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White Christian WASPs are to Blame!

A while ago I watched an interview Edward Dutton did with Ilana Mercer. The conversation was supposed to be about the future of the USA, based on her experience living in South Africa. As it turned out, Ilana Mercer is a Jew, and I do not even know why I just mentioned this. In any case, she repeatedly points out that the problem is not any supposed involvement of Jews in social engineering, at all, but instead we need to blame “white, woke Christian WASPs” for the cultural rot of society. This is a rather interesting angle. It was also a bit odd that she did not mention the many Jewish advisors Nelson Mandela had, but she did point out that there are some Jews that have conservative if not right-wing positions. Consequently, it is would not be correct to ascribe to Jews some kind of left-leaning political bias.

You probably do not want to listen to the entire interview, which is about 90 minutes long. Interestingly, the first upload of it disappeared, probably because the comments were rather blunt. Dutton re-uploaded the video later, and when I realized that I wondered whether he removed what I considered the most harmful part of it. Of course, I can understand that he does not want his guests to incriminate themselves. To my surprise, that part is still in there, but perhaps he took out some other parts which he considered worse. Anyway, jump to 1:34:17 where one of the viewers asks if Ilona Mercer, who pretends to be right-wing all throughout this interview, as opposed to those insufferable white, woke Christian WASPs, would support a limitation of the number of Jews in positions of power in order to shift the country away from the extreme left. Up to this point, she had put on an act of being calm and collected but her response to this suggestion was a harsh, “fuck off!” Make of that what you will.

This episode made me chuckle because the behavior Ilana Mercer displays is straight out of the descriptions of Jewish behavior given by Goebbels. I wish that Jews like Ilana Mercer would not act in a way that promotes anti-semitic stereotypes about opportunistic behavior as this does neither her nor her tribe any favors, and her blaming whites for their own replacement in the US, similar to the fellow-whites meme, is rather harmful, too. Ilana Mercer should be able to provide a good analysis of the root cause of the problems South Africa has to deal with, but blaming white Christians is probably not helpful, and, arguably, it is not a defensible position either. I wish she would have shed some light on the role of Jews in the development of South Africa as well, but I can understand why she would be disinclined to do so.

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  1. It may be worth pointing out that there is no need to specify WASPs as white and Christian. The W in WASP stands for white, and the P for protestant. Of course, protestants are a subset of Christians, which means that it is incorrect to call WASPs Christians as there are Christians who are not protestants. I wonder why Ilana Mercer made such big mistakes, given her sky-high verbal IQ. It was probably an innocuous slip-up, which has nothing to do with wanting to frame the discussion in a particular way.

    1. I’d guess her pleonasmic slip points to an apparently deep-seated antipathy towards that stubborn demographic, that just won’t freely to the self-destructive degeneracy she and her ilk have been promoting.
      Some say such deep-seated hatred could also be observed with emigrés of a certain tribe and their offspring in particular (i.e. Victoria Nuland or Madleleine Albright née Kerbel) from the territories of former Czarist Russia and towards the Russians and other Slavs. I also don’t know why I am mentioning this at all. Must be the effects of anthropogenic climate change, I guess.

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