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35 thoughts on “Open Thread #170

  1. Today, I started reading the manga Sun-Ken Rock, based on a reader recommendation. My initial impression is very good. There is a chance that it will fail to keep me hooked but it seems to have the right combination of theme and art style that I like. I also checked out the Wikipedia page of the creator and saw that he has written a manga series called “Sluthouse”. I thought that this guy really knows how to get the attention of high-T males, but apparently, and unfortunately, this seems to be a translation error:

    1. The new banner is indeed from Sun-Ken Rock. I’m at chapter 40 of about 170 at the moment. It is a shonen manga through and through. As you can see, the artwork is quite exceptional.

  2. Here are two interesting videogame news:

    1) The Chinese MMORPG Genshin Impact has made more money in its first year than any other video game:
    I find this remarkable because, unlike Western games nowadays, Genshin Impact was designed to be as visually appealing as possible. You wander around lush landscapes. The male characters look like hunks and the female characters are all slim and sexy.

    2) GTA V, which is eight years old, just had its most profitable quarter:
    I find it hard to get excited about this. Yet, the continued success of this game is apparently affecting Rockstar Games quite badly, with GTA VI in development hell and stories of encroaching wokeness floating around. Once companies make too much money, they tend to get complacent. Bethesda has the same problem. You can even add Nintendo to the list as they followed up their extremely successful Wii and DS console and handheld with their worst performing console and handheld pair ever, the Wii U and the 3DS. Now they are back at the top of their game with the Switch, however. We have yet to see if Rockstar and Bethesda are able to rebound similarly.

    1. I play Genshin Impact. It’s a fun game. The characters are definitely good-looking. There was this one female character in the game that made the company millions of dollars cause she pulls a sword out of her chest. And all the characters have good personalities, unlike those Western video games you mentioned. Makes sense why they’re raking in the money.

    1. I have not watched the latest Bond movie either, and neither do I intend to, but this meme seems to encapsulate it very well. An even better contrast to woke Bond would be Sean Connery instead of Pierce Brosnan. I read that large parts of the new Bond were reshot because it was too woke even for a woke audience, with Bond essentially having been relegated to a sidekick of that black woman.

    1. This seems real. According to the article, Leeds University will get a cool £668,228 of taxpayer cash for their ‘Pregnant Men’ project. Given how important magical numbers are for a certain group of people, I wonder if the rather strange sum (why not 650k or 700k?) is supposed to be a satanic reference, i.e. 668,228 = 666,000 + 2,220 + 2 + 6 = 666,006 + 2,222 = 666,006 + 6,666 / 3. I am just wildly speculating here, but I noticed ‘666’ or three sixes in other sequences pop up an awful lot of times, e.g. in the infamous patent #060606 by Microsoft.

    2. I’m not sure what’s more concerning honestly, them doing the bidding of Satan or their so-called “Lord”. To see what I mean, skim over the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament. In it, the Lord guides the Israelites via the Ark of the Covenant which allows them to cross a river by damming it up, and even brings down the fortifying walls of Jericho with the collective sound of the screaming Israelite army. Worth noting is that they had sent a pair of spies into the city, before attacking it, where they collaborated with a prostitute, and in exchange for her cooperation they told her to keep her family inside her home marked with a red cord and they alone would be spared. After the walls come tumbling down, Joshua and his army tear through the city sparing no man, woman, child or elderly person — except of course a treasonous harlot. Afterwards, they proceed to collect all the gold, silver, copper and iron and offer it up to their Lord.

      I’ve recently come to see the Satan figure of the Bible as a Promethean archetype. In the case of Prometheus, fire (technology) is granted to humanity in a rebellious act against the gods thereafter he is eternally punished by Zeus by having his liver pecked out by an eagle before his stomach regenerates causing the torture to be endured all over again. We see over and over that the god of the Old Testament is a jealous authoritarian that can’t be reasoned with. It’s no surprise that Satan (Prometheus) would rebel against God and offer up the tree of life (knowledge/science/technology etc.) to Adam and Eve at the threat of his own demise. Satan signifies progress (true human progress, not the regressive deconstructive type we are currently seeing) while God exemplifies a golden state of affairs that can only ever degenerate into a silver age, then a bronze age, and so on and so on until it can either be pulled back together or it collapses and is rebuilt.

      Some years after Jesus’ death, Paul and the Apostles go around spreading Christianity to the Western world. From the point that those teachings take hold on forward, the goyim become mesmerized, or rather hypnotized, by the teachings of Jesus and the father God. The revealed Abrahamic religions were helpful in an expansionist type of way for some time, but really Islam (vs. Christianity) is only fulfilling that purpose at the moment. I don’t know enough about Islam to comment on it, but I think it’s safe to say that Christianity is no longer useful (and was never optimal for Western-kind to begin with, imo).

      Anyways, whenever the elites allude to the number 666 or any other Satanic types of references, I’m really starting to believe that it’s meant to rile up Christians and Q Anon people, or really just those of us who are sympathetic to not wanting to see our genes wiped out. We ( I mean us on the Right) are literally being led willingly into a regressive type of caste system by way of ‘progress’, and those championing fake progress are merely useful idiots cheering on their own demise. Ultimately, however, we’re both being used.

      “Just like the Pied Piper
      Led rats through the street
      We dance like the Marionettes
      Swaying to the Symphony of Destruction”

  3. Did everyone hear this? Youtube is removing the dislike bar. It probably has nothing to do with all the woke campaigns that were utterly destroyed with huge dislikes.

    The dislike ratio was literally the only way left for the actual masses to show what they do or don’t like. YouTube already rigged everything else by putting unpopular woke content ahead of stuff people actually want to watch and pretending that it’s popular.

    And now, that will be gone too. Is this the final straw and the jumping-the-shark moment? I hope so.

    1. I did not know about this, but it is a very interesting development. The globohomo regime acts like an enraged video game boss in the final phase where it shifts to much more aggressive moves that reveal greater weaknesses as well. There is hope that more normies will slowly wake up as a consequence. I wonder when YouTube will hide view counts. For instance, I find it very amusing that the most popular man on the planet, Joe Brandon, gets abysmally low view counts, given his supposed importance:
      Surely, this does not at all hint that maybe all the votes that were found in the early morning hours after election day were fraudulent and that this guy has hardly any popular support. Comments have also been disabled on a lot of government videos, which still gives me a good chuckle every once in a while. Here is an interview by the German equivalent of RT or the BBC with Angela Merkel:

      Surely, it is a total coincidence that comments have been turned off. Merkel has been a complete disaster for Germany, yet the media never fails to praise her for not doing her job.

    1. The future will be pretty much ideocracy (in the West).

      – declining IQ levels (see

      – very bad education system coming from blank-slate ideology (which actively dumbs down good students)

      – mass immigration of people with a lower average IQ

      – social media and smartphones making people incapable to concentrate on anything (especially if they start very young) for more than 5 minutes

      at the same time, China will probably start soon to raise the IQ level of their population with CRISPR, eugenics, and actually having sensible immigration policies.

      It’s the perfect storm for the fall of the West

      The only question is how much longer they can keep it together.

    2. China does not even need to do much. That they are the only nation seriously pushing eugenics via CRISPR should be cause for serious concern for the West but their societal setup where the smartest get rewarded the most would lead to the same outcome, albeit more slowly. Meanwhile, we are dismantling our most elite institutions. I follow the University of Cambridge on LinkedIn. Some time ago they reposted a comment by a black PhD graduate of one of their colleges, talking about how much he learned and about what he wants to do as a post doc at MIT or Harvard or some other US elite college. However, that guy’s English had spelling and grammar mistakes, and the language was at a level perhaps comparable to an average middle schooler. Well, Obama’s wife went to Princeton, and her Bachelor’s thesis speaks for itself. (Spoiler: it is laughably bad.)

      On a related note, the most prestigious scholarship in the anglosphere used to be the Rhodes Scholarship, set up by the abominable racist Cecil Rhodes. Their past list of laureates is very impressive. It is basically a who-is-who of anglo-imperialism. Today, though, it is all about inclusivity and the new goal merely seems to be that laureates have “stable, successful careers”, never raising above the common heard in a meaningful way.

    3. Watch this series about Chinese gaokao (college entrance exam)

      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3

      Part 4

      Part 5

      Part 6

      More and more Chinese come back to China from abroad.

      This means they will form a strong core of leaders in China. This is a potential not yet unleashed. It remains to be seen whether they could coexist with the Party.

    1. This is a wonderful clip! You can bet that this woman never looked at Bezos the way she did look at DiCaprio at this moment. Also, given that Bezos is taking turns with Musk for the position of wealthiest man in the world according to Forbes, which excludes the Rothschild clan and other usual suspects, it is quite remarkable how much looks trump money. Bezos is worth around 200 billion dollars, and DiCaprio about 200 million. This is the 1%-er equivalent of a chick dating a millionaire lusting after a thug who owns little more than the clothes on his back and a motorcycle.

    2. Lol his fake/gay space exploration BS. Maybe he can preach to the masses about climate change soon while dicking around on his penis rockets.

      I looked up his height and got 5’ 8’’ compared to Leo’s 5’ 11.5’’ and I’m just not seeing it. Bezos looks more like he’s 5’ 5’’ here. I’m guessing his girl is wearing heels at this event.

    3. @Aaron
      I completely agree. I sent this to my friend who believes Henry Kissengers bullshit about power being the ultimate aphrodisiac. Powerful ugly men have a way of rationalizing why women like them.

      Now that I think about it. Kissengers reasoning is incredibly flawed. It assumes that looks is not a form of power in itself.

    4. Okay, I just watched the clip again. If you look closely it appears that Leo is standing on a step which gives him a few extra inches or so (you can see the lady step up on it for a brief moment before the clip replays). Therefore Jeff Bezos probably is about 5’ 8’’ while his girl is probably around 5’ 5’’ or so and wearing heels. Either way, Leo is clearly taller and better-looking. Not to mention his reputation as a pussy slayer precedes him.

    5. What matters here is that DiCaprio is taller than that woman. Even if Bezos was as tall as DiCapro, he would have gotten BTFO. Also, Bezos posted a cringe-worthy picture as some kind of threat to DiCaprio on Twitter, posing in front of a sign that reads “Danger. Cliff ahead”, or something along those lines. You can bet that his girlfriend could not shut up about how hot DiCaprio is.

    6. Luckily for Bezos, Ms. Sanchez is a little over twice the age of the average girlfriend Leo usually dumps in exchange for a younger model. However, since it’s Bezos and all, I’d put a butt plug in her boo hole and tell that if she looks me in the eye there’ll be hell to pay.

    1. I don’t have a chance to watch the clip right now but I can’t imagine what good reason they would legally have to raid him. They’d have to be insane to find Rittenhouse guilty at this point, but if the don’t then I imagine that will be quite lovely as well. Shit is serious.

    2. What is worse is that the NYT is suing Project Veritas, the FBI raided them, and apparently handed over whatever they found to the FBI, including communication between Veritas and their lawyers. This is third-world African despot tier. Oh, but I forgot that we live in a democracy, so this is probably not true.

    3. I watched the most recent video to the link you sent just now. Do they just go around messing with whoever they dislike at the time? It’s not just the US gov pulling this shit either.

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