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36 thoughts on “Open Thread #232

  1. I found this archived study from earlier this month done on Thai adolescents and vaxx complications related to the cardiovascular system:

    “The most common cardiovascular effects were tachycardia (7.64%), shortness of breath (6.64%), palpitation (4.32%), chest pain (4.32%), and hypertension (3.99%). Seven participants (2.33%) exhibited at least one elevated cardiac biomarker or positive lab assessments. Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis.”

    The end of the study seems to downplay the effects, claiming that all cases of pericarditis subsided within 14 days, therefore simply monitor patients closely. Yet, no mention of possible longterm and irreversible heart issues.

    This godforsaken vaccine completely uprooted me.

    1. This is an interesting find. Be that as it may, we have to constantly remind ourselves that if those people had not gotten vaxxed, they would surely have caught a really bad case of Covid and may even have died of it and, clearly, some alleged shortness of breath does not even matter if the alternative outcome is death, or something along those lines. Is this right, Uber?

      It is interesting that you mention the verb “to uproot” as this is supposed evidence for Hitler wanting to exterminate the Jews. When the National Socialists spoke of “ausrotten” (literally “uproot”), they meant that they wanted to move the Jews somewhere else, first Madagaskar, and later into an Eastern province of the envisioned Great German Empire. The mainstream, however, claims that the National Socialists did not actually mean what they said, and instead used this word as code, and later on you had “academics” crawl out of their cave telling the German public that “ausrotten” always meant exterminating someone or something.

    2. That sounds rather compassionate, and I wasn’t aware that they had once planned to relocate the Juden to a segregated block within Germany. I assume the Ashkenazi’s would be allowed to practice their traditions and trade with the rest of Europe freely and unharmed, without the luxury of holding office within government or having tranny clinics where the Germans frequented. I believe it was in the early 30s when the Jews throughout the broader West declared war of Germany, and thus the wheels began turning.

    3. The plan was to get the Jews out of Germany. They were supposed to be relocated to the Eastern provinces, and I am not sure how many interactions with Germans or Germany this Jewish enclave was supposed to have. On that note, some National Socialists were ardent supporters of zionism, which is not at all surprising as this movements was one both Jews and National Socialists could get behind. The problem, though, was that a lot of Jews did not really want to leave Germany as they had rather cushy positions that were in absolutely no case reached due to ethnic nepotism.

      There is a well-known article from the 1930s called “A Nazi travels to Palestine” (original: Ein Nazi reist nach Palästina), which was a proper scientific excursion, and there is an infamous commemorative coin that was issued in support of it that has the Swastika on one side, and the star of David on the other. The existence of this coin is a real thorn in the side for the mainstream, which is pushing the idea that all National Socialist and all Germans were raving lunatics who wanted to slaughter all Jews in the streets, or something along those lines. This is the “collective madness hypothesis”, more appropriately it should be called a doctrine, which was shoved down my throat for years in middle and high school because, somehow, a surprising number of topics in history was related to the years 1933 to 1945.

    4. I’m struggling to understand how you can be a Nationalist and support Zionism at the same time, but I don’t doubt that this was the case. This is the first I am hearing of this, however, I had heard that there was a sort of marriage between traditionalists and futurists within the Nazi movement as a way to achieve mutual aims.

    5. Support for zionism was not a mainstream support in the National Socialist party, based on what I have read. Also, I think that this was simply a pragmatic approach, i.e. the Jews wanted their own state, and some National Socialist leaders thought that there must be a good play in there somewhere. Most certainly, the goals was not to ship off Jews to Israel, let them keep their German passports and positions of power, and shower them with billions of Reichsmark year after year in addition to fighting their wars in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

  2. The other day I came across a big poster advertising the new Disney+ TV show She-Hulk. This made me chuckle. As it turned out, this will likely be a bigger train wreck than what the title of the show seems to imply. The Critical Drinker has a rant on it:
    In short, She-Hulk is a Mary Sue that does everything better than Hulk.

    1. Well after the precedent set with the cancellation of Bat Girl, we could see She-Hulk disappear down the Disney memory hole.

      I see Thorias Unlimited has a review of it up . I loved his work on the abysmal Batwoman series, the one starring Ruby Rose, who quit after the first season due to injuring herself on set. Cautionary tale for any women who take the fictional Mary Sue movement to heart.

    2. I did not know about this incident, but it is not surprising. A lot of women seem to believe the garbage the mainstream feeds them. Some even think they are as strong as any man, and others have no concept of wild animals being dangerous. Oh, and then there are those who go on hiking trips in Morocco, thinking they are invincible.

    1. I hate to correct you, but you forgot to provide the complete phrase: “according reliable and respectable mainstream sources”

    2. True, but we should not forget to point out their unbiased journalists and the countless subject-matter experts in their employ, without which the mainstream could not do such impeccable work and inform us about what is really going on in the world.

    3. A couple days ago a large marathon took place here in Buenos Aires. And sure enough, a young female athlete with several years of marathon training collapsed. She was sort of dead for 22 minutes of cardiac massage until they revived her.

      Seems to happen an awful lot these days, almost every marathon seems to have one of these cases

  3. The new Saints Row game is out. I watched the end of ACG’s review, and the most positive statement he makes is that some people may pick up the game simply because there are not many other AAA/AA releases coming out:
    I am not sure I fully get where he is coming from. After all, is it not the most appealing power fantasy to move a pink-haired gender-fluid avatar, together with xir tranny friends, around a completely nondescript game world?

    1. The new Sonic Frontiers game had a pretty terrible gameplay trailer a little while back, and Sega recently announced the game is slated for a November release. The problem with the trailer is it looked really cut and paste with lots of missing animations, so I somehow get the sense that it’s going to be half baked. It doesn’t really even look like a Sonic game anyway. Triple A gaming is really hit or miss anymore it seems, but at least Japanese gaming companies are still aware that gamers want to look at attractive characters.

  4. Report on another PUA Scam Artist sack of shit:
    This report is on Chase Amante (real name unknown), Hector Castillo, and his related ilk.

    Chase Fagmante, the redhaired yuppie and his butt buddy the ugly spic toad Hector Fagtillo are a couple of scam artists who like to look for weak people (socially retarded young men who are autistic and live with mama) and feed them a line of bullshit in exchange for thousands of dollars. They spend this cash and get the same excrement “advice” that they could find on PUA websites for free, within 5 minutes of searching google. That’s how PUA scams work.

    Fagmante’s employees and associates include “Gunwitch” real name Allen Reyes. A degenerate sack of trailer trash who also pretends to be some big expert. Google his name and you’ll see that he’s only an expert in drinking, snorting cocaine, and shooting people. Who on earth would be retarded enough to give that idiot their money? I wonder.

    Another associate is Jarrett Kuhny, aka Jay, who is another alcoholic/drug addict. This fuck used to be a crook at a used car lot and now he figures he can put his manipulation tactics to use by funneling retarded vulnerable young men into his MLM scam (RSD and “Girls Chase” both operate MLM con games). He also likes to lurk around on PUA forums, using phony accounts to pretend to be a “satisfied customer” of RSD, as a way of manipulating those young chumps into thinking RSD is a great thing to buy into. And it’s neither here nor there, but Kunty also used to be a homeless junkie. He got fired from that used car lot for drug abuse and then started turning to street prostitution, until he learned that he could scam suckers in the PUA industry. But he’s too mentally acute to be able to become a “PUA coach” himself so he just serves as an errand girl for PUA scammers like Fagmante. He does MLM sales for fagmante.

    So that’s two sacks of degenerate white trash who work for Chase Fagmante. Never trust a longhaired faggot.

    There’s also Alek Rolstad, aka Teevster, who is a write for Chase Fagmante’s gay ass blog site. This degenerate sack of liberal french shit, recommends newbies to go to gay bars where they will be sexually assaulted by sodomites. Rolstad openly is bisexual so, that’s yet another degenerate sack of filth employed by Fagmante.

    Fagtillo, obviously is another fraud/scam artist fuck looking for dummies to manipulate. He charges $700 an hour for “coaching” – which we all know amounts to little more than repeating lines out of PUA manuals that are found online for 100 times less the price.
    Unfortunately there’s a sucker born every minute so these scumfucks will always have a steady stream of ill-gotten income.

    My intention is just to let as many people know. Even if it’s impossible to warn everyone about this garbage, at least I’ll open the eyes of those who come across this blog. Thank you. May every scam artist die of AIDS.

    1. Teevster/TVA_Oslo is legit. What makes him associate with those other joke artists is beyond my comprehension. Does he intend to turn his personal prowess with women into a business? Who knows…

  5. Can anyone explain the logic behind third wheeling or fifth wheeling for that matter?Often times I see a woman out with a girlfriend of hers and her boyfriend and resistant to any guy that tries to talk to her. Why does the couple tolerate this tagalong anyway? Are these women worth going for or are they lost causes who lack the gumption that their partnered girlfriend has to improve their personal appearance or social skills? Also, what is the ideal number of women in a group to approach? I’ve had luck with pairs or trios but beyond that girlfriends tend to get protective for no reason.

    1. If a chick has chosen you and you don’t run anti-game and with basic social intelligence have her female BFFs accept you or even somewhat like you, they will not sabotage your lay. You just might have to endure some more stupid female blather and collective decision-making, until you can successfully bounce and get it on. So it’s just an issue of passing a bit more time.

      For instamce, a few years ago I once had the pleasure of meeting a hot girl one late afternoon in a restaurant, where she had been along with three other female BFFs of hers. Apparently she was the only real single girl of the group, but I didn’t know that back then. They all somewhat accepted my presence and below the table I made it very clear to the target girl, of what nature my carnal interest in her was really like. The other girls pretended not bother or not notice that. As it so happened for the evening we would go to the movies and watch a new hilarious comedy that just got released and was all the rage in Germany (for those in the know, it was the very first “Fack ju Göthe” movie by Bora Dağtekin).
      We all sat in the same row next to each other and with my hottie I sat to the left end of the row. 10 minutes in after the movie had started I began making my horny moves, we kissed, I fondled her big juggs, she massaged my dick through my pants etc. So we had a really good time. The other girls surely noticed this but again, pretended not to bother and also didn’t say anything about it afterwards, so they let me push it through as I desired to. But I conscioulsy didn’t go all the way like e.g. having her blow me right there or bouncing to the toilet to get it on.
      After the show we just chatted a bit outaide the theatre, but then went our different ways. Since I had taken her mobile number, I quickly texted her, met her 5 minutes later inside her car and there we finally got to business. I also visited her the next weekend to at her place 50 km away to fuck her. But nothing further materialized from those encounters.
      I guess those girls had ok’ed her encounter with me in the hope for her to finally find a steady BF and/or just to get some decent shag after apparently a dry spell of hers. They could have easlily sabotaged me ag any point of that interaction. Of course I didn’t hand them any big arguments to proactively shoot me down in the first place.

    2. In those situations, the guy is often just the accessory. He drives the girls, pays for their bills, and otherwise just warms a chair. You can try going for those chicks. Some even readily ditch the guy they are with, or to disappear with you for half an hour or so.

      I discuss the problem of approaching groups as well as group sizes in my book Club Game.

  6. My lovely girl Sanna Marin is driving me crazy. She’s exactly the kind of stupid, vapid, but masty and slutty kind of woman I love to bang! But I’m living so far away and won’t get to FIN that soon.

    I mean she’s partying with topless thots insideof taxpayer-funded summer estates. That’s perfectly up my alley! Look at this:

    And then she’s apologizing with tearful eyes, moving me with her account of difficult week she’s been having and vowing to better herself, even doing the Dalai-Lama-hand gesture while glancing downwards in heartfelt remorse:

    “I am human,” Sanna Marin said as she fought to hold back tears at her Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) event in Lahti city, north of Helsinki. “And I too sometimes long for joy, light and fun amidst these dark clouds.”

    This is the ***perfect*** slut for me – is she deliberately torturing and teasing me?

    1. The most recent leak regarding those two sluts kissing at a “private party” of Sanna Marin corroborates my hypothesis that this is a proper campaign that aims to get her back in line, or out of a job. There is surely a lot more material waiting to be released, and Lucretius Carus may at some point even be able to watch Sanna Marin blow random dudes on some porn sites. (I would be surprised if such clubs do not exist because coked-up whores are not known for sexual restraint.)

    2. … I’m most definitely looking forward to the “coming attractions” to be released about my supersweet girl Sanna… 😉

  7. That article on the front page of Zero Hedge is startling. European leaders are basically saying, “plz don’t be mad, guys, but we need to sacrifice things i.e. freeze to death to fight for tranny story time hour.”

    I get the sense that they were programming Europeans for this, because I just remembered an info ad a couple of years back I saw on a forum featuring an old German lady in a power outage fashioning some makeshift close proximity heating device. Then, there’s a knock on the door and a chick with a long nose and a muzzie man come in and they huddle together on the living room couch—all smiles.

    Also, this might look like a massive fucking disaster, and of course it actually is. However, I was watching a Richard Dolan breakdown on the state of Ukraine, and it’s his opinion that the US makes out on this one as they’re positioning themselves to become Europe’s sole energy supplier.

    1. Certainly Germany will lose ang economic competitiveness when being permanently cut off from less expensive and reliable Russian energy and commodities, in favour of ZOG controlled much more expensive LNG and the like…

      The losing position grannyfucker Macron, bankfrauding Scholz, children’s book autor Habck und imbecile Baerbock are now finding themselves in is not devoid of irony: The very USP of Western societies used to be their sense of individual freedom and material consumism, i.e. hedonism, which in most recent decades also gave birth to massive amounts of decadence and immorality. But for those, who were keen on all of this, this is what made life in “the West” so worthwhile. With grannyfucker Macron and others now changing the tune and announcing “Look, you now need to give up your individual hedonistic liberties and even your degeneracy to stabilize and save the system” they are simply taking away that big USP, and not giving back anything in return except austerity and suffering. And since most Western societies are basically nihilist and consumist, there are no more transcendental values left for which to suffer for. There is no overarching narrative available any more which could create meaning and purpose for such a distressing outlook.
      This is why I do not believe that eventually the Western elites will be successfull in getting a substantial part of their population to buy into their plans – because they have nothing to offer and their underlings have nothing to really believe in. The elites could thus only really hope to resort fo the use of force, but who knows if they could actually pull this off…

    2. Germany is in the mid of committing economic suicide. Today I read somewhere that the economic damage of the “sanctions” on Russia have been estimated to amount to about 200 million euros. To be clear, that is the damage Germany inflicted on itself. Regarding your comment on the US supplying energy to Europe, this is not entirely convincing as LNG costs too much to transport. It would also be quite hypocritical to buy LNG from the US, given the large amount of oil the tankers need to consume for the transport, but this would not really bother European politicians.

    3. That article on the front page of Zero Hedge is startling. European leaders are basically saying, “plz don’t be mad, guys, but we need to sacrifice things i.e. freeze to death to fight for tranny story time hour.”

      Link or title? Couldn’t find it.

    4. The ZH article I was referencing:

      “On Wednesday we reported that that both EU policy Chief Josep Borrell warned that “wary” EU populations would have to endure deep economic pain and a severe energy crunch – while calling on the citizenry to “bear the consequences” with continued resolve.”

      “The same day, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo went much further – suggesting that “the next 5 to 10 winters will be difficult.”

      (Macron transcript): “This overview that I’m giving, the end of abundance, the end of insouciance, the end of assumptions – it’s ultimately a tipping point that we are going through that can lead our citizens to feel a lot of anxiety. Faced with this, we have a duty, duties, the first of which is to speak frankly and clearly without doom-mongering,” Macron continued, adding that France, Europe and the world had possibly been too “insouciant” about threats to democracy and human rights – while warning of the “rise of illiberal regimes and strengthening of authoritarian regimes.”

      “During a commemoration ceremony for the allied invasion of Provence in 1944, Macron warned that this autumn and winter would be a difficult one – with the risk of energy shortages and high prices due to Russia’s war on Ukraine – which he referred to as “the price to pay for freedom.”

    5. That very last bit gets me, the whole “price to be paid for freedom” bit. Who does he think he is fooling at this point? I mean, I’m sure the NPCs take it at face value, but if anything the regular white productive people are losing more and more freedoms as the months and years roll by. So, you have to convince these same people to keep sacrificing to maintain floods of stubborn migrants, pride parades, and to the mandatory undergoing of medical experimentation etc. It’s just ridiculous to me.

    6. @Lucretius Carus

      “The elites could thus only really hope to resort fo the use of force, but who knows if they could actually pull this off…”

      I don’t see any reason for them not to if it comes down to it. These aren’t exactly the type of people to admit fault and back down. If push comes to shove I imagine they would double down once more.

    7. I made a transcript of the Dolan podcast I was referencing for clarity.

      “…could this possibly be by design in some manner, or is this just a complete screw up (regarding the botched Western response to the “Destruction of Ukraine”)? And I guess I would say it’s a little bit of column A, and a little bit of column B. So, in some manner this is by design. First of all, Europe’s energy misery will to some extent translate to American profits. It’s…and that’s in the sale of Natural Gas. America cannot even come close to matching the cheap and readily available Russian natural gas production and delivery—they cannot even come close to that. But America can ship LNG…in fact America is already doing that it greater amounts than ever before, and in fact I think American just recently supplanted Russia as…in its export volume in gas to Europe. So, that is something that America has wanted to do. America has been wanting to Remove Russia economically out of Europe for as long as I can remember. And the biggest problem that they’ve always had is Russian NG and Europe’s clear dependency on Russian oil and NG for its energy needs.”

      “…America has never ever liked this arrangement. Absolutely never. So, they have been trying to find a way to get Russia out, and this obviously—that has succeeded. …In that sense you could say America has won its geopolitical goal there. Now, Europe is the one that is going to suffer, because Europe does not have the capability currently to take on significantly more LNG shipments than it can already handle. …you have to have ports. You have to have facilities to handle the volume of deliveries, and Europe, as far as I’ve been able to find out, they are maxed out. Maybe within five years they’ll have more of a capability, but right now, not really. But hey, the Americans have pushed out the Russians out of Europe’s NG market and stepped in to take their place. So, that’s a win for USA, right? Yes (laughs) it is a win for the US…”

      “You have to ask yourself: Is America’s leadership that cold blooded, that Machiavellian, that they would push Russia into a war on that basis? And…the LNG angle is definitely one thing that the American’s are clearly interested in, and I definitely believe that USA policy makers were all too happy to sacrifice the Ukrainian people if it meant a way to hamper and weaken Russian power, and maybe destabilize Putin’s regime or government in Russia, which I think Americans…thought they could do. So, they were willing to sacrifice Ukrainian lives without a doubt. …I mean just one week before the Russian invasion you had Kamala Harris in Ukraine talking about bringing Ukraine into NATO membership. I mean, they just couldn’t stop pushing Russia’s buttons here. So, I think what they did was profoundly miscalculated Russia’s determination and willingness to fight…”
      (goes on to elaborate how the USA botched the conflict in Ukraine)

  8. @ Pickernanny: That is exactly what I meant to say. “The price to be paid for freedom” means in plain language: The “freedom” we once granted you (which btw. wasn’t not freedom at all, but instead blatant slavery towards one’s own passion as a supreme form of control!) and which lead to you buying into the system we will now have to take away for the system to continue to exist. So you are being left with no more hedonistic enjoyment, but with a system that does and will fuck you up. All of this is bojnd to happen, absolutely inevitable with mathematical certainty modeled by computers – and we will provide you with NO transcendent (“higher”) reason for this to make it somewhat bearable. And you cannot find one either because the stupifying school system taught you precisely that: That there is nothing at all out there in this cold universe of meaningless space and meaningless time, except meaningless matter. And I would say that final realization (which is of the same quality as the revealation of 1984’s O’Brian towards Winston in Room 101) is the hardest one to hit John Q. Public, because devoid of making any meaning man is bound to “whither away” from the inside.

    About the possible use of force and coerxion: To really do that you need to have man of steel at the helm and heading the executive organs. You need people of massive balls, fierce resolve and hnwavering conviction, i.e. belief in “something higher”. The occult cryptocracy has allcthose features, but not their emasculated, whoke GloboHomo underlings. To execute this agenda forcefully you need a caliber of people like Lenin, Stalin, Berija and Trozkij (!) in particular. As despicable as these men were, they were also extraordinary. Just take a look at Trozkij’s life, that man was a genius! A demonic genius, yes, but a totally effective organizer, enthusiastically inspiring people, highly educated and (!) capable to deliver, talking his talk but also equally walking the walk. None of the current Western “leaders” can even come close to people of that format. Their very own wokeness has emasculated them permanently. They will only shit in their pants once the SHTF scenario arrives.

    1. I really like the point you made in your first paragraph. I’m drawing a blank here trying to think of that leader who stepped down pretty recently when a sizable riot demanded it. Somehow I get the sense that we won’t get it as easy.

    2. Wasn’t the leader of Sri Lanka replaced by some WEF puppet? This might explain why this transition of power turned out to be a lot more peaceful than it at first seemed. The Sri Lankan playbook also reminds me an awful lot of what is going on in Europe at the moment as it started with woke politics that led to a food shortage. Meanwhile, we have the Dutch government shutting down farms to save the climate, and the EU sanctioning Russia by committing economic suicide.

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