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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #280

  1. Im amazed how women not only do not reply to men in social settings (e.g. dating), but also frequently don’t respond in the work environment, too. So you could write a mail to a female for work related stuff (to their work email obviously) and they simply do not respond. Do you share the same experience?

    1. Truth be told,I encountered this problem back when I was in college. Me asking questions in regards to a group project/activity,and them either responding very late or not fucking responding at all!

      Pre-college,I studied in an all boys school,and we didn’t pull this BS. While I have a mountain of complaints in general about the school system (which I’ve come to find out is true of the mainstream system as a whole),team work was not one of them. As boys,if we had a group school project,we just wanted to get the goddamn thing over with ASAP so we could go back to playing our video games. Not with women apparently! They apparently want to take their flirting games into that area as well. Which resulted in me having to double text at times to get an answer out of them. Unprofessionalism at its finest,jesus fucking god! If you don’t want him to think you’re interested,just send a short message that answers the damn question so the job can be done. that’s what we boys did.

      What’s interestingly notable however is that it was UNATTRACTIVE chicks who seemed to engage in this the most. (although some attractive chicks still did this) So either this was done out of spite for you,or because they’re the PUA equivalent of thinking they could “build attraction” this way by acting like a difficult person,I dunno. I’m just glad I don’t have to put up with such people anymore.

      Aaron,I think you’ve actually written about this issue elsewhere. How many chicks out there can’t separate their dating life and professional life.

    2. I wrote about this phenomenon a few years ago:
      My recommendation is to send her a reminder, and if she does not respond within an appropriate amount of time, approach her manager. Just forward the email she did not respond to. You can also keep her in CC. Reiterate that there is an outstanding request and throw in some b.s. about you being aware that they are all working very hard but that this lack of response is affecting your team negatively so it should be addressed proactively. I once thought that it helps to talk to those women directly, but you can forget about it. They will tell you that they are sorry or make up some bullshit but they will not change.

      It is important to not take any of this personally. More often than not, those women do the bare minimum to not get fired. I had the pleasure of having a desk on the same floor as several women who seemed to do less than 30 minutes of actual work per day. This is not an exaggeration. I recall some women who spent hours on their phone. No, this was not a work phone because those roles did not come with this kind of perk. Some thought they were beyond reproach and did not even turn on their work computer until after their lunch break. Such behavior would have gotten any man fired on the spot.

      On a related note, some Big Tech companies apparently paid some women to not do any work at all:
      They were hired just to boost the number of female employees, for the sake of diversity.

    3. Here,we really do see the issue of hiring for the sake of “diversity” and political correctness for its own sake.

      I was once a moderator of a subreddit in the past. I was already retired when this happened,but I witnessed the mod team eventually fall apart when they took in someone JUST for the sake of having a “female mod” (We actually already had one,but she was busy making videos and content relating to the subject of choice to really participate in moderating the subreddit.),and it soon showed this female mod had some cray cray,haha.

      Its like going out of your way to hire a black person just for the sake of “having a black person” in the team. Go ahead and accept someone of a diverse background if they show the qualifications for the job,but we see where hiring for the sake of hiring gets us.

      Honestly,as a man,it would sound depressing as fuck to be forced to roam around the office doing nothing,even if you were paid for it. (I guess I could ignore it though if I were allowed to stay at home with this arrangement,lol) I may or may not have mentioned this before,but one of the big reasons I was depressed during a large part of my college years,was because I was initially pushed into a subject course I was completely inept in (Thanks to my not-so-wise parents).

      Even if I somehow managed to cheat my way through and somehow got into the workplace without my ineptitude at the job being exposed soon after,it would be like living as a fraud. I think the prospect of living your life this way would be hell on earth for any sane man. It takes a special level of scum,bordering on sociopathic,to not be bothered living that kind of life. I’m sure a lot of the PUA scammers you took down back in the day were precisely those kinds of people. Almost none of them I think were actually successful in their personal lives.(BradP and Vince Kelvin come to mind)

      but fortunately,I eventually landed somewhere I actually fit in after much consideration.

      I have to wonder if this is actually a common phenomenon. I mean people who cheat their way through college,lands a job that is in scope of education…and finds themselves completely inept for the role. We do have a lot of incompetents in the workplace after all.

    4. There is a lot of cheating at universities. Partly, the issue is one of incentives. In some countries, professors get evaluated based on the number of students who pass their courses. Of course, the thought behind this is that those students mastered the material of those modules. In reality, however, some professors just lower the bar in order to increase the pass rate. The same happens in government schools all over the Western world, too. Also, flunking a student is apparently a bureaucratic nightmare. When I was a TA at university, I flagged a few homework submissions for cheating and the professor did not care at all about it. One even dismissed this by saying that those students just harm themselves, and that industry will later on take care of this. Yet, those incompetents then get jobs in industry and if there is easy money to be had, they can coast for years before they get found out.

      In my view, universities should be gatekeepers, and degrees should mean something, i.e. they should certify that a degree holder has mastered a certain body of knowledge. Probably the reason behind the sometimes absurdly long selection processes in some fields is due to the fact that degrees are often not worth the paper they are printed on. You can also see that this leads to a downward spiral for some companies because if you hire bozos, they will end up hiring more bozos, simply because they are not able to properly assess candidates. Good candidates, however, realize that their interviewers were idiots and rather go somewhere else.

    5. In my particular case I think it was actually related to women not being able to say “no” or “reject you”. So instead of just answering to a question “no, it’s no possible” or “unfortunately, we won’t hire you”, they will just ignore the message.

    6. Aaron,
      “…some professors just lower the bar in order to increase the pass rate.”

      I can attest to this. I remember a handful of professors who lower the bar because they wanted to received positive evaluations from their students. A lot of professors were so focus on receiving tenure, and student evaluations carried a lot of weight whether a university would grant tenure to professor. I remember talking two different professors. In one class which was primate behavior class, the entire class failed except for two students. It was me and another student who only passed the midterm. The professor one day asked me whether the midterm was challenging. I said no. I said that the exam was easy. She couldn’t understand why the whole class failed except for me and another student. By the end of the semester, the professor told me that I was exempt from taking the final because she needed to grade on a curve so she can pass her class. She was so eager to receive tenure.

      I had another professor who I asked why he wouldn’t administer a multiple choice exam. He said that if he gave a multiple choice exam the whole class would fail. Instead of a having a multiple choice exam, he only gave one exam which was a ten page research paper and it counted as 90 percent of your grade with 10 percent being attendance. In addition, he also gave extra credit on the side just in case some student weren’t able to write a decent paper.

      I also had various professors give extra credit, giving additional exams where if you failed your first exam and took an addition exam and you did better on the latter exam they would drop the former exam.

      In the end, college was a joke and it was smooth sailing for me. I barely studied. I quite couldn’t understand why so many students struggled.

    7. After access to higher education has been widened, the average IQ of students dropped to about 100, and in some subjects such as Education, it is well below that. Thus, you simply experienced what it is like to compete against normies. Your experience also taught you how incapable someone of average intelligence is.

    8. I have heard about this. Years ago I read about PhD students in the US, where the first two years or so are dedicated to coursework, using this site to make sure they get good enough grades to make it to the second part of their program. Higher education truly is in a race to the bottom.

    9. I can also attest to this effect. It turns out that education in Vietnam is now better in many respects than America. What a curse of fate.

      This has an effect of making professors resenting the system and looking down on their students. They treat you like a bunch morons and pass on snaring remarks. But they will let you pass.

      Sometimes I don’t understand the reason why the world could not find a happy middle land between the Chinese exam-centered type and the more flexible American system. Both systems leave out a chunk of talents that could have been recruited had they underwent reforms.

    1. That’s insulting to El Giganté. Have you seen pics of the infected wolves? The first time I encountered a pack of them I was definitely intimidated.

    2. I have been able to resist the temptation to check out footage of the full game, so I have not seen the infected wolves. The image above popped up in a forum discussion. On a related note, here is a video I came across, from the village section, that shows how to bait the guy with the goat mask into wiping out some ganados:

  2. Square Enix just released some footage of the various locations in FF XVI:
    I hope this game will be as good as it looks. One sobering thought is that there has not been a great Final Fantasy since IX or X, which were both released over 20 years ago. Still, I am optimistic that FF XVI will deliver.

  3. According to recent research, smoking weed cuts a woman’s supply of eggs in half:
    Putting on my schizo hat, I wonder if the CIA knew this decades ago, and consequently pushed weed onto the population. Of course this is a completely ridiculous idea that has a zero percent chance of being true.

    1. Related to this post as well as the one abortion Population collapse, there was an article in German media today how abortion rates went up in Germany.

      Almost all the western countries had a low fertility rate since the 70s. However, not only has politics not even tried to solve this, but there are massive incentives against having kids: propaganda about overpopulation/kids being bad for the environment, massive costs, people needing to study a long time before being able to enter the job market, abortion, weed, whatever causes lower sperm count,…

      Of course the problem which could have been predicted since 70s and which has not been addressed by politics can only be solved now via immigration….

    2. Tertiary education was also opened up to the masses in the 1970s, and in order to accommodate all those students, countless new universities were built by governments all over the Western world. I am quite sure that part of the reason behind lowering standards and even offering bullshit degrees was to keep people off the unemployment register for years. Of course, this also has a dysgenic effect because even a relatively untalented student is probably at least of average IQ. By the time those women got their degrees, their fertility window had shrunken significantly. Lee Kuan Yew summarized this excellently in this short video: Note the morons at the end laugh about “child-bearing years ending by 35” as if it is some kind of joke.

      In the 1970s this “end of growth” crap also started, with the Club of Rome. I read the original report. It is absolutely ludicrous, but the complicit media fully embraced it, just like the bogus reports the IPCC puts out.

    3. Immigration will not solve the problem either. Just visit any Western city and marvel at the societal contributions of all those third-world rocket scientists!

    4. Add to that the effects of marijuana on sperm quality and you might even get relatively degenerate offspring due to the male’s poor seed.

    5. To that you have to add that weed addiction makes you more likely to develop schizophrenia, ruins your memory, and also numb you to the sordid realities of living in a progressive Western society. There is little in this drug that the elites do not like.

    6. Agree Aaron.
      I was being sarcastic when I said immigration will solve the problem.

  4. What do you guys think of healthbar?

    In Call of Duty 1 and United Offensive, the games still retain healthbar. I find it much more challenging than auto-regenerating health.

    Brothers in arms also drop healthbar since 2008. It was just that easy to drop a great feature.

    1. I think health bars are great because they make it a lot harder to get away with shoddy game design. Auto-healing is, in my opinion, responsible for the shoddy design we see in almost all modern games where not even an attempt is made to ensure that a skilled player could do a no-damage run. Instead, you just take a few hits and hide behind a wall to regain your energy. By the way, Doom (2016) has a health bar, in stark contrast to the mainstream shooters of that time. This was one reason why it appealed to hardcore players so much.

    2. I think this was probably the worst gameplay decision that went into MGSV. The whole game boils down to resource management, yet you’re given essentially infinite health of all things. I think it would have been a much better idea to include rations or health packs like before. In the game you can call for resupply at the cost of in-game credits. So, I think they should have had it to where different tiers of restorative health items take up inventory space, essentially incentivizing you to play more stealthily and also more defensively during combat situations. Once you’ve cleared an alert status it would be safest to resupply in preparation for the next possible combat encounter. In contrast, MGS3’s recovery system was leagues beyond what MGSV ended up getting.

    1. I have not heard of it, but I recall that my grandmother prepared special food for her chickens and roosters, which probably fulfilled a similar purpose. She also ground eggshells, which the hens got to eat. She believed that this supports the hens in producing eggs with a hard shell (you may have come across eggs with a rather thin shell), but I am not sure if there is any validity to it. It seems superficially plausible, though.

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