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24 thoughts on “Open Thread #250

    1. On the topic of different standards… I saw a meme the other day, went something like this:

      **Young people dropping left and right from heart attacks**

      Us: Mmmm, what was their vaxx status?

      Them: you cant ask that! Its personal information.

      Us: Mmmm didn’t you mandate that waiters demand peoples vaxx status to enter restaurants?

      Basically… If they do it, then it’s for the greater good and not personal information. If we want to get some stats on the mysterious deaths… all of a sudden it becomes private info that must not be discussed.

  1. !!!


    numero uno –She ditched her SO on a date night to “go out with the gurls !!!

    number doise –She exchanged costumes (and perhaps bodily fluids) with a man who was not her SO. I wonder if they changed in the gender neutered changing room and maybe plaid doctor with each others dirty bits !!!

    numero trease –She dressed up “naughty” for a nite out that he wasn’t invited to but probably wears no make up and repeatedly asks “am I fat” and says “I have a headache” when he wants sexy time !!!

    Of course she got dumped !!! No red flags, any self respecting goy would do the same!!!

    Empowered feminist-Polyamory for moi-incel and pay my bills for though!!!

    1. the obesity epidemic really ruined women !!!

      I prefer lady boys because I love a slender and almost muscular body !!!

    1. Well, they have to account for the excess votes somehow. Perhaps those hitherto unknown four states can be used to house all illegal immigrants, too.

  2. Aaron,
    Have you been to Bern, Switzerland? Apparently, its a drug infested city where the government supports its drug users and provides them with needles. Is this common throughout Europe? Its sad to see a beautiful cities become ruins.. its not completely ruined.

    1. I have not been to Bern, but I know about the drug problems. This is even worse in Portugal, by the way. There are big regional differences regarding the legalization of drugs. In Berlin, for instance, such laws get ignored but in other parts of Germany you would get locked up if you get caught with an amount of cocaine, weed or meth that the government of the former would claim is only for casual use. Germany is currently working on fully legalizing weed, by the way. They want to make it legal to own up 20g.

    2. Well… I haven’t been to Bern, but my country ( Canada) says hold my beer. I am from Montreal but spent a year in Vancouver for work and I doubt Bern can be worse than Vancouver. Vancouver , specifically the area around East Hastings is literally hell on earth. There’s a documentary making the rounds right now called Vancouver is dying. Long story short, Vancouver in the mid 90s decriminalized hard drugs gave free needles ( and now free heroin) while simultaneously castrating the police.
      The results are absolutely catastrophic.

      If you don’t have time to watch the documentary simply google image: east hastings drugs vancouver

  3. I have been for a few hours and didn’t witness a drug infested city.

    Switzerland is special though. They are by far the richest country in Europe. Switzerland has also been the most conservative European country (the left has never gotten more than 30% of the vote).

    The cities are increasingly embracing the woke left. So far this hasn’t resulted in catastrophe though… because Switzerland’s richness and the country voting conservative still mitigates the stupidity of the cities.

    1. Only once urban decay has really set in will you see drug addicts roaming the streets like zombies. This is the case in LA, Philadelphia, and other cities in the US. As long as the social fabric still holds, the drug problem will be contained to certain areas, which are a normally out of sight for tourists.

  4. Aaron do you have an email where I can write you a guest post? I haven’t commented in awhile and I have some interesting thoughts and opinions I’d like to share with you and your readership.

    1. My email address is listed on my consultations page. Feel free to reach out anytime.

  5. The Callisto Protocol receives a ban in Japan as the developer refuses to cut any content for a regional version, believing it would hamper the intended experience too much. I feel compelled to buy the game just for sticking to their guns and not compromising.

    1. I don’t want to sound too cynical, in particular since I think that The Callisto Protocol seems really promising, but I cannot help but point out the numbers: This game is really not made for the Japanese market. The PS5 has been selling quite poorly, so sticking to their guns may only have cost them about one or two thousand copies in sales, which is probably a lot less than the equivalent of the goodwill in the West they generated this way.

    2. I miscomprehended what you wrote the first time. You’re saying that sacrificing their Japanese sales probably helps them in the long, if not then only barely hurts them. The publicity of a game being banned surely generates a lot of hype. I’m more looking forward to this game than anything like God of War, for example. I will probably still wait a couple weeks until my subs give me concrete assurance that it is solid. Otherwise, if it is only okay, then I’ll wait and catch it on sale after the retail has already dipped.

    3. Yes, this is precisely what I had in mind.

      Speaking of the new God of War: the game has been leaked already and YT is full of gameplay footage. Based on what I have seen so far, it does not look particularly exciting. The first bit I watched had Kratos talk for barely five seconds to address his lame sidekick as “boy”. This was tedious to listen to in the prequel already, so I am surprised Sony stuck to it, in particular since that boy is now a bit older.

    4. I have Devil May Cry V wishlisted, so that’s probably the next smash ‘em up style game I’ll look forward to whenever it goes on sale.

      I just watched an IGN review for Callisto where some (probably diversity hire) chick is complaining that the game was too haaaaaaaard. She basically states that the game was too ambiguous about needing to conserve resources early on, namely ammo, and that the game wants you to use the environment to dispatch enemies vs just strictly shooting at them. Before this, she claimed to be a Dead Space veteran, so how did she not know this going in? I wonder if she’s ever actually played a survival horror game on normal difficulty before. Everyone knows you’re supposed to conserve/horde shit, and use explosive barrels and traps etc. whenever possible. It’s precisely reviews like this that I ignore when deciding on a game. I much rather prefer some dude with say 10k subs to fill me in on the actual quality of a game.

    1. I read somewhere else, even though I have a hard time finding confirmation, that the attacker knew Mr. Nancy Pelosi and used to engage in sex and drug-fueled gay orgies with him. This is one of those stories that just sounds too good to be true, but it also seems completely plausible.

      EDIT: Here is a link:
      ZH also has a good summary of events online:

  6. Why shouldn’t unqualified public servants make six figures, bigots?
    Painting street signs is hard work, and so is edumacating da kidz. We ain’t payin’ dem teachers enuff respec, if you ask me. Demanding that teachers themselves can read or write, or that they teach kids the racist three Rs is a remnant of a bygone era, though. We went from teaching the three Rs to teaching the one true R (raycism!), and society is off all the better for it.

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