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Sanna Marin and the Issue of Elite Control of Female Politicians

It seems that in modern Western democracies, the standard process for elite control of male politicians is based on sexual coercion. In the past, closeted sodomites were ideal politicians because sexual attraction centered around the anuses of other men was not a predilection that society was ready to embrace. Some other, and more pedestrian, schemes were based around honeytraps in the form of young, attractive women that were tasked with seducing older, established politicians. Once the evidence was collected, it could be used by the real powers that be to get any uppity head of government back in line.

The continuing corruption of societal morals led to a bit of a problem, however, because people just cared increasingly less about politicians having affairs or being sodomites. Joe Normie may be a bit dumb, but even his credulity is stretched well past the breaking point if he is told that sexual escapades by some politician are a problem when society has pushed “sexual liberation” for decades, his daughter has had ten boyfriends last year alone, and his son is a faggot. Thus, some envelope-pushing is in order, which came in the form of the Mossad’s global child-sex operation, the one that was fronted by Jeffrey Epstein. it seems that part of the initiation into lower-level elite ranks involved having sex with minors on camera, and perhaps some involvement in satanic practices, as captured footage of a gathering at Bohemian Grove seems to indicate.

A degenerate puppet like Bill Clinton probably does not need much coercion when asked to have sex with a minor on camera. He was a happy frequent flyer on Epstein’s Lolita Express, after all. Yet, I wonder what the elites would do if they wanted people to be nominally in charge who are even easier to control than men in their 30s or 40s. Well, they could run a fraudulent election and put Alzheimer Joe Brandon in charge, but this test run has shown that people expect a bit more of their leaders. Thus, there is probably a perceived need for putting more women in charge.

According to science, women are desperately afraid of going against mainstream opinion, so you only need to tell them that the science about open borders, climate change, and sex-change operations is settled, and they may just go along with it. Yet, this implies that control of female politicians is too weak as the perceived opinion of the crowd has too much sway over them. There may be times where mainstream opinions need to be shifted radically, and the worst would be some woman who still thinks that only black lives matter even though the current top issue for the elites is the war in the Ukraine. Also, you cannot plausibly get women to have sex with 12-year-old boys. Sodomites find this demographic sexually attractive and readily go for it, but women in the prime-WEF puppet age will not get wet when looking at a prepubescent boy.

If the sexual revolution psy-op and the concomitant degeneracy in society taught us anything, then it is that women seem to really love to party, have sex with a lot of random guys, and take drugs. Thus, this is the new avenue of elite control of female politicians. Quite recently a video showing Finnish PM Sanna Marin partying with a bunch of coke heads made the rounds, to which she responded by agreeing to do a drug test, and surely there is absolutely no way that someone else’s pee will be used instead of hers if she is too coked-up.

When the scandal surrounding Sanna Marin broke, my first thought was that it is quite likely that there are more videos of her, locked up on someone’s hard drive. Well, someone has to do all the leaking, and it is a bit strange that the recent video got leaked at a politically rather difficult time, considering that the Ukraine is about to take over Russia. Oh, wait, I just happened to write down what I heard on mainstream TV. Of course, the issue is that Russia is bitch-slapping the West.

To my surprise, it did not take long for another video of Sanna Marin to appear in which some Chad gets her wet, and the fact that she is married and a mother seems to not bother her in the slightest. You can even see her wedding ring prominently in the video, so you really wonder if this was some kind of set up. There are some weak defenses online by mainstream retards about her “having the right to party”, pretending that she is not cheating on her husband and also that she is just a common slut who also happens to, ostensibly, run a country, but supposedly defending a slut is the main issue here for Reddit.

Sanna Marin is having a hard time dealing with the fallout of those recent video leaks. Gee, I really wonder who leaked them and why, and why this story was not just shut down by the mainstream, like the still ongoing farmers’ protest in the Netherlands. It is clearly inconceivable that the men behind the curtain want her out, or comply better with the directions she is given. In case Sanna Marin does not play along, we may see further leaks. This leads to the equivalent of wrecking a male politician’s career with links to satanic rituals or the sexual abuse of children. Conveniently, some child porn gets discovered on some people’s hard drives, if they are seen as problematic, but if you are Hunter Biden, you can collect all the child porn you want.

As we have seen in those videos, Sanna Marin quite likes dancing intimately with random guys, and apparently she cannot get enough male attention. Well, surely it is not much of a stretch to assume that there are also as-of-yet unreleased videos of her and other puppets that show them in highly compromising situations, something like this:

Sanna Marin after an encounter with multiple handsome young men.

Oh, wait, this is her with a bunch of white (how racist!) cotton candy in her mouth, and not a huge load of cum. On a more serious note, all it takes to sink her is send a few Chads into a club. She will hook up with at least one of them, and then you just need to record her as she is gobbling down some cock or gets railed. For extra points, make her joke about the holocaust or spout something else that is not politically correct. If you think this is nonsensical, then you should spend some time around chicks who are drunk and horny. If you bang a chick really well and tell her to address you as “mein Führer“, plenty of them will go a long right away, at least as long as your cock is in her. When she is deep-throating you, ask her how she likes this huge, white, Aryan cock of yours, and there will not be any protests either.

We can probably look forward to some more lulz involving female politicians. At the current stage of Western civilization, revelations about top politicians being involved in crimes and felonies does not even seem to matter much anymore. Nobody cared about the videos that were found on Epstein’s pedo island, for instance, because this is not about getting to the bottom of anything. Scandals are simply used as a means of control, and why should the elites waste any of their material? Yet, there is a clear acceleration of the ongoing collapse, and I hope that this whole house of cards will come crashing down sooner rather than later, so I am all for Sanna Marin slutting it up, and Joe Brandon making a total fool out of himself.

7 thoughts on “Sanna Marin and the Issue of Elite Control of Female Politicians

  1. Who do we rate as the crappies of those WEF girlies currently in charge?
    a) Annalena Baerbock (GER)
    b) Sanna Marin (FIN)
    c) Jacinda Ardern (NZ, aka. “New Xi-Land”)

    a) is just crap, she really looks, koves AND talks like a cow from Westfalia (“Bauerntrampel”).
    c) is already too old, look at her square masculine facial features. Ugh…
    That leaves us with option b). All I know is that if the ФСБ for whatever reason were to contact me in order to get some racy kompromat on lovely Sanna, yes, I would do it.
    Or for my Tschörman compadres: “Wat für ‘ne geile Decksau! Isch’ däd se’ knalle. Denn dumm fickt gut!”

  2. Aaron,
    Do these politicians have anti-game that they need to use their political position and coercion to get some slut to bang them?

    Slightly off topic but related, but would you say that Queen Isabella of Spain was a puppet during her time? She’s regarded as a great queen for unifying Spain and sponsoring Christopher Columbus expedition into the New World. I doubt that she must have been really smart and have the foresight to think long-term.

    1. Funnily enough I once saw an interview with an ‘elite’ escort who said that politicians are the least favourite clients for most of the girls. They much more prefer athletes and businessmen.

    2. Well those “elite” whores are still women after all. And if they could choose to make U$D 20,000 a night by spending time with a flabby politician or a trained and toned athlete or a businessman (who could also increase her range of “business contacts”)… just have a wild guess whom they are more inclined to choose…

    3. You may give politicians too much credit. Those are, for the most part, people who would be unable to make a decent living elsewhere, so jerking off the power brokers in exchange for crumbs from the high table is their best bet. They then use this little bit of power they yield to bang a few women, but I do not think that this is very common. Most of them are better off paying hookers.

      I do not know much about Spanish history, but my default assumption is that any female queen is only fronting for the group that holds the real power. It is the same when there is a monarch who is a child or teenager, or an imbecile (think Joe Brandon, just in a monarchy).

    4. Didn’t have Queen Isabella a husband? Wasn’t he running the show? I mean, El Cid also wasn’t a woman and the Moores didn’t leave Spaim due to the lethal force of constant nagging done by Spanish womyn…

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