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Shunning the Light Like Cockroaches

The most recent scoop of Project Veritas is getting a marxists teacher at an ultra-expensive private school on camera who boasts about how she brainwashes children, and complains about entitled, rich, white boys who dare to contradict her. This is one of the most important videos I have recently seen. Have a look yourself:

The moment she learns that she was not, in fact, flirting with some ultra-Chad who pretended to be a fellow traveller but was instead set up by Project Veritas, she panics and leaves the cafe. She looks extremely uncomfortable. Probably insinuating that whites should be murdered by someone like Dexter is a bit too edgy to be said in public, and she knows it.

The reason this video really valuable is because it reveals that those subversive leftists know very well that they are engaging in highly unethical if not downright illegal activities and that they are scum. They only feel safe when they can operate in the darkness. This is also why a lot of professors and high school teachers opposed teaching kids online during the plandemic as this would have exposed that they use valuable teaching time for indoctrinating children. They only feel comfortable when they can operate in the shadows.

Beware of those who are afraid of the light! Those people are only comfortable when they control the stage. This is why you find them in high schools and universities, places where they managed to suppress all criticism, or on the Internet, where they have the support of BigTech. You almost wonder if they would turn to dust if they had to engage in open, public debate with their ideological enemies.

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