Leftist Bullshit Reporting: Problems without Causes

Some of you may have heard that the Sweden Democrats (SD) got a stellar result at the last parliamentary election in Sweden. Unlike what the mainstream tells you, this party is what would have been called “centrist” about a decade ago or so. Today, on the other hand, every party that is not part of the radical left and fights windmills is automatically referred to as “far-right extremist”, which is also the label the Sweden Democrats get to enjoy.

My favorite leftist rag The Guardian had an article on the SD’s election success which was overall pretty stupid, but one paragraph was so colossally stupid that it deserves greater attention. Here is what they write:

The election has revealed Sweden to be a nation deeply ill at ease with immigration, with the SD able to exploit fears over violent crime. Voter concerns such as energy price rises, failing schools and long queues for healthcare were drowned out by a relentless focus on immigration and crime.

Well, bitch, the reason why schools are failing and there are long queues for healthcare (have fun waiting 6+ months to see a GP!) is because Sweden has been flooded with so incredibly many immigrants. There are hundreds of thousands of students from the third-world, sons and daughters of doctors and engineers no less, who are illiterate in their mother tongue. Of course they are going to have a hard time picking up Swedish, and they will have a hard enough time learning just to become borderline functional in society.

To a leftists fucktard, though, schools fail apparently for no reason at all, and the problem can be tackled without tackling the immigration problem, and the same applies to healthcare. The stupidity is beyond belief, and I really hope that people like David Crouch, the author of this Guardian piece, will get to enjoy the diversity they promote to the full.

One thought on “Leftist Bullshit Reporting: Problems without Causes

  1. Funny thing about the SD is that today they are actually probably more mainstream than they have ever been. Their economic policies are most closely aligned with the Social Democrats, though they end up with the right-wing bloc just for their views on immigration, even though most major parties now also have immigration-restrictive platforms. 😀

    Just over two decades ago the SD were much more hardcore: they wanted to introduce the death penalty in Sweden (an impossibility as the EU forbids it, but nonetheless), and wanted to repatriate most non-Nordic people. They even wanted to revoke the citizenship of those of them who had had it for less than 20 years, and send them back to their countries of origin.

    It was when the current leader took over and moderated the party that it started becoming what it is today, which is pretty milquetoast, except for some of its leaders randomly uttering anti-foreigner rhetoric every now and then.

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