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With Anti-Game, Even the Easiest Girls are Hard to Get

I recently had a conversation with a client about club game and whether I still think that, post-Covid, Berlin would be the best place for it. I think that this is still the case, primarily because you can party for days on end. Some clubs open their doors on Thursday at midnight and close on Monday morning. On top, you have a relatively young crowd, several large universities, and a large number of tourists. The latter is particularly relevant if you are not into the Nordic German type, i.e. tall women with non-existent secondary sex characteristics. I added that you don’t even need much “game” at times, for instance if you bump into a chick on MDMA who mistakes you for a Giga-Chad. While there are plenty of willing women around who bang Chads even when they are not on drugs, there are also some who are always on something when the are in clubs because it “just feels better” this way.

I later thought a bit more about this and then realized that my assessment was not quite correct. True, if you have had sex with a few women and have managed to escalate all the way to sex, it is easy to do this over and over and over. On the other hand, with a relative lack of experience, which is not the case with that client, it does not help you very much to bump into some chick who is ready to bend over for you.

After I had gotten a few notches under my belt, pulling chicks in clubs was suddenly pretty easy. It would always have been easy, but you need a bit of experience first. Then, just like riding a bike, you can do it again and again. While the example of some chick who is “tripping mad ballz” might sound like an extreme outlier, you have probably gotten some opportunities outside of clubs as well, which you may have been oblivious to. I’d like to share a few cases of women who were throwing themselves at me. For context, I should remind you that I did not want to get involved with women in my teens and early twenties as I had other priorities. I also had friends who complained to me about their girlfriends, which only strengthened my resolve.

When I was in middle school, there was a chick who struck up a friendship with me. As you can probably guess, she was not the most attractive. Overall, she was pretty average. Given that almost all girls were slim back in the days, this means that she would be considered pretty hot by today’s standards. We occasionally hung out after school. Among others, we played table tennis together. She was pretty good and even competed. I did not compete, but I was nonetheless a formidable opponent for her. She used to get pretty into those matches and easily got to the point where she worked up a bit of a sweat whereas I, due to my comparatively long arms, did not quite get as much exercise out of it. There is a reason why I’m mentioning this, so hold on.

The friendship I had with that girl lasted for a few months. There were a few awkward moments where she was sitting a bit too close. To me, this felt simply uncomfortable as did not find her that attractive. Anyway, during another one of our games, she looked at me differently, and at some point, she slammed the paddle down on the table, turned around, sighed, and said, “my fucking cunt”, and rubbed herself down there for a few moments. Then she said she had to use the bathroom and was gone for a few minutes. I lacked the right perspective back then but, looking back, it’s safe to assume that she simply masturbated in the bathroom.

Logistics were not great in that case so I don’t think I could have banged her, except in the bathroom stall at school, but that would not have been realistic. Also, I don’t think her mom would have been thrilled with some teenage guy hanging out in her daughter’s room, and neither would my mom have been. Nonetheless, I could have played this much differently had I had more experience. At the very least, I could have gotten to third base, and got a similar treatment in return.

The table tennis story I only remembered because I was originally thinking of another chick I met years later when I was living in student housing. There was a shared kitchen on the floor and she was often around when I was preparing dinner for myself. In fact, it seemed she hung out there, waiting for me to show up. This was a strange situation for me as I had no easy way to escape. I would not forego frying a nice piece of meat just because I did not want to talk to some thot. She inquired a few times about what I like and brought up some suggestions herself. One was that she has two table tennis paddles in her room and that we could play in the common room and continue chatting there if I wanted.

The difference between the first and the second encounter is not just logistics. There is probably no easier way to get laid than living in a co-ed dorm. Another difference is that it was completely transparent to me what she was doing. I also knew how I could have steered those interactions to end up banging her. A straightforward way would have been to go to her room to “pick up the paddles”, then make-out with her, throw her onto the bed, and bang her. She would have been completely down for it. Later, she even went to my room under some pretense. It was to check the connector of my phone charger to see if her phone would fit (nice imagery there, thot!). I left the door to my room open and was very amused when I observed that she did not want to close to door herself and also did not really know how to keep the interaction going. Had I wanted to bang her then, I would only have needed to close the door. It would have been laughably easy. A little later, she met another dude and she subsequently ignored me. (Article continues below.)

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Getting opportunities is one thing. Acting on them is quite another. Thus, you could put an inexperienced dude into a club, right next to some chick on MDMA who thinks that she needs his dick no matter what, and he still wouldn’t be able to close the deal. In fact, you can often observe this. Surely, you recall seeing dudes making out with chicks for hours and not leaving with the girl. It just does not happen that she leads you all the way to sex, at least not for normal guys.

Years ago, when I was partying in St Tropez with clients of mine, I had a memorable encounter at one of those expensive night clubs. Some chick approached me. She put her hand on my arm and started asking me a few questions, related to how much money I have, not not quite so directly. My answers did not satisfy her, so she quickly walked off. I saw her going to a few different guys and in the end she stuck to some young dude from a very wealthy family (one of my clients knew him). The guy was a bit passive, so in the end, she took his hand and led him out of the club. This may be the reality for some very well-off guys as women like her essentially act like hookers and have a very similar personality, I would guess. Regular guys, even Chads, will have to do at least a little bit of work.

This reminds me of one encounter where a woman did indeed (almost) all the work. I’m telling this story also to convey how little you can trust the common woman. The background is that in my early to mid-20s, I had a good friend I hung out with quite frequently. We listened ’60s and ’70s rock music together and talked about a lot of things. He was a pretty chill dude whose company I enjoyed. Now, he also had a girlfriend, a very attractive blonde. I bumped into her briefly once when I visited him. She was about to leave as I entered his apartment; she also acted rather aloof towards me. A few weeks later, he asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with his girlfriend, as a favor. She got tickets for a concert at a club but he didn’t like the venue. I checked out the band online and it was decent enough music, so I decided to do him that favor. He gave my number to his girlfriend and from then on, things got pretty weird pretty fast.

The first red flag was that she wanted to come to my place to hang out for a bit before going out so that we could get to know each other. She brought a bottle of sparkling wine “to get in the mood” and said that even if I don’t drink, she likes it, so she drank two glasses and got increasingly talkative, telling me that her boyfriend “admires” me and talks a lot about me, and that she was really looking forward to finally meet me. Eventually, we had to head out to get to the venue. There, she occasionally touched me when talking to me. I started to get a bit uncomfortable. The concert eventually ended. I thought I could now head home and forget about this encounter. Yet, she “had forgotten her keys” and claimed that if she now headed back to her place, she would only wake her flatmates. Thus, she asked if she could sleep at my place instead.

I only had a bed in my room, no sofa, but she said this would not be a problem. At my place, she began undressing while she was turned away from me. She pulled out a T-shirt from her handbag and put it on. I was also quite surprised that she has a toothbrush in her handbag. Now I was in my room with the girlfriend of a good friend of mine. I asked her if she wanted to sleep with her head where my feet were, which she ignored. A little bit later we were lying next to each other in bed. She felt warm, so she said, so the T-shirt had to come off. Now she was only wearing bra and panties — and smiling at me. I felt conflicted because I valued the friendship to that guy. Besides, what would I want with a woman who was unfaithful? One-night-stands were not on my mind back then.

As you can see, I did not actively do anything yet. All she did was smile as she was lying next to me. Then she said that I should forget about my friend (= her boyfriend) and that surely it was okay if we hugged. She then embraced me — and kissed me, which quickly transitioned into making out. She also initiated this. To me, this felt wrong, so I quickly stopped. Then, she said that no girl sleeps with a bra on, so the bra came off as well. Again, I did not want to betray my friend so I did not escalate this. She asked me what the matter was, and then she said that if I did not “want to do anything”, I could at least hold her and gently kiss her. She also mused that “because there is no tongue, it’s not cheating”. I was not so sure if her boyfriend would view it the same way, but this struck me like a compromise I could live with.

I did not have that much experience with women at this point, but that is not relevant for the argument of this post. I did not sexually escalate the situation further because the situation felt messed up for me. Yet, you can easily picture a dude in this situation who does not escalate because he thinks that he’s moving too fast. In fact, I have heard from guys that they had a chick in their bedroom, made out for half an hour, and whenever they wanted to escalate things further, the chick said that she never does this or that things are moving too fast, and those guys took it at face value instead of whipping their dick out. Yet, this is only easy once you have done this. If not, this can feel like a big hurdle, even if you are Chad and the chick next to you is dripping wet and waiting for you to shove your dick in her.

By the way, the encounter with my friend’s girlfriend ended in the worst possible way. She kept me awake by insisting I keep holding her and exchange pecks on her lips, obviously waiting for me to take things further. In the early morning, she said she had to go, so she packed her things and disappeared. She probably left as soon as she knew she could get easily back home via public transport again. Some time later, I hung out with my friend again. He asked me if anything happened between me and his girlfriend because she’s been “a bit weird lately”. I said that nothing happened; she had forgotten her keys and had to sleep over at my place. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Please be honest. What did you and her do?” I truthfully said that she kissed me and that I wasn’t comfortable with it. He thought I was bullshitting him. (I would have thought the same in his place.) For a moment, he looked very angry. Then he was calm again. Now he accused me of having betrayed him and called me shameless for wanting to hang out with him as if nothing had happened. Well, this was the end of this friendship. He later also dumped his girlfriend. I think she wanted to jump ship but now that this didn’t work out, pretended that nothing had happened and went back to him.

Long story short, it is very easy for us to tell other guys that they only need to take the chances that they are getting. In particular, I am thinking of Lisbon, who was depressed because he didn’t get girls, yet he was semi-regularly making out with club sluts. This is a fantastic first step that can easily lead to a lot more but if you have never walked the walk, getting to fucking a girl who desperately wants your dick can seem like a problem without a solution. You can tell such a guy that they only need to lead her off the dance floor and to the exit, or the bathroom, but if you don’t do this confidently, she can easily lose interest because she will deduce that you are not quite the man she thought you were. Getting girls can be easy. However, getting to the point where getting girls is easy can be hard, even for a Chad. This is not so much because they lack “game” but because they need to drop their “anti-game”.

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4 thoughts on “With Anti-Game, Even the Easiest Girls are Hard to Get

  1. Aaron,
    “…you could put an inexperienced dude into a club, right next to some chick on MDMA who thinks that she needs his dick no matter what, and he still wouldn’t be able to close the deal.”

    “…you recall seeing dudes making out with chicks for hours and not leaving with the girl.”
    “…getting to the point where getting girls is easy can be hard, even for a Chad. This is not so much because they lack “game” but because they need to drop their “anti-game”.”

    A common problem is that not many men know how to “transitions” from point “A” to point “B” and then to point “C”. A lot of men often play it safe with women not wanting to get rejected, and refrain from escalating and making bold moves. Thus, there’s a lack of reference experience(s), and positive reinforcement from women. For example, if a guy is inexperience, and meets three different girls, he will often have three different outcomes. One, they get laid. Two, they don’t get laid. Three, they get last minute resistance. I’ve often notice that men will often put more “energy” and “focus” onto girls “two” and “three” trying to solve “how to get laid” with those girls instead of reflecting on girl “one” who was simply attracted to him who made things easy for him.

    1. Agreed. Anti-game guys like myself will pull out all the stops when a girl isn’t showing interest, but will get lazy when a girl is doing all the work. It’s backwards thinking.

  2. Great article. I’ve had moments too when women were wanting to fuck me but I was too scared and didn’t do anything. They lost interest or probably thought I was gay.

    1. Most likely thought you weren’t interested. Imagine showing interest in a girl and she does nothing. What would you think? Probably not that she was a lesbo. If you did, people would laugh at you. Girls have insecurities just as we do. Actually I think their insecurities are tenfold, especially when they make bold attempts. The other excuses they give for guys not reciprocating are often rationalisations to keep their ego intact.

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