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25 thoughts on “Open Thread #240

  1. I am almost done with Irving’s Hitler’s War and the War Path. It is probably not much of a surprise that the Allies used the same bullshit back then than they still do. Here is a quote: “Allied propaganda had claimed in 1914 that German troops marching into Belgium had cut off babies’ hands and hung the children upside down in church bells as clappers.)” Such propaganda must target IQ70 morons as it does not make any sense, in any way, i.e. physically, logistically, or practically. This is from the same people who brought you walls of eyes, masturbation machines, soaps and lampshades, toppled incubators, gas attacks on civilians, WMDs, 9/11, man-made climate change, and the safe and effective vaxx. No wonder that the elites are working so hard on shutting down dissent because such idiotic stories only get traction if you have near-total control of the media.

    1. Yes, the quotation refers to 1914. It is on p. 754 of the book. As WWII is an extension of WWI, it should not surprise you that WWI events are also brought up when discussing the former.

    2. Hahaha, yeah, it does refer to 1914. Must have been tired when I wrote that. 😀 Sorry, my bad.

  2. How do you deal with hair loss? When I had a head of full hair, my subpar height never stopped me from attracting at least some pretty women. I’ve become invisible to women since my balding progressed to Norwood 4…

    Not sure how to deal with this.

    1. Get a hair transplant. Guys spend thousands of dollars to get new clothes, cars, etc. to look better. I notice that when I have a bad haircut even, and I am not even bald, women are far less attracted to me.

    2. Go see a doctor. Preferably someone who’s an expert on the topic – going to your GP for hair loss can be a bit hit and miss.

      They can tell you the best way to proceed. Oftentimes it can be stopped and reversed without needing to resort to more aggressive treatments like transplants, at least if it’s not started too late. 🙂

    3. Oh, and I should probably add that dermatologists (“skin doctors”) are those who are specialized in hair. 🙂

    4. Yeah, I am already on Big 3 (Finasteride, Minoxidil, Ketoconazole) and other stuff. I will consider a hair transplant.

      I was the prettyboy archetype (rather short (5’9), delicate physique). In combination with my once great hair I was quite good looking. I got always hit on by homosexuals and got signals from women.

      Loosing hair as a prettyboy is devastating, because you cannot roid-maxx / copy “The Rock”.

    5. Ah, that sucks, Gerd. 🙁

      Have you seen a real dermatologist, or is it a GP? If it’s a GP, try a dermatologist. They usually know a lot more about it.

      If they can’t help you, a transplant is probably the way to go.

    1. I used to “spam” this website on here a ton like a decade ago. Well not “here/here”, that was back when Aaron’s blog was hosted on blogspot. But yes, it is better than 99.9% of dating advice for guys.

    2. Alek, I remember you from 10 years or so ago on Aarons old blog. The only thing missing from that flirt guide is the necessity of getting physical with a woman, fast, I would say, as soon as she is receptive.

      Some of the inner game stuff really does help, like positive self-affirmations. It does for me anyways.

    3. Thank you for sharing that link Shawn. I had that saved sometime in the past but lost it. I’ll save it. I’d be more comfortable sharing this link with dudes I know who need help IRL over Aaron’s stuff. Lets not forget how bluepilled the average dude is and I think they would digest this information better. At least initially.


      I believe you also recommended a book called “The Flirting Bible” (Even has pictures to go along to demonstrate examples) as another mainstream reading alternative.

      Oh yeah…if anybody is interested,I have the Archive link to the old SeductionMyth website:

      Learning that “Looks and Beauty are not the same thing” might have well been the most insightful lesson I learned from you folks. I’ve talked about how in the past,I temporarily got fooled by the PUA community as well because I was fat and didn’t look anything close to a “pretty-boy” yet somehow women were beginning to pay attention to me. I thought it all had to do with me *Being Aloof*. Realising the above explained everything for me. I do indeed have the caveman thug look. Heck,I remember my first year of college where I made 2 casual friends who eventually admitted to me that when they first laid eyes on me,they thought I was a troublemaker. haha.

      That being said though,its true though that when you’re not immediately hitting on women and they feel some level of attraction to you,it drives them nuts. It doesn’t validate the theory of “Game ” though. It does make me wonder why that is though. I think I’ve read someone say in the past that the real version of what we call “game” is simply being a challenge to women. Too many folks (this applies to both men and women) out there will compromise on their quality of life/morals/integrity for the sake of being with someone attractive.

      I’ve read a few anecdotes for example of dudes who didn’t want to have kids,having them anyway for the sake of keeping their wife. (which more often than not,end up in flames anyway…) What a good way to flush your life down the toilet…

  3. Some guys trained in “PUA,” upon entering bar, hit on as many girls as possible. Bad move! Women are watching and your value is diminished after each blow out. I used to be the guy who went around hitting on all the girls, and not only is it humiliating, it is not fun and has a low return on investment. (Dating and picking up women is a long, frustrating experience for 99% of men. Most women don’t want to date or have sex with you. )

    Once entering a bar, the key is to look about and read women’s body signals to see which ones, if any, are interested in you. If a woman is interested in you, she will let you know, most likely via body language, or sometimes she will strike up a conversation. Typically the best thing is to be in a high traffic area of the bar and be with a male friend, and scan the room, looking to see if women are looking at you in a flirty way. Open those girls. Or they will let you know they are interested in more obvious ways such as initiating conversation. In the opening stages of flirting, women are the “choosers.” When going to the bar alone, I just sit at the bar usually. Bars are already mostly filled with guys, and most of the girls there came their with their boyfriends, or just want to have fun with their female friends and aren’t looking for a guy.

    It is easy for nearly all women to get sex, hard for them to get commitment. Courtship is equally hard for them, but in different ways. It is important to remember that.

  4. This happened a couple of weeks ago, but it’s good.

    Some of you may recall this creature:

    She made a name for herself back in January 2022 when she devoted a chunk of air time on G4TV attempting to call out “sexist” criticism based on her looks. It was actually more to do with the fact that half the time she didn’t know fuck all about whatever game she was reviewing – but this point was moot when she revealed in her rant that her reviews are mostly the work of scriptwriters.

    Recently there were a few layoffs at G4. This was the level of sympathy Frosk had for her fallen comrades:

    After that, justice was finally served. Frosk has been given the boot:

    Sad that it took nearly a year, heart warming nonetheless.

  5. Tom MacDonald spills the beans on how the media industry is colluding to downplay his commercial success, going as far as to manipulate the data they collect. These minority-owned companies even selectively refuse to count certain sales:

    1. I would not be surprised as she has done that before. Let me just wildly speculate: I think that Mikhaila Peterson benefitted tremendously from her father’s rise to fame, which she must have realized quickly. Thus, it could very well be that she has been egging him on to remain in the limelight, putting him past his breaking point. She also told some bizarre stories about how Jordan Peterson was so drugged up that no Western doctor could help him but then she found some Russian specialists who had meds in their cabinet Jordan Peterson was not yet addicted to. Could Jordan Peterson be some kind of puppet of Mikhaila? He speaks very highly of her (what father would not be proud of being the father of a single mom who is into serial dating?), and he also thinks that it is “funny” that he married a strong, empowered woman after she was ready to settle down, like a run-of-the-mill blue-pilled cuck who gets put on a leash by their wife and children.

  6. Alek, I remember you from 10 years or so ago on Aarons old blog. The only thing missing from that flirt guide is the necessity of getting physical with a woman, fast, I would say, as soon as she is receptive.

    Some of the inner game stuff really does help, like positive self-affirmations. It does for me anyways.

  7. Has anyone seen this video? It is a far more realistic depiction of male-female interactions in the bar scene than anything I have seen on YouTube.

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