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Living in Clown World Without Going Insane

It is not an understatement to say that we live in an utterly bizarre world. We are currently ruled by probably the most incompetent and corrupt bunch of people since the fall of Rome. The degeneracy is probably on an entirely different level, something we recently got another glimpse at when pictures of Hunter Biden’s tattoos or his parties with sexualized children made the rounds. Yet, this is just the most recent event in a whole string of nonsense. We got the global warming hoax, peaceful protests, Joe Brandon getting 80 million votes of which a good chunk were discovered at 4 a.m. after the election, the Covid hoax, the vaxx, and now we have the Left clamoring for the Ukraine remaining an ethnostate whose borders are sacrosanct, unlike the borders of any Western country. Oh, and if you find it puzzling that the “refugees” coming into Europe from the Ukraine are quite often black or brown unaccompanied men of fighting age, you are clearly a racist. Meanwhile, the WEF wants us to eat bugs and freeze in order to punish Putin. Unfortunately, the brief summary of all the nonsense pushed onto society is not nearly complete. Just like with fractal images, whenever you look closer, you find nonsense hiding within nonsense.

In my view, the inconsistencies of elite messaging are partly by design. Yes, I agree that they are a bunch of incompetents. However, there is also the aspect that contradictions can be used to force compliance by an authoritarian regime. First masks do not work, then they do, then you are supposed to wear two or three at once, and now they are no longer really that necessary, except in a laundry list of situations. Covid rules seemed arbitrary, and they often changed from one day to the other, without any explanation. Germany, for instance, decreed over night, and without even an attempt of an explanation, that the “recovered” status gets reduced from six to three months. But do not question science because then you are a racist, misogynist, and anti-vaxxer who deserves losing his job, bank account, and apartment. Just don’t notice anything, blindly follow ever-changing “mandates”, and you will be fine.

Following the mainstream can be a depressing exercise, sometimes referred to as “doom scrolling”. I think the barrage of bad news is also intended. The powers that be want you cowering and pliant. The last thing they want are vigorous men with a zest for life who want to have lots of babies with healthy, mentally sane women. It has been established that several governments have used fear-based propaganda campaigns to take your rights and liberties away. I think the jump to calling this a form of genocide, due to declining birth rates, is not too implausible, regardless of what Uber’s mom says. Of course, if you ask any blue-pilled cuck, he will tell you that it is impossible to prove intent and that it is just a big coincidence that all Western government run the same shitty social engineering campaign, not just about the vaxx but everything.

Yes, living in clown world can be a depressing experience. However, there are some ways of building up resilience. Probably the most important aspect is to distance yourself from the world to some extent. Going on a media detox will do wonders for your mental health, and if this does not work for you because you are just too addicted to reading how Russia is still on the brink of losing in the Ukraine while black Ukrainian refugees flood into Europe, and Zelensky begs Western parliaments in the style of an Orwellian big brother to kick off World War III because their ill-trained and poorly equipped citizen soldiers are nothing more that sacrifices to be made on the altar of ZOG, you can at least limit your exposure. My recommendation is to limit news consumption drastically. If you can, skim the news only in the evening, and do so briefly. If you pick up your phone first thing in the morning to read up on the latest globohomo garbage, you probably only rise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels, and if you do not have a very stoic personality, you may feel genuine anger afterwards.

I live in a big city and degeneracy is all around me. What has helped me for the last two years is that I see very little of it. Using Covid to line up an essentially fully remote gig, I no longer have to use public transport to get to work. When I leave the apartment, it is almost always because I want to, not because I have to. The difference is not trivial. I am still not happy about all the money I pay in taxes without getting anything in return but at least I no longer see society rub this in my face. Nonetheless, whenever I go outside and get a glimpse at society, I get frustrated. Thankfully, this happens comparatively rarely. I send out my wife to face degeneracy (and bring back groceries). If she did not enjoy shopping for groceries that much, I would probably have them delivered to my door instead as the surcharge you pay for this is negligible, considering how much time you save.

It also helps tremendously to live in demographic pockets where there has been little gentrification. For a while I had an apartment in a district in which the average age was probably in the high 60s. There were no graffiti, people greeted you on the street (imagine that!) and sometimes even randomly talked to you. My wife and I even befriended a few elderly ladies in that neighborhood. Of course, Sweden being Sweden meant that you cannot have a cohesive community, or merely the semblance of one, so the next time one of the pensioners died, the authorities moved in a black family. Due to their obnoxious behavior, I could not help but judge those people by the content of their character. They were playing loud music at night, the kids were running down the stairs screaming, at more or less any hour of the day, and sometimes one of them had friends over, so they sat in the stairwell to smoke weed. A few months later the authorities moved in a single black guy. He was apparently not used to apartments as a concept as his first project was to chop up and throw out the built-in wardrobe. He just piled everything up in the hallway. Surely, the destroyed furniture was removed and, later on, replaced by the taxpayer. Needless to say, my tolerance has its limits. After smelling weed in the stairwell in the morning or, worse, coming home in the evening and noticing some “youths” drinking alcohol and smoking weed in the building one too many times, I moved out.

Even since this clash with forced, vibrant diversity, I have only lived in very white neighborhoods that, for now, have remained white. I rather have a smaller place and live in a safe area, but this is probably racist because it is surely only a coincidence that I never experienced a bunch of white guys sitting on the stairs outside of my apartment, doing drugs. Currently, I live in probably one of the whitest neighborhoods in Europe within a large city. Amusingly, I only have to walk one block to the South or the West if I want to take in some diversity and have it wash all over me. For some reason, those people do not seem to want to cross the streets separating their and my neighborhoods, and the same applied the other way round. Well, the other day a building in my street was broken into, so it is probably time I move again. This lines up well with my timeline as I have been thinking of moving anyway.

Now that I have lined up my ducks in a row, I no longer need to live in a big city. During the last two years I have built up a remote-friendly skillset and relevant experience, and now I am indeed able to work in any place I can get legal residency in. Options I have considered are the following, and they all line up nicely with the theme of avoiding degeneracy.

1) Moving to town or a small city
I think that cities big enough to, for instance, have a train station or a hospital, offer the highest standard of living. Of course, the point here is that those places are big enough to support all necessary infrastructure, not the specific fact that they have a hospital and a train station. The latter is more relevant to Europeans anyway. You can get your groceries, you order your electronics on Alibaba or Amazon, and if your neighbor has a vaxx-induced stroke, you know that his chances of survival are high. Also, small cities have the benefit that they seem to be less attractive to merchants of vibrancy, vibrants, and degenerate locals. In fact, up-and-coming welfare leeches will want to move to a big city to enjoy the company of people like themself just as all those whores-in-training will leave for the capital once they have sampled all the available dick. This means that smaller communities have self-healing properties. Unfortunately, moving to a smaller city is an imperfect heuristic as I have heard of quite a few smaller towns and even villages that got enriched to the hilt. In Germany, there are quite a few villages where temporary housing was erected for more migrants than there are natives in the village.

2) Moving to a village in the countryside
If there is too much degeneracy for you even in a small town then your next best alternative is to look for a village or even just a hamlet. I briefly considered this for myself but I am not sure this is feasible for me yet. Perhaps I could go full hermit, grow a bit of my own food, and take walks in nature. Yet, the biggest drawbacks are the isolation and lack of infrastructure. In some parts of Europe you can have harsh winters, and your car breaking down in January is not everybody’s idea of a good time, considering that the closest supermarket may be a ten-minute drive away. Much more positive is that by effectively isolating yourself from society, you can regain and keep your sanity. I notice this myself whenever I visit my parents who live in a small village. Taking a walk in a forest makes you quickly realize how artificial modern life is, and you may think the same when you buy a warm loaf of bread from the local bakery where bread is still hand-made as opposed to being a factory product.

3) Live as a foreigner abroad
There are culturally safe destinations abroad, such as going from the UK to Australia, or from Germany to Switzerland. Of course there are cultural differences, but, by and large, you will not face any issues as you belong to mainstream society, at least for now. In contrast, moving to a country where you will be perceived as a genuine foreigner is a different ballgame. Based on my personal experience, I feel more at ease and, perhaps bizarrely, more at home when I speak to the Chinese in Singapore than to people of my own ethnicity, simply because I can speak freely with them. In Europe, you risk jail nowadays if you do not hide your power level. Germany recently even changed its laws to make it punishable to “insult” a politician online. Meanwhile, abroad I find people who are very interested in hearing about the madness going on in Europe, partly because they cannot understand it.

You would not be completely alone abroad either. Probably in any bigger city abroad, there will be people from your country, probably enough to form a small community. This is particularly true for low-cost of living countries like Thailand or Vietnam. I have been pondering over going to South East Asia and it is not unlikely that I will end up there in the foreseeable future. I would even be happy to accept the lower standard of living, partly because living standards in Europe have been declining anyway, so I would only leave a sinking ship.

Lastly, there is also the option of wanting to change clown world. This is a high-risk option. As little as we may think of our demented leaders, the fact of the matter is that they yield the power to ruin your life. Taking a stroll on the Capitol sent people into high-security prison, with some getting tortured. There are also cases where people who are critical of the government were locked up on trumped-up charges. Sure, they get released after a while, but this is not the point as the government only wants to intimidate them. You are welcome to fight this fight, but I am not sure this is worth it. In contrast, I prefer letting history run its course. May the degenerate centers of the world collapse, and the conservative parts rise again. In my view, we will see enormous segregation in the future, and instead of trying to convert people who want to see me dead because I am a white, heterosexual man, I rather let soy boys, trannies, faggots, and antifas ruin their own cities while I am living relatively far away from the action.

11 thoughts on “Living in Clown World Without Going Insane

  1. I have solved this problem by moving way out in the boonies on a smaller creek on the coast of a mid-Atlantic state. The county has two stoplights, three grocery stores, and more deer than people. There seem to be two types of people in the county. Those that want to be here are generally older, decently well off, and moved here. The other group is the locals who don’t have the skill set to escape the poverty.

    Most everyone is very friendly. People have to be because being a jerk will get you black balled since the population is so small and word travels fast. You can also do business on a handshake. Female tattoos are fairly common but one never sees green or blue hair. In short, sanity reigns here!

    Wildlife abounds. So does peace, quiet, and tranquility. I purchased my place in October 2019 and moved here in February 2020, just as the Covid madness was ramping up. I couldn’t be happier!

    1. I’ve thought about small town living, but I don’t have a wife. I’ve heard the obesity rates are higher in small towns, so I’d worry about being able to find a good looking broad.

    2. Moving to the countryside from the city in order to start a family only works if you bring a woman with you. Of course, it may take a while to find one who likes the idea. An alternative is to grow up in a small town or a village, meet some chick, and never leave.

  2. Aaron,
    You ever though about moving to the US to the countryside like Montana, Colorado, etc..?

    I believe like 10 years or so or more, a lot of baby boomers moved to Mexico since it was affordable to reside there. However, the cost of living has gone up over the years. I really can’t see my self moving to another country except relocating somewhere in the US in the countryside. People are quick to move out of the country, but has the violence crossed your mind if you decide to move to Asia. For example, in Mexico people aren’t safe anywhere even in the touristy areas. There’s so much violence everywhere.

    Going on local hikes, having no social life which I never really had all my life, focusing on exercise and hobbies has helped me stay sane these last two years. I pretty much done this way before Covid, but most importantly I work a lone at work, and I don’t have to interact much with my coworkers which has helped a lot staying sane.

    1. Hi Chris!
      As a white European, it is extremely difficult for me to move to the US. Chances via the green-card lottery would be abysmally low. The only realistic option is to work for a large company in Europe that has offices in the US, but then you are looking at a multi-year commitment. Also, this is not a straightforward process. I even discussed it with hiring managers at medium to large-size companies with respectable valuations, some of which had even IPO’ed. Several told me that if I find a way to get to the US, I supposed they did not refer to illegal migration, they would be happy to give me a local contract, but due to the time and effort involved in international moves, this is nothing they can support me with otherwise. Note that at least one of those companies is happily brining in boatloads of H1-Bs from India every year.

      I think for you, and anyone else in the US, moving to a place like Colorado could be a great move. Violence and social instability is a problem in South America. El Salvador is a recent example where there has been an uptick in gang violence.

    1. Great responses in the comment section. If a dude fights back against a female it’s the worst. If a big dude beats up a small guy…… totally legitimate.

  3. Aaron, have you finished the David Irving book on Hitler? Such a shame that my country aligned with Joseph Stalin. One of my college “professors” claimed the USA always aligned with anyone against the Soviets……..I brought up this glaring example.

    We just should have stayed out of it.

    1. I am not done yet. Currently, I am at the point where the National Socialists are balls deep in Operation Barbarossa. I should probably add that the book is very well written; it is just that I do not have a lot of spare time these days and only find time for substantial reading on the weekend.

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