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An Example of a Male Suicide, and the Female Retelling

In a recent comment I mentioned an acquaintance of my parents and his untimely demise. He ended up killing himself but this is not the story his wife as well as other women in the community tell about him. As sordid as this story of female depravity may be, it serves as a good warning of what women can do to you, and how they can break you if you are weak.

Let me start by telling you about the guy in this story. He did pretty well for himself and had a career spanning decades at a multi-billion dollar company that is a household name. I do not know if he had retired already by the time of his suicide. If not, then he probably could have retired early. He built a very nice house for his wife and two children. Decades before NPCs were hyperventilating about climate change and sustainability, he built an aesthetically pleasing house that was presumably designed to last for generations, unlike many cookie-cutter prefab houses in the area.

The kids this guy raised had a reputation for being a bit unruly. His son did not do well in school and the daughter fell for the lure of the big city. His wife probably did not even work and if she did, it most certainly was just so that she had something to do during the day. All in all, this guy seemed to have had a solid grip on reality, his head in the right place, and executed the bluepill blueprint like a champ. So, what could possibly go wrong?

When I learned that this guy had killed himself, it did not make a lot of sense to me. While I did not know him closely, he did not strike you as the kind of guy who would just off himself. I have only ever perceived him as jovial, perhaps even too friendly, but not in a fake-corporate way. The story my mother told me was that, apparently for absolutely no reason at all, he started drinking. Then his wife divorced him, and she had to sell the house. This was too much for him to take, so he killed himself. This sequence seemed quite baffling to me because people normally do not suddenly become alcoholics in their 50s or 60s.

In contrast, here is an alternative timeline that makes a lot more sense. An important added piece of information is that both their kids have reached adult age and have moved far away (how is that for building a home for subsequent generations?). Sitting at home in the empty house, the wife schemed how she could get more out of life and realized that if she was able to sell the house in the heated real estate market, she could have a big payday. Thus, she filed for divorce to set things in motion. Then the guy began drinking, and after he realized that everything he build over decades and sacrificed his life for will be taken from him, he killed himself.

The woman completed the sale of house after the death of the guy. From what I gather, the suicide happened while the house was on the market. Shockingly enough, the woman got even more in the end than she wanted as, by default, his property became her property after his death. After all, the surviving spouse is first in line to get access to the inheritance. She pocketed the money, bought herself an apartment and now sits on more money than she can reasonably spend during the remainder of her life, assuming that she also got his pension.

This sounds like a pretty familiar story. If you have been around in the old MRA days, you probably recall guys telling about how they got raped in divorce court. This still happens but because fewer men get married nowadays, such stories also seem less common now, or perhaps they get quickly wiped off the Internet whenever they appear, which is easy to do as the Internet is much more centralized nowadays. The interesting aspect was not so much that yet another man was taken down by a woman but that even other women come to the rescue, telling a story that makes little sense. Collectively, though, it benefits women to stick together and tell their version of dindu-nuffin stories according to which women are always the victim and their husbands kill themselves all of a sudden for absolutely no reason at all. Pay attention to the stories women tell you because they may be grotesque distortions of reality!

19 thoughts on “An Example of a Male Suicide, and the Female Retelling

  1. I don’t get it.

    In the case of divorce, wouldnt he still have half his assets? That’s still quite a bit of money.

    1. Do you think it is fun to lose half your assets? Furthermore, in Germany divorce lawyers take a hefty cut, and alimony laws heavily disadvantage men. Imagine going from living in a house you built for generations to being forced to sell and then living out your days in a small apartment! I bet this guy was looking forward to retirement after his corporate career, not to getting divorced. I do not want to interpret too much into this case, but I think it is not much of a stretch of the imagination to say that the rug was pulled from under his feet. The surprise factor plays a big role here. Mostly women file for divorce and they tend to blindside their husbands. Thus, these men go from leading their normal, regular life to a state of great uncertainty and anxiety, thus the drinking and everything that followed from that.

    2. Aaron,
      “…women file for divorce and they tend to blindside their husbands”.

      Did these men failed to do their due diligence when they got involve with their partner? Are these men under some kind of illusion that their wife will never cheat on them or divorce them, etc.?

    3. Some men indeed believe that a divorce could never happen to them. You can find a similar attitude to girls you date who exhibit really nasty behavior. For some bizarre reason, they are also surprised when you invariably dump them, albeit some do this in order to make you dump them as they have already found a new guy at this point.

  2. “Collectively, though, it benefits women to stick together and tell their version of dindu-nuffin stories according to which women are always the victim and their husbands kill themselves all of a sudden for absolutely no reason at all.”

    It seems white males are the only type of people who don’t think collectively.

    1. That’s no accident. The media heavily pushes feminism and ethnocentrism for non-whites. Has for half a century.

    2. This seems to be the case. It does not help that society encourages men to not seek help or assistance. This applies to all aspects. There are a lot of people out there with skills and talent who do not want to cooperate with anyone as they rather not share their imaginary spoils. Some weeks ago, for instance, I spoke to a developer who told me that we wants to learn all aspects of software development necessary to start your own company and on top learn all the required business and marketing knowledge. In contrast, there are business school bros with middling IQs who schmooze with investors, get a few million bucks in funding, and hire people with the skill set they think they need.

  3. My narcissistic sister scolded my mom for marrying a drunk. My mom’s response was “I would never do that. He wasn’t a drunk we met.”

    Let that settle in.

    I knew a guy who killed himself. We worked together. His girlfriend was hot as fuck but very controlling. He thought he was part of our group but he wasn’t. Because she dominated his time. This slut flirted with me and probably cheated on him.

    They obviously divorced and the last time I saw him he said he was moving to Alaska. I told him it was a rough place to live. He shrugged it off and said he loves to fish and hunt. He killed himself close to Christmas time. First Christmas away from his kids. Half of male suicides are because of issues with women.
    No daylight that time of year in Alaska. Access to fire arms (remember he was a hunter). Alaska has a high suicide rate.

    To this day I feel a little guilty. I don’t think he had friends. Maybe I could have reached out. He thought we were friends but we really weren’t. Because of his bitch whore of a wife.

  4. Christ almighty guys another former coworker of mine killed himself. I just found out yesterday. He was hit by a big rig on the freeway not far from where I live. The investigators don’t know why he was there. I met his dad yesterday shook hands and gave him a hug. His parents are understandably denying suicide because he got into the Air Force and was going to move to Texas for training with a hot coworker. Supposedly they had a date that night. Jesus…………….

    1. I don’t care what drugs he may or may not have been on. Nobody tries to cross the fucking freeway especially in California.

    2. Thanks for sharing this story. This reminds me of a serious blog post I wanted to write a while ago already.

    3. You’re welcome, Aaron. I’m still a little shook. I talked to the girl and she seemed nonchalant about it. Just said he lived near there and was walking home. I said “crossing the freeway??” She just shrugged. I asked her about moving to Texas with him and she asked me who told me.
      I just said it was the rumor mill she said she didn’t want anyone to know. I also heard she dressed like a whore and went out a couple nights later.
      She’s more nervous about speaking at his funeral. At my own grandma’s funeral I spoke and everybody loved it. Didn’t feel nervous. Duty called and I answered.

  5. hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.

    This is depressing, but its the world we live in now.

    I read somewhere that a man had a vision of hell, and supposedly it was crowded with women.

    1. This seems like a movie worth watching. Also, I cannot remember the last time I heard “cunt” in a Hollywood movie. Today, this movie most certainly could not get shot anymore.

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