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57 thoughts on “Open Thread #328

  1. Since there’s been talk about reddit recently…

    May I ask if any of you knows of any good reddit search engines?

    I have frequently used these in the past,but unfortunately they have long stopped working. I have tried looking for an alternative,but haven’t had any luck thus far.

    Maybe one of you folks knows some. To say that tools like these to dig up some old insightful posts/comments in the sea of moronic posts would be an understatement.

  2. I don’t usually follow beauty pageants (except for the couple of times a sister of mine participated, long story), but it so happens that the Nicaraguan candidate won Miss Universe. Normally, people don’t even find us on the map, so you can imagine this has been celebrated like a sportsball trophy.

    Just out of curiosity, and given the recent discussions about women’s looks scale, how do you guys rate this girl? It will take only a few seconds to google her.

    1. I looked her up. She would not be my type but it is obvious that she has some universal markers of beauty such as big eyes, a straight and not too prominent nose, and high facial symmetry. Just now I finished rewatching The Wolf of Wall Street (pretty disappointing movie), which has Margot Robbie in a support role. That woman is clearly in an entirely different league compared to the current Miss Universe.

    2. Was it you or Alek who stated once that in beauty pageants, porn, etc., the hottest girls are 8’s at most? That 9’s and 10’s are mostly low profile, being trophy wives and hanging out in yachts and yes, some working in the movie industry or in high-end fashion.

    3. One example of a 10 is Jennifer Connelly. As you can see, almost no girls can match her in beauty.

    4. I’d rate her a solid 9; and I mean by the real scale. If we use the scale that most guys use where every hotties is an 8 or 9, well by that scale she’d be an 11

    5. Mind you this is with my own personal bias, as I’m very much into latinas.

      On a universal scale her face is an 8.5 (to some guys she might be as low as 7). She has a little bit of that Nicole Scherzinger thing going on.

      For me Nicole Scherzinger was a 9.5

    6. @CQV: Yeah, I’d say prime Jennifer Connelly, with her facial features and her perfect bosom was a 10. Mind you, she’ll be a 9 or maybe even lower to some guys.

      @Alek: I interpret Aaron’s rating of her as an 8, so it averages an 8.5 with your assessment. Not bad, since I’ve come to regard both your standards as amazingly high, hah.

      I don’t think I’ve ever banged a girl over 6, though it’d be hard to analyze it in depth.

  3. So I’ve posited before that I think most of us on this big are Chad lights. That’s a guy in the 7 to 8.5 range. No more, no less.

    Well I’ve wanted to comment on one observation, but I never got around to it. A random video on YouTube reminded me.

    I think one way to know you’re a Chad light is that you get the worst of both worlds in some situations.

    Unless you go out of your way to charm them, chicks think you’re stuck up and arrogant. Does that mean you’re a Chad? No, because a Chad is so hot that she’ll throw herself at him even if he seems arrogant.

    So out popped this video for me today:

    He says “handsome man” but he doesn’t mean chad, He really means a 7-8.5 man. If you take it that way, his observations make a ton of sense.

    In other videos he clarifies that when he says “handsome man” he just means above average guy and it doesn’t even have to be based on looks.

    1. I’m getting PUA vibes from this video. The guy talks about how many guys can improve their looks by getting good haircut, good clothes etc. Yet he himself has a shitty hair cut, shitty clothes, and bloated face.

      Then he says about women testing you, asking tricky questions, and how you are supposed to answer them… Yeah sure, that’s what matters in real life, uh-huh.

    2. Alek is probably just pointing out the specific phenomenon he speaks of. I’ve watched other videos that talk about this very topic which made me wonder “There is no way in hell I’m a 9/10,I don’t even have a blurred 2 pack,let alone male model-tier looks,but why on earth am I getting these experiences he talks about?”,but with Alek’s clarification,it begins to make a whole lot of sense now.

      Its not a recommendation of the video uploader and his content in general.

    3. Trying to stay objective, I’d venture to say my looksmaxxed version would be a 7 to 8, especially taking my environment into account. I’m white and tall (6’0″) in a region of brown-skinned and short people (I’d only be average height in places like Netherlands and Serbia maybe, though I’ve been to Amsterdam and Oslo and I didn’t feel short at any moment).

      Sadly, at 220 lb or above, I have wasted my potential, and the closer I get to 40, the harder it will be to improve my looks.

    4. “Its not a recommendation of the video uploader and his content in general.”

      Yeah exactly. I didn’t have time to expand. I’m only sharing about the specific phenomenon in question that I wanted to point out myself, but never got around to.

      “There is no way in hell I’m a 9/10,I don’t even have a blurred 2 pack,let alone male model-tier looks,but why on earth am I getting these experiences he talks about”

      Bingo. That’s it. That has been my confusion. Why I do get all of these experiences, but I’m nowhere near a Chad.

      Also every girl I ever banged told me she initially thought I was stuck up due to my looks, and I’m like “what looks, I’m not a Chad”.

      Also as others pointed out here, chicks assume you have a running harem and you’re a player and she’s girl 52.

      If you’re a Chad, she doesn’t mind, she will throw herself at you even if she’s girl 52 in the harem.

      If you’re attractive enough to theoretically have a roster of chicks, she will be like “no I don’t want to just be girl 52, prove I’m special”. Whereas she doesn’t make Chad jump those hoops.

    5. I honestly think a guy being passive aggressive and outwardly jealous is acting like a little bitch. I’ve learned to control my jealousies. I think it’s part of being a real man. But I guess it’s normal to have no control over it. Just something we have to live with.

    6. @GLAS

      I think a lot of the issue with normie dudes being real quick to jealousy and passive aggressiveness has to do with a general lack of success in their lives (Its a lot easier to be mellow about everything when you don’t have to deal with the 9-5) and a lack of an outlet for the pent up sexual frustration. (there’s porn,but the good ol right hand gets old after awhile)

      Alek I believe has talked if escorts were legal,you don’t even necessarily have to do them on the daily for the satisfaction. Being financially liberated enough to do so would be ideal of course,but not strictly necessarily. even just once every few months or so can be enoughfor times when the hand isn’t satisfying enough.

      I don’t visit escorts (they aren’t legal nor easily accessible where I am),but I’ve mentioned I’m into lucid dreaming before and I’ve been finding some success with inducing the occasional sexual fantasy wet dream. I just had a brief one three nights ago. I currently don’t induce them often enough to make it a more frequent experience (hopefully I manage to break that barrier soon),but I find it interesting that I’m not badly craving for a more frequent serving of this experience. Even if i only get this experience once every month or 2,its enough to satisfy me for the moment. Of course,that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like more,hehe.

      I imagine what Alek spoke of about escorts isn’t that different. Perhaps this is part of the reason I don’t get very jealous of the dudes more successful with the chicks at the moment. I can do Aaron’s bathroom pulls on hot anime chicks in my dreams,lol.

    7. “Chad is 8.5 and above; A guy can be a chad with an 8 face if he is tall.”

      Probably goes without saying, but just to clarify. I’m not saying it magically flips at 8.5; This is like the starting range at which you can start getting some chad-like experiences, i.e. chicks throwing themselves at you.

      Most chicks will still probably act with you like they do with a chad-light; i.e. the whole “Oh you think you can trick me into being chick number 52, no impress me and win me over”; It’s probably only over like 9 or 9.5 where most attracted chicks throws themselves at you instead of making you jump hoops.

      As a chad light you have the benefit of more chicks being physically attracted to you, but it almost feels like a chore, because you have more chicks asking you to do work “jump these hoops boy”.

    8. Yeah Alek, that pretty much explains my experience with women, but I didn’t know why. I definitely haven’t fucked 52 women. Kinda cool if they think I have though lol. Do they go easier if the guy is below a Chad light? I’m guessing if the girl is an 8 or above anything below a Chad Light has no chance at all.

    9. “Do they go easier if the guy is below a Chad light?”

      I think it’s just a different set of hoops for average looking guys. For an average guy he has to prove he has enough of an ability to provide value since he doesn’t have the looks. So auditioning for the provider role.

      I’m guessing if the girl is an 8 or above anything below a Chad Light has no chance at all.

      Not necessarily. If he has enough fame, status, and looksmaxxing, an average face guy can bang above 8.

      I specifically point out face, since that’s the part you can’t change as much, but you can build up your physique and style.

    10. I watched the video again, and I have to say this guy absolutely nailed it. Too much for me to even comment on. But I’ll respond to being excluded. In college I had roommates who planned a trip to Rosarito, Mexico for Spring Break with a bunch of girls we hung out with. I wasn’t invited. In fact, I hadn’t been invited anywhere with them for a while.

      I had done nothing wrong. But one of the guys had a crush on one of the girls, and next thing you know I’m not invited anymore. When that fell apart all of the sudden I was allowed to be around the chicks again.

      That made me think of something I’ve wondered. Have you guys experienced girls talk about how hot other guys are in front of you? Of course that inspired jealousies of our own, but I’ve seen women do it in front of me. I’m big enough to not hate those guys, but I’ve wondered if this happened about me, which ignites the ire of insecure men that I’ve known.

    11. When girls talk about how hot other guys are in front of you, it means that they do not consider you a potential sexual partner. This does not mean that she does not find you attractive. Think of cases where you hang out with your girlfriend and some friends of hers, which is something I would not recommend. Some of the other chicks at the table will most likely at some point talk about guys they are either fucking, used to fuck, or would like to fuck.

    12. Aaron,
      “When girls talk about how hot other guys are in front of you, it means that they do not consider you a potential sexual partner.”

      1. So, how would a guy know the difference between her not being into you vs her talking about other guys in front of you to make you jealous or just mess with your head? I’ve seen girls make comments like “that guy ask me out, I told him I wasn’t interested. He keeps on bugging. He can’t take a hint.”

      “Should I have a son, he would not even remotely get the kind of leeway my boomer parents gave me. I will pay for a bit of sex tourism, which he can engage with during part of his school holidays, but yolo-ing for about a decade will not be in the cards for him.” Israel’s Present and Future Article

      2. Wouldn’t you say that there’s a difference between just banging hooker vs having fun in your 20s and doing debauchery stuff with your friends – the type of fun you see in the movie The Hangover. If you had a son, wouldn’t he feel like he missed out on life because he didn’t do debauchery stuff with his friends and his youth is quite fleeting? Having fun in your 30s and 40s is not the same as in your 20s. You can’t really make up for lost time, and of course there are trade-off in life.

    13. 1) If she is really trying to mess with your head, her attitude should be a good enough indicator. Also, look for pattern, not isolated incidents. If she wants to make you feel inadequate by talking about other, supposedly hotter, guys, she will surely try to knock you off your pedestal in other ways as well.

      2) Iirresponsible consumption of drugs and alcohol is nothing I endorse. I have not engaged in such activities, and I do not think I have missed out on anything. Also, I have met plenty of guys who told me that they wished they banged more women when they are younger but nobody ever told me he wished he had gotten wasted more frequently in his 20s.

    14. Regarding the 2nd point,I believe its been reported before that achieving the Meditative States (or “Jhanas” as the Meditation community calls them) is almost entirely similar to the states you achieve taking Psychedelic substances and MDMA.

      A lot of guys who have taken Psychedelics report their worldview getting turned upside down with the experience. A friend I met in the past (meeting him had changed my fundamental worldview itself,but that would get way too long to get into here) on a now defunct LD forum and is experienced with both Meditation and recreational substances,has told me that the substances is merely a “shortcut” to the same route.

      It doesn’t give you quite as much benefit as achieving the Meditative states on your own,but in light of all the reports of people having newfound insights after taking psychedelics (I’m sure there’s a degree of exaggeration in these stories however),this explanation makes a lot of sense to me.

      Just thought this was interesting to mention..

    15. I used to have this bad habit of being “Mister mysterious, allusive guy.” Girls love it at first, but if you don’t make a move they will fucking hate you.

      Back in the day my roommate thought I “played it that way.” Mostly I just was kind of quiet. He picked up on how girls were responding. I wish he would have told me which ones, but we already covered jealousy.

      Another question. You guys ever had a friend/colleague/male family member tell you that a girl liked you? Anyone ever helped you out?

    16. I have had others comment that some girl “seems to like you”, but normally these are women you ignore for good reason. It can also happen that her girlfriends try to hook you up with her but this only happens if they are not interested in you. Guys helping out other guys seems exceedingly rare. I even recall one time in high school where the male friend of some chick who was into me did his best to sabotage me hooking up with her. I had no interest in doing that, but that was because I was a geek, not because she was not attractive. I later learned that she had asked him to feel out what I thought about her. I don’t think I had ever spoken to her, so this was only about looks. He just kept this to himself, probably believing that this would increase his chances with her.

    17. “I have met plenty of guys who told me that they wished they banged more women when they are younger but nobody ever told me he wished he had gotten wasted more frequently in his 20s.”

      Is this a validation and a novelty issue that they wished they banged more whores or is it because they like to bang hot chicks because it feels good?

    18. I think the novelty wears off quite quickly. Attention and status is a big factor, i.e. if you bang a lot of women you know that you are desired by the opposite sex, and even women who are only moderately attractive can be quite picky. For some guys, there is a competition around banging more chicks than others, or hotter women. When guys speak about regrets, it is often in the context of comparing themselves with guys they knew but sometimes there is also the aspect of having somewhat unrealistic expectations, i.e. when someone who was very career-focused ponders about what it would have been like to have banged a few dozen women, and then you point out that they surely would not even have had time for that.

      Of course sex feels good, albeit not nearly as good as mainstream propaganda makes you want to believe. If it was just about the physical sensation, then guys would keep a chick they enjoy fucking instead of going after one chick after another. The former would also most certainly entail many more bangs for the buck.

    19. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      “You guys ever had a friend/colleague/male family member tell you that a girl liked you? Anyone ever helped you out? ”

      Nope, but I’ve always had friends/acquaintances hate the fact that I would hook up or meet women. They didnt like the idea that I was having some success with women. In fact, these guys wouldnt invite me to their parties because there would be girls their. I didnt care about being excluded or their invitation. I was doing pretty good on my own. I was flying solo in my 20s. It wasn’t easy but I had a good time.

    20. Another question. You guys ever had a friend/colleague/male family member tell you that a girl liked you? Anyone ever helped you out?

      None, not a single one ever. But have had hundreds of times “friends” telling me that “she’s not interested bro, she was just being nice” or any other variation od telling you to not read interest in a girl.

    21. Another question. You guys ever had a friend/colleague/male family member tell you that a girl liked you? Anyone ever helped you out?

      I had a chad friend in high school, he tried to help me many times, but I was too stupid to follow his advice. My parents, on the other hand, were the least helpful people ever.

      Human life is seriously fucked. You start at your peak, and then it all goes downhill from there.

    22. Damn, this is one of the most informative threads I’ve ever seen.

      @Cycle Path

      I think the reason why you didn’t listen to your friend who was giving you healthy advice was because of negative people who contradicted him. And unfortunately you believed them. I’m guessing this dude was tall and good looking. Not to mention secure. A rarity by all measures.

    23. Cycle Path,

      You did mention your parents, who have more pull than any Chad mentor you can meet. When haters pile on it seems to confirm the bullshit. Then you actually think the truth teller is full of it!

      Ugh, life……..

    24. I’m guessing this dude was tall and good looking.

      Indeed, I think he was the tallest guy in the class, pretty lean and good looking (at the same time he wasn’t strikingly beautiful, but maybe it’s just my male gaze. Or general lack of awareness). Weirdly enough he was the quiet kid in class, which is not typical of chads. He also was really horny all the time, which is why I think he made good use of his looks. Many guys at that age didn’t.

      I think the reason why you didn’t listen to your friend who was giving you healthy advice

      Some of advice were actually helpful, but to be fair, there was a lot of typical Chad advice, such as “when you see a girl on a street that you like, go and talk to her”.

      My problem was different though, I was hit on by a pretty attractive girl and even dated her for a couple of weeks, but then we broke up and I couldn’t move on for a while. I had other girls hitting on me, but they usually were not as attractive (although some of them were quite okay). So I blew all those chances. I was also from a religious family (and it was not christianity but some obscure cult), so I thought that sex is something which happens only after you’ve been dating for a long time, and was very passive with girls because of it. That’s why that first girl broke up with me, actually. I had a chance of fucking her once but blew it, and then she visibly lost interest in me. She was also a little slut with daddy issues, while the other girls who hit on me were from good families and more modest, which made them less attractive to a teenager.

      OTOH, that Chad guy fucked up his health a big deal because of irresponsible life style, had a heart surgery in his teens, and told me most of people die within 10 years after getting this surgery (cardio stimulator). Even if he makes it, he is stuck with shit job in shit country.

      We had another Chad in our class, the only guy to possibly be smarter than me, so he was doubly gifted. Now he is also stuck doing a shitty job (he is a doctor, which would’ve been nice in a good country, but we aren’t from a good country, and his chance of relocation is zero because of his education). Moreover, there is his picture online and he is disgustingly fat. I don’t know how he got there, but he went from a Chad (or high chadlite) to incel.

      So, I guess while I missed out on a lot of sex during my teenage years, the guys who didn’t aren’t exactly happy now either. Weird how life works

    25. I forgot to include that caveat as well. Guys have never said I have a chance with a girl, or any girl could possibly be interested in me, unless she was very masculine and or obese.

    26. I wonder if these guys who behave with such jealousy ever see themselves, or if it’s more subconscious. I haven’t behaved that way since I was like 13. It must come off very unattractive to women. Or maybe they just see it as par for the course.

  4. Big update on my skincare experiments

    I mentioned I think like a few months ago that I ran into a “bump” with skincare. I look as much as 9 years younger when I test online, but only with a neutral expression. When I smiled I was only between 0-2 years younger. This is due to something known as “dynamic wrinkles”.

    Well, in the meantime I ordered and started argireline, and applied it under the eyes. I only need ONE SMALL DROP to cover both eyes generously. I think this bottle is gonna last ages.

    In just 2-4 weeks (not sure exactly) all the age testing tools say I look 5 years younger when I smile. I now use 3 of them which use different algorithms, all concur.

    This is probably the highest ROI thing I’ve ever done in my life. I mean it’s like a single drop and it’s cheap. I basically got it from the ordinary.

    Btw, they have a sale going on this month. They’re the most affordable high-quality brand as it is, but with this sale, it’s a steal in terms of ROI. And they’re throwing in a free moisturizer for the next two days, so I order one more bottle of argireline and peptides (large bottle) just to cash in.

    1. So this is botox lite, basically? Do you apply it every day?

      I bought some volufiline, btw. Applied it couple times so far, no results yet. I’m probably going to get botox the next week, though, so it will be hard to say whether my results (if any) will be from volufiline or botox only. And it’s also a 100% thing instead of a serum. People use it with moisturizers on the go, but I’m only applying to a tiny spot, so mixing it in my palm is not an option. I haven’t yet figured out the best way to do it.

    2. Some YouTubers call it “Botox in a bottle” yes. You basically use this so you don’t have to use Botox.

      The term isn’t accurate because it works in a completely different way than Botox, but same outcome, reduction of dynamic wrinkles.

      The reason I don’t want to use Botox is because if someone asks what I’ve done, I’m incapable of lying. I’ll have to say I’ve done botox. And that has a negative stigma attached to it.

      I prefer being able to say “I just have a good skincare routine going on”.

    3. Amazon. The brand is called Nano Recipe. It’s the only one which I could find on Amazon in my country. Here is the US version for reference

      The reason I don’t want to use Botox is because if someone asks what I’ve done, I’m incapable of lying.

      Is that the only advantage this thing has over botox? Would you do botox instead if people asking wasn’t a concern?

    4. The other reason I wouldn’t use Botox is because I’m extremely risk averse when it comes to things like this. Anything involving injection has the small chance of causing blindness. It might be a 0.0001% chance, but I’m not taking that chance.

  5. I have had others comment that some girl “seems to like you”, but normally these are women you ignore for good reason.

    Would you consider a female directness to be a red flag? I’ve had a couple of such cases in social setting, but considering that women are usually very passive in the dating game I figured women who are direct are operating from some ulterior motive rather than pure sexual attraction, as female sexuality is more reactive than proactive.

    1. If you are looking for a girlfriend, you should probably not consider the chick who walked up to you at a bar and grabbed your crotch while saying “hi”. Women who are sexually aggressive are sluts and excusing it by referring to alcohol consumption does not work either. All it takes is her having one or two beers and she will go after some other guy. Those chicks are, due to their experience, often pretty good lays, but this is normally all they are good for.

    2. I was thinking more along the lines of standing so close to you that your bodies touch, pretending to do something and bending over right in front of you etc… It is very direct but not so trashy as grabbing one’s crotch while drunk at a party.

    3. Bending over for your or rubbing her tits against your chest is also pretty straight-forward. This is not far from her just grabbing your junk. Her standing close to you, but side by side, so that your bodies touch is pretty classy in comparison and would not strike me as a red flag, in particular if she does it with plausible deniability, i.e. briefly leaning in and then backing off again.

    4. I’ve never had a girl grab my junk. But plenty of boobs rubbing against my arm or back. Even my chest if we’re talking. Sometimes they grab my arm and pretend what I’m saying is interesting. Or leaning back against me.

      Aaron are the junk grabbers less attractive? Or are they just drunker?

    5. The junk grabbers seem well above average in terms of looks. I have not met enough women of this kind to develop a theory of their personality, but I have a hunch that those are women who are not used to guys turning them down, and then all it takes is them being a bit hornier and a bit more drunk than usual. The other category are women in their 30s who are sexually very experienced and completely jaded. They grab your crotch our even shove their hand into your pants to stroke your dick in order to speed up the process.

    6. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      I’ve had mix results. Aaron did state in the past that the women who are less attractive are more sexually aggressive. However, I’ve had girls who were above average looking who were very sexually aggressive with me. I’ve had girls straight out tell me “you wanna have sex?”. I had another girl who told me she didn’t want to go through the motions of the date. Once I was at her place, she grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom. Attractive women can be sexually aggressive as well.

    7. Women who are less attractive need to be sexually more aggressive as fewer men approach them. Also, sexual aggression is a wide spectrum. Women grabbing your crotch are pretty high up on this scale. There are also women who take off their top and dance half-naked in a club, or in their bra, but not because they are drunk. They just want guys to see what is on offer. They either want to tease guys or they are looking for a guy who can deal with this kind of pressure, i.e. approaching a chick who has all eyes on her. I have not seen a lot of women do this, but among those who did most were well above average.

    8. Oh yes, definitely. Girls making “accidental” physical contact with me were all hot. Probably because we had already made eye contact and they saw I was interested. But the junk grab specifically, I have never experienced. I wish. No plausible deniability with that one. Probably because I never really clubbed all that much.

    9. Now that I think about it. An easily above average girl said in front of everyone at my place (six people, including me), “can I sleep in your bed tonight?”

    10. How much more direct do you want girls to get? Once or twice girls around me pretended they were “too drunk” and asked if they could “sleep on my couch”. In those days, I did not even have a couch, but that is another story. I also recall at some house party a chick, after I said that I was feeling tired and was about to head home, said to me I could take a nap in her bed. I knew what she was up to and she did not look particularly happy when I pretended I did not hear her and left.

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