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A Great Example of Modern-Day Rape, feat. David Portnoy and a Random Chick

The left loves to redefine words. More recent examples are “heard immunity”, “vaccine”, “fully vaccinated”, and “pandemic”, which all no longer mean what you think they mean. Similarly, the word “rape” has gone through quite a transformation. Originally, it meant to “abduct” women, and, of course, the abducted women normally did not put up much resistance to subsequent sexual encounters with their new owners. Analyses of human genomics have shown that, throughout history, most men did not procreate, but nearly all women. The victors would kill the men, and carry off the women. In more modern times, “rape” used to mean something along the lines of “forced penetrative sexual activity”, but this would include all those female teachers who routinely rape their male students, so the definition was changed to mean something like “forceful penile penetration, by a man, of a non-man”. Then this was not good enough, so nowadays, grabbing a woman by the pussy, like Trump did, is apparently rape even when the woman wants it, and it is also rape, in Sweden, if the condom slips off during sex. In American, women need to “enthusiastically consent” to every step on the sexual escalation ladder. Otherwise, it is rape.

Of course, the issue with using the term “rape” in such an inflationary manner is that the shock value drops significantly over time. A few decades ago, getting branded a rapist would be your end. Today, people wonder if this means that the condom burst during consensual sex. There is a short period of time where the associations of the original term can be used to bludgeon people the powers that be want to silence, but eventually, this effect simply fades as it is too ridiculous to equate a condom that slips off with forceful, violent rape. Note that rapes of the latter kind have become politically very inconvenient as it is commonly “doctors and engineers” from Africa committing them, and not white supremacists. It is even worse that there is virtually no white-on-black rape, but countless black-on-white rape.

Lastly, there is rape by regret, i.e. the woman willingly engages in sexual intercourse but the guy ghosts her or does not reward her, emotionally or financially, the way she never articulated it but always expected it. Then the woman cries wolf and tries to wreck the guy’s reputation online, or get him locked up with a false rape accusation. Jewish millionaire Dave Portnoy is going through this right now. I did not know who he was. Apparently, he is famous for his “one-bite pizza reviews”, and made his money with a sports gambling website, an industry Jews are dominating. Let us look at the story, as told by her in the online outlet Insider.

The woman initiated the interaction by messaging Dave Portnoy on Instagram with the words, “Sick pizza reviews” to which the latter responded “Thanks fly bitch”. Already here this woman should have been able to deduce that Dave Portnoy was not likely to show her a lot of respect. “She was a 20-year-old college student at the time, Portnoy a 43-year-old multimillionaire,” the author of Insider remarks, in attempt to garner sympathy for this poor, innocent woman. It would probably be more appropriate to state that this poor, innocent insta-thot was engaged in stalking successful men online, hoping to extract a modicum of fame, and possibly a big payday as well, from them.

The conversation moved on to sex. Dave Portnoy supposedly sent her private sex clips. This prompted her to jump on a plane and visit him. Now look what transpired:

After dinner, they started kissing. Madison said she first became uncomfortable when Portnoy pulled out his phone and started filming her — without asking permission — as she performed oral sex on him. “I never said anything. I was scared. He was just so mean,” she said.

Alright, so the story jumps from kissing to her sucking his dick, and only then did she become uncomfortable, but did not take his dick out of her mouth. This dude sent her clips of other chicks, and now she is featured on such a clip herself, which Dave Portnoy is surely going to send to other chicks to get them to visit him. As uncomfortable as she may have been, she just kept going. She felt as if she was “just a human sex doll” but was happy to play along. I sense a contradiction here, but I cannot quite put my finger on it. In any case, I am not sure what she expected from meeting this guy in real life.

She also told him that she likes rough sex. Then Dave Portnoy gives it to her, and she, afterwards, does not like it. The very strange thing is that despite this supposed rape, she did not just leave this guy’s house but instead stayed for two nights. It stretches credulity that she felt uncomfortable and that she felt like she “was being raped”, yet keeps hanging around.

I am now just wildly speculating, but can we assume that the woman has any agency in this story? The only way for her perspective to make any sense is if she has no agency at all and, instead, dark, sinister forces of the evil patriarchy somehow forced her to visit Dave Portnoy for sex. Maybe someone tied her up, muzzled her, and dropped her off on Dave Portnoy’s doorstep. I mean, how can she look past a dozen red flags, yet still go ahead? I guess none of this matters because in her mind, she just cannot take any responsibility at all for her actions. Thus, Dave Portnoy needs to be the bad guy in this story. It is also strange that we no longer even hear the other side. Apparently, if you are a famous man, any woman can just come out of the woodwork, hide behind a veil of anonymity, and sling mud. We really built a great society here.

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3 thoughts on “A Great Example of Modern-Day Rape, feat. David Portnoy and a Random Chick

  1. The media wants to tell us 2 different stories:

    A) Women are strong and independent, they are better and superior to men.

    B) Women are helpless victims with 0 agency, who get exploited by evil men and can do nothing about it. (= children basically)

    normally, if your brain still works, you should only be able to believe in A or B.
    believing in both A & B at the same time, requires an amount of cognitive dissonance that I almost cannot comprehend.

    And yet, it works on the normie NPCs.
    It’s quite shocking how easily they can hold completely contradicting beliefs without it bothering them at all.

  2. Heaven help you if some chick you hook up with is into physical violence.

    Recently, a pitcher in the American baseball league is getting fucked. His main defence is that he had consensual relations. It’s dicey once your girl is into get beaten up.

    (See: )

    A few years ago, some minor Canadian celebrity had his life ruined because of scorned ex’s. He luckily saved texts/emails – which were seen as signs of guilt (i.e. “hey, if he was innocent, why would he need to cover his ass and keep evidence of consent” was how the hamster wheel spun it.)

    (Background: )

    Bottom line: chicks into getting beaten = huge red flag

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