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What an Organic Grocery Store Can Teach You About Women

The other day I wanted to buy a particular bag of seeds I can only get at my local organic grocery store. I went there after lunch, and quite enjoyed the almost complete absence of patrons. It felt almost relaxing to go there. Then I noticed a woman carefully studying the ingredients of some jar, and once she was done, she took another one, presumably to study its list of ingredients just as carefully as the other one. I just observed this change-over and did not think much of it at the time. Yet, on the way home, it struck me that there is an interesting lesson about female herd mentality to be learned from this.

As you are all aware, women are much more concerned about consensus and fitting in than men. Among men it is not overly common but also not all that rare that a few simply go their own way, or go against the grain, or challenge authority. Women hardly ever do this as they want to get along. Evolutionarily, this makes sense because in the ancestral environment, they needed the support of the tribe to survive, and to a much greater extent than men. Stone-age Chad can hunt down some mid-sized mammal, skin it, roast it, and feast on it, and with a few more Chads around, he can hunt even bigger animals. In contrast, Stone-age Stacy may have collected some berries and otherwise tried hard to not grate on any of the people in the tribe because if the had gotten kicked out, that would have been it for her. (Do you remember when women went the extra mile to be nice and pleasant?)

The interesting aspect, though, is that female submission to any real or believed consensus does not need to be internally consistent. They may even change supposedly deeply-rooted beliefs on a whim if the political climate changes, for instance. Today, most women support mass immigration and a generous welfare state, not realizing that you cannot have both. Yet, this is what the mainstream pushes, so this is what she supports. In case the government collapses, she will quickly throw those convictions overboard. Suddenly, the biggest city-dwelling slut will realize that she has always been a paleo-conservative at heart and that she only ever wanted to have kids and being taken care of by the most toxic male she can find.

So far, I have met very few female anti-vaxxers. Among my wider circle of acquaintances as well as my extended family, there are only two whereas the men are significantly more skeptical. You may now wonder what this has to do with some chick studying the labels of some organic product at the store. It is quite simple: women love the idea of shopping healthily. They embrace the global warming hoax and also happily buy an organically grown papaya, even if it was transported via a cargo flight. To you, this seems absurd, but not to her. Likewise, those women reject the idea of genetically modified food. I bet if you asked a few women at the organic grocery store about their stance on GMO, they would recoil in horror. The mainstream is pushing this. Organic farming is the cool thing to do, and it is a wonderful way of combing conspicuous consumption with virtue signaling, so it fits the typical female psyche perfectly. Yet, if genetically modified food is so bad, then why do those women not resist the vaxx? Recall that the vaxx is only a “vaccine” according to the updated dictionary definition. More correctly, it is “gene therapy”.

You can probably find more obvious contradictions in female behavior. I think the prime motivation for them is to reflexively fit in. They take on whatever the perceived majority opinion is, which is why women are so easily manipulated. More or less the entire fashion industry only exists because you can tell women that the perfectly fine blazer, which she bought three months ago, is now out of style, and that she needs to buy a new one now. You would assume that they do not fall for this more than once, but quite the opposite is true. They fall for this scam multiple times a year, year after year. More recently, “fast fashion” has become big, which is cheaply produced fashion that you may only wear once or twice. It is a disaster for the environment but since this is not printed right on the pieces of clothing she buys, she does not care about it.

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4 thoughts on “What an Organic Grocery Store Can Teach You About Women

  1. Remember the days in the 40s, when the Nazi’s were in Paris?
    Suddently, the french girls partied with them without any regrets …
    Absolutely correct observations @ aaron

    1. And don’t forget the harsh treatment those fraternizing french chicks had to face by the resistance once France had been liberated from the Wehrmacht! They were paraded through the streets got their heads shaved and signs hung around their necks saying “I slept with a German! I’m a German whore” and other similar phrases…

  2. So far, I have met very few female anti-vaxxers. Among my wider circle of acquaintances as well as my extended family, there are only two whereas the men are significantly more skeptical

    Interestingly enough I’m in a female dominated industry where all the women are anti vax and most of the guys are hardcore pro vax lefties. Though most guys tend to be gay as well.

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