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A Male Awakening Story: 85% of the Population Hate You (Guest Post by John Smith)

Blog reader John Smith left a great commentary on why he is fed up with the system. I am reposting it on the front page to give it more visibility. His original comment follows below.

I don’t give a flying f**k about my country any longer. Why should I when 85% of the population (probably more) openly hates me for being a libertarian (leave me alone) white male and has also proven it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. The breakdown is a follows.

All women hate men, whether they admit it or not. That is 50%.

40% of men (20% of the population) are democrat simps. 40% of the male population is 20% of the total population. We are now up to 70%.

Of the remaining 60% of men (30% of the population) at least half are blue pilled, support your local police, wave the flag at all costs types. And they hate anyone who doesn’t comply with their traditional narrative. This cohort is 15% of the population. We are now up to 85%.

Throw in some other variables and the percentage of the population that actively hates me could easily top 90% or more.

In my blue pill simp days I was a patriotic, red blooded, hard working, tax paying, upper middle class supporter of my country. How did I arrive at my current state? It started in November 2011 when my lying, adulterous, money laundering soon to be ex-wife played the false DV card as a divorce strategy ploy with the help of her cop friends and the support of the divorce attorney / courts industrial complex. I exited the meat grinder a completely broken, unemployable, semi-suicidal man.

The internet saved my life with information from other men enlightening me to hidden facts I had been denied knowledge of forever. When I discovered the man-o-sphere (November 2014) things changed dramatically and quickly. The lies were exposed. I was far from alone. I was merely a statistic, one of tens if not hundreds of millions of men.

I studied everything possible and found the answers (for me anyway) to everything at the bottom of the rabbit hole (February 2017). There was nothing wrong with me personally. The systems as designed (both natural and man-made) simply decided to harvest the prey animal I was on their fenced in hunting preserve. They harvested everything but my life itself.

I jumped the fence and escaped the plantation designed to use, exploit, and discard me. I am now a very happy and content man living a life of peace and tranquility on a small waterfront property way out in the boonies surrounded by the beauty of nature. I now consider my preplanned crucifixion a blessing in disguise as I would not be the man I am today without it.

And I have the internet, the man-o-sphere, and men like our host here to thank. It would not have been possible without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

12 thoughts on “A Male Awakening Story: 85% of the Population Hate You (Guest Post by John Smith)

  1. I wonder if that 20 percent of liberal simps are simply going along with feminist controlling wives. I’ve seen it. They’ll even switch their favorite sports teams, choose their in-laws over their families. You name it.

    1. My middle nephew is a perfect example. His wife went on a “hot girl summer” solo road trip of three months and he supported it. There is no doubt that his 30 year old wife plans to harvest his baby batter very soon and divorce rape him in in 3-4 years. Welcome to 2022!

    2. She will probably wait a few more years as she will find it easier to handle the kid when it is a bit older.

    1. I would be interested to hear more about this. Feel free to send me your thoughts via email if you do not want to share them publicly.

    2. This is what I found and how I found it, Aaron. I made it a point to discover the answers to the great philosophical questions of why and how. I researched a wide variety of subjects. Genetic science, psychiatry, law, sociology, history, and many others.

      My studies all headed me towards a single point. That point being the behavior of all sexually reproducing species. Just what is the commonality that drives these universal behaviors? The answer, obviously, is passing on one’s genes. But then the question became; What causes the males to fight, kill, and die in a tournament mating strategy contest? Or in the case of some insects, knowing they will be killed by the female immediately after mating.

      This is in direct opposition to Ayn Rand’s philosophy of acting in one’s rational best interest. What is rational about risking one’s life and limb in an attempt to pass on one’s genes? It isn’t rational at all, but all males of all sexually reproducing species do it. From the lowest insects to humans the behavior is universal and unchanging.

      Why is this male behavior universal and unchanging. There has to be a common denominator designed into the system by nature. This commonality is explained by Dawkins’ Selfish Gene Theory.

      A study of Dawkins and genetic science leads to many more questions. Why is the X chromosome ten times bigger than the Y? Why does a male even have an X chromosome when it is the Y that makes him a male? Why is the 23rd chromosome of a female chimpanzee almost identical to a human female while 23rd chromosome of a male chimpanzee so much smaller than that of a human male?

      This is just the tip of the iceberg, Aaron. If I have piqued your interest let me know and I will share more.

    3. I have looked into evolution and evolutionary biology quite a bit, with a detour into eugenics, er, applied genetics. It is a fascinating topic. Also, if you view human society through a biological lens, both your perception of yourself and your ole in the world changes, as well as your view of the elites who govern us as it reveals how utterly stupid the ideologies that are being pushed on us truly are.

    4. I won’t repeat things you already know, so I’ll try to sum it up quickly.

      In the primordial ooze beginning there was only the X chromosome. Reproduction was via simple mitosis. Survival in the ooze was hard. The dominant X turned a subservient X into a Y programmed to serve the dominant X. This explains the size difference between the X and Y. And also the behavior of the Y (male) to serve the dominant X (female) to the death.

      Dawkins’ selfish genes are on the 23rd chromosome of the female. These genes will do whatever it takes to survive and reproduce. This explains female behavior.

      How do these female genes convince the male to be willing to die for them? The answer is hormones and pheromones (the silent chemical communication between animals). The reason a male has an X chromosome is so the female X can communicate with the male X. The male X then floods the brain of the male with the necessary hormones to make the male do the bidding of the female.

      Society and its laws are organized around this biological fact. What it boils down to is that the male is allowed a very small range of free will and operates mainly by instinct driven by hormones. The female range of free will is almost total.

      There is a religious aspect to this. If God exists and is a male why would he place such a burden on his sons? The answer is he wouldn’t unless he is the epitome of the blue pill simp, which I would doubt. If he did this to his sons on purpose, then why should I worship a deity that cares so little about me?

      A more logical answer is that God, if existing, is female. This makes a lot more sense. Again, why should I worship a deity that cares so little about me?

      The Red Pill tells us that everything men have been taught is a truth is in fact a lie. The creation story from the Garden of Eden is backwards. Eve was first. Adam followed to serve Eve. It wasn’t Eve who rebelled, it was Adam!

      Just some food for thought.

    5. john smith:

      You’ve never studied evolution or genetics, have you? Not trying to be a dick here, but what you’ve written is a work of fiction. It’s like someone made up a story, then just randomly threw in terms from genetics in it without any rhyme or reason. Where did you even get these notions from?

    1. I interpreted this in the sense of women collectively not being willing to support you as a man, individually or collectively. In contrast, countless men have sacrificed their life, literally or figuratively, for society, scientific progress (before the age of “SCIENCE!”), or an idea. You could say that women who fell for feminism do this, too, but I would argue that their motivation is a bit different and that they are primarily driven by hatred.

    2. I think the statement needs to be taken at face value, especially in the context of everything else “John Smith” has written, not to mention the latest evo-pop gibberish.

      Dude needs help. Period.

      Btw, didn’t we have some guy like that not too long ago? Feels like deja-vu. Or maybe I’m just getting old and it all looks the same to me.

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