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Chad-Only Experiences With Women

I received the following request:

From your personal experience with women, are there situations in which Chads will come across that Beta Males won’t and vice-versa? Do you come across perhaps five or eight common situations with women that are very common across the board?

First, there definitely is a difference in the kind of experiences a Chad has, compared to a beta male. In short, how well women treat you depends on your looks, and this applies to everything, not just sexual encounters. There is even ample evidence that women treat a handsome murderer better than an unattractive billionaire. Without the Internet, we would never have learned about guys like Jeremy Meeks and perhaps easily dismissed anybody claiming that women happily fuck thugs and murderers as long as they are attractive, but due to technological advances, we have learned more about female nature than we could have imagined. In the alternative scenario, there is no Internet, and a bunch of leftists in academia put out papers full of bullshit. Well, the latter part of the timeline is happening, but the impact of social scientists on popular culture has entered a nosedive as they are so out of touch with reality.

According to the lover/provider dichotomy, women want a Chad to fuck and have kids from, and some chump whose money they can spend. There is of course the rare instance of the Provider-Chad, but let is ignore this case as we can essentially view it as an extension of the baseline Chad scenario. For short-term mating interests, women put great emphasis on a man’s looks, and the hotter the guy, the more likely she is to signal her sexual availability. Chads get smiled at, have chicks hover around them, accidentally bump into them, or strike up conversations. All of this applies to somewhat more outgoing women only. In contrast, there are beta providers who know any of such behaviors only from movies.

There are also women who are a bit more timid. They may flick their hair in Chad’s presence or throw furtive glances at him. This means that Chad needs to show a bit more initiative, but he needs to contribute to the interaction with more outgoing women too. So, Chad will get many more openings, and will also be able to escalate a lot faster. This is perhaps more of a quantitative difference between Chads and betas, but there are also clear qualitative differences.

While betas can also talk to women and may even get laid every once in a while, there are interactions that happen to Chads which virtually never happen to a beta. This is primarily related to the aspect of sexual escalation, where women play a more active part. Consider the following:
– She brings up sexual topics in conversation.
– She grabs your crotch in public.
– She puts one hand down your pans and plays with your junk.
– She rubs her body against you, even in a socially inappropriate situation, including day-time encounters.
– She initiates sex in public, perhaps starting by her pulling your dick out and blowing you. (You can’t expect this to happen during the day, for obvious reasons.)
– She readily cheats on her partner with you.

The idea that a woman would walk up to some beta in a club, and put one hand down his pants is laughable. The same applies to the other examples. In fact, the idea that a woman would cheat on a beta with another beta is downright nonsensical. They cheat on their beta providers with Chad to get this seed, but if there is a better provider around they can get, they will want to monkeybranch to him, not get knocked up by him and have their beta at home unknowingly help raise the kids of another beta who has more money. You could probably write a decent enough comedy, with a touch of the absurd, on this, or at least a sketch, but it would have nothing to do with reality.

Betas do not just have fewer and less satisfying experiences with women, they miss out on entire categories of interactions. Sure, women fuck ugly betas for their money but they do not get wet for them. It is essentially a given that, for instance, Bill Gates’ or Mark Zuckerberg’s most enthusiastic fuck would be the lamest fuck Jeremy Meek ever had, and Meek’s actual lamest fuck most certainly performed at a level the former two guys cannot even imagine, not even with a HoloLens on or in the Metaverse. I do not think I am exaggerating at all. It is safe to assume that most Chads have been used by women to cheat on their beta providers with. Sometimes, those cheating whores speak in highly unflattering terms about their long-term boyfriends or husbands, along the lines of saying that it disgusts them when their guy touches them. You will also hear some rather creative justifications for their cheating, such as those women claiming that they need to sleep with other men to have some memories to distract them with in the rare situation where they feel compelled to have sex with their partner.

7 thoughts on “Chad-Only Experiences With Women

  1. “The idea that a woman would walk up to some beta in a club, and put one hand down his pants is laughable.”
    => Yeah, but, Sleaze, I’ve seen that happen in porn movies!! 😉

    1. Doesn’t happen that way in real life, LC. In real life it only happens to pizza delivery guys. 😉

  2. Aaron,
    “For short-term mating interests, women put great emphasis on a man’s looks, and the hotter the guy, the more likely she is to signal her sexual availability. “

    1. So, in other words, if you happened to be a woman’s type, she finds you attractive, she will make things easy, she will make it known and clear and will allow you to push things forward suggesting that she won’t have a time frame, and she will give it up quicker in the first few minutes or on first date of meeting you? Thus, women already know if they want to sleep with you from the start? Even a virtuous woman as well?

    “…women fuck ugly betas for their money but they do not get wet for them.”

    2. So, betas are the ones who are going to hear a woman say “I need more time”, “I need to get to know you”, and she will emphasize that she needs an emotional connection before sex, thus, she will make you jump through quite a few hoops until you get to take off her panties?

    1. 1) She will give it up quicker if she is available. Not all women readily sleep with any Chad who comes along, though, but even those know that they would like to.

      2) Yes, indeed. A beta needs to wine-and-dine her, and convince her that he is a good provider.

    2. Aaron,
      “She will give it up quicker if she is available.”

      What do you mean by “available”? I figured that if she’s attracted to you its a done deal, its just about setting a date and time.

    3. Not all women are cheaters. Thus, some women enjoy flirting with you but will have so much self-control that they will not end up in a situation where they will be alone with you because they know that they would fuck you. Likewise, you surely also passed up on a few perfectly fine opportunities to get laid, perhaps because you had an important project to finish at work that is relevant for a your upcoming promotion, or you are already banging a chick and just don’t have the energy to deal with another one right now.

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