How the Ukraine can Win the War

With great bafflement have I been noticing that Western mainstream media, on the one hand, tell me how badly Russia is losing, but on the other, the war just does not seem to end, which just does not make any sense. Then there was this inexplicable annexation of various regions in the Eastern Ukraine, which nobody saw coming. Voter turnout was far higher than any of our democratic elections, but it was still a sham referendum. Anyway, this surely is some kind of glitch in the matrix but it highlights that the Ukraine needs to win a little bit harder. I subsequently thought about their predicament, and below I will present a plan that allows the Ukraine to win 100%. Wait, you do not believe me, you say? I will wait, and you will eat crow!

What all Western and Israeli military strategists miss is that Russia is not just as incompetent on the battlefield as they say. There is also the obvious issue that Russia is sabotaging itself. It seems that these two aspects have hitherto never been considered at the same time, leading the Western allies to fight a war with too much material and manpower. However, efficiency is the order of the day! We have Ukrainian farmers removing tanks from the battle field, the Ghost of Kyiiiv downing a one plane after another, and the Ukrainian reserves are so powerful that there are octogenarians who are able to shoot down ultra-modern Russian fighter jets with a WW1 rifle. The Ukraine has really mastered their offense.

What gets very little attention from military commentators, when analyzing the big picture, is that Russia is hellbent on sabotaging itself. They shell a Ukrainian nuclear power plant after taking control of it, blow up their own POW camps, and even destroy their own multi-billion pipelines. Taking this inexplicable drive of Russia to harm itself, the Ukraine clearly only needs to sit back and let Russia destroy itself, similar to how the Chinese are looking at the US’s self-destruction with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment.

Obviously, if your enemy happily and eagerly blows up its own infrastructure you do not need to send your own men into the meat grinder. Instead send them somewhere else to enjoy themselves! A vacation in Israel would be an excellent option. Have them sun on the dream-like beaches of Tel Aviv, bask in the architectural glory of Haifa, or volunteer in a local NGO advocating for open borders for Israel. Afterwards, those Ukrainian soldiers will be refreshed and rejuvenated so that they can walk straight into Moscow and put down Putler. It will be a breeze. The Ukraine really needs to stop trying to hard. It is just like in pickup: if you are too eager, women sense that you are desperate and their vajayjay dries up. Similarly, the Ukraine wants to win so hard that they are losing. They need to take it easy and just let the Russians trip over himself, just like Chad just lets women come to him. This Zelenskyiyjyieeyy bro really needs to learn to chill. He needs to act like a Chad, not like some incel, desperately begging the West to send him ever more billions and weapons, which is all for naught.

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