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39 thoughts on “Open Thread #128

  1. Aaron,
    A topic that hasn’t been quite discussed on your blog is social development. Lately, I’ve been watching Bill Gates. As I was watching some of his interviews, I started thinking about this past social development. It strikes me as odd that he’s weird and creepy at an old age. This guy interacts with people on a daily basis, yet he’s still weird. I have noticed this beahviour even among strangers and my peers. What’s going on that some men can’t fully become socially well adjusted? I’ve noticed that people are often trap in their own little bubble unable to snap out of it.

    1. Chris,

      What about him is “weird and creepy”.

      To me he just comes off as a tech nerd and reminds me of my friends who work in tech.

    2. I agree with Ubermensch. Good looking people are naturally engaged with in a way that cultivated good social skills. However, this IS, of course, a generalization. It’s possible to have a home life or, as in my case, be put on meds, that warp your personality to the point where it overrides the interest you get for your looks.

    3. @Herkerderker

      I’ve always had looks, but struggled with social skills for many years. It’s incredible what a broken home and
      narsicistic female family members can do to a young man.

    4. I suggest everyone to watch this video. It’s a great breakdown of what’s currently going on. If anyone think bill gates got lucky with Microsoft and became rich from windows is mistaken. Bill gates is a crypto Joo and his family was wealthy before hand.

  2. Back when I was a lurker here a generation X’er made an interesting comment about the movies of the late 1990s. Fight Club and The Matrix being the prime examples. The rebellious spirit of these movies was emblematic of the first generation to grow up without a culture, and fighting to develop one. In 2001 9/11 happened and all of the attention was shifted to fight elitist agendas. We have not been the same since.

    The other thing that was huge back then was punk rock. Angry, but very enjoyable IMO. The scene in San Diego was huge. Even the hotties would show up. A lost generation yearning and literally screaming for an identity. Today’s generation is completely vapid. They’ve given up.

    1. This is a very good point. I think in terms of popular culture, we went off a cliff. I have been wondering whether I hold Fight Club in such high regards because of the age I was when I watched it, similarly to how some mediocre video game you play as a kid may be your definition of pure, unadulterated fun. Yet, when you replay them a decade later, you realize that this game was actually pretty crappy. Revisiting movies, books, and games after a significant amount of time has passed can help putting them in context.

      Tetris on the Gameboy was the first video game I played and I still occasionally play that version on an emulator. Also, Super Mario World was the first console game I played, and replayed a few times throughout the years. Similarly, I have rewatched Fight Club several times. It is probably my most-watched movie. Every time I watch it, it still speaks to me, probably even more, actually. The Matrix had less of an effect on me. Yet, it is leagues above the garbage Hollywood is pumping out nowadays.

      It could well be that the Hollywood honchos felt uncomfortable with how well Fight Club resonated with the crowd. Thus, they killed similar projects. This may sound absurd to you if you believe that we live in capitalism as opposed to oppressive socialism, but the same is happening these days. Disney, for instance, recently publicly stated that they reject well-written scripts if they are not woke enough. Thus, it seems they accept woke garbage just because it is woke ( Also, the porn industry pushes interracial porn a lot even though they are losing money on it as nobody is watching it. Media is run by people with an agenda. They don’t really want to entertain you anymore.

    2. Wow. I’m not surprised that Disney turns down well written scripts, just that are brazen enough now days to admit it! Tangled was actually not bad but that was a while ago. And that even got BS because the male lead was masculine, likable, and pretty much stole the show.

      The great thing about art is that great art is timeless. Tech improves, art may or may not. So a great video game of yore will lose its enjoyability. As will a movie dependent on special effects. But Gone With the Wind kicks the shit out of almost anything that came since. Just tonight my friend said he only likes contemporary. I said yeh, Beethoven sucks.

      Which goes back to Fight Club. It still resonates with men. Aaron, did you like punk rock back in the day? I have to admit to jumping into a few mosh pits at punk shows. At the end of the day, after beating on each other, we were all still cool.

    3. Yes, I was pretty much into aggressive guitar music. Grunge and punk rock where right up my alley. The biggest band I was a fan of was Nirvana. Smaller ones include Bad Religion, Pennywise, Black Flag, The Pixies, and a lot more. I lost interest in popular music after I left London in 2008. Partly it was because the clubs in Berlin had worse DJs but also it was because I thought that contemporary music was just getting progressively worse. This was most obvious when the DJ at some underground club in London played a classic song by The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, or David Bowie, and then you wonder if any of the music published in the last year or two, which was what they mostly played, would be as fondly remembered forty years from now. I would argue that it is laughable to suggest that this will be the case.

      Nowadays, I either listen to classical music or retrowave. There is a lot of creativity in the latter. Often, it is quite saddening to come across a track that resonates with me, just to see that it has garnered 2,000 views in four years. The problem here is of course over-saturation. There are now orders of magnitude more people who make and release music.

    4. Yeah, I was into all the bands you mentioned. Pennywise and Bad Religion are both Southern California bands. In fact, Bad Religion went to high school about 10 minutes from where I live along with Blink 182. Blink started to suck around 2000. And music in general started to decline, like you said. The local radio station dubbed “The Cutting Edge of Rock,” started playing Jack Johnson all the time. I don’t know if you remember how bad he sucked. It wasn’t even rock. Then Emo became huge and I couldn’t even listen to the station any more. Like you said, the crap they started playing had no staying power. Today the station just plays 90s stuff for the most part. I don’t listen to the radio any more but last I did Cage the Elephant was pretty good, and 29 Pilots was not bad IMO.

  3. Anyone have any plans if shit hits the fan in your country? In the great white North it doesn’t seem like it’s going too well. I don’t know if I should just buy land up north and have a bug out place or move down south to the states. I’m getting mixed feels. Some people are saying it’ll get really bad, ie mandatory vax, then eventually booster shots bi yearly, then microchipped etc. Others are saying they can’t force us to take vaxs. But if the gov. Does martial law then really we have no rights. . I dunno. It’s hard to predict the outcome of all of this bs.

    1. The elites are ramping up the Covid b.s. The two options I’m considering are a) moving to the countryside and b) migrating to Singapore. The benefit of the former is that you isolate yourself from the degeneracy of the city and with remote work in my field now getting more and more common, it would be an economically viable option. A few years ago I would not have considered it but at the rate at which we are headed towards societal collapse, leaving the city behind is getting more attractive. In contrast, moving to Singapore may sound absurd as it is a city state. Yet, they have a good twenty to thirty years left before things will really go south. Some problems I see are the economic alliance with the West, with a concomitant adoption of woke culture. There are now people speaking of “Chinese privilege” over there.

      In any case, I would encourage you to be as non-compliant as you possibly can, just to slow down the madness. I think it is unlikely that they will send out the military to forcefully vaxx everybody in your country.

  4. I recently started selling a few of my PS3 games and noticed that among people with Arab-sounding names you encounter some rather unusual negotiation strategies. Of course, I’m not making blanket statements about “all Arabs”, yet no white European tried pulling off any of the following:

    1) Some dude messages me about a few of the games. We quickly agree on a few bucks each for three of them and he wanted to come by the day after. That day comes, and he messages me that he could either trade them against games he has or “borrow” them, whichever I prefer.

    2) I stumble across an ad for a PS4 game I’m curious to try out (I don’t own a PS4 at the moment). According to the ad and pictures the game is new, i.e. still wrapped. The dude asks for the equivalent of about 10 Euros. I offer 8 and he agrees, but then he tells me that the game is actually no longer new but “like new” because he has opened and played it “but only one time”.

    I find such behavior incredible and can’t even imagine in what environment you have to grow up to think this is acceptable. Some of my fellow white Europeans also deserve some bashing, however, like a joker who said he’d like to “borrow” one of the games I want to sell, coincidentally one of the less common ones, and he’d pay 1 Euro per day. In contrast, my best experiences have been with middle-aged men. They presumably buy those games cheaply to relive their youth.

    I can understand why some people just rather throw away their old books, DVDs or games than dealing with other people. If you ignore people with foreign names or user names, you save yourself a lot of headache.

  5. My buddy sent me this. Kinda shocked and not sure how many women actually do this. Seems like some women fuck dogs on the regular and prefer it over men. I’ve never heard of this before but then again I don’t think women would be out there announcing this in public.

    1. I have reason to believe that a Jewish girl I dated a few months ago is into this. Thanks for the link hahaha. She would talk to me like she’d talk to a dog when we were in bed sometimes, i.e. “down boy down”. I asked her “where do you get your pillow talk from? I’ve never had a girl say ‘down boy down’.” To which she responded “I watch a lot of disgusting shit.”

  6. I wanted to touch on the topic of music again. Most people say they don’t listen to classical music but they DO! Hollywood movies are filled with them. I’m going to go as far as saying that classical music propped up these garbage movies for generations. Take Beethoven and Mozart out of these movies and how entertaining would they actually be? This is coming from a guy just getting into classical music.

    1. I like classical music. Very calming.

      I really got into country music the last couple of years. Very patriotic and sort of nationalistic. Also it feels like it has a soul.

      Modern pop music and rap is garbage.

    2. Yesterday I was listening to some of Gwen Sefani’s music, and she is actually quite good. She sings from the heart, which apparently gets broken often. I usually don’t care about these things, and am very cynical about women. But I think Gwen is one of the good ones. Beautiful, in great shape for her age, seems like a sweetheart, and a great voice. Goddamn I sound like a chick right now lol. I might be partial to her because she’s from the same county as me.

      I’m happy she found a cowboy to settle down with. Blake Sheldon is your typical country singer. Yes, country embodies real manhood. I’m actually named after a country singer. My dad was a big country fan as many truck drivers are. He was as tough as they come. I can guarantee you one thing. The American South will never capitulate to the multiculturalist agenda.

      Speaking of nationalism. I remember a college history professor talking about early forms of it in Germany. And that the Germans noted how great they were at so many things. He mentioned composers, paused and said, “maybe they were right.”

    3. That professor would have gotten cancelled today. You are right that Germans are, or used to be, very proud of their achievements. In recent decades, though, a new crop of politicians has come up that has pushed for a systematic destruction of the culture of achievement. Just like in many other countries, the teachers are recruited from the lowest performing quintile or even decile of the college population. They tend to not enforce discipline. Many don’t even have a solid grasp of the subject they teach.

  7. Bill “Vaxx Man” Gates is getting a divorce from his butt-ugly wife. I’d say there is a non-zero chance that he will now inflict weekly vaxx shots on the Earth’s population now in retaliation. He has to recover the billions he is going to lose somehow, so generating revenue for the companies he’s involved with, such as Moderna, would be a plausible next step. Oh, wait, you didn’t really think this guy is a philanthropist, did you, goy?

    1. Aaron,

      But she’s a good mom lol 🙂

      Can you summarize your view on vaccines? Are you pro-vaccine but want ridiculously thorough testing before a single vaccine is passed? Even with the best drugs, there will be possibility of some side effect – the question then is do you want to take your chances with getting the side effect or take the chances with the disease?

      What I find absolutely mind-boggling with anti-vax people is that they are so fixated on the word “vaccine” but never talk about any other products pharma produces. I think the big “culprit” in lots of illnesses are chemicals being leached off from plastics in our environment.

      Always love reading your viewpoints! Thanks!


    2. With Covid, I’m not convinced that a vaccination is necessary. Thus, I would reject it even if it did not have any harmful side effects.

    3. We have been duped to think our bodies can’t handle the common cold. Pre- takeover of the US medical industry there was a belief among many doctors that virus didn’t exist and it was actually symptoms of detoxes from our toxic environment.

      Also Melinda looks like a dude, wouldn’t be surprised if she was a tranny

    4. @Anthony

      Chemicals in our environment are a huuge problem. I’m currently reading ‘Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race’ by Shanna Swan. We’re constantly exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (even if in low doses– like merely carrying a plastic bag).

      We’ve made some lifestyle changes for a while now like avoiding plastic where feasible (glass food containers, glass/metal water bottle, etc). We’ve also stopped using body soap and certain skincare products due to the artificial fragrances. Maybe this sounds gross but I haven’t really experienced any downsides.

    1. Thank Google for this. I’m surprised anybody gets any email notifications at all nowadays.

    1. Aaron,

      At first glance, 3 , 11 and maybe 10 are the only ones with some concern and/or merit.

      2: that’s false, 14: you’ll always find an idiot in a crowd, 13: there was never money in vaccines that’s why pharma requested that protection for previous vaccines and covid, 5: for the most part they will, 6: ditto, 7:not until we have herd immunity,12: not at a greater rate than the general population, 9: false, and if true who cares. 8: so what if they do? lots of stuff is gmo. 4: so what if they are deemed safe, 1: been studied for over 30 years.

      Lol I’m not a scientist, don’t have a degree in any medical field, but I’m just not buying most of the anti-vax settiment. I mean I don’t think the CEO’s of these companies and government officials and other powerful people really give a shit about you and me but lots of these evil conspiracy type stuff purported by anti-vaxxer is a little far fetched.


    2. You are free to believe what you want but you may want to spend a bit more time thinking about anti-vaxxer sentiments before dismissing their claims. I’m quite surprised how casually you dismiss 12). The vaxx has caused the death of a lot of healthy people. You can also safely assume that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Some of your premises are not correct though. The most important one is that there is indeed a lot of money in vaccines. Pfizer just released the results of their last quarter as well as predictions for the financial year. The vaxx is indeed a billion-dollar business. In that regard, your entire argument is lopsided. Those companies wanted governments to indemnify them, which now has the effect that they will rake in gorillions of dollars. This is a big reason why there is talk about a need for endless “booster shots”.

    3. Let the weak dumb sheep take the vax, the more deaths the better. Maybe people will start realizing there is another agenda. Pharmaceutical industry is a business. And like all businesses they need to generate revenue. If everyone was healthy then the industry would seize to exist.

  8. Aaron,
    What are you thoughts on why Melinda has decided to divorce Bill Gates after so many years? Often, many couples get divorced either in their 30s or 40s. These couples are in their 60s. I doubt it that Melinda is trying to monkey branch.

    On an unrelated note, I found this website which you may find interesting. It has a lot of combat footage and it doesn’t have any censorship at all.

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