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Schizo Thinking and the Schwarzenegger-Kennedy Connection

I just finished reading Schwarzeneggers’s autobiography Total Recall. Overall, this book appears quite dishonest. Basically, you read about him winning for four to five decades straight. He talks about a second place at some international bodybuilding competition being a setback at a time when he was undergoing his rapid rise to the top. In the movie business, he also went more or less straight to the top. His first few roles, and arguably his best ones, he got due to his physique. This includes the first two Conan movies, The Terminator, Predator, Twins, and Total Recall. Terminator 2 could have been filmed without him already.

Anyway, in his 20s, Schwarzenegger began dating a member of the Kennedy clan, Maria Shriver, whom he later married. Seeing that Schwarzenegger’s movie career basically fell off a cliff after True Lies, yet he was still able to make a lot of money with movies that barely broke even and some box office bombs, I wonder where this longevity came from. We also know two more aspects: 1) Hollywood is ultra-leftist (and so is the Kennedy clan) and 2) Due to a shift in the political climate, action heroes disappeared in the early 1990s. There is a clear connection between politics and entertainment, and it is also well established that Hollywood is used, or was used, as a propaganda vehicle. Well, the CIA is surely still meddling with the movie industry. It is just that movies have become less and less relevant as the price of subversion is irrelevancy.

If you put on your schizo hat, the thought that Schwarzenegger was able to make it big in Hollywood, and stay on top for decades, is related to his Kennedy connection. It may not just be a contribution factor but the main reason. After all, there were countless muscle men, and plenty with quite comparable physiques who also had the benefit of being able to speak without a strong accent. The Kennedys may have called in some favors with some Hollywood propagandists to enable Schwarzenegger to get his foot in the door. Of course, I do not want to downplay his obvious success in this field, but you do wonder if his success in this industry was a foregone conclusion. He also writes about handing out with actors and artists, among others Andy Warhol. Surely, some people opened a lot of doors for him, and banging a 1%er like Maria Shriver does exactly that.

Given the high distrust I have in mainstream media, and our degenerate elites in general, my default assumption is that everything is bullshit. People like Jordan Peterson were propped up by some men behind the curtains, and his anti-male diatribes surely support this claim. Then you have total hacks like Ben Shapiro of whom there is proof that they got into syndication due to certain, er, ethnic connections. This guy would not have been able to make it on his own. Meanwhile, many a gifted nationalist white influencer or fringe thinker has been kicked off all social media sites and de-banked. Alex Jones is probably the best example.

As food for thought, if Andrew Anglin had managed to boink and subsequently wife up a Kennedy heir, would he get hounded by the State Department, which goes around the world, pressuring BigTech and ISPs to kick his site off the Internet? I believe this would not have happened. Conversely, if Schwarzenegger had not boinked and wived up a Kennedy, would he have had a harder time getting into the movie industry? Most probably.

4 thoughts on “Schizo Thinking and the Schwarzenegger-Kennedy Connection

  1. “Given the high distrust I have in mainstream media, and our degenerate elites in general, my default assumption is that everything is bullshit.”

    VD has been saying for a while that success in Clown World invariably turns out to be manufactured (and indeed names Peterson and Shapiro as examples.)

    I’ve also heard rumors that Arnold also had a sugar daddy early on, but I have no idea. If he was hell-bent on success at any cost (in VD’s terminology, a “ticket-taker,”) it seems plausible.

    1. In his book he briefly mentions that one gym owner in Munich and one very well connected guy in London, I think it was a bodybuilding promoter, hit on him. Also, the connection between bodybuilding and homosexuality is not just imagined. I would not be surprised if the rate of homosexuality in this crowd is far above the general population. Of course, this does not apply to Arnold at all as he always rejected the advances of those guys. He also lets you know that he was really busy banging random chicks.

  2. In the documentary it was mentioned in the first episode that Arnold received support from the Austrian politician Alfred Gerstl. I can recommend to read his Wikipedia article.

    1. This is interesting. Schwarzenegger briefly mentions Alfred Gerstl, but it was new to me that the latter provided financial support to young Arnold, or that he was a Jew. The Wikipedia article also draws a connection between this financial support and Arnold donating to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. This investment surely paid enormous dividends for the global Jewish community.

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