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42 thoughts on “Open Thread #215

  1. I assume by now most have seen this:

    I’m not in favour of provoking and attacking skanks, because it’s only going to justify a harsher police and security state, and throw fire on the oppression of young men – “something’s got to be done about those incels!”

    All that said I do understand the anger and frustration of young men who face lives of strife and hardship while their female counterpoints get spoiled and pampered.

    1. “ All that said I do understand the anger and frustration of young men who face lives of strife and hardship while their female counterpoints get spoiled and pampered.”

      That is not a justification for provocations occurred in the video.

      That guy is borderline mentally unstable. No sane person walks around and insults others for absolutely no reasons.

      We are looking at a potentially shoot-outs aka Elliot Rodgers.

    2. I came across this video a few days ago. In the accompanying description, I read that this guy randomly attacks prostitutes and nothing in this video seemed to contradict this as the women clearly are dressed like prostitutes. Then some other chick appeared, hitting the guy with a handbag, and it became obvious that those were simply some chicks waiting for their ride after a night out.

      I intend to write an article on this video, but from a different angle, as I have witnessed a similar kind of bizarre behavior elsewhere before.

    3. Those women are obviously not your ideal girlfriend candidates anyway. The chick who assaults him might get away with cops, whereas the guy might have some serious legal troubles waiting ahead.

  2. @Cuong Quoc Vu Was clearly not a justification. Understanding ≠ condoning. Cool it with the ‘Elliot Rodger(s)’, back in the mid aughts feminists and white knights would drop his name when they were losing an argument.

    1. What kind of hard lives you have to endure in order for you to insult others for no reason. This is an abnormal behaviour.

      You could lead a quiet life without women. And the first woman looks like his mom age.

  3. ” I read that this guy randomly attacks prostitutes and nothing in this video seemed to contradict this as the women clearly are dressed like prostitutes. Then some other chick appeared, hitting the guy with a handbag, and it became obvious that those were simply some chicks waiting for their ride after a night out.”

    If this was in ‘Murricka as the accents seem to suggest…

    No way would they consider calling the police because prostitution is illegal except in LOAs Vegas and maybe another place. Therefor they are probably not prostitutes but probably have only fans and other things linked to the legal side of the sex trade.

    Irregardless, Ubermensch is a bad dude and this character shares a common trait-he harassments and then plays victim !!!

  4. Ok, so this is kind of funny. I’m through some Regex tutorials, and just ran into this 😀 😀

    The characters that fall within the range are determined by ASCII / Unicode encoding table, so be careful when defining ranges: they may include something unexpected or exclude something that was meant to be in your set.

    re.match(‘[A-Z]bermensch’, ‘Übermensch’) # no match: Ü is not within A-Z range
    re.match(‘[À-Ý]bermensch’, ‘Übermensch’) # match
    re.match(‘[À-Ý]bermensch’, ‘×bermensch’) # match: × is within À-Ý range

    1. Regex is a very useful skill to have. With the introduction of Unicode, string processing became a lot more awkward, though. You probably want to use a validator to double-check all your regexes whereas in the simpler ASCII standard, this was not really necessary. There are also Unicode characters that look like regular letters but they are not. Your ‘x’ for instance is not the ‘x’ of the regular alphabet. You can tell by looking at it but there are other examples where you cannot tell from visual inspection.

    2. On that note I was going to comment here something like the following:

      I’ve kind of developed the idea that I am learning best when I challenge myself to learn different things. I literally feel my brain stretch to adapt.

      And on that note, I find different languages promote different kind of thinking. So as I’m mostly done with the easier (higher-level) languages and their top frameworks, I’m starting on Golang as I find the types of projects you do with it, are different than the ones you do learning Python, Node.

      Even though in theory you could build the same things with Python/Node, the focus is different and approach is different. Next going with Kotlin, just because there’s a great amount of free project-based education for it.

      After that, (not any time soon), I’m thinking the next level of stretching would be the functional languages (clojure or haskell).

    3. Before you dabble in too many languages, I would recommend you learn one language (and paradigm) well enough, preferably so well that you can get paid for working in it. The bar is not excessively high. If you do not yet have a paying gig, you can probably already get one. Go has been getting a bit of traction in recent years. With a bit of knowledge in data structures and algorithms on top, you can probably get a pretty good job already.

    4. Yeah, that’s what I meant by “not anytime soon”. I don’t think i’ll get around to Haskell/Clojure anytime soon.

      If there were a lot of projects for Go I would stop with Go, but I’ll be adding Kotlin just because there is so much free project-based education for it, and I need some project. Most of the Go education is syntax-oriented.

    5. Just to clarify, I don’t think I’ll ever seek out an actual developer job. So I’m not learning code to be employable as a developer. I’m learning it for myself. It’s quite enjoyable.

      Been freelancing my entire life, and used it to fund my own business attempts (which goverments murdered with covid restrictions, but alas). I’ve never been at lack of work, in fact I spent most of my time turning down requests. Currently turning down a ton of requests until I finish my learning journey, they will still be there when I’m done.

      I have been developing solutions for years now (for my own businesses and other people’s businesses), I just did it with no-code/low-code. So I basically started learning proper code so I can do what I already did, just do it more efficiently and more flexibly.

      Basically I love the moment when you get better and realize you can do something better, faster, more efficiently etc.

      Businesses that hire me don’t care how you do it, they just want it done. So knowing how to do it more efficiently is just to make it better for yourself. Now that I’ve learned code, I can deliver things 10x faster than I did with nocode, and with much added flexibility. So it’s more for my own benefit. I can get more work than I need without knowing any coding at all, but knowing more ways of doing the same thing makes me happy.

      Oh, the other thing about Kotlin is that I need it for my actual businesses to develop android Apps, so it is a good fit in that way as well.

    6. So basically:

      – I’ll be using fullstack knowledge and python in my real-world application of things, this is where 90% of my investment is.

      – Kotlin I’ll use in real-world, but only at beginner level. Also doubles for expanding general computing knowledge.

      – I’m only studying Go from an intellectual curiosity perspective, to expand general knowledge.

      That’s about it. I do realize I won’t be able to get around to functional soon and it might even be years before I get around to them. That is the next goal in my developer journey though, whenever it comes to that step.

    7. This is interesting approach to learning.

      If you did projects in Python and NodeJS then I suppose you were mostly working on API endpoints. Instead of learning another language for the same thing, perhaps you should focus on different areas of the development stack. Maybe learn a frontend framework (React or Vue), SQL and an ORM solution for a backend language of your choice or devops stack like Git, Jenkins, Docker and how to write basic Windows/Linux shell scripts etc…

    8. @Skepdick. I do have thousands of hours in those… Tons of react work and SQL even a little react portfolio… Written a bunch of bash scripts (not interested in PowerShell). Hundreds of hours in DevOps so far as well.

      I am learning in parallel. About 90% of my time is spent building/learning full stack. About 10% of time goes in else (computer science or Golang).

      I’m not dropping full stack education in order to learn Golang. I’m just adding Golang to that 10%.

  5. I just finished watching “An Officer and Gentleman”. It’s a really good movie (spoilers ahead!). I liked the dual plotlines of the coming-of-age of the protagonist with the drill sergeant being his replacement dad and the romance angle. The symmetry between the male protagonist and his sidekick and the two women they hook up with is a bit too blatant, i.e. the protagonist gets the secretly good girl whereas the sidekick who is just a little bit too messed up gets ruined by his chick and ends up killing himself. I don’t think there are a lot of movies that show women preying on men as well as the deleterious effects they can have on them. There is some token diversity with a surprising amount of black actors. Also, the brief scenes with female nudity were superfluous and detract more than they add. Those are quibbles, though. Overall, I highly recommend this movie.

    1. Thanks Aaron. I knew you’d like it. I often find myself identifying with the loner, misunderstood characters. I never served in the military but I have a strong line of veterans in my family.

      *Spoilers ahead*

      I think the drill srgt pushed him so hard because he saw his potential. As Mayo said. “I got no place else to go!” Some men are just born with that calling. And how he didn’t want the bar fight but still fucked that guy up. The movie really shows masculinity. Also his dad sucked and his mom was gone. Another line is when he told his girlfriend, “I don’t need you. I don’t need anybody.” Being damaged will certainly have that effect.

      Women love this movie too btw. I don’t know anyone who dislikes it.

    2. When Mayo broke down, the drill sergeant saw his humanity. There were few instances in the movie where the former clearly overstepped the line and could have been kicked out of the program, yet the drill sergeant let it slide. This seems to show that both fell into the replacement father/replacement son role whereas their relationship seemed more unilateral in the beginning. I found the scene in which Mayo wants to drop out right before graduating quite unbelievable, and the subsequent fight between Mayo and the drill sergeant is jarring. I think the point was to underscore the emotional instability of Mayo, i.e. he has gone through the program and still does not have control over his emotions, despite all the drills and physical hardship he had been put under. Of course, there is a woman there who will save him and make him a man. The ending is quite emotional but it seems incongruent with the rest of the movie. This was surely a concession to the mainstream audience because without it, this would have been a pretty dark movie, glorifying a man representing the dark triad of character traits.

      The scene of the fight outside the bar seems to be referenced in Jack Reacher, which has the memorable line, “Remember, you wanted this!” Here is the clip:

    3. I need to see Jack Reacher. I’m assuming he had daddy issues too. It’s incredible how having a shitty father/no father can effect a man.

      Good analysis of An Officer and a Gentleman. I haven’t seen it in a while. I need to rewatch it.

      Karate Kid and it’s series sequel Cobra Kai deals with replacement father/son issues as well. I guess that’s why I’m drawn to them.

    4. I think a movie emphasizing women being fucked up because they had no father would be excellent. But Hollywood would never make it. “Women don’t need men” after all….

    5. The Chinese may make such a movie, though, of course with an all-Western cast. On a more serious note, such a movie is probably completely unmarketable. You lose about 45% right of the bat, and now that you have excluded all the cucked men out there, you will lose about another 45% because only a small minority of women would have an interest in it. The diversity angle might work, though, i.e. a two-hour pity party for a white woman who is raising a half-black daughter on her own (the father, of course, did not leave but was killed by some rabid white supremacist, which is a tragedy as he was the most caring dad on earth), and in the end, patriarchy is to blame for poor life outcomes of the girl.

  6. As a guy even if ur kinda cute nothing is guaranteed in life.

    Like pretty much 99% of pretty girls could get a kiss, sex pretty easy.

    If you’re a guy its not guaranteed though.

    There are stories online about guys who are a little cute or a little handsome, who have never kissed anyone or dated. I assume it has to do with lack of confidence and women dont respect that. i assume.

    I hate to use this guy as an example but look at Elliot Rodger. He was kinda cute. Never kissed anyone. Of course, he also was a psychopath and serial killer and a dousche.

    I think some of it has to do with the fact that women dont approach guys that often. And usually guys have to do all the work to move things forward.

    Maybe there are some exceptions though. Like, if youre a guy in the top 10% of looks or are very wealthy, confidence doesnt matter because women will just throw themselves at you? Maybe? I dunno.

    1. Yes, you still have to escalate even if you’re a top 10% guy. Women will even throw themselves at such a guy, but they won’t* escalate (unless drunk).

      Maybe top 0.1% of guys even get escalation.

      *-i just realized how much I am generalizing since I’ve had chicks escalate on me quite a bit and I am not that tier of looks.

      But still, as a general rule chicks don’t escalate. And the irony is if a good looking guy is shy he makes it difficult for her to escalate. It’s easier for girls to escalate on a confident guy, ironically enough.

    2. Some guys are just clueless about signals. Like. “Did that girl mean to rub her boob on me or is it just crowded in here?” Lots of haters will tell him it’s the latter, which exacerbates the problem. Also women don’t necessarily believe these these guys are unconfident. Remember that women have plenty of insecurities of their own. They are not queens sitting on a throne.

    3. Maybe not always, but generally women can smell and sense desperation on a guy.

    4. I just realized those last two sentences rhime. Maybe I can make it a poem or a song lol. But the sooner guys realize this the more “confident” they’ll become.

    5. Bob, do you honestly believe that women throw out signals and the guy doesn’t pick up on them the problem is desperation??
      The opposite I would say. Lack of communication, but not desperation.

    6. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      I agree. In fact this was one my biggest gripes with PUAs. The whole “confidence causes attraction” bullshit. It’s just one of many things that were logically atrocious in PUA. Like bullshit beliefs in PUA it came about from misattribution when noticing a correlation. In this case confident guys get laid more easily…

      But the actual mechanics is that lack of confidence causes insecurity in girls as you say. It makes her afraid of making a move and being rejected.

    7. What also a lot of guys don’t understand is how absurd the defintion of “rejection” is for women.

      “I gave a subtle sign that I might or might not be interested in being asked and he didn’t immediately ask me out” ===> brutal humiliating rejection.

    8. “What also a lot of guys don’t understand is how absurd the defintion of “rejection” is for women.

      “I gave a subtle sign that I might or might not be interested in being asked and he didn’t immediately ask me out” ===> brutal humiliating rejection.”

      Well, a lot of women don’t understand much what they are doing in an interaction either. You’ve written about this extensively. I remember the tiger analogy.

    9. @Alek

      Spot on as usual. PUA is absurd, demoralizing, and toxic for men. Through all of their talk about “confidence” they are making men LESS confident, and overcomplicating things.

      Can you guys tell me what
      the”tiger analogy” is?

    10. Making men less confident was probably the plan. So they will buy more books and DVDs. It’s the hallmark of every cult.

    1. He has not updated his site in years. My vaguely recall that he was more into promoting supplements at the end. Maybe this is his main gig now.

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