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Sexual Attraction and the Drive to Reproduce

A while ago I rewatched James Cameron’s True Lies. It is generally considered one of his weakest movies, if not the weakest one. The criticism is not unwarranted as the plot is pretty nonsensical, the narration long-winded, Schwarzenegger’s acting comical, and the humor and slapstick often fall flat. Nonetheless, it is not a bad movie. Cameron’s worst is still better than the best of your run-of-the-mill Hollywood director.

One of the supposedly humorous lines in True Lies reveals a deep truth about human sexuality which you will never find acknowledged in the mainstream. For context, the main protagonist, Schwarzenegger’s character, dances a raunchy tango with arguably the most attractive woman in the movie early on. Here is the scene:

At the end, you hear one of the agents who is monitoring this situation tell the main protagonist to “ditch the bitch”. Shortly afterwards, which is not captured in the clip above, he muses that the main character only needed to “spend two minutes with her and she is ready to have his babies”. This was supposed to be a joke, but it is not.

Imagine putting a line like this into a mainstream movie in the current year!

Of course, the natural consequence of sexual attraction is procreation. This applies to all women, but it depends on both their availability and their ability to control their impulses how long it will take them to get there. A woman with incredibly poor impulse control may make out with you in a nightclub the moment she sees you. You notice that she seems really into you, so you pull her in and shove your tongue down her throat. As you are naturally curious, you stick a finger up her vajayjay only to notice that she is dripping wet. Sometimes, such women bend over for you in a bathroom stall within five to ten minutes. This is not an exaggeration.

Compared to women who are ready to fuck you right away, those who require a bit more effort to have a one-night-stand with almost seem prudish in comparison as a couple of hours is a large multiple of just a few minutes. Obviously, these women also have poor impulse control. They see a guy they want to fuck, get horny, and if the guy does not put on too much anti-game, she will happily take his big load. She will not insist on using a condom as she is running on auto-pilot and executing an atavistic biological program.

Women with poor impulse control are indeed willing to have your babies the moment they see you, and the same is true for every other hunk they come across. It is simply a matter of who gets in there first. This reminds me of a single mother I once met. The chick was just 19 years old and from looking at her, dressed or naked, you would not have been able to tell that she has had a child already. I was quite surprised that she had a kid so I asked her how this came about. She laughed and said, “How do you think this came about?” She was not a particularly smart woman and probably spent very little time on self-reflection. Yet, this answer is all you need to know. There is no need for extensive elaborations as this would not reflect her thought processes nor her lived reality very well. She just bumped into a guy she fancied, got horny, and fucked him. Her body was most certainly ready for it within a minute or two or meeting that guy, and surely plenty of others since then.

5 thoughts on “Sexual Attraction and the Drive to Reproduce

  1. >Women with poor impulse control are indeed willing to have your babies the moment they see you

    I understand wanting to fuck,but I frankly cannot understand women like this. (I know you’re telling the truth Aaron,because I have met women like this.) Is it really that hard to take Plan B? You’re willing to ruin your whole life and future prospects for a single night of pleasure that you can prevent just by remembering to take a simple fucking pill the next morning?

    I don’t understand it at all. I’m seeing a lot of single moms among my past schoolmates,and its likely from the phenomenon you speak of.

    1. I think this lack of planning stems from the fact that female sexual desire is not as constant as men’s. It only gets activated during ovulation period. She might not even be interested in men most of the time, except as providers if they are rich or have status, but when ovulation happens she suddenly feels a strong urge to get fucked and acts impulsively.

      This might sound weird because women do have sex even when not ovulating but I believe that sex outside of the fertility window is not motivated by lust but rather other things such as maintaining relationship, seeking validation or sometimes plain boredom.

    2. This is a bit too simplistic. First, they get the emotional high from getting railed by Chad, then they get the emotional high from being pregnant from Chad, and afterwards, they get the emotional high from caring for Chad’s baby. The reality of how badly single motherhood sucks will only hit them much later.

    3. Aaron,
      “…they get the emotional high from getting railed by Chad, then they get the emotional high from being pregnant from Chad, and afterwards, they get the emotional high from caring for Chad’s baby.”

      Once a woman has been through a lot of pumps and dumps, destroyed their ability to bond, do they still get excited about hooking up with Chads hoping to have his kid one day?

    4. I think this hope never dies. Somewhere I read the related term “alpha widow”, which sounds a bit awkward. The underlying idea is that once a woman has been banged by a Chad, and even if she was only a drunk one-night stand for him, this guy sets the new low bar for her. She will measure any guy against this, and raise the bar accordingly if she gets pumped-and-dumped by an even more attractive guy.

      When her pair-bonding ability has been destroyed, she likely will not realize that this is the case and instead keep chasing after more guys, hoping that she can rekindle the emotions she felt with some previous guy who set the high-water mark.

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