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Serial Dating Makes Women Bad Workers

I have noticed a particular kind of pattern among some of the women I interact with. Well, let’s start with the guys first: Most guys, but not nearly all, do a diligent job. They somehow realize that they get a paycheck in exchange for sticking to their job description. You ask for information or request a piece of work, and you get it. Sometimes, you have to send a reminder, but that is about it. Overall, guys in the office seem to be pretty reliable.

On the other hand, there seems to be a trend, particularly among younger women, to act in a rather unprofessional manner. There may be smilies in messages, but that is something you can overlook. What is much harder to deal with is their fickleness. There are certainly a lot more women than men who, if they do not feel like it, just don’t do their work. The worst cases I did not experience myself but have heard from others. I have seen those messages, so it’s not just hearsay.

So, what does a young millennial woman do when you ask for something that is part of her job description? If she does not like you, for whatever reason, she may just ignore your request. I don’t think I have ever heard of a guy pulling that off. Heck, most guys just do their job and don’t care whether they “like” someone or not. That dimension is not even relevant to them.

Another trend I have been hearing about, and one I refuse following, is using instant messaging for business communication. Suddenly, your professional and personal life mix. This is where women’s experience of excessive online dating comes into play. Surely, you are all familiar with “ghosting”, i.e. the woman, for no apparent reason, stopping contact. The other day I spoke with a guy working in a female-dominated industry, in PR, and he told me that sometimes women in his company or women at client companies just “ghost” him, apparently not realizing that they have an obligation to do their work. Imagine you send your colleague Jenny a request, telling her that you need a couple of slides by Wednesday noon — and she just does not react to it.

I can’t even fathom how confused or entitled a woman must feel if she believes that her job is some kind of a no-strings attached gig where she can just ignore work that she does not like. A colleague tells her she has to do something, and she just thinks, “not that guy again” and goes back to swiping on Tinder or posting on Instagram or whatever the fuck else they are doing instead of working.

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4 thoughts on “Serial Dating Makes Women Bad Workers

  1. LOL, even if you do instant messages it is kinda easy to separate work and personal life in mind.
    it is not like i treat work people the same .

    1. Neither do I, but in many industries employers make a sustained effort to blur those lines. The creative industries are infamous for it, but it has also gotten a lot more common in tech, particularly in the start-up scene. The rationale is that if you have social bonds to your co-workers also in your spare time, you will be more inclined to put in extra effort in at work, for the next b.s. deadline, for instance.

    2. if i have better “bonds” with people i just give less a shit about putting more effort in work, as i tend to be more law breaking with people i know.
      those tech companies are indeed bullshit but they also like the to add some “life business coaching” nonsense.

  2. I’ve seen in this in many areas, and it’s getting worse. I see it on my own line of work, but instead I’ll share the experiences of an acquintance doing something similar.

    My friend is a personal trainer and does health consulting as well as physical rehabilitation sessions etc… He’s seen a huge rise over the past years in the amount of girls (and yes, it’s primarily young women) who deem it ok to just flake, not say they’ve changed their mind about an appointment, do a “seen” on a message asking them to confirm something about a payment/appointment/whatever.

    This crap is spilling over from dating into other areas for sure. Businesses today are forced to adopt new media of communication (for example you can schedule appointment through whatsapp)… but they’re seeing problems they didn’t use to have.

    Like if a chick makes an appointment through whatsapp, and the receptionist messages her to confirm it a day before… the chick deems it perfectly normal to just ignore the message and/or simply not show up at the schedule time, and then ignore messages about it.

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