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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #216

    1. this is actually a song about cougars hunting young prey. It was a single for a movie that showed an older woman taking advantage of a young man. “Jesus loves you more than you know” is a way of saying a woman is forgiven for her infidelity but not a man. In its way it is more degenerate than Cardi B and WAP. At least Cardi B shows herself as a wild animal who drugs men and abuses them. This celebrates that Mrs. Robinson is a “good person” and we don’t have that pretense with awful Cardi B.

    2. There is also a great analysis on the Unz Review on why the movie The Graduate is a masterpiece of Jewish subversion. I think I linked to it before:
      Needless to say, we are all philo-semites here so I am just posting this as an example of extremely fallacious reasoning that is surely completely unfounded. I could not bring myself to read that analysis so please excuse me if I dismiss it out of hand. My fact-checker buddies are telling me that this is absolutely the right thing to do.

    3. I know Simon and Garfunkel are Jews but I read that this song was originally titled “Mrs Roosevelt” (Elenore Roosevelt). I don’t think it was intended to be subversive. The movie had them change the chorus. “Where did you go Joe DiMaggio? Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you,” is a reference to Paul Simon’s youth in New York. Before the nation started to get torn apart in the 1960s.

    4. It seems both the novel and the song were co-opted by unscrupulous producers.

      I really don’t think Paul Simon is a bad guy. But those bastards in Hollywood sure are. Some Jews just outright have a beef with handsome white males.

    5. Having said that, Simon and Garfunkel should have refused to change the title of their song. Jews and money…..

    6. @Aaron, ah. looking forward to this take from UNZ. saw this film toward the end of high school, so i was quite impressionable and didn’t have my guard up.

  1. Speaking of music from decades past, I recently recalled Chris Isaaks’ Wicked Game:

    This song was released in 1989 and listening to it today, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was written for an entirely different species. I cannot imagine today’s zoomers or “alphas” (what a bizarre name to give a generation!) being able to even listen to this. Also, the lyrics are quite interesting as they are about a guy who is torn between falling for a manipulative woman, the one who is playing the titular wicked game, and trying to get away from her.

  2. @GoodLookingAndSleazy, you mentioned Cobra Kai recently and as I had some time to spare today, I started watching it. This is a pretty good show. There were a few jabs at SJW culture in the first few episodes, but this seems to have disappeared. The main protagonist being pretty based makes up for it. I chuckled when he said that he thought a particular woman was “hot enough to avoid having to work”. The angle of this TV show is also pretty interesting, i.e. showing that the supposed villain of the Karate Kid movies is actually the good guy.

    I have the impression that the first two or three episodes had a much more humorous angle. The scene of the guy selling the main protagonist pizza and touching the slice with his entire hand made me laugh out loud. Yet, the tone changed to being a lot more serious, and I wonder if this was done in response to the audience or critics. The introduction of the romance angle is also a bit odd. It seems that the writers want to pack too much into the story and at times it is not quite clear what the main focus is supposed to be. Still, these are not big issues. I am much more glad to have found a TV show that his able to hold my attention.

    1. Great, I’m very glad you like it. I agree with your analysis. But I take from it what I can, as I do with all entertainment. I didn’t especially like the latest season.

      This was a great scene imo:

  3. What do you guys think of this article?

    I have no idea how can someone argues like that. The way he says that girls who expose their bodies to outsiders are whores and are harassing men is interesting. In general, harassment means some sort of active efforts in causing irritation to others. Like actively talking trash to a girl, actively touch girls private parts in public, etc. amI have never thought of dressing exposed means harassment

    1. The angle is that young women who dress provocatively inflict psychological pain on men. After all, those young sluts tease and sexually arouse a lot more men than are going to bang them. Note that there are several cultures that have their women clothe themselves properly. At an extreme end, women get put in a burqa but there are also plenty of more traditional cultures where women dress modestly and would never even partly expose their boobs in public, or wear tight tops.

    2. I found it thought-provoking actually.

      The other day I was checking out of a hotel, and saw a bikini-clad girl with the exact body type I’m into head from the pool area to her room … so I stalked her to her room and raped her!!! Nah, just kidding.

      Anyway, throughout the rest of the day I found the memory of her to be very distracting and disruptive of what I was trying to think about or accomplish. I eventually just rubbed one out, and moved on.

      I can actually see where he’s coming from.

      Society would almost certainly benefit if women presented themselves more modestly.

      Things like makeup, slut gear, fake tits, etc are all designed to tap into men’s reptile brain. The more we are aroused, the less productive we can be. It also makes it harder to prioritize vetting a woman for her values to make sure she’ll make a good wife and mom.

    3. Well feminists have been claiming for decades that women are being harassed by images of scantily-clad women. Specifically they passed laws where you have a wallpaper of a hot chick on your computer, you’re harassing your female coworker as she did not ask to see that, she wants to focus on work.

      And if this is true, why are men not harassed when coworkers dress like streetwalkers? Why does the logic not flow both ways?

  4. Aaron,
    Correct me if I am wrong…but I get the impression that you’re the kind of guy every guy wants to hang out with? I was reading your book and its great. I definitely found it funny when one of the girls said, “no coke no pussy”.

    Back in your party days, were you like the Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell?

    1. Surely, being a Hollywood A-lister is an entirely different game, but I tend to believe that people find me likable. Back in my clubbing days, quite a few guys just wanted to leech off me, though.

    2. Aaron,
      On a different note, you have mention before about moving away from the city and growing your own garden. Is Black Forest which is in Baden-Württemberg, conducive to a lifestyle of homestead?

    3. Anywhere the soil is good would work. The problem, though, is that land is not cheap. If you look into the homesteading community, you come across people who were able to buy a few acres of fertile land in Middle America or Australia. In Germany, this much land would cost you hundreds of thousands of euros. If you want to buy an old farm and restore or refurbish it, you’ll probably need in excess of well over one million euros.

      In contrast, buying a small house on a regular sized plot and growing vegetables in a garden as well as having a chicken coop is much more feasible. This would only allow partial self-sufficiency, which is still a big improvement over being fully dependent on the system. Note that typical plot sizes in Germany are often, due to the high cost of land, only 300 to 400 m2 big. (An acre is a little over 4,000 m2.)

    1. I guess it’s actually a miniseries, which makes me question the accuracy.

    1. Everyone says cause unknown, he was perfectly fine just yesterday. Super sus. People aren’t all fine one day, and gone the next… unless they get into a car accident. But if it was a car accident I think they would have said that. This mysterious “no reason known” thing smells to me like a feminist put poison into his food or something.

    2. According to the article he had chest pains immediately prior to his sudden and unexpected death. Given that the vaxx is the leading cause of coincidences, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. It’s probably nothing, though.

    3. If a guy dies that young of a heart attack something caused it for sure. His heart didn’t just give out unless he had a congenital defect.

    4. You guys notice that women hardly ever die young from heart attacks? It’s probably because they’re better than us.

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