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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #210

    1. Does anyone know a good resource about safely finding escorts in the United States? My friend is writing a research paper and I thought this might be the place to ask.


  1. “Does anyone know a good resource about safely finding escorts in the United States? My friend is writing a research paper and I thought this might be the place to ask.


    Asking for a “friend,” eh?

    It is only legal in one or two places in the USA so if by safe you mean not getting arrested you would have to go there. Too Bad that the great Advocatus Diaboli’s blog has ben banned because he was a sexpert in this subject. He would probably tell your “friend” to go to Canada and do to there. Or he could go to Thailand, just don’t get tricked by the lady boys like Roosh V !!!

    1. Yeah, people do get busted by undercover cops posing as escorts. Best just go to Vegas or something. Ironically, I’ve heard wonderful things about Ukrainian brothels :). I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that’s not on anyone’s top vacation spots rn though.

      Roosh banged some lady boys? lololol

    2. “Roosh banged some lady boys? lololol”

      The reports from credible sources were that Roosh had a serious case of Whiskey Dick and it was the lady boys that banged him.

    1. Thanks for sharing this! I looked up this incident online as well, albeit briefly, and could only find videos of the slap. It was not clear at all what the joke was supposed to be. My conclusion was that this is what you end up when you have a race that cannot get criticized, so Chris Rock apparently got slapped for absolutely no reason at all. Unfortunately, the attacker is black as well, so this narration falls flat. I somehow felt reminded of the “jogger” Ahmaud Arbery who also got shot for absolutely no reason at all and where the original footage that was released to the public somehow did not include any evidence of him gong around looting people’s property.

    2. @Aaron, Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith at the 2016 Oscars saying “”Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited!”
      He then made fun of her again at this year’s ceremony. Smith has alopecia and barely has any hair. Rock made fun of her this year by saying “Jada, can’t wait for G.I. Jane 2.” A reference to a Demi Moore flick where she plays a female soldier with a shaved head.

    3. I’ve begun to notice that the biggest simps often do it for women who are not even all that attractive. I just looked up pics of Jada Pinkett Smith and she is definitely no looker. Will most definitely could have done much better than this. The fact that she’s a potential narcissist and has repeatedly put will through hell makes this even worse.

      I guess some people are just so terrified of being alone. Even back when I thought I was too unattractive to be successful in dating,I just decided to stay single. Never did I even entertain the thought of putting up with an ugly woman with a bad attitude like so many of my peers have done.

    4. I had never heard of “Jada Pinkett Smith”, so I looked her up on Wikipedia. To my great amusement, there is a section on her page on her sleeping around. Make of that what you will, but considering that female promiscuity has been mainstreamed, she is probably a colossal whore. This makes me wonder if Will Smith got so angry at the Oscar award ceremony because Chris Rock was banging his wife on the side at some point, adding insult to injury.

  2. California wants to legalize infanticide in “bill AB-2223”. If you have a bit of knowledge in satanic numerology, you know that the number translates to 2 + 2 + 2 = 6, times 3 = 666. If you think this is nonsense, then I invite you to research this topic yourself. Our satanic masters love such signaling.

    1. They do indeed love signaling. Speaking of which, if anyone needs motivation to step away from technology, I invite you to look at Apple’s logo. You don’t have to be a Christian to suspect that when an entity identifies as anti-Christian, they may have sinister intent.

    2. Karl, I used to not take talk about references to satanism or, relatedly, freemasonry, the Kabbalah, Jewish machinations, secret society, and a whole lot of other topics seriously. Then I learned about religious forces in politics and the entire “order out of chaos” principle, read up on international elites only to learn that groups like Bilderberg, the WEF, and many others really exist and that they actually tell you what they want to do to you.

      I think you would be very narrow-minded to dismiss obvious insignia of dark powers out of hand. Have you ever looked at a one-dollar bill, for instance? Do you think the all-seeing eye and the statement “new world order”, in Latin, ended up on there by complete accident? There are also a lot of references to satanic numerology in key documents, like the infamous patent on microchip implantation, which is a clear reference to the mark of the beast. Snopes tells you that this is “mostly false” because they numbers do not show up in sequence, but this is dishonest because the zeroes are irrelevant. In Satanic numerology 606060 = 666.

      There is also the problem of well poisoning, i.e. whenever some information leaks that threatens the establishment, then completely bogus theories get floated. There were attempts to discredit the 9/11-truth movement via bullshit claims that the airplanes were holograms, in order to distract from the fact that there is essentially no debris of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon or that WTC 7 collapsed for no apparent reason. Pizza-gate was likewise discredited via outlandish claims spread in the mainstream media, in order to distract from the fact that there are obvious references to child trafficking and sexual abuse of children in the leaked Democrat emails.

  3. @Karl Forget about the „Satan“ stuff. In the end those numerical games and alegories are just references to buttsex. That guy Alex The Celtic Rebel has put out much content about that several years ago.

  4. Bruce Willis has ended his career due to a sudden onset of aphasia that make it impossible for him to act. Supposedly he can no longer speak properly. Maybe he should try becoming the next president then. Anyway, the primary causes of aphasia are suffering a stroke and serious trauma, probably at the level of someone caving your head in. I am going out on a limb here, but is there any chance that Bruce Willis got the vaxx and subsequently suffered a stroke due to ginormous blood clots in his brain? I will treat this as a solid working hypothesis because pretending that he got aphasia out of nowhere and for absolutely no reason at all does not pass muster.

  5. Aaron,

    Can you point me to where you may have discussed this in your books or on one of your blog postings, and if not touch upon it here or a future post:

    How do you reconcile LMS with a niche where women find the men in the niche attractive?

    Example: Because of where I grew up – a lot of women were into the farm-boy/red neck even though these guys didn’t have money, didn’t have status and didn’t look good.

    Are you saying LMS is more nature and niche is more nurture because that’s where women are raised and learn to associate a certain type of guy with what’s supposed to be attractive?

    Where I was raised there seemed to be 2-3 niches of men that women were into and I was NOT remotely into or represented any of those niches so I never got any action. When I spent/spend time in big international cities I’ve met women who I think are way better looking than women in my hometown and I’ve been described as “hot” by them.

    1. First, there is a good chance that you cannot adequately assess how attractive those men are. There is a non-zero chance that those “farm boys” got laid, while you did not, because they are tall and masculine. Thus, I do not think that your premise is even correct. I suspect that your disdain for those people clouds your judgment. Also, the women you met in those “big, international cities” probably were not necessarily that much better looking. When I moved to the big city, I was blown away at first by how hot the women were, but in reality, they just dressed really sluttily, and if you compare the post-college crowd to a tight 18-year-old you probably have to admit to yourself that your perception of those women is a bit skewed, and that is without considering tattoos, which are extremely common in the urban environment.

    2. Aaron,

      I mean no one is fit but they are bigger boys – definitely manlier than some lanky dude who has a beard and works at a brewery. Oh they definitely got laid – there’s no denying that.

      Ha the women in these “big international cities” are without a doubt waaaay better looking. It could simply be the fact that they dress better and are not as fat, but nevertheless.

      I guess what I’m asking is how exactly do “niches” come into play?

  6. Man,I’m seeing nearly everyone of my previous female schoolmates hitting the wall really hard post-marriage/motherhood. Among other factors,this honestly makes me really hesitant about the idea of marriage. Imagine getting married only for your partner to really let themselves go after they’ve ensured you’re stuck with them. ?

    1. I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen the opposite case,Aaron? Women who have managed to recover from hitting the wall (I’m talking about the effects of letting themselves go. Of course,there is no reversing age) and working themselves back into who they were prior or at least as close as they can.

      I’d hate to think that once a woman chooses to let themselves go,its truly game over from here on out since I’m sure a ton of us here came from a background of being fat slobs before improving ourselves.

    2. I do not think that I have ever seen women who bounced back, e.g. by losing a tremendous amount of weight. However, with good genes and a healthy lifestyle, women can look quite appealing even into their 30s. I agree that if a woman has truly given up on herself she most likely will never change her ways. I have encountered plenty of those, some of the most egregious ones where the mothers of my primary school friends, in fact. A good few of those women literally ballooned once their simp had built them a house and they had popped out one or two kids. One guy’s mother literally spent the entire afternoon sitting on the couch, looking not unlike Jabba the Hutt, and emptying one bag of crisps after another. I recall that I felt “weird” when I saw it. Seeing this probably caused some trauma and most definitely a significant level of disgust. She did not even move but only lie there and shout when she wanted her son to bring her something.

    3. The idea is that you get them young, put a few kids in them, and live happily ever after. As you age, your sex drive will go down anyway, and with a few kids around, your focus will be elsewhere. Also, there is nothing keeping women from staying slim. Women who respect their men, in fact, want to stay attractive for them.

    4. I have witnessed this a few times, but, there are caveats:

      1) these cases were very rare outliers

      2) I did not stick around long enough to know if the change lasted long term, so perhaps after a few years they reverted. I suspect that at least some did

      3) in at least one case, the girl in question was a former fattie who slimmed down about 20kg IIRC, enough to be normal (neither slender nor chubby) but used her newfound attractiveness to slut around with guys who would never have even looked at her before.

      Like Aaron says, the opposite process is so much more common, it is almost the default.

      Seeing girls I went to school or to the university with hitting the wall (or way past it) is a continuous eye opener for me as well, and a continuous reminder of the risks of pairing up for good. Between this and the divorce stories I get from people slightly older than me (or sometimes my age, even) I am increasingly coming to accept that I will likely never settle down and start a family.

      Unless perhaps I pick up a muslim wife in one of my trips to the Middle East 😉

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