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Beware of Fake BlackPill Gurus!

Today, I listened to this discussion:

The participants are: a host whose name I don’t recall, Sandman, FaceandLMS, and some guy named First. Either the host or “First” let off some of the most absurd statements I’ve heard in a while. I should have time-stamped it but that was not possible as I was doing something else on the side. In short, the claims were as following:

  • The dude referred to feminists podcasts and claimed that the fact that men approach shows that they are desperate.
  • He said that “women will become like gods” as time progresses.
  • He said that men are disproportionally affected by the lack of relationships nowadays.
  • Furthermore, he revealed that his last relationship “got him through college” and without her, he may have killed himself.

None of those laughable statements got challenged. I think the issue here is that there are men who want to go their own way, or simply not focus that much on women because they have been there, done that. They know what women are like and have decided that they are maybe not quite as wonderful at they are cracked up to be. On the other hand, there are guys you can only describe as effeminate losers who join the MGTOW/blackpill bandwagon not out of choice but out of necessity. To them, they think there is no real difference because the end, i.e. no women in their life, is the same, but this couldn’t be more wrong as those guys are simps in warrior’s clothing.

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Let’s just quickly run through the bullet points above:

  • You can ignore feminist podcasts, even the “fastest-growing” one if you want to get plausible insights into male/female relationships. Those women complain that they get approached because they can then accuse men of sexual harassment. Looking at the average feminist, which are known to be less attractive, it is highly doubtful that they have scores of men hitting on them anyway. Alternatively, they may complain that men hit on women to make claims about the patriarchy. Yet, they would not admit that if men didn’t approach women, women wouldn’t get laid. Women are the passive sex and wrecking our society for 70+ years doesn’t seem to have changed all that much on that front. Men approach. Women get approached.
  • This dude unironically claimed that women (in general) will “become like gods”. Well, the last time I looked around, women looked worse and worse. You find nary an adult woman who is good to great shape nowadays. Yet, those women are supposedly on the way to becoming gods. It would probably help to not take feminist podcasters at face value. There is one aspect where the idolatry of women is obvious and that is the very limited time-window of e-thots, but that is nothing new. In the olden days, a handful of pornstars had a few good years in the sun while most got chewed out. Today, we have armies of women embarrassing themselves online and very rarely a chick like Belle Delphine, who probably doesn’t have more than one or two good years left anyway, raking in ungodly amounts of money. I’d expect “gods” to have a somewhat greater longevity, though.
  • Women crave relationships. Men are fine with pumping and dumping. Any guy who claims the opposite must live in an alternate reality. Women complain about there not being any “good guys” left for relationships and they also complain about “assholes” who ghost them after a one-night stand. The desperation of women who don’t have a boyfriend or husband is absolutely staggering. Chicks sometimes have what looks like a borderline mental breakdown after a pump-and-dump because they’ve imagined you moving in with them or some bullshit like that. If you are in your 30s, single, and reasonably accomplished, women will chase you for relationships. For this you don’t need to be a Chad-tier guy. So, how can anyone who has seen this believe that men are suffering here? Well, the answer is that if you lack experience with women or think that you are not “complete” without one, you believe feminist nonsense.
  • As a strong man you should not need a woman to have your back. You’re the rock in her life, not the other way around. Any guy who has not grasped this yet may want to explore gay relationships. Amusingly, there is apparently a glut of “bottoms” whereas “tops”, i.e. the guys doing the plowing are in high demand. Thus, such effeminate men would not even noticeably improve their dating prospects if they explored their gay side.

I feel quite repulsed by that guy. There are a few thousand impressionable young men who have listened to this discussion and who may now think that maybe he that guy was right; maybe men are suffering, so they should suffer too, and turn into little spineless simps. There is no end to the bluepill and now it seems to be seeping into the MGTOW/blackpill community as well.

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4 thoughts on “Beware of Fake BlackPill Gurus!

  1. I watched a few videos by ‘Sandman’ over a period of 3-4 weeks. Not only does he sound like your typical effeminate man without any testosterone (find it hard to believe he’s in his thirties) but the way he talks about women is, quite frankly, appalling. His commentary reeks of complete and utter resentment of women and it is clear to see that he and his fanboys have a blatant hostility towards all women. Yes, it’s important to have your guard up. Yes, we’ve all most likely been burned before. It wasn’t long before I realized that ‘black pill’ gurus like these don’t really have anything to offer young men other than an overwhelmingly negative mentality that fosters outright hatred towards the opposite sex. Christ, after ending my last five year relationship, I’m in no hurry to rush into anything with another woman and am enjoying the pace, quiet and solitude. Life is better single. However, the way this guy addresses men’s issues and the matriarchy we live in suggests that he has some severe psychological problems with women. Young teens and men in their early twenties with limited experience in the dating game need to be careful of content creators like this because if they can’t differentiate between good advice espoused by Sleazy and bad advice from incels like Sandman, they aren’t going to have a hope in hell of having any positive relationship with a woman.

    1. Sandman’s speech patterns always seemed awkward to me. Unnatural, or rehearsed. He made women seem like devil’s. I honestly think the PUA industry put this in his head. After learning that the PUA industry is full of shit he turned on them only to repeat their same bullshit in a different way.

  2. The MGTOW/incel/black pill community has a lot of subgroups of men, the common element is no “success” with women.

    these are the following subgroups I have identified:

    – men who got destroyed via divorce. These men are pissed and distrust women, and they are justified in it.
    – men who lack looks and cannot change it (e.g. very small men). These men also cannot be blamed.
    – men who had some success with women, but decided that the effort is not worth the reward. (I see myself in this group)
    – a very big group of young men, who never tried with women, and who are using the blackpill basically as an excuse. These are also the men who say that all women are evil and so on, it is basically a coping strategy for them.
    This group includes guys like Eliot Rodger for example. He could easily have had some success (his parents were rich) but he thought he is entitled to a ultra stacy, while not even approaching girls. There are a lot of guys like him on the incel forums.

    As far as I see it, women are obviously not evil. It is just in the current culture & society, they are encouraged to act on their worst instincts. If you would encourage men to do the same, they would be the same.
    Most also don’t seem to be aware of their own selection bias. If you are a hetero man, you will only date women. So obviously you will only see the bad sides of women, not men.

    The current dating situation for the average man is indeed very bad, so it’s hard to judge these men too much for not trying /hating women.

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