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Thoughts on Covid Travel Restrictions

I received the following article request on Covid travel restrictions in Canada:

Canada travel policy trapping unvaccinated
I wanted your take on mandatory vaccines for travel in/out of Canada. On Oct 30, you got to be fully vaxxed to board a plane/train/boat in Canada. So basically, the unvaxxed are trapped in the country. What would you advise to do, how to get out? Similar to Germany back then? Plz leave me anonymous.

I do not think that this issue is necessarily only related to Canada but instead applies to any country that has used the fake Covid pandemic as a pretense for setting up tyrannical control structures. Surely, telling you that you cannot enter or leave the country if you did not get injected with an experimental “vaccination” that is worse than the infection it allegedly protects you from is pretty far up on the tyranny totem pole.

Assuming you do not want to get injected with this pharmaceutical poison, the question is how to deal with this problem. I do not at all want to sugarcoat the situation as we are indeed in a very dark place. You have surely heard of employers mandating the vaxx, which led to walk-outs in key industries. Health care is heavily affected by it, and so is the freight industry as well as, ironically enough, the airline industry. Many pilots do not want to get vaxxed due to the elevated risks of blood clots in high altitudes, which adds another risk factor to the vaxx’s baseline blood-clotting risk. Thus, you could almost jest that even if there was no travel ban, chances of you leaving the country would be reduced anyway because there are fewer flights, and even if you could board a plane, it may fall out of the sky if the pilot and co-pilot both get a stroke mid-flight. Of course, the official narrative is that airlines had to ground hundreds of flights because of the “weather”.

If you want to leave, the question would be where you would like to go. Some second or third world countries are open for travel. I also have the impression that places like Vietnam or the Philippines leave expats pretty much alone, regardless of how draconian the measures for the local population are. If air travel from your country of residence is not an option, you need to explore alternatives. Could you cross the border into a neighboring country via train or car and hop on a board from there? Also, keep in mind that compliance with Covid policies is pretty low across the board. The other week I ate at a restaurant at a place where only the vaxxed or tested are officially allowed to dine in. Yet, staff could not care less. We were not asked for any kind of proof of our vaccination status. Furthermore, the only people with masks on indoors were the waiters, even though masks are supposedly mandatory.

With regards to airlines, the question is if they all do proper checks. Again, I’m supposed to “check in” with my Covid pass at restaurants in the country I currently live in but plenty of restaurants and stores do not care about this at all. There is not even token compliance. It could very well be the case that smaller airlines do not care either. You can now bring up fines for airlines, but there are supposedly heavy fines for restaurants as well. The problem with tyrannical measures is that they are really hard to enforce. Policing only works if there is a high degree of voluntary compliance, and this is not at all the case with Covid.

You could try getting a fake Covid pass, but if you do that, better look into the potential legal ramifications. It may be safer to bribe a doctor to get a real vaxx cert, without taking the vaxx. If I needed to flee from my country of residence, and I needed a vaxx passport, I would probably try to do that. A few months ago I mused about getting the Chinese or Russian vaxx instead, if I really needed to. My current position, though, is that this is all garbage. Covid is no threat for a healthy person so there is no reason to get injected with any kind of concoction at all for it.

As we are living in genuinely crazy times, I would furthermore suggest that if you leave your country, keep in mind that you may not be allowed to get back in. I hear that Australia did not allow unvaxxed citizens in. Supposedly, they also prevent unvaxxed tourists from leaving the country. We live in a time in which tyrannical measures get implemented as some kind of knee-jerk reaction, without any plausible justification at all. Thus, act accordingly, and maybe skip your two-week vacation abroad. After all, you do not know what is going to happen. Upon arrival you may be forced to quarantine, and the same may happen on your way back.

In times of tyrannical overreach, your best bet is probably to get away from the clutches of the government as far as you can. This means moving out of big cities, first and foremost. It would be even better if you are able to grow some food, and if this is not an option then at least stock up food for two or three weeks. If you follow the news, you have probably heard of supply issues in key industries. I think the elites are preparing for another bullshit move this winter, probably a double or tripple whammy of food shortages, energy shortages, and a partial shutdown of the Internet (look up Cyber Polygon!).

Lastly, I would like to correct the claim that “Germany back then” locked people in. This is untrue. People could go into exile without any issues at all. The Nazis even supported Zionism and the creation of a Jewish nation state in the Middle East, and encouraged Jews to move to Palestine. This was formalized in the so-called Haavara agreement. There is also a party publication with the title “A Nazi travels to Palestine” (German: Ein Nazi reist nach Palästina; I do not know if this has been translated into English) that provides further detail. If I had the option of living in Germany in 1933 or in today’s Clown World, I know what I would prefer. It would be Clown World, obviously.

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9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Covid Travel Restrictions

  1. I can chime in on Vietnam as I’m here currently as an expat. No foreigners have been forced to take it at this point. Dine-in restaurants and bars in Saigon still aren’t happening, but they are in other parts of the country for the vaxxed. However, as is the case in many places as Aaron pointed out, there are some establishments that have let unvaxxed in anyway.

    If you catch COVID and your landlord finds out about it, there was a time when he very well may have ratted you out, and you would have had to go to some sort of quarantine facility. In that case, you’d have to pony up a bit of cash for a decent room. You did not want to go to the poor man’s quarantine facility. Now, however, your landlord will prolly pressure you to self-isolate at your apartment/house.

    I do teach English, and my employers know that I haven’t taken the vax, and are still helping me with the renewal process. That said, my English center hasn’t reopened, and I could definitely see a period where vaxxed are allowed back, while the unvaxxed are not. My instinct is that I’ll be allowed back at work eventually though.

    Idk what to think about upcoming waves though. My instinct is that this economy just can’t take any more locking down. Anecdotally, crime is already speaking.

  2. Great post and very insightful.

    There are quite a few countries that aren’t going crazy with their COVID/vaccine mandates. Mexico and Colombia are good examples. Mexico you can enter the country without any vaccines or COVID tests. And the Mexican President said he’s against any vaccine passports cause he doesn’t want any protests like in Europe. Of course, they can always change their policies. But places like Mexico and Colombia are way less strict than most Western countries right now, like Australia and Canada.

    In Canada, starting in November they’re making it that you can’t board a train or plane or cruise ships without the vaxx proof. And the US land border is currently closed but when it does reopen, it’s only open to fully vaxxed travelers. So unvaxxed Canadians are basically trapped in their own country.

    I never understood the plan of moving away from civilization and living off the land/away from the grid in the same country. If the government says, “if you don’t get vaxxed, you’re going to prison.” It’s easier for them if you live in a big city, yes. But they can just easily travel to your remote location and find you anyways. Seems to me like leaving a tyrannical country would be safer than staying, even if you’re off the grid.

    Food shortages/supply chain issues are probably coming, at least in North America. By January 2022, all people crossing the Canada/US/Mexican border will need to be vaxxed, including truckers. They’re already having problems with the supply chain; this will make it far worse, since many truckers didn’t get the shot.

    1. Just to clarify, I am not talking about living off the grid. Instead, I suggest that people consider living in small towns or villages. While it is true that the government can, in principle, hound you on the countryside as well, it is simply uneconomical to do so, considering that a block in a big city may house more people than dozens of villages on the countryside, which are spread out across hundreds of square kilometers. This is not an exaggeration, considering how sparsely populated the countryside can be, with possibly only half a dozen villages or so in a 20 x 20 km^2 region.

    2. Aaron,
      On a related note, you have discussed before about growing your own food, but have you thought about growing your own medicinal plants as well? I’ve come across a lot of information about which plants are medicinal, and which plants contain secondary compounds (toxins) which aren’t safe for human consumption. A lot of the information on plants tends to be very contradicting.

      While living in a small town/village might be a great way of getting out of this clown world, the only down side I see is the water supply. If the government decides to shut down the water line that would essentially kill your crops/plants that you’re harvesting. In addition, I’ve come across a lot of conflicting information about EMP. If there was a discharge that would disable the entire infrastructure. I’m not quite to sure what the likely hood of that happening.

    3. My wife is very interested in this topic, and I would certainly be open to it. There is a lot of knowledge that has been suppressed by the medical establishment, but also plenty of quackery. My grandmother probably knew a lot about home remedies that has now been lost because my mother had little interest in it.

      The government could also shut down your electricity, or your bank account, or your Internet. I am not trying to make the point that if you move to the countryside that you will be immune to government suppression. However, you are in a better position from a merely probabilistic perspective because it is so much easier to control people in big cities. Should the government go as far as to conduct active warfare against its population, you probably want to likewise be far away from big cities.

  3. Here in my country, thankfully, the govt has eased up con restrictions after getting anally raped in the last elections. Not because of the restrictions itself, I would argue, but because of the economic crisis caused by them last year. Most restrictions were barely being enforced anyway, with the exception of international travel.

    The country is finally loosening up with that as well. I will put that to the test in the coming months, as I will travel internationally for the first time since the pandemic began. Managed to get a genuine vaxx proof too.

    1. How difficult was it for you to find a doctor to issue you a vaxx card? I would imagine that it is a bit easier in Latin American than in most of Europe.

    2. I had a guy on Twitterwho was supposed to get fake Covid vaxx proofs for a lot of people, but disappeared for personal reasons after assuring me that other guys would take up the task. Still waiting though.

    3. Not difficult at all, but I did not need to go a doctor. As a matter of fact, vaccinations are not adminstered by private doctors or hospitals, but by nurses at specifically dedicated government run vaccination & testing centers.

      I know plenty of insiders in the state bureaucracy, and I didnt even have to pay a dime.

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