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113 thoughts on “Open Thread #129

  1. In most of the developed and developing world, both society and parents try their hardest to educate their kids well. In particular, commonly more resources are spent on gifted kids, even in countries that may not be that wealthy. Yet, in Clown World, we spend most money on the least able and stump the development of the brightest:
    Having a gifted child in the West seems to be more of a curse than a gift.

  2. The last few months, video games and mangas didn’t really grab me. I even wondered if I have outgrown them. With Attack on Titan, I at least finished a relatively long one recently, after picking up and dropping quite a few. With gaming, it has been even worse. Most games I recently tried, I dropped within an hour. However, this week I seem to have been very lucky as I came across two products that resonate well with me.

    The first one is the manga Fairy Tail. I was skeptical at first as it seemed to be quite stereotypical, seemingly taking visual cues from One Piece, and not just because both prominently feature a highly attractive busty chick. I find it pretty entertaining, with a good does of humor and unexpected plot twists. Its irreverence is quite charming. So far, I have not encountered any overly deep themes but that is not always necessary. It reminds me a bit of Konosuba, i.e. you have a band of characters in a fantasy world who stumble from one awkward situation to another.

    The other is the video game Sleeping Dogs. I’ve heard of it years ago. It is an open-world game, but a very well-made one. I find it way better than GTA V in terms of gameplay. It is also told very well. You play an undercover cop in Hong Kong, beating up baddies. At this point, I don’t know if there are guns in the game. Yet, the focus on martial arts suits the game very well. The fighting system is quite dynamic and surprisingly deep. I have not encountered much of a challenge yet, but it’s difficult enough to get into a nice flow state when you play it. Another positive is that there is no shoved-in diversity. The game plays in HK, so almost everybody is Asian, i.e. Cantonese, anyway.

    Mechanically, the game is solid. It is also structured really well, with new mechanics introduced gradually, and in a way that makes sense in the game world. In many games, you have to suffer through explicitly marked tutorials. The creators also seem to have a nice sense of humor. One of the side activities consists of hanging out with chicks. The first one you encounter is an American tourist who is traveling “to find herself”. She is depicted as a total airhead. On your first date with her, she’s immediately walking with you arm in arm. Then, you have to follow her around and take pictures of her for her blog (the game came out in the early 2010s; today, it would have been videos). She does dumb poses, some cute ones, some raunchy ones (she seems to appreciate if you take a picture of her butt!), and after the date, you get to bang her in a car. In terms of being a Chad simulator, this game is, thus far, not only pretty realistic, it is also a lot better than The Witcher III, where you’re playing bitch boy for a bunch of chicks and get sex as some kind of reward, but only if you jump through enough hoops after (!) having jumped through a ton of hoops already, i.e. instead of sex being transactional along the lines of “kill baddie, get chick”, you kill the baddie, and then have to pick the right conversational choices, commonly “romantic”, i.e. submissive ones, to get laid in the game.

    1. I recently played ghosts of Tsushima on ps4. Great game. Decent story and Challenging. Not a Lot of good video games out there atm.

      I played last of us 2 because I was extremely bored and even though the game play and graphics were solid the story was complete garbage. First time in a while having buyers remorse.

      Too much woke culture is lots of games now. Women kicking ass etc, very unrealistic and takes me out of the experience.

    1. I thought Covid is nothing more but cold flu to you?

      “That could explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings.”

      Does cold-flu do this to you?

    2. Also, from the news page of the site of Salk Institute:

      “Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely ENCODEF by VACCINED) also play a key role in the disease itself.”

      The paper itself states:

      This conclusion suggests that vaccination-generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury.”

    3. I also hope my replies are approved unlike last time when we talked about Trump’s “fraud election”

    4. This makes a lot of sense. Many people have been experiencing aches and tiredness after getting Pfizer vaccine. This shouldn’t be happening because mRNA vaccine is supposed to synthesize an inert part of virus which is harmless compared to the virus itself.

      This is also a confirmation that COVID isn’t just another flu virus. If you get infected your body will be exposed to the same spikes protein which causes vascular damage.

    5. The UNZ writer missed the point, though. The study shows that the vaccine not only protects from covid infection, but also from endothelial damage caused by the spike protein. In other words, the vaccine is even better than was originally though.

      To use the authors’ own words:

      “This conclusion suggests that vaccination-generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury.”

      (The study can be found here: )

  3. My buddy sent me a mgtow tiktok compilation of women posting how they ignore good guys and go for the bad boys. And how in the comment sections of the videos many women are like “omg me too” or “I dunno why I do this too maybe I’m traumatized” etc.

    Go to part 6:42 if you’re interested.

    Crazy to think because this word bad boy is so fucking vague. Like is it looks, is it attitude, is it aloofness, is it a bit of everything etc. To one women you can be an asshole and it turns her off and the other it turns her on. It’s like spinning plates.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before but This last chick I was hooking up with she initially told me that I’m nicer then she expected. Which is fucked because I wasn’t even acting nice. Ie trying to be nice to get something or being a nice guy. I fucked her relatively quickly, didn’t buy her gifts or compliment her etc . I was just being neutral. As if I was talking to a friend with flirting sprinkled in.

    I guess these days being normal is considered nice?

    I banged her consitently for almosta year and fizzled off but to this day I still wounded why it it ended. I guess we never get closure in relationships even if they’re only long term hook ups.

    1. @Deus: I recently received a PayPal notification about your payment for one consultation session and reached out to you via email afterwards for scheduling. Please check your spam folder.

  4. Nothing to see here:
    Listen, goy, the Dems ignoring a subpoena to hand over voting records does not mean that there is something fishy going on. Instead, they are concerned about wasting taxpayers’ money. After all, we know that there is a 0% chance that Biden stole the election. Thus, there is no need to verify anything. It’s absolutely unconscionable to waste any resources on “fact-checking” the election. Now go back to jerking off to porn, and make sure you get another vaxx shot. It is absolutely irrelevant that 4,000+ Americans died of the vaxx:

    1. Well, a bit over 4K people died after receiving the vaccine, but there hasn’t been any causality established between those deaths and the vaccine, except for those who died of blood clot issues after receiving the J&J/Jansen vaccine.

      I don’t think anyone believes it’s irrelevant data. It’s been officially published on the CDC website:

      Btw, I wouldn’t use the Daily Stormer as a news source. It’s quite low quality. For example, check out the article you linked. The title is “Tucker Goes All In, Tells the Truth About Untold Number of Deaths from “Vaccine”” but then in the very first sentence of the article it states:

      “[…]according to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), nearly 4,000 Americans have already died from the coronavirus vaccine.”

      First of all they’re not “untold” when the information comes from official and publicly available statistics, second of all it’s not true that they died “from” the coronavirus vaccine. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    2. Isn’t it funny that before there was the vaxx, everybody who died did so because of Covid and now that we have the vaxx, making the same assumption is somehow fake news. Do you realize how absurd this claim is?

      The Daily Stormer takes news articles from “reputable” sources and adds their own commentary. If you point to factually incorrect statements on that site, I’d be happy to hear them. Even their hyperbole is more grounded in reality than the nonsense in the mainstream. In your example, “untold” arguably is used in the meaning of “not told”, i.e. the mainstream does not tell you that there were (at least) 4,000 vaxx deaths. I like that you use the proper term “post hoc, ergo propter hoc”. Now please spend a few minutes thinking about why it is a fallacy when someone dies after getting the vaxx but not when someone dies after contracting Covid.

    3. “The Daily Stormer takes news articles from “reputable” sources and adds their own commentary.”
      What are those reputable sources?

    4. It’s right in the articles. Favorites include The Guardian and CNN.

    5. Sorry, the Oklahoman paper is a breakdown of Covid cases, deaths and recoveries, not deaths from vaccine.

    6. “It’s right in the articles. Favorites include The Guardian and CNN.”
      If it is a reputable website, it should quote at length the reports of CNN or the Guardian, and put commentaries in a separate section. The layout is not friendly to efforts of retracing original sources.

    7. I have just read many articles on Dailystormer, and it is quite interesting and refreshing. One article that I can resonate is this:

      I have come across several articles with similar message and I totally agree. If they allow this bullshit to happen, that will signify the decline of the US army.

      However, this article meets the same problem that Sleazy once displayed: naivete of East Asian politics.

      “The good news is: any negotiation is going to be easy, because the United States is occupying a part of China called Taiwan, and China really wants us to stop occupying that land. It is no problem at all to make a clean deal to give them back Taiwan and accept their ownership of the South China Sea in exchange for concessions on some of the other issues (such as too much property ownership in America).”

      Taiwan is a country that earns independence by blood. Yes, hot red blood. They lost the Chinese Civil War and were chased down by a wild pack of Communist wolves. The departure of the Kuomintang signified long decades of horror and death in Mainland China, together with the (now I know, temporary) loss of traditional culture. Why should the US relinquish their authority over Taiwan?

      The US actually has a long history of selling out allies. They sold out Taiwan by pushing them out of their seat in the UN in order to invite big China. Will the US continue to volt-face this time? If they do, who else trust the US?

      Secondly, he touches on the issue of South China Sea. Many countries, including my own homeland, Vietnam, are wrested away lands. Hoang Sa island, which used to belong the the South Vietnam, now has fallen into the Chinese hands (they cunningly attacked it and occupied it while being on friendly terms with North Vietnam during the Civil War). Without the US, Vietnam still tries to claim and hopes (though not quite possible now) to win back the islands along with other lost territories.

      “The biggest problem right now is that Chinese people do not have good Public Relations with white people. If they had better PR, many white people would understand that Chinese people are only concerned about doing business and helping their families. They have no plan to hurt Americans. This is very much in contrast to the Jews who control America, who have the single goal of hurting Americans. Jews promote feminism, gay sex, multi-racialism and various other things only for the goal of hurting White Christians. They also want to control China, so they can do these things. In Taiwan, the part of China controlled by America, they already have legalized gay marriage – against the will of the people – and have big gay sex parades in the streets in front of the children.”

      China is not just interested in doing business. That’s like a lame caricature being brought out too frequently. China has China’s dream as well, and that is to reclaim the supremacy position that once held by her in the past. They would not stop until they have earned their place in the world.

      The Chinese government said they would not seek supremacy no matter how strong they are. That is horseshit. They will seek that when they have conserved enough power. Judging from their histories, there is no reason to believe that this is not the case.

      The rest of the article is too weird and is beyond my ability to comprehend.

      I hope current generals of the US army understand well who is China and who is Russia. They have a long list of experts who are more qualified than me to present them information from past as well as current information.

      I believe, it is China that is the potential threat to the US, with Russia being in second place. Just leave Ukraine alone and stop expanding NATO to that land and you may earn some peaceful time with them. Russia has lost lots of influence from losing the whole Eastern Europe. US has won, and should be content with that.

    8. “Isn’t it funny that before there was the vaxx, everybody who died did so because of Covid and now that we have the vaxx, making the same assumption is somehow fake news. Do you realize how absurd this claim is?
      Now please spend a few minutes thinking about why it is a fallacy when someone dies after getting the vaxx but not when someone dies after contracting Covid.”

      That would indeed be an absurd and fallacious claim, but who’s made it? I sure have never made it, nor have I ever thought that way.

      (In defense of Tucker, he never made such a claim about the vaccine either. He said deaths “after” getting the vaccine, not “from” the vaccine. The error was the Daily Stormer’s, and not Tucker’s.)

      “The Daily Stormer takes news articles from “reputable” sources and adds their own commentary. If you point to factually incorrect statements on that site, I’d be happy to hear them. Even their hyperbole is more grounded in reality than the nonsense in the mainstream. In your example, “untold” arguably is used in the meaning of “not told”, i.e. the mainstream does not tell you that there were (at least) 4,000 vaxx deaths. I like that you use the proper term “post hoc, ergo propter hoc”.”

      I disagree that something that is officially published by the government and easily accessible on their website is “untold,” but I do see your point that it could refer specifically to being reported by the mainstream news media. Even though I disagree I consider your opinion reasonable, though, so I can’t call it a factual error.

      The notion that there were 4K deaths from vaccinations is a factual error, though, since they were deaths _after_ receiving the vaccine and not deaths _from_ the vaccine. It’s a textbook case of PHEPH, and a factual error.

    9. Do I need to remind you that everybody who died with Covid was considered of having died of Covid?

    10. “Do I need to remind you that everybody who died with Covid was considered of having died of Covid?”

      You’d need to provide me with a source, because to the best of my knowledge that’s not what happened.

      I suspect you are thinking of when it was “revealed” that only 4% of reported Covid deaths were actually due to Covid alone? If that is the case then that was a misreading of the data – the 4% referred to people who only had Covid as a cause of death, while the others had comorbidities like pneumonia, etc which are conditions frequently caused by Covid.

    11. Government officials went on record stating that everybody who died with Covid was counted as a Covid death [1]:

      Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, said the federal government is continuing to count the suspected COVID-19 deaths, despite other nations doing the opposite.

      “There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU [intensive care unit] and then have a heart or kidney problem,” she said during a Tuesday news briefing at the White House. “Some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death.

      “The intent is … if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that,” she added.


    12. Sleazy, count me as your new ally. I will probably turn into a rightist after reading this Dailystormer blog.
      Dailystormer widely open my eyes. Suddenly, everything I have read from mainstream media makes sense. Prior to commenting on your blog, I don’t even know what is a Leftie. I thought by being a Leftie, you mean you are a pure Communist in the cold war sense. I am actually a classical liberal, in that I support democracy and the protection of private property right.

      I’ve laughed left and right while reading this blog while slowly let the concept of “Clown World” that you are speaking of over here sink in.

      It still sounds a bit too apocalyptic and anti-Semitic to me. But I guess that is what I have to deal with. As an Easterner, I have a very hard time understanding the Jewish hatred among Westerners. After all, Jews’ played minor role in our history, so we don’t focus too much on them. Anti-Semitism is also a highly complex concept and many Easterners like me have no understanding of what constitutes a Jew.

      I agree that let immigrants come in en-masse like this is just one hell of a way to drive your country down the toilet hole. Although I am an immigrant myself and I have some sympathy for Venezuelans, I still don’t know why Biden opens border immediately for them to come in. I support Trump to impose strict immigration restriction on the US. That is what should be done.

      My sympathy to you because in terms of immigration, I guess Middle Easterners are even harder to tame than Hispanics. It is quite crazy that they let them in to tear that whole continent apart.

      The greatest shock is that the election in 2020 is rigged. I have actually accumulated a high number of cases posted on Breibart and rightist sites, then I’ve found the corresponding answers in the left media. After comparing them back and forth, like the fact that a USPS worker testified at first, but then recanted his statement, I just don’t know what to believe. Thus I say it is an open question.

      I am not a trained intelligence officer, so dissecting news is not my forte. Most textual analysis method you learn as a history minor is ineffective here because it is difficult to trace the original source and form a textual genealogy.

      I still think this is an opened question, partly because if I accept that this is true, then the whole legal system of the US must be conspired with the CIA, the FBI and the Democrats to oust Trump. It is very difficult to see how this is organized.

      To find more affirmative proofs, we probably have to wait until archives open to the public.

    13. Karl, the reason why its hard to find sources for what Aaron is talking about is because they get censored! The Bakersfield CA doctors were specifically assigned to study Covid cases because of the high amount of Covid experience they had at that specific hospital. Their findings mirror what Aaron is saying.

      Dr. Wikktowski is a well respected epidemiologists who used to even work for the CDC. He says the same. All got taken down from YouTube.

    14. @Karl, there is a CDC document somewhere instructing hospitals to record all deaths of people dying with the virus as a COVID death. Did a quick google search and couldn’t find it. The document is on the daily stormer somewhere. I don’t have the best research skills, so sorry about that. I don’t have time to hunt it down. That said, it absolutely exists. I mentioned it to my brother, who is a doctor, and all he could do was stammer “well uhhhh you know, cause of death, uhh it’s ummm, it’s a really complicated thing, and uhhh, there’s a lot of gray area in determining it.”

    15. @CQV, I have to recommend The Daily Shoah on if you want more on rightism and the Jews.

      Kevin MacDonald is the best source for this topic if you’re looking for an academic perspective.

    16. I would also recommend “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce. Also, you can find a collection of his audio broadcasts on They are 20 years old by now, but they are still important as they highlight that this sh*t has been going on even under Bush and Clinton. In contrast, a popular view is that the left got turbocharged only after Obama, which is not at all true. However, under Obama the left got so emboldened that a larger number of people started to question the status quo.

    17. “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce”

      Isn’t this book an inspiration for terrorist attack in Oklahoma according ro wiki page? I will probably not read something that incites violence like this.

      That being said, I think whites are currently oppressed in the West. I don’t know why the elites want to oppress their own race. Strange!

    18. Why do you think the elites are “white”? Jews do not consider themselves white at all. Also, I’d recommend you make up your own mind instead of swallowing leftwing narratives you find online. The Turner Diaries is one of the most prophetic books written in the last 70 years, as a cursory reading of the news easily shows. Of course it needs to be denounced by the left because their stance is that nobody could have predicted what is happening, and that the cure for everything is to replace whites with other races.

    19. It’s harder for Jews to slither their way into eastern civilizations. Both because they don’t look like the native populations and Asians tend to be more ethnocentric and nationalistic than Whites. But I’m pretty sure they’ve done some damage in Asia. Both directly and indirectly.

      I also found the Bakersfield doctors video here:

    20. When we speak of “whites”, aren’t we speaking of the skin color? Many Jews are obviously whites. Jews in Europe are mostly white.

    21. I will probably pick a book to read on the Jewish history.

      Among Vietnamese, the overall view of Jews are positive. They are lauded for their intelligence and achieving great scientific achievements. There are also stereotypes that view them negatively though, like their high concentration in banking in the US.

      I will need to find a book that is factual and neutral.

    22. You may also want to look into Einsteins plagiarism of the theory of relativity.

    23. CQV, Jews are a mixture of Europeans and Arabs. That’s why they call a middle eastern country their Homeland. There is a whole history behind this that we can leave for another thread. But basically, Jews are not white and have consistently worked against white interests for centuries. I think MacDonald would be a good source for you. Pierce might be a bit much for you.

    24. Aaron:

      “Government officials went on record stating[…]”

      Thanks for the source! Yup, I agree. That is wrong and making the same error as the one of attributing the death of everyone dying after vaccination to the vaccine itself.

  5. “Do I need to remind you that everybody who died with Covid was considered of having died of Covid?”

    You’d need to provide me with a source, because to the best of my knowledge that’s not what happened.

    I suspect you are thinking of when it was “revealed” that only 4% of reported Covid deaths were actually due to Covid alone? If that is the case then that was a misreading of the data – the 4% referred to people who only had Covid as a cause of death, while the others had comorbidities like pneumonia, etc which are conditions frequently caused by Covid.

    1. Sorry, I posted this by accident instead of replying under the correct post. I posted another reply under the correct thread now, so please go ahead and delete this one. My apologies!

  6. Charlie Sheen unable to pay child support:

    To be honest, this guy has lived a reckless life, so this shouldn’t be a surprise, He could have had everything yet he lost almost everything, and more than everything he possess.

    I agree with Dailystormer that facilitating divorce is the most fucked-up concept in modern world. You destroy family unit that encourage women to act irrationally.

    1. Yeah, I’m of multiple minds about our situation. On the one hand our rulers have the panopticon, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for us, but on the other, they outright double down on incompetence. Is it possible we have a chance to win due to them being this dumb? The Jews have deployed a very effective strategy, but what if it’s only effective in the short term? Can it be effective long term with rank incompetence and multiculturalism? With incompetence and a scenario where teamwork is effectively impossible. I wonder if they can fuck it up despite having the panopticon.

    2. Incidentally, I had a coaching call yesterday where I was essentially asked the same. In my opinion, the elites have completely overextended themselves. They may think they are winning, but they ignore the importance of cultural homogeneity and are, seemingly, oblivious of the importance of IQ. Right now, things are going according to plan, and have been for many decades. Yet, their plan is destined to fail. As a consequence, even if they are “winning”, they will lose. This does not necessarily help us very much on an individual level; I don’t think we have hit peak Clown World yet, so things are going to keep sucking ever more until this whole house of bullshit-bingo cards collapses. There is also the issue that the US is ruled by a lunatic elite. It could very well be that they will nuke the entire planet because if they can’t have it all for themselves, then neither should anybody else.

    3. If what you are saying is true, Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies will roast American CIA.

      I feel terrible for the US. They did possess a powerful intelligence agency to serve American interest.

      This LGBT bullshits are going on for too long now. They will degrade the army, the CIA, and probably the FBI next.

    4. When did the U.S. last serve the interest of its people? They have overplayed their hand. In fact, I think that the plandemic is a last-ditch effort to regain control. The suppression has been so extreme as their perceived sense of loss of control is so “yuge”.

    5. I said American interest, as in national interest. As to whether that interest belongs to which social strata of the US, that is a highly complex question that needs book-sized answers.

    6. I did pick up on this nuance. Nonetheless, I would argue that you can’t successfully run a country in the long run if your politics go against the population. This is probably one of the reasons why the US elites are busy importing a new electorate.

    7. “This is probably one of the reasons why the US elites are busy importing a new electorate.”

      What do you mean by “electorate”? “Electorate” as in college electorate?

      Does this have anything to do with immigration?

      Also, unrelated, how do you quote text on this blog? I saw that you and Alek Novy could quote italic texts, how do you do this?

    8. The “electorate” are the people allowed to vote in an election. In order to quote, you need to put the text into opening and closing tags. Unfortunately, I can’t post them as text as they do not get rendered. Look up how you set opening and closing tags in HTML. The tag name is “blockquote”.

  7. China new VPN: 旅风加速器
    I asked one of my online pen pal how he could post many interesting things on facebook despite being physically in China, and he refers to this vpn.

    It seems that there is a war between the government and vpn providers. They will clamp down on the latter, while the latter will find new ways to get around.

    I still prefer to be in the US, I can read news worldwide without being impeded in any way.

  8. Tonight, in “NAWALT Breaking News”…

    For non-spanish speakers, 23 yo girl stabbed her 22 ex bf to death, claimed it was self defense cuz she was scared of him, she supposedly wanted to scare him back. Problem is, the interaction waa caught by a security camera. See the video, his and her body language, and judge for yourself. I think the power dynamics in that couple are pretty clear.

    Prosecutor has made up his mind and charged her for aggravated murder. I wonder how feminists are going to spin this…
    On the downside, last time the perp was a cutie, not this time…

  9. For context, the crime happened in february. I never saw the news about it. Its news again now because the prosecutor changed the accusation to a more severe type, if convicted she could spend her life in prison.

    This other news article adds more context:

    They had a kid together, lived in separate homes, and were drug “addicts” (not buying that line for now, all drug users are called addicts these days, esp when caught)

    His family is arguing he should be counted as a víctim of gender based violence, like a femicide victim, because the same principles apply. Good luck arguing that case. He was apparently too embarrassed to report her to police. The only time he went to the police station to file a report against her, he was allegedly advised to “sort your shit out with your gf instead of denouncing her.” This is what patriarchy in action must look like, apparently.

    Her family says he was violent to her too. Allegedly he once broke a window in anger when she prevented him from seeing their son. While this is statistically likely, as most intimate partner violence is reciprocal, I cannot see any of that in the video. Granted, its only a snapshot of a 3 year relationship, but the power dynamics seen there clearly suggest one sided aggression.

  10. If you spend time reading certain pages of wikipedia, you will notice many pages deactivate the editing function of those pages.

    See this:

    Obviously, the Left also affect wiki. If you are so fair and equal, why try to limit freedom of speech?

    Arguably, what was marvelous about wiki is that anybody can edit it.

    1. It seems you are ten years late to that party. Wikipedia has been taken over by the left, which makes it quite useless as a source for political topics.

    2. On my other blog, a Jewish commenter accused me of lying because I referred to Karl Marx as a Jew. Their chutzpah is really staggering. Similarly, the Russian Revolution was backed by Jews, both in terms of financing as well as execution. What you witness on Wikipedia is simply an attempt at rewriting history.

    3. Aaron I think the Jew was selectively referring to religion when it comes to Marx. Funny how they can go in and out of those two distinct things.

      I mean, what other religion is a fucking ethnicity too!?

    4. I am currently reading more books on the Vietnam War.l, so I will have to postpone on the Jews.

      On wiki, it states this:

      According to the 1922 Bolshevik party census, there were 19,564 Jewish Bolsheviks, comprising 5.21% of the total, and in the 1920s of the 417 members of the Central Executive Committee, the party Central Committee, the Presidium of the Executive of the Soviets of the USSR and the Russian Republic, the People’s Commissars, 6% were ethnic Jews.”

      The source cited is The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust.

      I would be happy to track down this census.

    5. I have checked the book. It states that 6 out of 21 members of the Central Committee are Jews.

      Lev Kamenev, Grigory Sokolnikov,
      Jakov Sverdlov, Grigory Zinoviev, Leon Trotsky, and Moisei Uritsky.

      That is certainly a high proportion in a central organ of the party.

      The book cites another source:

      The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority

      I am not sure if this is the official census of the Bolshevik party.

      I will take note and look this up when I can go to the library.

    6. I have found another Russian source:

      В 1922 году, к XI съезду, в большевистской партии, насчитывавшей 375901 человек, евреев было всего лишь 19564 человека – то есть немногим более 5 процентов.

      In 1922, during the 11th Congress, there were only 19,564 Jews participated in the Bolshevik Party out of 375,901 members – that is, slightly more than 5 percents.

      If this figure is true, then the Jewish Bolshevik revolution is quite just a myth.

    7. You need to look at the ethnic composition of the leadership. Also, it is not an “antisemitic canard” that there are so-called crypto Jews.

    8. Yeah, it’s the Jews at the very top that are highly overrepresented. Even Stalin relied upon them. Until he thought that they turned on him. There are theories that Stalin purged Jews in the post war period because he thought they were working for the United States.

    9. *Not a theory. Stalin straight up believed it. Some believe Beria and others killed him to avoid WWIII.

    10. “You need to look at the ethnic composition of the leadership. Also, it is not an “antisemitic canard” that there are so-called crypto Jews.”
      What does it mean by “cryto Jews”? Like this?
      Yeah, I do notice a high proportion of Jews in the Central Committee, but you need to take into account the fact that they were all eliminated by Stalin during the Great Purge.

      Lev Kamenev – dead by firing squad in 1936
      Grigory Sokolnikov – executed in 1939
      Grigory Zinoviev-executed in 1936
      Moisei Uritsky-died in 1918, early death before the Purge, assassination
      Leon Trotsky – too famously, assassinated in Mexico, 1940.
      Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov-died early 1919, natural death.

      While it is true that the number of Jews were high among the early members of the Committee, it is not known to me what were their specific agenda. I don’t understand why if they were Jews, that matters? Does this mean that Jews tried to capitalize on the change of regime to benefit themselves? I don’t understand.

      Furthermore, Soviet Union would be even more repressive towards Jews than the Russian Monarchy. Israel Gelfand, one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century, fled Russia because he was Jew, to the US.

      Overall, I will pay more attentions to the Jews. I probably need a few years of reading to understand them because I am completely an outsider to their world.

    11. Yes, Stalin wiped out a lot of them. Have you ever wondered why?

      I am quite surprised that Wikipedia does not refer to crypto-judaism as an “anti-semitic canard”. This is indeed what I was referring to. Yes, Jews tremendously profited from Judeo-Bolshevism. This basically goes without saying.

    12. After reading more about the Jewish composition of the Bolshevik Revolution, I quickly think of whether the man who established the Cheka (or KGB predecessor), Felix Dzerzhinsky, could be a Jew.

      Well, his biography on wiki says that he is a Polish noble descendant. But the wiki talk here:

      “Dzerhinsky’s father was of Jewish origin, and his mother was of Polish origin, according to official (soviet era) and/or unofficial biographies- i forget which. He was born on the territory of the current Republic of Belarus. His family spoke Polish, and when he was 7 years old, he also learned Russia. He also knew some yiddish/Hebrew. According to some online info about the Jewish history of the nearby town of Ivenetz, local Christians were also able to speak Yiddish. Dzerzhinsky was a Catholic himself. Feliks father falsify nobility. All family were Jewish.”

      I am not sure how true is this allegation. But if it is true, you have a Jew, or a half-Jew who established one of the most powerful and repressive secret intelligence agency in the world.

    13. History is repeating itself. I briefly looked into the history of the Cheka some time ago. It was basically a Jewish operation. Also, the NKVD was heavily dominated by Jews.

    14. Here are a few more interesting quote from the Russian source I provided above:

      “В связи с этим уместно сослаться на свидетельства двух сторонних наблюдателей.Доктор богословия А.Саймонс из США жил во время революции в Петрограде, являясь настоятелем местной епископальной церкви. Он заявил в 1919 году: «…многие из нас были удивлены тем, что еврейские элементы с самого начала играли такую крупную роль в русских делах… Я не хочу ничего говорить против евреев как таковых. Я не сочувствую антисемитскому движению… Я против него. Но я твердо убежден, что эта революция… имеет ярко выраженный еврейский характер.”

      “In this regard, it is appropriate to refer to the testimonies of two outside observers: Doctor of Theology A. Simons from the United States lived during the revolution in Petrograd, being the rector of the local Episcopal Church. He stated in 1919: “… many of us were surprised that the Jewish elements from the very beginning played such a large role in Russian affairs … I do not want to say anything against the Jews as such. I do not sympathize with the anti-Semitic movement … I am against it. But I am firmly convinced that this revolution … has a pronounced Jewish character.”

      (Google translate because my Russian is not good enough to understand everything)

      Through searching online, George A. Simons is a missionary to the USSR.


      “До того времени… существовало ограничение права жительства евреев в Петрограде; но после революции (имеется в виду Февраль. — В. К. ) они слетелись целыми стаями…в декабре 1918 г. в так называемой Северной Коммуне (так они называют ту секцию советского режима, председателем которой состоит мистер Апфельбаум) (т.е. Зиновьев. — В.К) , из 388 членов только 16 являются русскими»293. А.Саймонс явно «недоволен» этим «еврейским засильем» и, хотя он уверяет, что он — не «антисемит», его заявление все же могут счесть тенденциозным. Но вот суждения другого иностранца — знаменитого писателя Герберта Уэллса, посетившего Россию в 1920 году. ”

      “Until that time … there was a restriction on the right of Jews to live in Petrograd; but after the revolution (meaning February. – VK) they flocked in whole flocks … in December 1918 in the so-called Northern Commune (as they call that section of the Soviet regime, the chairman of which is Mr. Apfelbaum) (i.e. Zinoviev. – V.K), out of 388 members only 16 are Russians ”293. A. Simons is clearly “dissatisfied” with this “Jewish dominance” and, although he assures that he is not an “anti-Semite”, his statement may still be considered biased. But here are the judgments of another foreigner – the famous writer H.G. Wells, who visited Russia in 1920.”

      (Google translate, not mine)

      ” Он писал о главной «силе» революции, о множестве «энергичных, полных энтузиазма, еще молодых (так, Троцкому к 1917 году было 37 лет. — В. К. ) людей, утративших… русскую непрактичность и научившихся доводить дело до конца (очень многозначительная характеристика! — В. К. )… Эти молодые люди и составляют движущую силу большевизма. Многие из них — евреи… но очень мало кто из них настроен националистически. Они борются не за интересы еврейства, а за новый мир… ”

      “He wrote about the main “force” of the revolution, about the multitude of “energetic, full of enthusiasm, still young (for example, Trotsky was 37 years old by 1917 – V.K.) people who had lost … their Russian impracticality and learned to bring things to an end (very significant characteristic! – V.K.) … These young people are the driving force of Bolshevism. Many of them are Jews … but very few of them are nationalistic. They are fighting not for the interests of Jewry, but for a new world …”

      ” Некоторые (вот именно: всего лишь некоторые! — В. К. ) из самых видных большевиков, с которыми я встречался, вовсе не евреи… У Ленина… татарский тип лица, и он, безусловно, не еврей»294 (о «происхождении» Ленина еще пойдет речь).В отличие от Саймонса, Уэллс ни в коей мере не может быть заподозрен в «антисемитизме», ибо ведь он всецело одобряет деятельность евреев-большевиков.”

      Some of the most prominent Bolsheviks I have met (that is, just a few! – V.K.) are not Jews at all … Lenin … has a Tatar type of face, and he is certainly not a Jew “294 (about” origin ” Lenin will talk). Unlike Simons, Wells can in no way be suspected of “anti-Semitism”, because he fully approves of the activities of the Jewish Bolsheviks.

      (google translate)

      The book is Россия век XX-й. 1901-1939 (Russia during the 20th century 1901-1939) by Кожинов Вадим Валерьянович (Kozhinov Vadim Valerianovich)

    15. “History is repeating itself. I briefly looked into the history of the Cheka some time ago. It was basically a Jewish operation. Also, the NKVD was heavily dominated by Jews.’
      Which book did you read on this topic?
      Is there a list of key commanders who occupied the positions?

      I have some understanding of the organization of GRU, the military intelligence service of the USSR. I can read Victor Suvorov, it is free online.

    16. This was a while ago. Read up on the top officers to get an idea of what kind of organization this was and from what cloth they were cut.

    17. “Yes, Stalin wiped out a lot of them. Have you ever wondered why?”
      Basically, they stood on his way to his power. Trotsky was against Stalin, Kamenev and Zinoviev were also opposed by him.

      I am not sure if their Jewish origin has much to do with their fate. They were basically political enemies of Stalin.

      I haven’t had time to read 2 grand books of Stephen Kotkin on Stalin. But when I have finished with the Vietnam War, I would certainly buy these 2 books.

      The hardest part to comprehend is that while being Jews, why would you assume that they worked together to advance a common political agenda? The social strata of these guys were very different. Some were from peasant families, others were more from well-to-do origin.

      If you read into the Party history, you will notice that Zinoviev allied initially with Stalin and Kamenev to oust Trotsky. So despite being Jewish, they opposed each other as well.

    18. Not all Jews act in unison. Yet, for some strange reason, there seem to have been enough of them combining forces to pull off the Russian Revolution. Kevin MacDonald’s book will enlighten you on the evolutionary aspects of that kind of behavior.

    19. Well, for some figures inside the Cheka and NKVD regime, here is a Jew:
      – Genrikh Yagoda
      Apart from him, I couldn’t find anything else

      According to this article:

      The NKVD was anti-Semitic during its existence throughout the reign of Stalin.

      After looking around for a Russian work on the presence of Jews in the NKVD, I come across this page

      The Russian reconstruction of the title is “Еврей в НКВД, 1936-1938 Опыт биографического словаря” (Jews in the NKVD, 1936-1938, a dictionary of biographies).

      There is a statement that supports quantitatively your assertion, Sleazy. It states:

      “that between 1936-1939, Jewish representation in the upper echelons of the NKVD declined from nearly 40% to just under 4%, as the Purge wiped out virtually all leading Jewish cadres.”

      If this figure is true, then it is a staggering high number.

      Still, I don’t understand how can Jews remain Jews when they join a Communist Party. You should give up all your religious beliefs to be within the ranks of the Communist Party.

    20. The book “Евреи в НКВД СССР. 1936-1938 гг. Опыт биографического словаря” (Jews in NKVD USSR. 1936-1938 A biography dictionary) had this following assessment:

      “Авторы намеренно ограничили себя временными рамками 1936-1938 гг., т. н. периодом «Большого террора». Евреи были широко представлены в чекистской элите 1920—30-х гг., но лишь после 1937-1938 гг. их численность в НКВД стала значительно сокращаться, а после 1953 г. фактически приблизилась к нулевым величинам. Таким образом, можно констатировать, что «Большой террор» стал неким пиком влияния и активности для героев представляемого читателям биосправочника.”

      The authors limit themselves to the time period between 1936-1938. during the so-called “Great Terror” period. Jews were highly represented in the elite of the KGB during 1920s and1930s. After 1937-1938, their number in the NKVD dwindles drastically, and after 1923, actually approached zero. As such, we can state that the “Great Terror” became the peak of influence and activities of the heroes of this book, which is presented to the reader.

      (Page 6, the introduction chapter (Введение)

      This book is available on gen.lib.

    21. Jewish Bolshevism is a myth probably created by people focusing on the disproportionate amount of Jews in the early Bolshevik leadership. But it’s important to remember that they never achieved anything close to a majority.

      Of the eight leaders of the Soviet Union not a single one was a Jew, and the Soviet Union engaged in a number of antisemitic practices, including purges targeted toward Jews.

      Despite the proportionately large involvement of Jews in the early Bolshevik leadership, Bolshevism was never a predominantly Jewish movement.

    22. Oh, so the Bolsheviks did not manage to carry out a revolution, which entailed killing the Romanov family? This is an interesting take for sure.

    23. Aaron:

      What are you talking about? 🙂 I said that Bolshevism was not a Jewish phenomenon, I never denied the Russian Revolution.

    24. I would argue that the Russian Revolution was a key moment for Bolshevism, so it strikes me as disingenuous to separate the two. This reminds me of how German “intellectuals” want to distinguish between Islamism and Islam, whereas the former is used for more or less anything negative about Islam, such as terrorist attacks or wanting to force their lifestyle onto the non-believers, for instance via a “sharia police”. There have been some rather amusing public debates between German intellectuals and proponents of Islam, where the latter did not quite agree with that level of sophistry, while still engaging in “taqiya”, obviously.

    25. Aaron:

      I’m not trying to separate Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution. I’m just saying they weren’t Jewish phenomena.

    26. Do you think either would have happened without Jewish involvement? If so, how?

    27. Aaron:

      The same way it did. Jews were a minority in the Bolshevik leadership, and a very tiny minority among the membership. The Bolsheviks were predominantly Russian.

      Do you think the Jewish members were somehow a critical part of the Bolsheviks and the Russian Revolution? If so, why?

    28. As with many Swedes, I can’t tell whether what appears to be intellectual dishonesty from you is due to the brainwashing you have been through in your educational system or because you think you need to hold up some supposed basic tenets of discourse. I am well-aware of the issue that a lot of topics cannot be discussed in Sweden, neither publicly nor privately, as you risk ostracism. Plenty of Swedes therefore internalize this. One of those beliefs is that the Jews are a universal force for good in the world and that they have been prosecuted for absolutely no reason at all for millennia.

      Going back to the topic, here is a nice, short article by a Jewish newspaper:

      Furthermore, here is a concise article of the role the Jews played in the Bolshevik revolution:

      Karl, the issue is that your premises are wrong.

    29. I actually think the Russian revolution is NOT actually a major failure for the Jewish cliques. They were successful in liberating their fellow Jews from ghettos.

      I actually think Jews should be much more successful in the US. They could operate more freely than in the USSR. Yury Andropov was determined to liquidate all dissent movements within the USSR. But then, Andropov was also from a Jewish family, according to wiki and a biography book I have in Russian. Andropov, however, was known to be against Zionism and persecuted Jewish activists like Natan Sharansky.

      This leads me to think that they are divisive at least in the USSR. I actually think in a totalitarian and authoritarian societies, Jews could be kept more divisive and under control. In a liberal democracy like the US, it is very easy for them to collude and form multiple veneers to mask their interests and operations.

      I will find writings of the famous algebraist Shafarevich to read. Maybe through his anti-Semitism, I could learn more about the influence of Jews in the USSR.

    30. If Andropov was not a Jew, then I think the revolution was a failure for Jews. They were wiped out completely due to Stalin. Heck, a Georgian like Stalin and an Armenian like Mikoyan could be much more successful than a band of Jews.

      As I and Sleazy has established earlier, the predecessors of the KGB were occupied by a good proportion of Jews. By the end of the Great Terror, they were all eliminated.

      Jews face persecution and elimination as much in the USSR.

      This leads me to think that they were not successful.

      One curious thing is what is the relationship between these Communist Jews and the Zionists. Obviously when the Jews established Israel in 1949 (correct me if I am wrong), she was looking for the Soviet support. Yet no forces within the Soviet could lend her a hand. Possible this was because Stalin was still alive. I am wondering if Jews like the lot of Trotsky still considered themselves Jews when they joined the Bolsheviks and the NKVD. After all, the very essence of Jewish is religion observance. If you are a Communist, you ought to forego your religion and become absolutely loyal to Marxism-Leninism.

    31. A rather curious pattern in Jewish history is that they seem to always overextend their hand. You could now say that, ultimately, they will always be unsuccessful. Yet, this would be a bit short-sighted. Look at how well the white man has been doing over the last 150 years, for instance. I don’t think our culture has ever been as weak as today. The moral corruption of Weimar Germany almost looks quaint in comparison to what is pushed on society nowadays.

    32. I have Golda Meir in mind when I talked about the early Soviet-Israel relationship. Obviously, familiar readers should identify immediately her first 6 months trip to Moscow.

    33. Sleazy, by “overextend their hand”, do you mean they try to connect with the fellow Jews from a different country?

      To me, the “Jewish question” shares similarity (striking) to the “Hua question” in Vietnam in pre-1975. The Hua here is mostly Chinese descendants from Guangdong and Fujian. They lived in their own district, had their own banks, and exercised great control over the national economy. The prices of basic staples fluctuated sometimes weekly due to their manipulation. They were hated by almost all Vietnamese.

      After 1975, their properties were nationalized by the Communists. In 1979, during the Sino-Vietnamese war, they were finally expelled from Vietnam and had to seek asylum in various countries including the US. They were still successful over here.

      It seema to me that the Jews possess even more solidarity and intra-connectedness than the Hua.

      My cousin told me today that he has more commonsense. He said the Jews control the bank, smart, intelligent, are accountants and even scientists. It seems he is right.

    34. You guys should read Трехтысячелетняя загадка (three thousand years old mystery) of Shafarevich. It is labeled as “anti-Semitic” by authorities. I have skimmed it. My Russian is good enough to understand many of his key points. Very well-written. Even back in those days, Shafarevich already knew that NKVD was a Jewish organization. It ought to be a common knowledge among underground intelligentsia.

      It strikes rather strange that many later defends Shafarevich. He is obviously one of the most intelligent Russians ever lived.

    35. I’m not aware of any intellectual dishonesty of mine. Quite the contrary, I’ve tried to focus only on facts. However, I know no one is infallible, so if I have erred in this then please point out my errors so I can improve. 🙂

      Thanks for the sources! Putin was dead wrong in what he said about the first Soviet government. Of the 16 members of that government, only one (Trotsky) was Jewish. That’s 1/16 = 6.25%.
      (There’s a list of the members of that government here:'s_Commissars )

      The UNZ spends a lot of effort listing various Jews in second and third tier leadership positions. That doesn’t change the facts mentioned earlier, though – Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution were led and dominated by Russians.

      If my premises are wrong I ought to do what Ayn Rand said: check my premises. 🙂 Which premises am I mistaken about? I’m always more than happy to learn more, whether through getting new information or discovering errors in what I already believe.

      (Since tone is very hard to get across in text I want to clarify that there is no sarcasm anywhere in this post.)

    36. @Karl,
      I think you guys are talking about different things. You are right in that the Jews’ proportion is small if you compare them to the overall proportion of the early Bolshevik membership of the Soviet Union.

      I am going to re-quote myself.

      Sleazy is right in that the proportion is high when we are talking about the Central Committee of the Bolshevik:
      1) Lev Kamenev
      2) Grigory Sokolnikov,
      3) Jakov Sverdlov
      4) Grigory Zinoviev
      5) Leon Trotsky
      6) Moisei Uritsky.

      6 out 21 members are Jewish or have a Jewish origin.

      I did point out the fact that Jews are a small minority within the Bolshevik as a whole, because:

      “According to the 1922 Bolshevik party census, there were 19,564 Jewish Bolsheviks, comprising 5.21% of the total, and in the 1920s of the 417 members of the Central Executive Committee, the party Central Committee, the Presidium of the Executive of the Soviets of the USSR and the Russian Republic, the People’s Commissars, 6% were ethnic Jews.”

      This is taken from wiki, the source is quoted from:

      “The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust.”

      which, in turn is quoted from:

      “The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority”

      This second book is not available on google book, I have taken note to find the relevant quotation when I can access the Ohio State University Library.

      The census is important and interesting. I want to obtain the original source of this census as I am interested in the early composition of the Bolshevik.

      Now, I contend with Sleazy that the Jewish agenda may be non-existent, hidden or a failure because out of 6 members, 2 died due to natural cause, the rest is summarily executed during the Great Purge of Stalin.

      Sleazy asked why?

      My answer is because they were obviously the political enemy to Stalin and they themselves denounced Stalin obviously during public meetings. They also aligned with each other to harm Stalin’s political career.

      Sleazy then stated that not all Jews acted in unision.

      My present answer is that they do not show, according to our current understanding, any political alignment with each other, forming a small sub-group to advance a separate agenda.

      I also contend that if the Bolshevik Revolution is a Jewish movement, then it is a failure for the Jews because:

      1) Jews continued to be persecuted heavily during Stalin up to Brezhnev era
      2) When Israel was established in 1949, Golda Meyr made her trip to Moscow to seek Soviet assistance, but she failed to earn their interest and procure their material supports. Although this can be countered that Stalin is still alive.

      Now, it is a fact mentioned in Russian sources that the Cheka and its later successor, the NKVD, is made up 40% Jews. After the Purge, they only accounted for a very small number.

      The high concentration of Jews within a highly repressive organization raises questions and alarm to us.

      In short, to take an anti-Semitic view, the Bolshevik Revolution is quite a failure for the Jews in Russia because of Stalin, a Georgian brute.

      There are many reasons to to see why Jews support the revolution. It is a movement that emancipate them from the Pale Settlement and other segregated settlements.

      The Jewish emancipation within the former Tsarist Empire was achieved during the ascendance of the Bolshevik.

      There is an interesting article in a book that you may want to find. It is behind the paywall and I haven’t had a chance to read it:

      Soviet Policies toward the Jews: From Lenin to Stalin

      Hostages of Modernization.

      The takeaway is that Lenin opposed the inherent anti-Semitism of Marx. He tried to put them on parity with other ethinics in the Soviet Union.

      To add more complexity to this question, during my research of the Russia Revolution when I was still in Vietnam before embarking on my trip to China back in 2008, I came to know this organization:

      It is an organization of Jews in Poland, Russia, Lithuania.

      It is definitely an organization worth looking at.

      In general, my view is that the Bolshevik Revolution is both a success and a failure for Russian Jews. On one hand, it erases the demarcation between Jews and other ethnics in former Russian Empire. on the other, it fails to secure them in their key positions, and the Jews continue to be persecuted and discriminated long after the reign of Stalin. This is well-known even up to the reign of Brezhnev and beyond.

      For me, to conclude that the Bolshevik Revolution is a Jewish movement is quite a bit of a mischaracterization of this event. It cherry-pick its evidence.

      On the other hand, you can’t look away from the fact that Russia at the time held and still hold the largest population in Europe. High Jewish participation along with their identities is crucial. I strongly think that after the Revolution, Jews penetrate many levels of Soviet societies.

      One area that I will certainly do some research is Jewish participation in the World War 2.

      Here are some books I will probably read in future:

      William Korey, Russian Antisemitism Pamyat
      William Korey, Russian Antisemitism: Volume 2 (Studies in Antisemitism)
      Robert Freedman, William Korey, Soviet Jewry in the Decisive Decade
      Yaacov Ro’i, Jews and Jewish Life in Russia and the Soviet Union
      Herbert Arthur Strauss, Hostages of Modernization.

      I certainly want to look at Jews worldwide from a dispassionate view rather than just adoration. They are hated for a reason. Sleazy is quite right on that.

    37. From what I have read, any argument based on the “Pale of Settlement” is dishonest as there was no general freedom of movement in Tzarist Russia. If that is the case, then why would the Jews feel entitled to rights not even Russians had?

    38. @Karl

      I have a long comment awaiting moderation because it contains many external links. I hope it answers your inquiry.

    39. @Karl

      It is my current belief that USSR is not an ideal place for Jews, despite initial high Jewish participation in the revolution. It is the USA that is the ideal place to host Jewish community and protect Jewish interests.

      Israel Zangwill, whom I know through Kevin MacDonald’s video on youtube, view American as a melting pot.

      MacDonald quote him here:

      saying that “America is an ideal place to achieve Jewish interests.”

      I have come to this conclusion myself before watching this video. America is a constitutional democracy. It is the design of the Founders to make America susceptible to changes through ammendment of the Constitution. Naturally, the US is a place that could tolerate a variety of races and ethnics. She is much less stringent on controlling and persecuting undesired elements within her society. This makes America totally vulnerable to Jewish penetration, subversion, and corruption. The Jews could easily dominate key industries like banking and insurance. She could easily direct and shape her cultural trends, she could establish all kinds of think tanks and front organization to advance her secret agenda.

      It is America that is a heaven for Jews, not the USSR, and especially not China. America is being destroyed by Jews and their insidious policy.

    40. “From what I have read, any argument based on the “Pale of Settlement” is dishonest as there was no general freedom of movement in Tzarist Russia. If that is the case, then why would the Jews feel entitled to rights not even Russians had?”
      Can you dwell more in details this part?

      “From what I have read, any argument based on the “Pale of Settlement” is dishonest as there was no general freedom of movement in Tzarist Russia.”

      In my understanding, movement in the Czarist Russia is essentially controlled by internal passports. Certainly, the freedom of movement in Russia at that time was not as free as in the US. I am not sure if the Russian authorities restrict Jewish movements with these documents, but my understanding is that it could be done.

    41. I thought Jews could travel more or less freely. They were only restricted with regards to where they could settle, and this was no different form Russians. I do not claim that I am an expert in those matters, though. Also, it should probably be noted that the “Pale of Settlement” was a pretty large area, so I’m not sure what the supposed problem here was. They weren’t Russian, and they got a big piece of the country for themselves, so what’s the big deal here?

    42. “so what’s the big deal here?”
      Well, you mean the problem of Jews travelling within Russia? Is this your inquiry?

      “I thought Jews could travel more or less freely. They were only restricted with regards to where they could settle, and this was no different form Russians. I do not claim that I am an expert in those matters, though.”
      That is a good distinction, requirement for movement and requirement for settlement. I am not an expert in this field either. But I know that Tzarist Russia required her peoples to possess internal passport. The technical term for this is “propiska”. The Soviet Union inherited this system. Current Russia also possess this system.

      According to wiki:

      “Jewish people were restricted to residence within the Pale and were required to obtain special permission to immigrate into other parts of Russia.”

      There is no source citation for this.

    43. I came across articles in US newspapers at the time of Tzarist Russia that spoke of, I kid you not, six million Jews who are oppressed in Russia as they are confined to the Pale of Settlement. My point is simply that this is just not a very convincing story. Well, a few decades later, the Jews found a different event for which to use their Talmudic six million, so it seems it all worked out well for them in the end. In this context, you may find this article interesting:

    44. That article is eye-opening. What is the origin of this 6 million figure? I am not familiar with the Talmud even though I have read some parts of the Bible.

      This seems to provide some explanations.

      Are you familiar with the Talmud and Hebrew Bible?

      “My point is simply that this is just not a very convincing story. Well, a few decades later, the Jews found a different event for which to use their Talmudic six million, so it seems it all worked out well for them in the end. In this context, you may find this article interesting:”
      This is a gross exaggeration. The number of death during pogroms, according wiki own’s words, are hardly over 2000 in 1903-1906.

      No wonder many doubt the 6 million of the Holocaust perpetrated by Hitler.

      Nevertheless, I still, up till this point, think that 5-6 million Jews did perish under Hitler. I do want to see more complete selections of scans of testimonies and original documents buried in the archive of the Nazi to verify. It is strange that these documents aren’t pictured wildly on the internet.

    45. Apparently, “six million” is some kind of magical number. There is a prophecy according to which six million Jews must die (or suffer?) so that the Jews can find salvation, or something along those lines. You could laugh at Jews taking those prophecies seriously, but if you view world politics analytically, you can find that we have really gone of the rails. Some fringe commentators have called Western policies and the bizarre justifications surrounding them “rabbinical” for this very reason. Of course, some people just run with this and therefore muse whether the global Covid vaxx is “the mark of the beast” etc. Quite frankly, for a long time it has been impossible to make rational sense of the world of politics, and the major reason could well be, besides the cognitive decline of the elites, that a certain superstitious group has gotten more and more powerful.

    46. I find wikipedia so repressive that it doesn’t even spit out a textual copy of the affidavit of Adolf Eickmann. The 6 million figures commonly cited is found here:

      This is found by Yandex.

      If you want people to believe in your claims, make sure to present as much primary evidences as possible. Western media must think most of their readers are fools and are incompetent in reading documents in various languages. I want to see more original documents being photographed dissimilated on google.

    1. In my opinion, the Russian Revolution was a staged event, mostly invented through newspapers. From the position of rulership nothing essentially changed, the Russian nobility was invaded by Jewish lines long before the revolution, Tsar Nicholas II was Jewish himself going by the matrilineal lines in his geneology. He could also read Yiddish. So it was managed from both sides. I also doubt that the Tsarist family was murdered, they simply retired and it was pronounced that they were killed. European and US capitalists financed the change of the state system, industrialized the country, amassed state wealth and then after 70 years they privatized everything again.

      After reading a ton of papers from Miles Mathis, I realized that the most important thing is to pay attention to historical inconsistencies (fake photographic evidence is a huge clue). Before that I trusted what the “experts” said, whether mainstream or later on even alternative viewpoints, but the thing was that I was still unquestioningly believing all kinds of documents, but who wrote them, when were they written, who knows. It was like reading fantasy or sci-fy books and applying suspension of disbelief. What I would recommend nowadays is looking for logical inconsistencies and patterns to bring the card house down in one fell swoop because there is too much historical falsification going on, else it costs too much time.

      Here are some papers that I would recommend. You might like them or not, but you certainly won’t find a similar perspective anywhere else, at least it’s quite entertaining.
      Where the Romanovs went:
      Battle of France:

    2. I’ll have a look at this at some point. Thanks for the recommendations.

    3. It is not staged if you read serious works. That goes against the archive of the Okhrana. One key things to remember is that Bolshevik key officials almost all went through jails. They viewed it as a passage of honor, to be jailed for a long time means to be more respected. Post-Soviet scholars call these individuals “Mafia” for a reason.

      This is the same in China and Vietnam. Basically, they are like us right now, an ostracized class of activists and intellgentsia. The only difference is we are dispersed and are unwilling to risk our lives for the revolutionary causes.

  11. Thanks, now I finally know that I can read the truth in serious works. If it’s in the archives of the Okhrana, it must be true.

    1. Don’t take my words as a pinch of gold. I am far from being an expert in the field of Sovietology, but I have read many books on the history of the USSR, both in English and Russian and have digged up primary sources as a result, so I come to the topic rather informed. Please do your own research on this.

      I skim through your files and note that the author is concerning about the fake names. This is an extremely common issue among Communist leaders. They were actually criminals in the eyes of the regimes that they tried to overthrow. All of them were hunted like ragged dogs. Ho Chi Minh, for example, used more than 20 aliases and faked ids to overcome the Surete (French intelligence in Indochina). Many leaders deliberately falsified their biographies, adding contradictory details throughout their lives. As a group, they were adept at all techniques that alter their identities to clandestinely work behind the enemy lines.

      This is also why they set up extremely well monitored regimes in their respective geographical area, they don’t want to be ousted like their victims. They guarded their own safety with all secrecy that a US President could never imagine.

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