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The Underdeveloped Female Sense of Danger

Some time ago I watched Rambo: Last Blood. This is not an article about this movie, albeit it is a rather enjoyable one. Instead, I am taking one element of it, which arguably did not get the attention it deserves in the movie itself, or any of its critics. This movie follows a typical narrative structure where the motivation of the protagonist gets properly set up. In this case, Rambo lives with a woman and her daughter (not his) somewhere in the United States. His daughter has Mexican heritage and, as it so happens, she learns where her father might be found and wants to drive down to Mexico in order to confront him and learn why he abandoned her mother and her. Everybody around her tells her that this is a bad idea but she does it anyway. Things take a turn for the worse when she — spoiler! — ends up in a shady club in Mexico, has her drink spikes, gets abducted and forced to work in a brothel. Her pimp gets her hooked on heroin to make her compliant and soon afterwards, she dies.

You may think that the setup of Rambo V is exaggerated. Yet, I have seen similar stories play out in real life plenty of time. Of course, I am not talking about chicks who get forced into prostitution and overdosing but women who make, or want to make, utterly absurd decisions, completely disregarding reality. Let me walk you through a few examples.

One of the most telling examples is given by two young Scandinavian girls who had the fantastic idea of going to Morocco while Europe was getting flooded with MENA doctors and engineers. Those two women were frolicking around in Morocco as if they lived out some childhood fantasy. Well, in a shocking twist that absolutely no one who believes the mainstream narrative about race could have seen coming, they ended up getting raped by a bunch of goat herders who, after they were done with them, disposed of them by cutting their heads off. You may have seen the videos as they went viral outside of the mainstream. One chick asks for her mother as a machete cuts through her neck like butter, leaving a nasty puddle of blood behind. The footage is sickening. The perpetrators got the death penalty, by the way, and there is reason to believe that this only happened due to the mainstream exposure of the murder of those two women. As shocking as this footage is, you can still find women who happily travel to third world countries on their own, thinking it will be some kind of exciting adventure where they are protected of any harm just like some Mary Sue in the movies they watch.

When I look back at my clubbing days, I have come across countless women who consumed copious amounts of alcohol. Obviously, the more drunk you are, the worse your decision-making ability gets. Granted, you could say that those girls only get wasted so that they can run their primal mating program according to which the toughest alpha may mate with them as he only has to, quite literally, take them. Be this as it may, I think you cannot plausibly make the point that women should have sex with dudes while they barely remember their name. Of course, nobody forced those women to drink. They are doing this to themselves, painting a huge target on their back for predators. We have pointed out the problem of women accusing men of rape just because they regret having had sex with them. Yet, women put themselves in this situation in the first place by drinking and doing drugs. If they did not do that, they would have a lot less sex, and this included both the variety they regret as well as sex they do not regret. It is a high-risk activity nonetheless.

On a biological level, I understand why some women readily have sex with random strangers. Yet, on a more intellectual level, it baffles me. This brings up memories of one of the first really good chances of getting laid I ever had. I had met this nineteen or twenty-year old chick in London and she basically invited herself over. I jokingly asked her why she thinks that I would not just rape and kill her — my sense of humor back then was quite dry so this was not quite as out of place as it may seem, even though it was clearly not a good move. She was quite taken aback and did not say a word for a while as it had apparently never occurred to her that she could run into a modern-day incarnation of Jack the Ripper who, nowadays, would probably murder sluts instead of prostitutes. (To him, they would be whores either way.) This chick later on invited me to her place, by the way. She gave me some crap for freaking her out for a bit but it did not really have any lasting effect on her.

Letting strangers into your house is also really not a smart idea, as plenty of Western women seem to have found out in the last few years. There was a time when there was story after story about some refugee raping a woman in her apartment. This must have been a slow learning process, and some of those women did not even press charges because they could not stand the thought of the rapist having to leave Europe. You can’t make this up. On a less serious note, I once met a guy who said that he likes to mess with his one-night stands, for instance by stealing from them after they have fallen asleep, and leaving, or pulling out and jizzing all over the keyboard of the chick’s laptop, or anything else that would make for a good target, such as an open textbook or her chair, basically anything where she can’t easily get jizz out. This guy found this very funny (I sincerely hope you did not laugh when you read this!), but this is not even the point. Instead, the issue is that a chick who lets a complete stranger into her home could end up with a whacko like that who just enjoys humiliating her, and what good does that do her?

Speaking of really dumb choices, there is a female friend of my wife. This friend of hers is completely vanilla and probably cannot even conceive that there is crime and violence in the world. She got it into her head that she should travel to Africa, and made plans to go to Sierra Leonne on her own for a few months. Next to Sweden, Sierra Leonne has among the highest rates of rape in the world. I guess this is what growing up in some kind of open-air high-security prison like Singapore does to people. This happened a few years ago, and I think my wife managed to talk some sense into that woman but if she did not, she could easily have ended up in a really bad spot.

There are other aspects of danger as well, such as the very real risk of bankrupting yourself by making colossally stupid decisions. True, men are not immune from this either, but there is a category of financial decisions that is much more common among women. While men may engage in high-risk activities like gambling or betting, women are much more inclined to gradually ruin themselves. A great example are all those bullshit degrees that come with high price tags. Most men would balk at the idea of putting down 120,000 bucks on tuition for a degree in ethnic studies but a lot of women do not have any such qualms. Presumably, because they are taking out a loan, they are not spending their own money so it does not really count.

Arguably, there are two main factors that explain unreasonable spending behavior of the fair sex. First, probably an argument can be made that in the examples above there is a clear lack of long-term thinking. Quite possibly, the reasoning of, for instance, two female hikers walking up a hill in Morocco in hot pants, only to come down with their heads cut off is along the lines of, “I’m safe now, I will be safe one minute from now as well”. Granted, they would not really have thought that. Yet, you can bet that they were completely unable to even anticipate anything bad happen to them, similar to chicks getting a pit bull or not thinking that wild animals are dangerous. The second issue is probably more important: I would argue that, from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, women had to face danger much less often than men. Men went to war and fought for their lives as well as the future of their tribe. Women remained back in their cave and if their men lost, they would simply spread their legs for for the new Chads on the block. This kind of atavistic behavior lives on in women to this very day, as any guy whose woman quickly moved on to a new guy, despite all his investments, can tell you.

As I was going through examples of female recklessness, I also recalled a few examples where I chose not to tempt fate. I recalled that many years ago, when I went to the United States, I stayed with a guy in Chicago. After arriving, he handed me a map of the city and the first thing he said to me, while pointing at it, was “Do not go further West than this street, no matter what!”. This was all the information I needed. Obviously, I had no intention of checking out the bad parts of the city to see how bad they really are. Probably none of you does either. Similarly, when something feels off, you probably do not take a shortcut through an alley and, at night, you surely prefer to not take a shortcut through a dimply lit park, unlike far too many women who go for a jog at night, only to get raped or mugged. There are a lot of such cases.

Men would not flash a big watch in a bad neighborhood, and probably not even be in one if they can avoid it. Meanwhile, women walk around at night, sometimes alone, drunk out of their mind, unable to walk straight, and in revealing clothing. If this sounds like an exaggeration, you probably have never attended a student party. Instead of telling women not to act in such a stupid way, we tell them that “men” are the problem. There is also the problem that some ethnicities are overrepresented among rapists, but you are probably a racist if you point this out.

The obvious solution to this problem is to keep women from getting into danger, willingly or unwillingly. This is probably why everybody who can afford it leaves the city to raise children. Yet, if they send their daughters away for college, all this protective behavior will have been for naught. Traditionally, the progression was much more simple as women moved on from being under the protection of their father to being under the protection of their husbands. I would argue that this was a much better arrangement than what we have now, but probably society needs to collapse, at least partially, to get back to this. A lot more women will get seriously harmed until then.

7 thoughts on “The Underdeveloped Female Sense of Danger

  1. Aaron,
    1. There used to be a popular joke about white people in the past. That white people would avoid going to a black neighborhood because it was very dangerous, but had no qualms about interacting with a wild animal in nature. I believe Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” indirectly contributed to this notion as he always interacted with wild life.

    “Women remained back in their cave and if their men lost, they would simply spread their legs for for the new Chads on the block”.

    2. Is this the same reason why women cheat on their boyfriend or husbands when they go to the military or fight in war even though they will come back?

    “The issue is that a chick who lets a complete stranger into her home could end up with a whacko…”

    3. On a related note, the particular woman who I told you about in past in the consultation, I once told her not to go out with a particular guy or to get involve with him. This is when she ended things between us and didn’t want to see me again. I told her that the guy is bad news and that she’s going to end up in a situation of domestic violence. I was able to read the guy very well. She ignored my input. She was calling me a hater and what not. She went off and berated me saying I’m mad and jealous cause he has game and he’s different than me. Years later, once we reunited, she told me that the guy ended up beating her up. I told her you deserved it and I’m glad he beat the crap out of you. I’ve seen a lot of women poorly evaluate men and later complaint about the domestic violence. And what does society say to women? Men are the problem and that those men weren’t raised right.

    4. When a woman gets drunk and later regrets having sex is this because she woke up to some guy who’s unattractive?

    5. I’m not sure how much social media and cell phones has fueled this behaviour in females disregarding safety because there are more cameras and people recording than ever before so there’s a sense of safety.

    1. 1) I am not sure about interacting with wild animals in nature but I can see why this was a popular joke.

      2) This is an interesting suggestion. It could well be that there is an atavistic program running in their mind that tells them that since their boyfriend has been away for months, he probably will not return. Of course, there is another program running in her head that tells her that she should be pumping out kids as well.

      3) The problem here is that a subset of women feels drawn towards violent men, i.e. they find this genuinely arousing, so much so that they do not even leave these men after they have gotten beaten up repeatedly. Some time ago I came across a story where a woman wanted to sue her Chad boyfriend who shot her in anger. She forgave him and went back to him. I just tried looking it up and I found several stories of women “forgiving” such men.

      4) This is explains some of those regrets. There are, however, also situations where she willingly has sex with a dude and the next morning, she remembers that she is in a committed relationship. For men, this is dangerous as a fake rape accusation provides an easy way out for her.

      5) I am not sure that people feel safer nowadays. People did a lot of stupid things even before there were smart phones or social media. You just did not have the chance to hear a lot about it. Women banged shady guys well before the iPhone was around, though.

    2. There are, however, also situations where she willingly has sex with a dude and the next morning, she remembers that she is in a committed relationship.

      I have such a situation right now, and really in a huge dillema. She’s super hot, like 10 body. Messed around with her a couple of years back, found out she’s committed.

      She started messaging me back again these days, telling me how I’m the best thing that ever happened to her, trying to hook-up again. All the while all of her profile and pictures are about how happy they are with mr. provider dude… While she’s telling me I’m her soulmate and she can’t think about anything else except fucking me.

      I’m debating with myself about how it’s no big deal, I can bang her once more, why not arrange a bang, no biggie. But then I remember how dangerous it is. And I still want to do it.

    3. If you want to give in to temptation, at the very least keep all this evidence of her begging for your cock. In contrast, it is much trickier to deal with this in a one-night-stand situation where she knows your name as there is no extended build-up.

      Quite frankly, in your situation I would not recommend banging her as it is quite likely that she is considering to jump ship. In her mind, she may very well have built up a fantasy of you being her boyfriend, and if you do not play along with it, her opinion of you as well as her interpretation of your actions will rapidly change.

  2. On the note of female lack of foresight, here is a story about a girl who got some random Chad’s name tattooed on her butt on a holiday:
    Now that she has smashed through the wall, she got it into her head to reconnect with this guy. He will not be able to believe his luck if she can really track him down. I think it is in the realm of possibility that this guy gave her a wrong name as this would add to the lulz of a chick tattooing your name onto her body.

    1. Man, she’s nasty-looking. I daresay Mr. Forde probably won’t be very interested in “reconnecting” with her. Well, unless he picks up the bait she put out there:

      “If I do manage to find him, I have no idea what I will say to him. Maybe I will offer him his money back for paying for the tattoo. Who knows!”

      I guess getting a refund on that tattoo might be interesting. 🙂

  3. “This guy found this very funny (I sincerely hope you did not laugh when you read this!)”

    call me a cuck but that cracked me up better than an Andrew Diced Clay joke !!!

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