Testimonial: Getting Over the Ex-Girlfriend and Back Into the Action

Several months ago I did multiple consultation sessions with someone who was in a pretty good place in life, yet had some hang-ups about an ex-girlfriend. I saw someone with a lot of potential who was simply holding himself back. We worked on a few issues over the course of two or three months, and the other day he sent me an email, telling me about how he has been doing. This was a very well-written message, so I asked him if he was fine with me posting it on the blog. (He was.) His message is below.

Hey Aaron,

I finally got laid the other night like I used to (1 date, pretty hot, and didn’t take much work).

I put up some pics of myself on social media and on the dating apps of me with a pump during my workout. To my surprise my results have gone through the roof in terms of women that match with me. I think we sort of talked about this before, but I was in the beginning stages. I still had a lot more first dates not ending in sex or any kind of escalation than not, but I also realized that something else was going on.

Mainly, that I just wasn’t feeling the other chicks physically or perhaps even mentally. Likewise, they weren’t feeling me. On the dates that at least were somewhat successful (gray chicks that just weren’t easy right away) the chemistry was at least there and physical attraction was obvious on both sides. Still, even the other night I just flat out said in my head “act like you’re already together” and as I did that it was pretty easy to go back to her place. Granted, it really helps that I’m about 10-12% bodyfat and finally starting to show abs so I actually feel more confident (this also is happening at work and I notice that my bosses don’t try to bully me like they do my co-workers who aren’t in shape). I start making eye contact and talk with women at the gym more freely, but don’t really escalate unless I feel like it (honestly I’m too concerned with working out, but it makes for good practice of being comfortable with talking to hot chicks).

Even if I give the girl a compliment it comes off genuine and not sappy so they never cringe. Escalation wise as usual some may push off, but then you find out that they aren’t into whatever it is I’m trying to do. Either way, thanks again for helping me remember to focus on LOOKS above all else and find likeminded people. I’ve got a super hot dancer in the queue right now along with a hot sales chick that I banged the other night while her ex-bf was sending her texts that he hopes her and her friends are “okay” lol.

Do I still think about my ex? Yeah, but only in that I wish I could see her to show her what she can’t have and who does have me now since both chicks are in their 20s and blow her looks/body out of the water. I still do need to move the fuck out of here and line up new work, but at the very least I’ve finally climbed over that last hurdle to truly moving on. Thanks again for all of your help and encouragement.


5 thoughts on “Testimonial: Getting Over the Ex-Girlfriend and Back Into the Action

  1. That’s exciting! It makes me want to hit the gym. As an almost 30 year old virgin, I’m reducing my work hours this year to spend more time in the gym and focusing on getting good with girls. The regret of having not done this earlier in life is mounting and it’s high time I pull a Sleazy transformation. Wish me luck boys.

    1. Good luck! Keep in mind that unless you’re looking to save your virginity for your wife, you can afford a sex vacation to somewhere prostitution is legal (or ignored, so effectively legal, like in Vietnam) with a decent salary.

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