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Knowledge of the True Nature of Women

I recently came across a very good forum post in which the argument was made that due to technological progress, the elite’s grip on controlling mainstream thinking is invariably slipping. Boomers are as retarded as they are because they do not question the nonsense they get fed by TV and newspapers. They are moronic consumers of nonsensical positions and somehow accept that national identity needs to be maintained, in the Ukraine, now that Putin has put his foot down, yet the same reasoning does not apply to the United States because it is a “proposition nation” and there is nothing truly American, perhaps with the exception of racism. Likewise, your average boomer as well as boomers in sprit, i.e. NPCs, think that immigration control and an armed border are vital for Israel but if the United States does not let in millions of third-worlders every year, something would be seriously wrong with the world.

Condensed in a few terms, the main argument in the post linked to above is that due to the increased information velocity, interactivity, and impossibility to curate public images, the ability of the elites to dupe the herd has been drastically limited. The elites nowadays embrace censorship because the cat is out of the bag. Yet, despite all their censorship, there are still clips floating around of Joe Biden being so confused that he makes a handshake movement, without shaking anybody’s hand, and then wanders off, and the recent clip of Obama completely ignoring him in public surely did not help either in maintaining that Joe Brandon is the most popular man in the universe (80 million votes!). We have similarly seen compromising footage of every public figure. Thus, the author of the post makes the claim that it is no longer possible to create an image of anybody being larger-than-life. Today, a significant part of Zoomers laughs at Western politicians, “experts” in the media, and possibly even the entirety of the establishment. Klaus Schwab and his fellow pedophiles and satanists would like to hide but they cannot. Never has it been easier to wake up to the evil machinations of the elites.

This article is not about our pedo-satanic elites, however. Instead, I am going to make the point that due to democratized access to information, the public images of women has also been irreparably damaged. This is the wrong perspective, though. It would be more correct to say that due to men being able to share their experiences online, delusions about female nature can no longer be plausibly maintained on a large scale. Of course, not all men will wake up but considering how widespread terms like “Chad” are nowadays and how often you encounter discussions or at the very least allusions to female hypergamy, the lack of trustworthiness of women, or female promiscuity and female attempts to present themselves as virtuous, it is quite obvious that the jig is up. Men are less and less inclined to marry women. Sometimes, younger men call a peer a “simp” if he shacks up with a substandard woman whereas in the past it would have been the unattached men that had gotten shamed. Men used to be proud of having a girlfriend, no matter how fat, obnoxious or unattractive she may have been, and any guy who got an average-looking woman as a girlfriend could not shut up about how hot a chick he has gotten. Back then, some guys even bragged about their women, talking about them as if they were horses or race cars, as some feminist once wrote, if I recall correctly. Today, guys no longer tell you if they are in a relationship as it is no longer seen as useful in status jockeying.

Before the Internet, you probably had only limited exposure to the antics of women. If your mother was a crazy bitch, your sister a shallow cunt, your female teachers bona fide idiots who could barely conceal their man-hatred, and your girlfriend overall unpleasant to be around, your male peers would nonetheless hammer you with the idea that women are wonderful and that you just need to get through this, with some essentially claiming that it is a rite of passage to have your girlfriend turn you into a spineless cuck. This societal gameplan as I just outlined it used to work wonderfully. Guys were knocking up the most obnoxious women, and you were actively led to believe that you are in the wrong. No, women were not the problem in their view. Instead, you needed to “man up” or “take it like man”.

Today, however, this mass delusion about women being wonderful does not work at all anymore. Female degeneracy has been exposed for the world to see. Now we know that whores fly to Dubai to get shat on by Saudi princes, thanks to pioneers like the guy behind the website “Tag the Sponsor”. Countless female streamers also demonstrate their moral depravity and their vacuousness. Spend an hour on TikTok or Twitch, and you will realize that female narcissism is not only real, it also knows no bounds. Thots are selling their bathwater, farts in cans, or used panties, which guys like “Looks Maximus” buy, and tell you that it is masculine to sniff them. Of course, the buyers are simps but now it is plain to see how incredibly vapid women are, and also that there are still a lot of simps that have a lot of waking up to do.

One objection to my main argument is that if men truly have gotten wise to the nature of women, then they should, for instance, not line up to buy e-thot bathwater. Of course, you cannot expect all men to wake up. In fact, I argue that it is irrelevant that there are still simps around, or that there is the Reddit crowd who gets hard at the idea of someone fucking their gilfriend, preferably a black guy, apparently. This is irrelevant because the main point is that due to women exposing their shallowness online, discerning men now no longer believe that they just had “bad luck” with their mother, sisters, female teachers, or any other female in their life who turned out to be an unhinged maniac.

The societal shift is taking place already. Men (and women) have less and less sex, fewer men and women than ever are in relationships, the age of marriage gets pushed back further and further. The situation is so bad that you have entire subcultures of men who actively reject Western women and instead look for a wife with traditional values abroad. Other men skip family formation altogether. I think from a societal perspective, this is a benefit as nasty women are finding that it is next to impossible for them to get married. This does not mean that society will collapse. Instead, the exposure of the vapidness of women puts evolutionary pressure on the worst of women, i.e. those no man should get involved with.

Speaking of societal collapse: There is hope for the future. A few weeks ago I came across a lighthearted forecast that claimed that in about one hundred years, the majority in the United States will be Amish. Regardless of when exactly this will happen, considering current trends, the bigger picture is that there will be an invariable shift towards traditionalism, with toxic women remaining childless and conservatively minded women having more children. The Amish will outbreed deranged liberals as they cut their dicks off or had their vaginas turned into penises and ended up infertile. Western “progressivism” is simply an evolutionary dead-end, which is precisely why our pedo-satanic elites are pushing it onto society.

We are right at the “weak men create hard times” phase in human history but the pendulum is shifting hard towards “hard men create good times”. The signs of widespread rejection of the degenerate mainstream are all around us, with nationalist political parties becoming mainstays in several European countries, Russia and China telling ZOG to suck a dick by ditching the petrodollar, former lunatic-fringe ideas like prepping and home-steading turning into very active niches, homeschooling taking off and, where this is not possible, parents pulling their kids out of public schools that have been ravaged by forced diversity and putting them into private schools. The change in the latter has been absolutely astonishing. For instance, in Germany, private schools used to be an object of derision. You sent your kids there if they were too dumb for government schools, with the sole exception of ultra-expensive schools for the rich that simply serve the purpose of segregating the rich from the middle to upper-middle class. Yet, in the span of not much more than ten years, private schools are often the first choice of parents; I even know of cases where parents rejoined the Catholic church so that they get the opportunity of sending their kids to a religious school. In some cases, a monthly fee of two to three hundred Euros is enough to ensure that your kids do not have to go to school with the offspring of the welfare aristocracy, with the exception of a few token spots that those schools keep for virtue-signalling purposes but in those cases, you are much more likely to see some loser who LARPs as an author send his kid to that private school for free than any member of the local crime gangs.

I consider it eminently plausible that we will see a schism in society, with a degenerate core more and more people will not want to have anything to do with. The question is whether society will collapse before the separation is complete. Clearly, the degenerate core cannot exist without the support by the conservatively-minded productive class. In any case, at the core of both will be a diametrically opposed ideal of a woman, family-minded, well-behaved women on one side, and degenerate whores on the other. In hindsight, we will probably realize that the exposure of the dangers of women that has been going on for well over a decade online has contributed to this process, with some women rejecting degenerate and highly harmful mainstream positions. Society is no longer able to hide that there are no “cool wine aunts” and that aging cat ladies do not lead enviable lives. In the past, this phase of societal learning may have taken one or two generations. Instead, we will be able to do it in half a generation.

25 thoughts on “Knowledge of the True Nature of Women

  1. I don’t give a flying f**k about my country any longer. Why should I when 85% of the population (probably more) openly hates me for being a libertarian (leave me alone) white male and has also proven it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. The breakdown is a follows.

    All women hate men, whether they admit it or not. That is 50%.

    40% of men (20% of the population) are democrat simps. 40% of the male population is 20% of the total population. We are now up to 70%.

    Of the remaining 60% of men (30% of the population) at least half are blue pilled, support your local police, wave the flag at all costs types. And they hate anyone who doesn’t comply with their traditional narrative. This cohort is 15% of the population. We are now up to 85%.

    Throw in some other variables and the percentage of the population that actively hates me could easily top 90% or more.

    In my blue pill simp days I was a patriotic, red blooded, hard working, tax paying, upper middle class supporter of my country. How did I arrive at my current state? It started in November 2011 when my lying, adulterous, money laundering soon to be ex-wife played the false DV card as a divorce strategy ploy with the help of her cop friends and the support of the divorce attorney / courts industrial complex. I exited the meat grinder a completely broken, unemployable, semi-suicidal man.

    The internet saved my life with information from other men enlightening me to hidden facts I had been denied knowledge of forever. When I discovered the man-o-sphere (November 2014) things changed dramatically and quickly. The lies were exposed. I was far from alone. I was merely a statistic, one of tens if not hundreds of millions of men.

    I studied everything possible and found the answers (for me anyway) to everything at the bottom of the rabbit hole (February 2017). There was nothing wrong with me personally. The systems as designed (both natural and man-made) simply decided to harvest the prey animal I was on their fenced in hunting preserve. They harvested everything but my life itself.

    I jumped the fence and escaped the plantation designed to use, exploit, and discard me. I am now a very happy and content man living a life of peace and tranquility on a small waterfront property way out in the boonies surrounded by the beauty of nature. I now consider my preplanned crucifixion a blessing in disguise as I would not be the man I am today without it.

    And I have the internet, the man-o-sphere, and men like our host here to thank. It would not have been possible without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. This is a great comment, which I reposted on the front page to give it more visibility. Thanks for sharing! You went through a lot, but you have come out of all of this stronger, saner, and happier, so the end result was most certainly a positive one for you. Also, keep in mind that a lot of men in your situation would have killed themselves or have become addicted to drugs or alcohol. I find it most insidious that men do not even get to keep a shred of dignity in that case as this will also be blamed on them. Oftentimes, victim blaming comes on top.

      I am reminded of an acquaintance of my parents. The guy became an alcoholic, his wife divorced him, they sold the house, and then he committed suicide. Well, this was the sequence of events my mother told me. The more plausible chain of events is that the wife wanted a big payday, filed for divorce, forced the sale of the house, and took off with her share of the money. Looking at the ruins of his life’s work, the guy became depressive, which led to alcoholism and suicide.

    1. “ZOG oil” is also a nice and fitting term for the poisonous seed oil that modern Western food and dishes often contain:

      Canola Oil – how it’s made

  2. I would take Zionist/Jew/Israel bashing more seriously if it didnt come from worshippers of dead Rabbi on a stick or followers of desert cult who love Moses as much as a certain Meccan warlord.
    Please check what Jesus said about non Jews (parable of the Phoenician woman) and then perhaps re examine your views. Perhaps not.

    1. Today’s Jews are not related to the Jews of the bible, which undermines your entire position, even if what you say is true. The people we refer to as Jews nowadays are Khazars who have adopted the Jewish faith. Would you mind looking up what Jews say about Jesus as well as the goyim in their holy books? If not, it’s an interesting rabbit hole to go down in.

    2. I think it’s piss, not shit, but perhaps it is both. I once came across an article full of citations from the Talmud and was so disgusted by it that I quickly closed the browser tab.

  3. “Today’s Jews are not related to the Jews of the bible, which undermines your entire position, even if what you say is true. The people we refer to as Jews nowadays are Khazars who have adopted the Jewish faith.”

    Hahahaha nope. That theory has been debunked . There are DNA analysis these days you know. You are still sticking to this outdated notion like those Japanese soldiers fighting for the emperor on an isolated Philipinne island in the 1970s
    All you need to do is look at some faces. Often you cannot distinguish between even Ashkenazi (“Khazar”) Jews and Palestinians. You do realize there are fair skinned, blonde and light eyed Palestinians. Levantine people historically were always whitish. Didnt need no Khazar to make them fairer.

    “Would you mind looking up what Jews say about Jesus as well as the goyim in their holy books? If not, it’s an interesting rabbit hole to go down in.”

    How is that relevant? Jews are not basing their faith on Christian texts and Jesus but Christians are very much basing theirs on Judaism. See the difference
    As for rather less than flattering views of the goyim (literally this means Nations BTW) – the Talmud is mostly mundane arguments and occasionally trash talk between various rabbis . It is not supposed to be indicative of any particular view of the goyim at all. Sometimes it is derogatory, sometimes complimentary. But all times – “they dont have the Torah so they are a silly people” . Not hellbound mind you but silly. Jews dont have a hell and they believe even righteous gentiles can find favor in God. Can you say the same about Christianity? What is the position of non Christians in the afterlife?
    It is amazing you are flexing your morality even as your faith condemns heretics to hell.

    1. When I read the Wikipedia page on the Khzar origin of the Jews, I can’t help but think of the phrase, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. The science is far from settled, and giving the incredible amount of kvetching on display on there, it would be quite surprising if there was no truth to the Khazar-Jew hypothesis. I wonder if the same reasoning holds for other aspects of Jewish mythology as well. Maybe I should look up how often they speak of “six million”. I wonder what I will find.

      I’m quite certain that “goyim” means “cattle”, first and foremost. From my rather limited study of the talmud and other Jewish sources, I learned some rather fascinating things, such as that goyim are between Jews and animals in the hierarchy of living beings, and both have no soul. I know, I know, the talmud is just some lighthearted banter between some rabbis. I shouldn’t read too much into it because Jews only want the best for the world, the evidence of which is all around us.

    2. Pretty sure most guys here are agnostic. Christianity is just a better religion. Jews celebrate fucking killing people (Passover) while Christians celebrate a man who helped poor and sick people.

    3. In comments of this kike I did not approve, he writes that the Jesus that gets boiled in piss and shit in the Talmud is not the biblical Jesus, tells me, again, that goyim does not mean cattle but nation (what about “shabbos goy”, then?) and makes some rather unfounded accusations against Christianity, conveniently ignoring that the crusades were a defense operation. Just look at this garbage:

      Yeshu/Yeshua (anglicized as Joshua) was a pretty common name in Israel. And renegade preachers such as Yeshua ben Joseph (or possibly Yeshua ben Pantera) are a dime a dozen.

      You see, goy, the hatred expressed against Jesus in the Talmud had nothing to do with Jesus Christ! Instead, it targets some random dude nobody knows anything about anymore except that back then you could not walk for minute without bumping into someone just like him.

    4. Yeah I’ve heard that theory before. So if the Jesus they are talking about was not Christ but some random dude, why the fuck did they hate him so much? I’m not sure what’s worse. Jews are the most deceitful people ever. One day they’re your good buddy. Next day knife in the back.

    5. This claim is among the biggest bullshit I have ever heard. By the same logic, the oppressed people of Germany should be able to spray-paint swastikas all day, every day, and get away with it if they say that they have akshually been drawing a classic Hindi symbol or, better, some random symbol that looks like a swastika but really is not as it is mere coincidence and has absolutely nothing to do with Third Reich symbolism.

    6. This Rabbinic claim, that the “Jesus” blasphemed in the Talmud was NOT identical to “that” Jesus Christ or “that” Mary – arguably the first instance of genuine Jewish chutzpah in world history -, was first made by those Rabbis around the June of 1240, when the Roman-Latin Church actually got aware of the very existence of such Hebrew writings named “Talmud” and put it to scrutiny in a Paris conference at that time, headed by apostate Jew and Dominican priest NICOLAS DONIN vs. Rabbi Jehiel ben Josef. The Rabbi did an abysmal job in defendig the Talmud and thus it became clear, that “Judaism” was nothing else than a heretic perversion of the Christian Old Tastament.

      It was this discovery of the Talmud and its poisonous content that definitely changed the status of the Jews in Western Europe. It threatened the conditions under which the Jews were tolerated within Christian societies. Next up were highly successfull conversions of Jews motivated by the writing “pugio fidei” (“The Dagger of Faith”) by the Dominican Raymond Martini.
      So why had so many Jews been living in Poland and Ukraine? Because they couldn’t resist those Roman-Latin conversion campaigns and instead opted to flee eastward, from France and the Rhineland to Poland and Galitzia. THAT’S how their ilk got there.

      Great sources for this an similar events about the matter:
      – E. Michael Jones: “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”
      – Hilaire Belloc: “The Great Heresies”
      – Igor Schafarewitsch: “Sozialismus – der Todestrieb in der Geschichte”

  4. ‘ In Exodus 19:6, the Israelites are referred to as a goy kadosh, a “holy nation”. ‘
    The words goy and goyim were translated as gentilis or gentes by St Jerome. Root of those words is gens meaning group of people which are genetically related i.e. nation, clan or family.

    1. Etymology is not all that relevant here as it is more important what the word has morphed into through time. It is used as a pejorative for gentiles, i.e. non-Jews, in the sense of cattle nowadays. The more polite dichotomy is Jew/gentile and when Jews get into a party mood, playing with their dreidels, and getting collectively aroused from all their collective hand-wringing, they surely refer to gentiles as goyim. On a related note, the first paper I found on Jews and goy on a cursory search moments ago was “What if We Got Rid of the Goy? Rereading Ancient Jewish Distinctions” by one Ishay Rosen-Zvi. I am sure there is not even the slightest hint of anti-gentilism to be found in this paper.

    2. I’ve already stood up for Simon and Garfunkel. But powerful Jews in the media have clearly damaged my country. There must be a reason why they hate us so much.

      I’m going with jealousy.

    3. I stand up for Larry David, heh. I don’t watch much TV or movies these days, but that guy’s brand of humor has always been right up my alley, and he does a lot of self-deprecation regarding his jooishness, like when he finished an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with a bunch of juice, after a funeral, fighting for a filthy U$ 50 bill nobody else wanted to take from him. Hopefully there’s no sinister reason for him getting away with so much political incorrectness.

    4. @Manuel
      I remember watching an episode where he was bitching about how the country was built on genocide etc. I didn’t see much of it. Maybe he was just trying to poke fun about bitchy Jews, but some could take it more seriously. Especially today.

      I recently gave credit to Rodney Dangerfield. A Jew who doesn’t act like one haha. They’re not all bad of course, but the elite ones tend to be.

    5. @GL&S:

      CYE is not for everyone’s tastes, just as Seinfeld wasn’t. Generally speaking though, when his on-screen persona behaves like a bleeding-heart liberal, it’s for comedic effect. Like when he refused sex with a woman he had been fancying for an entire season because she had a framed picture of W Bush in her dressing room. Or when he used the tired line of “Palestinians don’t even acknowledge our right to exist” just to make the point that this made sex with his Palestinian lover even hotter.

      In real life, I’m sure he’s no Republican (most of them aren’t exactly “based” anyway), but he likely finds current American liberalism ridiculous as much as we do.

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