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Women (and Men) Are Fatter than Ever Before in Human History

Now that the scamdemic has died down, the next fearmongering campaign of the mainstream centers on the weather. We went from “global warming” to “global boiling”, which has absolutely no basis in reality. Climate terrorists set forest on fires, which the NGOs that pay them then use to spin the narrative their government backers want to hear. It is an absolutely bizarre charade. In reality, we have been having pretty cool summers here in Europe. When I was growing up, we had plenty of summers where temperatures went beyond 40 degrees Celsius (104 F). Even this years, July was not nearly as warm. Occasionally, you had temperatures in the low 30s. August is also off to a disappointing start, with probably the lowest temperatures I even recall. This Saturday, we had 16 degrees here, for instance.

Academia is not concerned about finding the truth. Instead, their “researchers” apply for government grants, and the government, of course, wants to get results it can use, similar to the motivation behind NGO financing. While South Korea puts its resources into researching superconductivity at room temperatures, Western governments shower a bunch of lackeys at universities with grant money to produce papers that prove that the Vikings were black, that low-IQ foreigners are a boon to the economy, and that the planet is minutes away from gong up in flames. Recently, a German “professor” claimed that July 2023 was “the hottest month in 120,000 years”. This is not total and utter bullshit they pulled out of thin air. Oh, no, not at all! Instead, they rely on “proxy records”. For plenty of figures in recorded history we only have approximate dates of birth or death, but those faggy climate researchers can tell us how hot it was 120,000 years ago, and presumably on any corner on the planet. This is mindbogglingly stupid. The elites really suffer from cognitive decline, or hubris at a level not seen since the eve of the French Revolution.

Global warming is a bitch!

While those “climate researchers” tell you about their proxy records, I can tell you something that is most certainly true: Women, and men, have never been fatter, and not just in the last 120,000 years but since humans existed. This can be shown by simple logical reasoning. First, for most of human history, food was scarce. Thus, people could not even have gotten fat. Until the middle ages, being fat was a privilege of the rich. However, even during those days you had many more fat kings than queens. In contrast, the masses often did not even enjoy food security. Second, only after we managed to fully industrialize farming, and were able to produce sugar very cheaply, did people get really fat. Interestingly enough, this led to a complete inversion of body weight and socioeconomic status because now it was the poor who ended up consuming excess calories and packing on the pounds. This surely has nothing at all to do with poor people having poor impulse control. Instead, it is probably the patriarchy that makes them eat shitty fast food, paid by cash handouts they get by the hated government.

I do not think that the previous statements are controversial at all. In fact, not only do official statistics show that people have been getting fatter and fatter, it is also the case that you hardly ever see a slim, young woman anymore. Women (and men) have never been fatter than today, and if the government was really concerned about public health, they would not dream up some climate-lockdown bullshit but instead ban the sale of about 90% of products on offer in supermarkets, as well as incentivize physical activity. Obesity is a serious and immediate public health issue. In contrast, the climate change bullshit is supposed to affect you in a few decades, but not if you are a multi-millionaire owning a beach-front property, your own jet or your own yacht. In that case, nature will simply spare you. Oh, and if none of the predictions come to pass, then you bigots should shut up because the elites were only trying their best while looking out for you.

12 thoughts on “Women (and Men) Are Fatter than Ever Before in Human History

  1. I was think about this (or a related subtopic) just yesterday. Specifically I really wonder about girls a lot more than the men.

    Back story: I have tons of acquintances that are students and I had the misfortune of observing what happens to most. Even the skinniest ones are a little chubby by their last year of uni, or first year of getting a job. It’s almost without fail. Like 99% of girls fatten up by 23-25 like it is their job.

    Except for one girl. She went from “almost chubby” to being super-tight. She loves showing off her perfect-body and tummy every day. Honestly, her profile looks like she’s selling escorting services. Lots of erotic photos too. I also see her constantly get bombarded with offers for “collabs” from brands.

    I knew her from before, and she was so poor she couldn’t afford clothing or transporation, very poor family. She is now in a different fancy restaraunt in Rome or Paris or different city every week. She’s either gathering sugar daddies or escorting.

    Now here’s the kicker. She’s not especially genetically gifted. All she did was diet down, and now she has celebrity-tier benefits. She does a good job of presentation as well yes, but most women can do that, they just don’t wanna do the dieting part.

    Backstory done: Here’s what I was thinking. With women having it so easy to get celebrity-tier status by just dieting, I can’t fanthom why it’s so rare. I literally know just ONE girl who did (I also know like a 150-200 other girls, and they all just went chubbier).

    This is different from guys, because as a guy you need to also accomplish like 97 other things, PLUS get in shape. Chicks only have to diet down. If that’s all I had to do in order to get a high life, dieting would be pretty easy. The only reason I can see girls rarely choose to diet down is because they’re bombarded with messages not to and to be delusional.

    1. Also, I notices that all the fit girls I know (above 23) have a job or profession where being in shape is part of their description.

      In other words, if women are required to stay slim, they stay slim. Just another way of saying society and men don’t require this from women in general.

      For me specifically, the one I time got sixpack lean was when I put everything else on pause and just focused on dieting down as the main thing in my life. It’s actually not too difficult if it’s your “main job” to diet. It’s only difficult if you’re trying to achieve progress in 87 other things and diet at the same time.

      So it’s surprising when girls who can just diet and get everything they want, don’t do it. Men don’t have the option to just diet down. It’s always in addition to accomplishing a bunch of other things.

    2. >For me specifically, the one I time got sixpack lean was when I put everything else on pause and just focused on dieting down as the main thing in my life.Men don’t have the option to just diet down. It’s always in addition to accomplishing a bunch of other things.<

      This is actually why I remain humble about my journey despite having accomplished the above. Most men,as you've said,do NOT have the luxury of just being able to pause their life (i.e. Have no job/responsibilities except fat loss and working out) like I have.

      I feel like I've literally become a different species nowadays from how much I've progressed in terms of being in shape. I still remember Day 1 of going to the gym (not the same as Day 1 of dieting. I handled the diet and lost a good bit of initial weight before making the gym a part of the equation,which I feel was a smart move on my part.) and it was BRUTAL. In the beginning,I would often be unable to get full attendance on my workout plan because a session would leave me too sore and still tired, Nowadays,I'm able to train everyday of the week,juggling lifting and Martial arts on different days. MA sessions that I used to exhaust from in minutes,now I'm able to train and be productive with the training for as long as the full hour,etc. I never thought I would actually ever know what its like to be "in shape" in the past,but now I do.

      This also goes for Day 1 of my dieting. My satiety levels have actually changed with time. (this was tested when I made a visit back home and wasn't on a strict schedule. I get full much sooner than I used to. I actually lost a single pound in that week of visit despite not trying to. haha) I still remember however how hungry I used to get in the beginning,even though I've successfully made sure I ate enough protein fiber,healthy fats,and drank enough water to minimize the issue. today,I sometimes don't even feel hungry at all during the diet. (not that it doesn't still happen,but its at an absolute minimum)

      Imagine if I had to juggle this initial struggle with a job and other such responsibilities. I'm not making excuses for folks who won't start,but you can understand why many aren't able to persist past that initial brutal period. Life is generally pretty hard already without having to grapple with the above issues. haha.

      I say all this because it still gets under my skin,about folks who've been in shape all their life (because their parents got them into being physically active young) and never had to grapple with their weight/fitness,are rather quick to judge. and then these same people called me insane for pausing my life to tackle the issue. None of their ill-informed "advice" actually ever worked,but this did. I mentioned a conflict I had with my unhealthily skinny uncle. He's a prime example of what I describe. (except he's not in shape,at all. lol) he suffers from literally the opposite problem. He's also a heavy chain smoker. you'd think someone like this would actually understand given he knows what its like to have an addiction,but some folks are amazing at their inability to engage in introspection. I have never once voiced judgmental over him being unhealthily skinny. funny thing is,he's the one with the health problems and taking medication,not me. lol.

      To finish off my (probably rambling) comment,I'd like to share this video:


      As someone who also trains Martial arts with self-defense/real life fighting ability being a serious part of the reason for I do so,it would be so,so convenient for me to judge this guy for not taking a similar course of action that I have. But because I'm not a self-centered prick,I actually understand that this guy probably does not have the privileges/opportunities I have had. He likely does not have the luxury of just being able to pause his life to focus on this. He probably also does not have the information (because the massive amount of misinformation in the mainstream Fitness industry) I was able to gain access to effectively minimize the hunger issues/suffering (failing to manage this is probably the #1 reason people fail to accomplish this goal) that unfortunately comes with having to lose weight. etc.

      He's also not wrong anyway. I was completely out of shape in all the times I had to defend myself in the past. that didn't stop me from successfully doing so. That said,being in shape makes training so much more productive. I definitely can't understate the value of it for QoL all around.

      Anyway,I'm having fun right now with my MA training. I definitely plan to expand my interests later on,but right now,just continuing with what I'm doing is the practical course of action.

      Unfortunately,nowadays society doesn't just make it easy to be obese. It makes it hard just to NOT be fat. Aaron is right. Our society/elites worry about what are effectively made-up problems instead of REAL problems like the obesity epidemic.

    3. I say all this because it still gets under my skin,about folks who’ve been in shape all their life (because their parents got them into being physically active young) and never had to grapple with their weight/fitness,are rather quick to judge. and then these same people called me insane for pausing my life to tackle the issue.

      I absolutely hate and despise those people.

    4. It’s also because women are just plain lazy and entitled in almost every respect. Fat girls can still get laid. Especially if they have a cute face. They are the worst bitches around, because they are deluded into thinking they are gorgeous. If they just went to the gym routinely they could actually be gorgeous. Do they they think all of those girls hitting the gym are just wasting time, money and effort?

  2. Oh fuck,the top part of my post got cut off for some reason. argh! I’ll try to summarize it..

    I’ve gotten down to 246lbs now. That’s effectively 75lbs lost. The most amount of weight I’ve ever lost in my life. I got around 50-60lbs more to lose before I’m done though,but I’m already seeing massive benefits. both in looks and general QoL. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m now effectively the healthiest member of my family. haha.

    I’ve accomplished by,as Alek said,pausing all the other things in my life and making this my main job. I’ve remained humble about my journey though and refrain from judging most other fat guys (girls are a bit of a different story,because of what Alek has said.),because this is a circumstance most of them don’t and may never have access to.

    that’s not me making excuses for them,but being understand of their situation. Society is very much at fault for the obesity epidemic.

  3. I don’t think having the chinese and indians and nigerians farting fossil fuels to produce plastic crap is good for the environment. So, I never feel sure in dismissing warning from scientists, no matter how gay they are.

    What I’m sure of instead is that, if global warming a problem, the only proposed solution up to now is to make white people suffer. It’s an incredible coincidence when you think about it: the haters of white people have found through science! that to save the world whites have to suffer. Wow!

    As for the fatties, even here I don’t know what is going. When I see fat girls it’s not even that they are purely obese and round, it’s a weird form of fattiness that makes no sense to me. It’s not “this person overeats” but “this person is eating some poisonous crap”.

  4. Many people, including men, can’t accept they probably have to eat 1200 kcal to stay thin. Luckily semaglutide comes to rescue

    1. You don’t have to eat 1,200 calories to stay thin. That is way too little for the average man.

    2. No, actually, he’s right. If you’ve never dietied down to a sixpack, you wouldn’t know. Most people have no clue how little you need to eat to diet down and stay thin.

      It is 1200 for petite girls.

      — I just went and checked in a calculator. I plugged in the stats of a 20 year old petite girl (155cm), and it says 1230 calories. It gets below 1200 for shorter than that. And even less if she’s older (metabolism slows down with age).

      For a 35 year old chick to stay thin it’s almost down to 1100 calories a day.

    3. @Alek

      The long term solution it seems,if one doesn’t want to have to eat so little their whole life,is to continue resistance/weight training AND have a physical sport/hobby to get your cardio/conditioning needs over the long haul.

      You’ll just have to tone them down (once you get to the level you want to be on) on your list of priorities to be able to focus on new pursuits. I’ve found some intermediate lifting routines that save time via the use of Supersets and Alternating sets. You do need at least some decent cardio/conditioning to be able to make use of em though (which is part of the reason I also have to recommend having something you enjoy on the side to get your cardio. Can be something like rollerskating,cycling,pingpong,etc.)


      That’s how much fighter Ramsey Dewey is able to eat in a Day. I’ve also come to know a guy who is 6’5ft 250lbs and mostly muscle (I’d reckon he’s somewhere between 15-18% bf) and his maintenance calories is a whoopin 4.2K calories,which is funny enough,the same amount of calories he used to eat when he was an obese 350lb’er. (The composition of his diet is very different from back then though. I don’t want to make it seem as if one can just go back to their obese old ways just by packing on enough muscle)

      This is a solution to help prevent getting fat again though,not something you’re gonna be able to apply at the beginning of the weight loss journey. The stuff I do now would have been way too much and may even be injurious for Day 1 me.

      I’m at a clean 240lbs now who aims to eat around 2400 kcal per day and STILL losing 2-3lbs per week. I eat without accounting for physical activity however,which overall might be burning more calories than I’m giving it credit for. (which is probably why I sometimes end up losing 3 or more lbs per week) Since I don’t workout for the purpose of burning calories like a lot of folks do,I just treat it as a side benefit.

      I don’t know if any of this applies for a naturally small woman however. There is only so much muscle you can put on and only so much time/energy in the day to be physically active.

  5. If you have an office job, and don’t play sports or engage in any real physical activities in your spare time, then of course you have to be on a very calorie-restricted diet.

    But it’s best to control your caloric intake and be physically active.

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