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44 thoughts on “Open Thread #263

  1. ZeroHedge posted a nice summary of the latest omnibus bill:
    Among others, it includes “$3.6 million for a Michelle Obama Trail in Georgia. ” Of course, Michelle Obama is known for her athleticism and her love for hiking, which is shared by many blacks, so I am sure that the money will be well spent and that nobody will remark that this will be the worst-named hiking trail in all of the US.

    1. 5k per scene. how do you want to compete against a webcam couple with an iPhone and a ring light? xDD

  2. Just a question to Sleazy,
    Did you write or implement a new algorithm that allows us to search for the keywords in the comment sections?

    It is very convenient now!

    Thank you and sorry for being incorrect in my usage of words, as I am not a programmer.

    1. Upon a suggestion in the comments, I looked at available plugs-ins for improved search, and installed the one that seemed most suited. I am glad that it seems to be working well.

  3. Kiwi Farms is still under attack. The site’s admin, Joshua C. Moon, probably is going to reach out to the media soon if complaints to the FCC and BEREC don’t help it. That creep Liz Fong Jones and his goons really want to have their dirt been taking off the web. They successfully pressure ISPs (like CenturyLink and Lumen, lately) into blackholing traffic to the Farms. Those sex pests are in the process of proving that it’s possible to remove any content from the web if you just cry hard enough. By the way, this case isn’t about “political correctness”. Those people who work against the Farms at the moment want to have material disappear that’s compromising regarding their own image. Let’s enjoy that little piece of free speech while we still can.

    1. What a coincidence that you left this comment today! Around the same time you posted it, I was not able to access Kiwi Farms, which lasted for a while. Now it works again. For anyone interested in the details, there is a post on “Total Retard War” on that forum which goes into the technical issues. Somehow it is always the trannies who want to take that site down. There was another attempt a couple of years ago where some tranny, an emulator developer who went by the name of “Byuu” and later “Near” first made the dishonest offer to give Josh his life savings in exchange for taking down the thread on him and after this failed, he faked his suicide, followed by trannies badgering ISPs, CDNs, and web hosts for days. It was totally ridiculous. I think one reason such attempts gain traction is that a lot of tech companies have been infiltrated by those people. The other day, for instance, I read about an activist customer service agent at a “neobank” who just shut down the account of someone they did not like. Well, Musk managed to turn Twitter around. Surely, other execs will notice this and realize that their pink-haired SJWs don’t really contribute all that much to the bottom line and that they may be better off without them.

    2. Yeah, Mr. Moon had his problems with banks and payment processors, too. During at least one of his merchandise runs, payments to his account were withheld, or something like that. This is one way for proofing that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero have a use case. Do you you think that one day you‘ll rely on Bitcoin, regarding donations, Aaron? As you certainly know, Paypal has gained notoriety since a longtime ago for locking up funds of clients.

    3. I have been using Bitcoin for a few years, and some people have sent me money this way. Also, unlike people like Josh Moon or Andrew Anglin, I do not make a living with this blog. This is a hobby project for me. PayPal surely is not the most trusted name in business.

    1. I myself listen to PrimeThanatos quite often while working, glad to see Sleazy shares this taste. Cyberpunk mixes are usually cool by me as well.

      I used to listen to AstralThrob in the past, but sometime about a year or two ago I felt it was losing its charm.

      Also, you may want to check out Art of Minimal Techno


    This is a very motivational video for those who are thrown by the side by women. It just shows how cruel they can be. They are even less than whores, as a prostitutes can still have some dignity. At least those sex workers are genuine about their job.

    I am a virgin so I have not been touched by these tumultuous emotions, but it must be excruciatingly painful for men. I suspect that had I been involved with some of those women who took an interest in me, I will end up feeling like them.

    Thank you Sleaze for exposing the most sordid aspects of females. We are saved by you from these ”contusionous” pains.

  5. Have any of you seen the comments that Thorneberg witch made about Andrew Tate’s small penis? How would she/zee/zir or whatever pronoun it demands to be called even know?

    Tate is a dumbass, apparently he got caught because his “low carbs” pizza was a local chain and they new exactly where he was.

    Alpha men don’t use twitter!!!

    But I just want too point out the double standard, you can’t make fun of Lindy Wests addiction to cheeseburgers because misogyny! But you can make fun of Andrew Tate’s little penis and everyone will laugh. Howabout Fatty Lindy West eat some vegetables for a change???

    1. I just read that the pizza-box story has been made up by a notorious liar. Also, the claim that he was caught trafficking underage girls turned out to have been made up. The new story is that he is wanted for money laundry. His problem was that he entered Romania in the first place.

    2. looks like the liar patrol is in full damage control mode:

      On another note, I just read that being fat is as dangerous for getting cancer as smoking. All those losers like Tate and that Captian Capitalism fool suck on cigars like its a penis they can’ get enough of. On the flip side losers like Matt Ferny and David Futrelle contribute to global warming by pumping out tonnes of methane with there farts. And I’m the one stuck paying hire taxes because these losers are smoking their cigars and eating there cheeseburgers!!!

    3. This story made the rounds a while ago. It seems that bad press about Jordan Benzos Peterson’s daughter gets suppressed. A few years ago the Daily Stormer ran some articles on her being a total slut and despicable human being for divorcing her husband whom she had a kid with, just so that she could jump on the cock carousel, thanks to the social contacts of her drug-addict father. This was a huge blow to Peterson’s reputation because not only did he not clean up his own room, he was not able to raise his children well either, with his daughter whoring hit up and his son, based on what I read, being basically a failure in life with a troubled employment history.

    1. Having a “small dick” as an insult seems to be quite recent. In the past, women accused men they did not like of being virgins or not having gotten laid in a long time. I think this is the supposed counterpart of a woman having small tits, which is a huge issue for them.

    2. “I think this is the supposed counterpart of a woman having small tits, which is a huge issue for them.”

      But Aaron, small knockers are easily fixed. In fact, it probably means a woman has a runners body and isn’t fat. Fat ladies often have great bazookas.

      A lady (or lady boy, beat ya too the punch) could get new bazookas for less than a trip a braod.

      Basically, a woman can leave the A Team much easier than a man can leave small penis land!!!

      I’ve tried Jelqing, vacuum pumps and tugging on ‘lil P Ray every time I have a fap session and I still only have 4 inches!!!

      PE surgery is dangerous and may not even be effective!

    1. The “Metaverse” is one of the most bizarre ideas in the history of business. Facebook/Meta has reportedly spent $36bn on it, and for what? The most expensive video games cost less than one percent of that, e.g. CyberPunk 2077, GTA V, etc. However, it is possible that this is a front for funding CIA projects, considering that it is well known that the CIA, via its venture capital subsidiary In-Q-Tel, heavily invested into Facebook from the very beginning. Thanks to Edward Snowden we also know that BigTech, including Facebook, share their data with the deep state.

    1. This must be the much vaunted vibrant diversity I keep hearing about! I have come across short clips on Twitter, showing really aggressive mobs that were firing rockets into crowds of people. It genuinely looked like a war zone.

    2. The person running this channel seems to endorse that kind of behavior. I watched a few of the videos, and they give a good impression of how bizarre Berlin is at times. In particular if you go out at night, you see a collection of weirdos that is pretty unique in Europe. You probably have to make it to the drug-infested corners of Los Angeles or Philadelphia to see something similar in the Western world.

    3. @Sleazy

      True, probably the same kind of “breed”. Those “people” and their Youtube- and TikTok Channels are spreading like a menace in Germany. Unfortunately. My brother was visiting Berlin on New Year’s eve and his conclusion was that it’s the craziest European town he ever witnessed. Without words.

    1. I think a lot had to go wrong for this 14-year-old to end up with plastic surgery. Was there no parental oversight at all? Also, as pointed out in the video, blame should also be put on the doctor. Well, it was not so long ago when doctors were mostly just quacks and not very highly regarded, if not actively avoided. Back then, doctors often made a lot of money by making unsubstantiated promises to the sick. It may or may not have been the case that a particular tribe was heavily overrepresented among doctors. In any case, medicine used to be a profession of scammers up until the 19th century. Only in the 19th century did this slowly change. We are apparently rolling back history. On that note, there is a female surgeon who specialized in cutting the tits of teen and pre-teen girls. It seem that she is Jewish.

  6. The YouTube algorithm recently chocked and accidentally recommended a video I might be interested in watching. It was by Better Bachelor who provided commentary on interviews with women on their expectations about men. It goes about as well as you can imagine:

    The source material is by yet another female grifter who targets men.

    The woman talking about wanting to live in a 3,000 square feet home and five acres of land cracked me up. You can bet that the material was selected to make the women look bad, but you have to admit that they made it an easy task with their statements.

  7. Guys, Fitness industry is a scam. Gym is a scam. Exercise is a scam. I stopped working out, when i stopped working out i lost all my muscle and i become skinny and more sexy, and magic started to happen, women started to notice me. You shouldn’t working out and exercise. You don’t believe in me, watch this video and think for yourself:

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If it’s him it’s at least nice to see that he’s more health conscious now, though he’s apparently still susceptible to influence from fake gurus and fringe self-proclaimed experts. Hopefully he has quit the booze as part of his new health-oriented approach!

    2. i’m from general looksmaximus telegram group and i like to watch whoremaxxer channel on YouTube.

      But i don’t support steroids and gym training and exercise like cardio at all.

      I support EscortMaxxing with real women.

      I’m 53 years old. I’m single Brazilian living in Portugal.

    3. We had a commenter a while back with a similar personality, and a serious alcohol problem.

    4. similar personality? like what?

      i don’t support alcohol, drugs, steroids, weight training, cardio, hiit and junkfood.

      for young guys out there, if you want to live a good life, without stress , just walk on the streets and have sex with a woman or escort.

      eat less calories and eat natural.

      life is short.

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