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Pickup and Having to Take Meds

I occasionally have clients who need to take meds at fixed times. As you can imagine, this is potentially disruptive as you need to plan your life around that. Diabetics who need to inject themselves with insulin tend to have bigger issues than people that only need to swallow some pills every day or a few times a day.

If this issue affects you, I would strongly recommend that you do not draw attention to you needing to take meds regularly. Some women will draw the wrong conclusions and think that you are genetically unfit to be their partner and father their children. In the long run, you will find it difficult to hide it, but you probably want to have that kind of conversation once she has made a sufficient mental investment in you as opposed to when she is still looking for potential warning signs to quickly dismiss you as a suitor.

If you need to take some meds once a day, it is preferable to do so outside of any interaction with women. Of course, some meds you may have to take multiple times a day. Pretending that you do not need to take those pills is probably not a good idea because she may just find your pillbox later and think you have been hiding something from her. Instead, have a cover story! Your best one is if you are in good shape, because you can then tell her that you are taking supplements. You can tell her this in any case, but this is a bit less believable if you are not in decent-enough shape.

Diabetics may not like to hear it, but your needing to shoot insulin multiple times a day will not be appealing to her at all. Most women will get second thoughts about you. Even if you eventually tell her that you need to shoot insulin, her tolerance for it will go down once she realizes how much of a constraint this is on your and, by extension, her life. I even know cases of guys who were in seemingly stable long-term relationships, but once they moved in with their girlfriend, some problems emerged and sometimes the relationship broke down very quickly. Of course, correlation is not causation, and there are also other factors why cohabitation may be detrimental to a relationship. Yet, her noticing how much you depend on your insulin may seriously turn her off.

Of course, I am not saying that if you need meds to survive then all women will be automatically turned off by you, but if you are pursuing hookups, you are certainly better off if you hide this dependency from her. In fact, I would also recommend not drawing attention to any health issue you may have in general. Note that this applies to your interactions with friends, or your job as well. You will not benefit from being perceived as weak.

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  1. In my case, I have a mild scoliosis and flat feet. I’ve found it better to disclose it as soon as it seems reasonable because those two conditions give me a, let’s say, peculiar walk. For stuff that’s not readily apparent, internal conditions, I agree that it’s not convenient to be too open.

    The fact that I had an umbilical hernia fixed when I was a little boy and have the risk of developing one again if I lift heavy weights without precautions usually comes up much later.

  2. I wonder how woman would rea t if you said it was viagra erection pills and you were just preparing for sexy time ? ! ? !

    Also so many woman these days are BPD narcissist that they are pooping everything from retains to depression meds to lies of cocaine !!! Some of these woman will be all, yeah, lets trade pills boi-yo !!!

    Get my drift?

    1. “No, not at all. However, I am beginning to find your posts entertaining.”

      Hercules, I hope you are laughing with me and not at me !!!

  3. If its feasible,you should try to eventually get your life ad health to the point where you don’t need to rely on meds anymore.

    I remember back when I was a freshman in college (I think I was 18-21 back then..) and after a checkup,I was prescribed Statins for my high cholesterol. I took it for awhile,before eventually deciding to just stop buying the stuff. Before that however,some of my family members expressed astonishment that I’d be prescribed these at my age.

    In hindsight,I think the Doctor’s prescription may not really have been the right solution. (eventually I would also find other such stories,such as when a relative of mine had to go through multiple docs until they found one that was able to actually cure her issue. I can’t believe we have quality control issues in this area…) I mean,I stopped taking those things almost a decade ago when they prescribed it to me and here I am,completely self-sufficient health-wise. (By that,I mean I don’t need to rely on medications,although my health isn’t perfect yet by any means)

    When I lost 50lbs a year ago,my readings got astronomically better. when I used to get high blood sugar (pre-diabetic) and/or cholesterol readings typically in the past,I actually ended up the 2nd healthiest family member (according to the readings) despite not even having finished my weight loss yet.

    I’m not gonna say its the right solution for anyone. You’d have to judge for yourself if its the right move for you,but I have read anecdotal stories from folks who used to rely on medication for diabetes get to the point where they don’t need to take them anymore after transforming their lifestyle to a much more healthy one.

    AlekNovy was right that just losing 50 or so lbs of fat often already improves your health even if your diet isn’t optimal. I wasn’t even exercising at all to lose that weight.

    1. A lot of doctors are much more concerned about prescribing meds than helping you. In particular, they like meds that you will have to take for the rest of your life, and require you to come in for frequent follow-ups. Medicine is, sadly, largely a racket. I would even go as far as claiming that doctors prey on the elderly.

    2. “Healthcare” is a business, and, while there are legit reasons for some people to take drugs, many doctors provide them to keep the patient coming back so they can bill the insurance company.

      One other thing to think about. Say their is surgery that has a 50% chance of helping you. Of course the surgeon is going to recommend you need the surgery, even though you may be better off without it.

    3. Just recently I encountered a genuinely scammy if not downright evil female doctor. As part of a routine check-up, I had my blood pressure measured. Now, consider that it was a pretty warm day and due to the elevator being blocked, I had to walk up the stairs to the third floor. She announced that my blood pressure was elevated and that I should start taking medication for it, ideally starting today. My bullshit detector went off the charts, but I just played along and asked her, with a poker face, about there being any alternatives, such as meditation or frequent workouts, and was told that all of this does not work, only meds do. By the way, my blood pressure is completely normal, in fact I have a mild case of hypotension, but obviously it will be elevated after physical exercise, and briskly walking up the stairs on a summer day certainly fulfills this criterion.

      With regards to trust in medicine, I am at a point where my initial assumption, just like with mainstream media, is that I am being lied to. So far, this rule of thumb has served me very well. On the other hand, I have friends and acquaintances whose immune system is shot thanks to the vaxx, with one having developed eczemas on their hands, and I know of others whose sick days have multiplied, and not because they are faking it.

      Vaccines must be where the money is in general, not just with regards to the vaxx. I recently accompanied my wife to the doctor who wanted to push some garbage on her. When I told the doctor, “Oh, this is interesting. We will look into this and read some studies”, she, i.e. the doctor, abruptly shut up about it. I could not help but think of Goebbels’ odious and completely inaccurate description of Jews who recoil when they realize that they “have been found out”.

    4. Aaron, are you serious? That is messed up. I had a similar situation: I was busy with something, so I left for the doctor’s last minute. I had to really hustle to make it, so of course my pulse was through the roof. She measured it, and was like “Oh, that’s very high. Did you run here?” I said yeah, and she just told me to rest for a while, and that I could lie down if I wanted to, so she could take my pulse when it was back to resting rate.

      Most vaccines are actually quite low-profit, especially for the doctors. The pharmaceutical companies generally make a lot of money from drugs when they are new and under patent, but after that the massive profits shrink considerably. Doctors generally don’t share in drug profits at all.

    5. Your argument about vaccinations not being a big money maker was one I wanted to make a post about because the other day I just came across it. Here is why it is nonsensical: Big Pharma makes billions off vaccinations if they get governments to mandate or recommend them. We are talking about potentially billions of people. This is very easy, recurring profit. A variation of your argument is that Big Pharma makes a lot more of the chronically ill (I came across this claim in a government publication), but somehow it was not mentioned that the latter is a much smaller group. The most humorous variant is that Big Pharma would make more money of treating people who got a chronic disease as a consequence of not taking some bullshit vaxx. It is implied that Big Pharma therefore does not act in its best interest when it pushed for mass vaxxing.

    6. I agree wholeheartedly with the above; however, I would like to inject another aspect.

      Doctors, are, to an extent, enabled by the population.

      An example in my case. I have CHRONIC allergies. Year-round daily post nasal drip and congestion. It is very debilitating.

      I took allergy shots. They did not fix it.

      I prioritized getting a 10-hour block of sleep (I usually will use 8-9 hours of it), and quitting marijuana, alcohol, carbs, dairy, all processed foods/drinks, and all vegetables on the nightshades list. Then, the allergies went away.

      I think doctors provide a fantasy that people can stick to their bad habits. A lot of people would rather take allergy shots for a few years than give up the above.

      A lot of people would rather take a pill than quit smoking.

      Typing this is causing me to want to distance myself from my alcoholic friends. Hardly any of them ever express interest in changing. Best not to hold out for anyone older than 30 to change much.

  4. This is a bit trite, but serious question: why is anyone bothering with trying to pick up women in 2022? Especially when you have to jump through hoops like pretending to not take meds that are a part of your life. I get trying to find a wife, but if you just want casual hookups, aren’t legal escorts in many countries an arguably better use of time and money?

    1. Exactly. If I lived in a country with a catalog website where you can pick escorts as if you’re picking a pizza from Dominos, I can’t imagine why everyone wouldn’t be doing this.

      That’s not available in my part of the world, but I’m really jealous of guys who have this. There are countries where super hot chicks are one text message away at way less than the price of a fancy dinner.

    2. >if you just want casual hookups, aren’t legal escorts in many countries an arguably better use of time and money?

      Like Alek already explained,its an issue of legality.

      Part of me wonders if universal legalisation of Sex Work will stop a lot of men from Simping. Because truth be told,I think Simping has a lot to do with a whole lot of bad and spoiled behaviour from women.

    3. I believe it is mostly women lobbying to keep prostitution illegal, as it would crater the value of the only thing they have to offer.

    4. Yes, for the man looking for casual sex escorts are a better deal. For guys looking to get casual sex at bars/nightclubs, the vast majority of nights are disappointment as they (we) go home without a woman. Also, regardless of what you hear online, most girls (especially those in high demand) do not want casual sex (though some do); they want sex in the context of relationship.

  5. Alek I thought you lived ine eastern europe. Aren’t there plenty of brothels in that part of the world, even if it’s a train ride away?

    1. Yes, but it involves spending an entire day. It’s not just the train ride itself. It’s waiting for the train, the delays, there might be delays at the border… It’s not the same thing as being in your own city and it feeling like ordering pizza from dominos.

      I feel like if I waste an entire day just to lay an escort, that’s not much different than wasting time pursuing free sex. While the time with the escort is 2 hours let’s say, if you add it all up, plus any possible delays, I don’t think you’d able to get anything else done in the day. No pussy is worth sacrificing an entire work day.

  6. Aaron,
    “Some women will draw the wrong conclusions and think that you are genetically unfit to be their partner and father their children.”

    I’ve often heard from relationship experts claim that couples should talk about any pre-existing medical conditions that runs in their family before having any children. The last thing any parent wants is a child who’s genetically inferior. Realistically, are women likely to disclose any health issues that runs in their family, or do women typically hide any medical conditions that runs in the family hoping their newborn won’t be a genetic defect?

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