to read the “hilarious” captions that appear. Remember in the older titles how a side quest would get you a fighter jet or a jetpack?

      Something good: I guess riding the airboat through the Everglade-like environment could be fun – maybe there’s alligator hunting.

      The development time, and the current state of the industry in terms of releasing unfinished, buggy games makes the outlook for IV not good. Best case scenario, it will be playable. Worst case, it will make Duke Nukem Forever look like Half Life.

  7. Would you bother with dating apps if you had to upload your ID to use them, and burner phones, of course, did not exist? That’s how it is in my country.

    1. No, I would not. There have been countless cases of gross incompetence in large organizations related to the handling of sensitive data. The industry term is “personal identifying information (PII)”. How would you feel if a hacker group broke into the servers of some dating-app company, stole all their data, and threatened to release all conversations, profile data, and IDs of the users? Maybe skim this list to see how common data breaches are:
      You may also find this post interesting:

    2. I see. I had this conversation with a friend, and he said “I guess there are people who care about this, and then there are people who get laid”. I wonder by just how much am I disadvantaging myself by not using dating apps. Especially nowadays when more and more people are using them

    3. Can you use a foreign phone number or a virtual phone number? Obviously, I am no doing this myself but I have been hearing that this is often viable.

    4. I believe I can. But ID is the biggest concern. I’ve met some people using fake IDs to enter clubs (they were underage), but uploading such a document on a dating site seems to be a higher risk, because it leaves evidence.

    5. On a more positive side, you are dealing with a private company, not government. I wonder if they even have the right to ask for an ID or if it would even constitute fraud if you used a fake ID. This is something you can probably quickly find out if you look into the legal situation in your country.

    6. Aaron,
      “There have been countless cases of gross incompetence in large organizations related to the handling of sensitive data.”

      Apparently, 23andMe a genetic testing company had their data hacked, and about an estimated 7 million people had their information compromised. I wonder what the government will do with this DNA information – perhaps create some vaccine that will alter their DNS building blocks and sequence.

    7. I would not at all be surprised if the Deep State has provided funding to 23andMe and in this case, the government has all the DNA data already. The CIA is somewhat regarding some of their investments but I am sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes that the public does not know about. I read that 23andMe has a tendency to inform customers that there have fractions of Jewish or black DNA, which even happened to people who have an all-white family tree going back multiple centuries. Thus, on some corners of the Internet, there is speculation if 23andMe is partly intended to be a psy-op.

    8. Aaron,
      “I wonder by just how much am I disadvantaging myself by not using dating apps. Especially nowadays when more and more people are using them” (Cycle Path)

      Are people still using dating apps for short-term and long-term hook ups? I’ve never been a fan of using dating apps even when MySpace came out. I’ve never been comfortable putting my information out there let alone my pictures. I’ve always opted to meet women the old fashion way face to face – and I still do. Its much easier…

    9. My perception is that now that the Covid psy-ops is basically over, dating apps are no longer as popular. MySpace was pretty great when it came out. It felt like a genuine social network due to its heavy focus on music. Sometimes people approached me in clubs because they had come across me online and quite a few women added me as “friend”, just based on me having been a somewhat familiar face in some clubs. More importantly, some of those women eagerly met up with me. MySpace was clearly for the YOLO crowd. In contrast, Facebook came across as a pretty serious site.

    10. To be honest, most of my lays (15 as of yesterday) have come from “social media game”, for lack of a better term. Basically, for several years now I’ve waited for friend requests on FB to be accepted or “followbacks” on IG and then played the numbers’ game. The downside is, in a small country, to get a bad rep for eventually hitting on girls who know each other.

      I’ve been too chicken to try dating apps for more than a few days, hah. But they’re obviously either for guys who have looks-maxxed or who want to spend money on them to open more options.

    11. @Manuel

      “The downside is, in a small country, to get a bad rep for eventually hitting on girls who know each other.”

      Did this happen to you personally at some point? Wheat Waffles called this “Poisoning the Well”.

      If so,what did you do for damage control? (Presumably none of us are stupid enough to end up like poor ol Sean Larson,lol) or was the only option left is to re-locate? (Not necessarily to another country,but simply to another city. start anew with a different social circle)

      I get the impression that once you get this kind of bad rep in your local neighborhood,the only way to rectify the problem outside of leaving is to pull off something extraordinary. Like you all of a sudden winning a million dollars or you stopping a burglar like a superhero and that going viral,lol.

    12. @Maou

      No no no, nothing of the sort has happened to me… yet.

      But there was enough noise so that a former female friend and my brother got wind of me flirting with some friend or acquaintance of them in separate cases. This caused the end of that female friendship BTW, not that I care really. Aaron is absolutely right that there’s no use for female friends as a man, maybe with the exception of two people who grew up very close from childhood and whose relationship is very sibling-like.

      I guess I haven’t been burned as bad because for one, I’m not that indiscriminate, and also because I flirt online only. I guess I’ll never get rid of the approach anxiety this way, but I just don’t care for cold approaching at all, and I’m not yet good enough to screen for IOI in most cases. Sometimes I feel like having a try, but it’s not often.

    13. Mind you, I don’t have what you’d call a “crippling” approach anxiety, just a normal one. But I kind of got comfortable with my current MO, and I also realized that cold (or cool, would you say? Trying to read IOI on the spot and so on) approaching is worth a shot only if you’re looksmaxxed, and I’m not.

      I would even say I get better at escalating with every girl I go out with, and that’s a long, long way from my awkward teenage and early 20’s. I think the ratio of misses over lays among the girls I’ve gotten physical with is fairly low, and that’s why I’ve stuck with this approach.

  8. Aaron,
    Have you ever seen the documentary The Game Changers? It came out in 2019. It’s been debunked, but there is still a push to get people to consume plant based meat that is highly processed and unhealthy. Even in our evolutionary past, human ancestor diet comprised of meat and fat. In addition, during Lewis and Clark expedition (Corps of Discovery Expedition), documents the amount of meat that was consumed to sustain them as they cross the uncharged terrain into the West.

    “…each man consumed up to 9 pounds of meat in one day.”,That's%20a%20lot%20of%20protein!

    1. I came across this documentary while binging on Schwarzenegger movies, but it could not keep my attention. There is even a sequel.

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