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Hot Babes are Making a Comeback in Vidya

The last few years in gaming were quite a disappointment. The last big game I was into was Dragon Quest XI, which I played in 2020 on the Switch. It probably helped that one of the main characters, Jade, is super sexy, which the game makes sure you notice by offering a side quest in which you can earn a bunny costume for her. There were a few other games with attractive women. Perhaps the most notable one is Nier: Automata (2017), which became a million-seller thanks to the exquisitely rendered buttocks of the main protagonist.

I could also mention a few more Japanese games with top-grade sluts, such as Oneechanbara Origin or the Atelier series, but those were not big releases in the West. The aforementioned Nier: Automata sold a surprising amount of copies, but this surely was a big surprise for the publisher as well. This was not a big release by any means, with relatively modest production values and overall pretty weak graphics. In terms of big releases, probably the last attractive woman we got was Lara in the Tomb Raider reboot (2013) on the PS3. For the “definitive edition” on the PS4 (2014), they already made her face less attractive, and in the sequel, she got a flabby ass. Since then, it seems we only got trannies and tomboys. Any big release of the last five years or so only has ugly women in it, with the worst offenders being The Last of Us, Part II and the two Horizon games with that horrific protagonist. One of the biggest graphical improvements of the second game in the latter series is that the developer gave that fugly chick peach fuzz because she clearly wasn’t unattractive enough yet.

Something seems to have changed in the vidya industry in recent years, though, as there are some big upcoming releases with top-notch sluts in them. None of these are Western-developed games, of course, but all those games can be expected to move a lot of copies in the West. First up is Resident Evil 4. It seems that your sidekick Ashley has to wear a jacket most of the time, but the screen capture below hints at an alternative outfit:

Leon just slipped Ashley a Mickey. In the next scene, he will have non-consensual sex with her.

The high-class hooker Ada Wong is in the game, too:

Ada Wong just saw Leon’s big package and is about to go down on it.

Despite vidya technology improving leaps and bounds over the last ten years, I don’t think we have seen a lot of female faces as good looking as this one. In fact, for a while Capcom themselves tried to outdo themselves in the ugly-chicks-in-vidya rankings, but I will spare you from reminding you of the horrendous women in Resident Evil VII. Present-day Capcom really is on a roll, though. Recently, they revealed some more characters of their upcoming game Street Fighter VI, and look at the bombshell Cammy:

If you don’t agree that Cammy is a 10/10, you are probably gay.

Capcom even sexualized her move set. This is a taunt, taken from a trailer:

Remember to stretch your back, guys!

You could almost believe that Capcom remembered who their audience is. Fighting games probably have a 98% male player base, and those are men with a competitive streak, not a bunch of faggots who don’t even lift. Cammy was designed for this audience. She is quite possibly the most attractive female character ever to grace a mainstream game. Seeing how botched many of the designs in Street Fighter V were, I did not have high hopes for the next game in this series. However, let us not ignore that Capcom put a ridiculous trans character in SF VI, too, as well as two “diverse” female fighters.

Then there is the biggest RPG release in years, Final Fantasy XVI. Game journalists are already hyperventilating because of the all-white cast. Surely they will not take kindly to seeing attractive women in this game either. This is one of the antagonists:

“Do you come here often?”

If troon-journos had their way, this character would be an obese bitch with botched tattoos on her face and a cleft palate for good measure. In this game, though, not even the female monsters look ugly:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The future is looking bright again. At least I can enjoy some escapism while my country is getting swarmed by hordes of doctors and engineers from Africa. Also, this means that the next fake-and-gay lockdown will be a lot more enjoyable than the last one, assuming that the CDC will not mandate that video game characters need to wear masks too, in order to set a positive example for society.

2 thoughts on “Hot Babes are Making a Comeback in Vidya

  1. Was I imagining Cammy’s abdominal before? Weird.

    In REmake 2, Ada and Claire eventually use their coat and their jacket to cover Leon and Sherry as the campaign progresses, thus essentially losing them. I imagine a similar thing is happening for Ashley in this gameplay. That screenshot appears to be late game footage, specifically the scene on the island where you use the operating machine to remove the parasite from the two of you. Also, you’ll remember that Leon is wearing a jacket in the early game of the original, but eventually loses it.

    On the topic of the article, I get the sense that the Japanese take a lot of pride in their work in general. Even if it’s the CEO who simply wants to see the best for his company, as well as for his wallet. It’s downright disgraceful that the left is trying so hard to uglify gaming, and I imagine the Japanese in the industry being overall offended by it.

    1. There are fight scenes in which Cammy’s abs are quite pronounced but this does not seem to be the look Capcom is going for in promotional materials.

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