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‘Woman’ is to ‘fat’ like ‘man’ is to ___ ?

The reason fat shaming works and why fat women are so embarrassed about being fat is due to hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Women are of course perfectly aware of the importance of being slender if they want to attract a good provider. No slender woman who is working hard on staying in shape would deny that. Fat women are aware of the importance of being slim, too, but they are either unwilling or unable to shed those excess pounds. Their genetic programming still runs in their brain and because they have been brainwashed to believe that language shapes our world and other nonsense, they demand that we admire fat and ugly women so that they, too, can get attractive boyfriends or husbands.

That women are very concerned about their weight is obvious to any guy who has ever dated a chick who started to feel a little bit too comfortable in the relationship. Suddenly, crisps and chocolate taste so much better, it seems. Eventually, their once tight-fitting jeans no longer fit and they have to get some new clothes. Of course, they could just lose weight, but who would want to burden a little snowflake with such an impossible task? As ever-fattening Jane Doe squeezes her fat ass into a pair of jeans in the fitting room, Joe Doe has to confirm that she does not look fat in those pants.

Once women start to be concerned about their weight, it’s too late anyway. They obsess over it because they know that this means they are losing points on the looks scale they won’t be able to get back as long as they are fat. On the other hand, a fat guy doesn’t necessarily fare poorly. If you’re well-off, chicks don’t care so much that you could lose some weight. No, weight isn’t that much of an issue. This is even clearer once you realize that even if you lose a point or two on the looks scale, you can raise your attractiveness to the opposite sex considerably by fattening your bank account.

There is a much more serious issue, though. While men don’t need to necessarily care so much about their physique — Heck, you’ll even look a lot more buff if you work out and have 20% body fat —, they have some other concern that women seem largely unaffected by. It is being a productive member of society. Women seem to be totally fine with spending an entire day on Instagram and stroking their cat, but guys would go downright crazy if they had nothing to do. You may have heard of the opium crisis in the US. That one largely affects men who didn’t find their place in society, even though you wouldn’t know about that if you subscribe to the leftist rag New York Times, which conveniently ignore sex differences among dope fiends.

Being fat makes women unhappy, but not men. Being unproductive makes men unhappy, but not women. Has anybody ever successfully shamed a woman for being lazy? It probably happens every once in a while, but normally they don’t seem to be that affected by it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t flock towards bullshit degrees in such staggering numbers. They are also quite happy being underemployed, it seems. While women are more immune towards being called lazy, being called fat, particularly when they are fat, is their kryptonite.

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8 thoughts on “‘Woman’ is to ‘fat’ like ‘man’ is to ___ ?

  1. they have been brainwashed to believe that language shapes our world

    this is such a great piece. every political garbage and social justice follow this nonsense.
    if we say it , it must be true.
    if we insist on it then it must be it.
    pragmatism is out of the window here.
    truth also dont matter either. no need to be skeptical or critical if we can force reality with our nonsense.

  2. This article can be distilled to say money is the biggest factor in attraction of women towards men. What about those instances when women drink all they can from you and leaves you for some other chad?

    1. Don: Hypergamy or Alpha fucks, beta bucks. Money attracts women. That doesn’t mean she’ll stay after she had some. Or that she stays loyal. Preferably from her perspective. She let’s the beta cucks pay for everything. While at the same time she’s fucking chad. Or milk you dry and move on looking for a better deal.

    2. she needs a source of dick
      a source of connections
      and a source of resources.

      not the same guy?
      then go for the multi guy approach.
      alternatively one dick is tall, one is muscular
      and one is very big one.
      why not enjoy all three?

      thus low partners count is a must and dad and mom together, young,not too useless, and not fucked up
      life tendencies.
      then she might not look for other dicks while with u but if she finds something better might let you know. and not do shit behind the back.

    3. dada: She might or she might not. One thing’s certain. It’s not considered her failing. It’s considered your failing within western society. Whatever she does will be excused. While you as a man will be held accountable. If you cheat on a woman you’re a dog. If she cheats on you. You’re a loser that wasn’t able to satisfy her needs. Even within most religious communities women are automatically forgiven. So there is not much reason not to sin for women. There aren’t any negative consequences for bad behaving women. Sure you’ll limit the chance of being screwed over if you marry a virgin church girl. But even than the odds aren’t that great in today’s society. She can still screw you if she feels like it. And she will be rewarded for it if she does.

  3. It is odd how women don’t really get judged for being lazy.

    Maybe its cuz they are told “you are trying ur best, that’s all that matters” ?


    1. Feminism is gynocentric. Traditionalism is also gynocentric. No one will judge women for anything these days.

      Men have to (MAN UP).

      While women can do whatever they want. And men have to respect these strong and independent women. Telling them to behave differently would be oppression.

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