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42 thoughts on “Open Thread #264

    1. Europe is going to the dogs. I live in fucking South America, one of the most violent regions in the world, and we dont have scenes like that.

      Last year I was brefly visiting Berlin. Nearby to Friedrichstrasse Station something shiny in a gutter caught my eye… it was a couple of spent 9mm bullet casings. Here in my homeland I have never ever ever found spent casings on the street like that, much less in the centre of our nations capital.

  1. Curious to ask,Aaron…What are your thoughts on settling disputes in the ring?

    Almost got into it with my obnoxious uncle just today. Frankly,unless he’s been secretly training something,I have him completely outmatched. But I think its going to cause major problems if we just fought in the house or street. way too high of a chance of either the law getting involved or someone getting seriously injured. (concrete floors are bitch..) A referee,a padded floor,and some mouthguards should at least let us settle our differences with hopefully as minimal injury as possible.

    I’ll probably ask the gym I go to tomorrow if they allow this,but I am a bit curious what you think. I guess its at least a safer idea than letting brawl explode in the house.

    My relationship with this jackass is beyond repair at this point. If fighting will at least cause mutual silence,I would honestly be very much willing to get it over with.

    I don’t think the chances of this fight happening is particularly high,but I do have to consider it.

    1. I am not sure this is a good idea. I also have obnoxious people in my extended family, but instead of confronting them, just ignore them. You can certainly explain to them what the issue is but if you are dealing with a complete narcissist, it will not really help.

    2. I got a deviated septum from sparring. I’m not totally against two dudes beating the fuck out of each other until they no longer care about their differences, but yeah, probably not worth it. If anyone gets bonked on the nose, the odds of a deviated septum are high.

  2. Another Covid Award goes to 24 year old NFL player Damar Hamlin after he collapsed on the field from cardiac arrest last night following a tackle.

    1. It’s another win for science. I am subscribed to a Telegram channel on sudden and unexpected deaths, as reported in the media. A few months ago you could still follow it comfortable but there has been an incredible uptick in media reports in the last one to two months. If you don’t check the channel for two weeks or so, you’ll miss reports of hundreds of people just dying for no reason at all. It happens so often that you almost get numb to it.

    2. I haven’t really bothered to keep up with the Covid Awards lately personally, but when a young NFL player, where lots if people are watching, just faints of the field it’s hard for people not to notice. I’m sure it had to do with the astroturf, or something.

      In other news, JP’s groveling hasn’t wholly paid off for him as he is now sentenced to undergo “re-education” in other to maintain his license to practice psychology. Being addicted to drugs was fine, though. Where he fucked up was criticizing Trudeau among others.

    3. I am glad there is some entertainment to be had by Jordan Benzos Peterstein. If this guy is your shrink then God help you.

    1. I think that 3D printed guns are a very interesting topic. Of course, I would never endorse getting one yourself so that you can defend yourself against a tyrannical government that wants to force-vaxx you and thus, by extension, kill you.

  3. The case against Andrew Enlarged Pros Tate looks more and more manufactured each day!

    Now they are saying he had e thot accomplices!!!

    And don’t feminists tell us it is single men that are bad and a woman would never lure another woman to anything bad-sisterhood you misogynistic motherfuckers!

    And the idea that some e thot was making 55k a month and not getting any of it. Those e thots need there luxury shopping and manicures at the spa!!!

    1. women from eastern europe are very sexy, smart and beautiful, they have good genes but… they are cold.

      i stopped banging escorts from eastern europe, they have shitty attitude, i don’t like and fuck them. they are very cold and calculist, they are fake.

      I prefer escorts from brazil, portugal, argentina and colombia.

    2. “i stopped banging escorts from eastern europe, they have shitty attitude, i don’t like and fuck them. they are very cold and calculist, they are fake.

      I prefer escorts from brazil, portugal, argentina and colombia.”


      I can tell you the real red pill if you promise not to call me a fag!

      Bang some smoking hot Lady Boys and your work;d will forever be changed!

      Aaron, please let me write a guest post about this!!!

    3. P Ray, feel free to post a longer comment, and I’ll see if we can turn it into a separate post.

    4. I think the biggest problem with eastern European women is the accent. I know this is a purely subjective thing, but to me it really grates on my ears. I wouldn’t be able to stand it for any longer period of time.

      (Well-educated women from good families tend to speak with a minimal accent, and then they’re ok. 🙂 )

    5. @portugal

      My friend who bangs escorts says the same. All the Russian escorts are super cold and calculating like fuck. And he has the best experiences with latinas.

  4. Okay, Aaron, hear it goes…

    The Case for Lady Boys

    By P Ray Aka “The Most Interesting Man In the World”

    First, lets get a few obvious things out of the way. If you are looking for “the one” to father children then obviously this advice is not aimed for you. Second, many men such as Roosh V who claim they are in the triple digits as far as sex partners and have travelled to dodgy places such as Eastern Europe have probably had a sex adventure or three that they will deny. For example, they may have engaged in gay sex after many drinks (perhaps even while being detained in a prison cell) or they may have received oral sex from a Blair White individual (who probably gave them one of their best experiences.) They will endlessly claim how “het cis” they are and I have no motivation to call them gay. My motivation is merely to be honest with myself and pursue maximum pleasure with the least amount of pain. I will also advise that whilst one may develop warm and affectionate feelings towards a Lady Boy and may go clubbing and eat at restaurants, they should always keep “arms distance.” That means realizing that at the end of the day, this is a financial transaction. One can develop warm feelings towards a Lady Boy as they do towards a business associate. But once the relationship is no longer profitable, it is time to “cut them loose.” I know to some this may sound cold and mercenary but it is merely the way of the world. Once this is accepted, one can pursue maximum pleasure with the least amount of pain. Do understand that some pain is inevitable, that is a fact of being alive.

    Now onto a few points about the Lady Boy experience!!!

    1.) The oral sex is phenomenal. Something about having had similar equipment makes a Lady Boy 9 times out of 10 deliver better service than a woman merely going through the motions. I first experienced a tongue on my bum with a Lady Boy. Then I experienced a finger or two in my bum. My orgasms with women usually ended with my seed landing on my belly as I was laying on my back. But my orgasms were so strong with Lady Boys doing bum play that on more than one occasion I have shot so strongly that my seed has landed on my face. While embarrassing to admit, these were some of the most satisfying orgasms I ever had. And, Lady Boys are more likely to swallow than women for those who are into that!!!

    2.) Lady Boys know what the deal is! This is the most difficult to explain but possibly most important point. A man who visits a woman escort my think she actually likes him. She may provide what is known to punters as the Girl Friend Experience. He may be happy that he is screwing an “8” whilst his coworkers are settling for ones land whales or are incel. Things reach a critical mass when she offers him sex without a condom. If he thinks with the wrong head, he is headed into dangerous waters. I am sure many readers of this blog know of men whose lives was ruined by an escort or mistress. If he is lucky, she only extorts him for money to “make the problem go away.” If he is unlucky, she tries to pressure him into a marriage or paying for a bastard he doesn’t want. Women have leverage supported by the legal system to extract wealth from men. Lady Boys can’t get pregnant and so don’t hold the same power. They know that this is a financial transaction and when it no longer makes sense, it’s over.

    3.) This is possibly the most important point. While modern women reject femininity, Lady Boys embrace it. Modern women cover themselves in garish tattoos and think fat is beautiful. Modern women take some of the worst traits of men such as heavy drinking and wear it as a badge of honor. Ironically, while feminists demand that someone not born a woman is a woman, they also insult feminity. I have never gotten in an argument with a Lady Boy on what pronoun to use though I do address them by a feminine name. They are all to eager to embrace the feminine role that feminists demand is beneath woman born women! Just look at the immaculate hair and nails on most ladies boys. Look at the pride they take in their make up and their overall appearance. Feminists like Lindy West are telling women to eat more cupcakes while Lady Boys are trying to become the women they can never be. But while you are with them you can enjoy the fantasy.

    4.)Now, onto the most controversial point of this post. I have ben called gay on this very blog and I am sure that readers laugh at me as they read my posts. That’s okay. I am happy with whom I am. I am NOT gay as I am drawn to the femininity of Lady Boys. If I was gay, I would have sex with manly men but I find manly men gross. I vomit at the thought of kissing someone like Roosh V with an unkempt beard! Sexually orientation is a very personal thing, I admit, I may be bisexual. I would rather be true to myself and enjoy life than fit in someone else’s box and be miserable. As the LGBTQI+ acronym is ever expanding “het cis” men have an increasingly smaller pool of high quality women to get with. Not everyone can be as lucky as Aaron and find “that one Asian chick” who didn’t party whilst getting her education and also decided that staying fit was a virtue rather than jumping in with the fatty crowd. “Het Cis Straight” men will be increasingly demonized whilst also be less likely to find a quality mate. Those that can satisfy themselves without a woman-whether through sex dolls, porn, encounters with men or Lady Boys will be less frustrated and face less demonization that those who want to stay on the narrow path of “traditional masculinity.” More men who would’ve ben considered a “Chad” in the 1950’s would now be bitter and lonely men posting on incel forums in 2023. So for the men who can liberate themselves, this is one way. This won’t be an answer for every man reading this blog but for those who can, they should if you get my drift. As I said above, this is highly personal and as I would find kissing bearded Roosh gross, I understand that some here may have a natural revolution to sex with a Lady Boy even if they understand every point I have made on an intellectual level.

    (I know I mentioned Roosh V multiple times in this post. While I think he sold snake oil, I only used him as he is a prominent figure most hear would know. It is neither an endorsement nor condemnation. He is merely an example that serves my purposes well. )

    Thank You Aaron for your consideration and open mindedness on a subject that could be controversial in other places.


    This is scary. Pearl told an anecdote that a girl she knew in high school couldn’t get over a guy she used to date. During one party where Pearl was the witness, that girl went into the bathroom with that guy she obssessed with before her future fiance arrived.

    I felt a sense of disgust rising up in my body.

    There was an Asian German who liked me a lot back in college. Her friends created chances for us to talk to each other. Yet one night I saw her walking into a bathroom with a guy I knew, and that guy was immature as fuck, performing shadow-boxing in front of people to show off.

    I knew instantly that I should keep this Deutsche Fraulein out of my way, forever and ever.

  6. Nintendo is having a huge sale for the New Year, and even though most of their puzzle games have huge discounts TTGM sadly remains at full price. I went ahead and purchased Puyo Puyo Champions for $1.99USD and started referring to this lesson plan [] that you linked to a while back. I think I might actually try giving this game a chance a lot sooner than expected, and if it doesn’t click now it’ll be there when I’m ready. Couldn’t really pass up a couple bucks for a timeless game.

    1. This is a great price for PPC. There is an extensive tutorial in this game with over 200 problems to solve. This alone should make it worth the money. It it clicks, you’ll have a game you can play for decades.

      Did you see the latest video by Synthetic Man? He shows some dialogue of the new Saints Row game, which is by far the worst dialogue I have seen in any medium, without any exaggeration. The wokeness of the last Pokemon game also surprised me, with a female bodybuilder being a standard enemy, and other issues.

    2. Oh, so PPC does have an entire lesson course from beginner to expert. That’s pretty great. I bet it’d be very satisfying to get to a skill level where I can best another human at the game.

      After watching Synthetic Man’s video wrapping up the year of 2022 gaming, I’m convinced last year was one of the worst years ever. What’s startling about that Pokemon game, with all its wokeness, is that it made it into his top 5. After learning about Blackrock’s incentives for wokeness program, I’m 100% convinced The Witcher series is doomed. I have no expectations at all for anything CDPR puts out moving forward.

      On a more positive note, I’m pretty intrigued by the Signalis review he threw in at no. 2. That would be a neat game to pick up for a few bucks.

    3. PPC has skill-based matchmaking, so I don’t think it will take too long until you are able to win at least the occasional set, and soon entire matches.

    4. I’m definitely going to need a lot more practice and study as the CPU is straight up dominating me on medium mode.

    5. Aaron, it seems I may have vastly underestimated my ability to 1CC Caladrius Blaze in Evolution Mode (the longest version of the campaign). The problem is that after you 1CC the main story you unlock a secret mission and I was not prepared for it, so I ended up using 1 continue and a couple of lives. I’m certain I can 1CC the game in its entirety in the next run or so (on very easy mode). I don’t think this game is near as difficult as DDPR. In CB, you can always default to your shielded special weapon in dire circumstances instead of resorting to bombs, thus saving them for the more difficult boss phases within the level. Also, I can’t say how the game works on harder difficulties but your bombs seem to replenish after a death and after you begin a new level. One thing to consider with Evolution Mode, however, is that two of the extra missions are super simple and basically serve to give you quick access to power-ups early on. Yet, there is a pretty tough intermission level in the middle to get through as well, so that balances it out imo. You also get at least two one-ups throughout the play through that I counted. Where I mostly fucked up was losing two lives on the usual final boss (not the secret boss), but I can easily rectify that next time leaving me with plenty of resources to get through the secret mission with a 1CC.

    6. The question is what the community considers an 1CC in Caladrius Blaze. Games that have two loops normally only require clearing the first one for a 1CC, but with some games there is some ambiguity. For instance, in Sega Tetris, you are led to believe that the goal is to clear 300 lines, after which the credits roll. However, you then enter a “special round”, and can increase the line counter further throughout the credits. I would argue that reaching 300 lines is a clear, but you will surely find people who insist that a clear entails getting to the end of the credits. In this game, the high-score table does not provide any further information either whereas some games tell you whether you have achieved an “all clear”, “all”, “1-all”, “2-all” etc.

    7. I imagine there are some hardcore guys out there, and possibly even some posers, that say that only a 1CC on the hardest difficulty matters. I’m pretty happy with my progress, though. I just followed up my clear on CB with a run through DDPR. The latter is definitely significantly harder, I think.

    8. There are a lot of posers. What I found most amazing, when I first explored the shmup genre, is that the busiest posters on community forums were some of the weakest players. It was downright ridiculous. Those were also commonly the people with the strongest opinions. This might remind you of something. In the old seduction community, there were some virgins who told others that a lay only “counts” under certain conditions. Some faggot once tried telling me that none of my lays count because I am not following “Mystery Method” and skip past “required steps on the escalation ladder”. Oh, and there was also the bizarre position that it does not count if you don’t blow a load inside of her, for whatever reason. By this logic, their jerk-off sessions in front of their computer were bigger successes than you railing a chick, pulling the condom off, and shooting a load all over her back.

    9. “Some faggot once tried telling me that none of my lays count because I am not following “Mystery Method” and skip past “required steps on the escalation ladder”.”

      I remember discussing this here some years ago. According to the Mystery guidebook, any lay that occurred before some trivial number of hours was considered a “Fool’s Mate” or some retarded nonsense. To the virgins that subscribed to this philosophy and policed the forums, they’d consider you an incel or something because all those dozens of lays in the club that resulted in quick bathroom pull never actually counted. I can understand having some strict guidelines for an actual game, like a shmup, however getting laid isn’t exactly a preconditioned experience with strict rules and guidelines. It’s silly to treat it as such, like those “PUAs” often did early on. I remember very early on when I was first starting out, a few chicks basically grabbed and placed my dick in their pussy, so to speak. I barely had anything to do with it besides consenting to it. But I guess that doesn’t count because I didn’t approach at a 45 degree angle and ask her if she preferred ketchup or mustard on a hotdog etc.

  7. I’m into olive-skinned white women. My ultimate 10/10 is Caroline Munro. Seeing her step out of the motorboat in a bikini in The Spy Who Loved Me has stuck with me, since I saw it was 9 or 10 or so.

    Would I be able to find any hookers with that sort of look in South America? Elsewhere? Would there be women In Mediterranean European countries that would be DTF?

    1. Yes, there are many such women in South America. I’ve dated a few who ventured to European soil. These composite images from 2013 might give some indication of the average skin tone in different countries and aid you in your quest:
      It may be outdated for Northern Europe though, the average skintone probably darkened significantly here in years past.

      There are olive-skinned hookers in Latin America, Argentina is probably your best bet. Competitive pricing too if this price comparison map is still somewhat accurate:

    2. There is no indication on the website about what exchange rate they used for calculating this, but most likely official exchange rate. If so, the prices for Argentina should be about half of that, since exchanging on the black market gets you almost twice the official rate.

      I never used hookers yet, neither do I know anyone who currently is, so I have no idea about current prices. I looked briefly into a few sites, but I dont see any of them advertising their prices online anymore. If you want to check out: (this one has been around for ever, since I was a teenager) 🙂

      careful with the slang… if you see “traviesas” mentioned, these are trannies.

  8. Has someone seen the new the movie with Jason Statham Operation Fortune?

    The trailer seemed very interesting and action-packed, as if Jason Statham was playing the lead role, but unfortunately the film was a disappointment for me.
    The lead (at least who was the most visually striking and who kept popping up) was a 38 year old woman, Aubrey Plaza – never heard of her by the way.
    She replaced a man, was of course much more competent and better than him, was quick-witted and cheeky, kept control everywhere, the villain of course went for her….it was the usual what you can expect from women in film scenes by now. Unfortunately, the film is not worth the money.

    1. This is the latest movie by Guy Ritchie. I wrote some two articles on the previous one, Wrath of Man, the first of which is about the wokeness on display in it:
      It was probably to be expected that things would only get worse, given the current cultural trajectory. There is also an interesting aspect to your post: the social engineers need to hide their agenda because they know that their goals are not popular. Thus, this trailer misleadingly, if not fraudulently, portrays Statham as the lead instead of that strong, empowered woman. They know that the movie would make less money if they put that woman prominently on display in promotional materials.

  9. I just watched this video by this Zoomer “Black Piller” that was partially reacting to a Wheat Waffle video he was featured, yet the latter half of the video was actually pretty enlightening (ignore the cringe-y intro):

    He basically sums up the whole incel phenomenon as only really being the tip of the iceberg, a symptom of a much greater issue in which people probably won’t even care that much about their dating prospects in the near future because of how severely things are liable to decline. He says something along the lines of, “looksmaxxing is like trying to build a house in middle of city that’s actively burning down.”

    Personally, I can say that trying to hook up and date in 2022 was very frustrating. I’ve got most of my bases somewhat covered and I’m not going to improve that much more to where it would even matter short of winning the lottery. Also note that I work in varying environments in an industry that is dominated by women—I’m surrounded by them. The amount of women that will give you “hints” and “indicators of interest” but then go cold the moment you try to take them out for coffee or something happens almost 100% of the time. I’m not exactly cold approaching here or shooting in the dark, these are chicks that are flirting, touching and laughing at stupid jokes. About 10 years ago getting laid was multiple times easier, and I was broke and skinny. The point of the video, however, is that it’s not so much your fault as an individual and that it’s more so that civilization is collapsing.

    1. Among the single guys in their 20s I know in real life, dating is not really on their mind. As this guy says in the video, it is indeed a problem that the scales are heavily tipped against you. One guy I know does decently well for himself, and he told me that he does not have much of an interest in saving up money, beyond a nest egg for a few months, as buying real estate is completely out of reach for him. Thus, he sometimes just blows money on bullshit and he has also had a few months between jobs where he did not seem in a particular hurry to find a new one. He brought this up when I was chatting with him, and he has the impression that this attitude is pretty common among the crowd of “young professionals” he rolls with. Even ten years ago, I don’t think this was very common, and people in his position would have worked hard, spent some money, but also saved pretty aggressively so that they could get the money for a downpayment together.

    2. A chick I know was showing me a house she was interested in buying recently and demonstrated how the same house had gone up 5x in value since it first hit the market a little over a decade ago. I feel pretty sorry for gen Z and A honestly. Even gen Y was pretty fucked over (thinking about 2008).

      I’m not banking on this or anything but I assume this downturn in the economy is resulting in some kind of deeper recession. I think the next cycle will be when we experience a greater depression.

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