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Open Post: We Are Built for Fast Sex

In the current Open Thread, Old Anon made a good observation about the nature of sex:

The more I think about the role of sex, the more I am convinced that there is little wrong with us as men. Sex is not meant to be a marathon pleasure experience like in porn. It’s meant for procreation — meaning efficient insemination. It’s why I no longer feel bad about premature ejaculation or losing an erection during prolonged foreplay or sex. Our ancestors needed to use energy efficiently to survive. If anything, the man who can keep an erection without ejaculating for marathon sex is the abnormal one.

Besides, my experience has been that, despite what normies tell you, the more you care about her sexual experience, the less she respects you.

I see nothing to disagree here. In fact, women desire to be ravaged. If you fuck a woman really hard and fast doggy-style, then you ejaculate and throw her aside so that you can collapse on the bed, you won’t get any complaints. Quite the contrary. In fact, I would argue that you that your women will walk away highly pleased after you have just taken her.

The issue of premature ejaculation is a bit more complex. Yet, you have to take into account that your women want to have sex with you. In turn, they also want to be sexually desired by you. Thus, they view it as validation if they can make you cum. If you cum quickly, it means that she turned you on so much that you couldn’t control yourself. Women tend to be flattered by it, in fact. The worst that will likely happen is that you cum quickly so you take some time to recover and for round two, she’ll hold back on the teasing. (Article continues below.)

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There is an opposite of premature ejaculation: delayed or missing ejaculation. I hope that you guys use condoms when fucking random women. During those encounters, most if not all women will ask you, after you’ve pulled out, “Did you cum?” Very often, they are not satisfied with just your answer. They want to see your cum in the condom and may even squeeze it. Some women even dump your cum on their tummy and rub it all over them. Also, if you don’t use condoms with your random hook-ups — this is easy to do because for Chads like us women don’t insist on using condoms — she’ll eagerly watch you ejaculate, or happily take it in her mouth.

But, but, what about her orgasm, some of you may now think. For some reason, that does not seem to be much of an issue. You can of course spend some time making her cum, but you can bet that a lot of women you’ve fucked hard and didn’t bother getting off will be happy to meet up with you again. There is also an aspect of sex that is only known to Chads, i.e. psychological orgasms. Sometimes women get off watching you blow a load, or pulling our your dick and feeling your cum dripping down their thighs.

As Old Anon writes, there is good reason to believe that our ancestors didn’t bother with hour-long love-making sessions. It was probably an evolutionary disadvantage to spend a lot of time on sex, and not just because of the energy is costs but also because it makes you vulnerable. Certainly some saber-tooth tiger couldn’t care less about you needing another fifteen minutes. It would just have killed you.

Further evidence that sex was a quick affair evolutionarily is that a horny woman does not need any foreplay at all. Again, this is only known to Chads. You do not need to warm up a chick for half an hour. Instead, if she sees you and you make her juices flow, you can pull her panties down and put your dick in, minutes after meeting her. I would argue that the only reason you can have fast hook-ups is that there is an evolutionary program on the mind of women (and men) for it. Young, horny women seem to have a particular difficulty suppressing it.

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6 thoughts on “Open Post: We Are Built for Fast Sex

  1. Very good observation.
    The term premature ejaculation was feminised. The original meaning was if you ejaculated before even putting it in the pussy. Now the meaning was changed to serve women becauseem who cannot last long can be labelled as defective.
    Shows you how gynocentric the whole talk about sex has become.
    If men weren’t cucked out of their mind, they would fuck their women whenever they pleased.
    Caring for her pleasure would be a bonus if she behaved well.
    Like giving some special treats to a dog.
    And ironically I think that’s also the reason most women are not satisfied in relationships. They just cannot respect men who ask for permission.

  2. Thanks for highlighting my post, Aaron. Thinking about our ancestors and the state of modern society brings me quite a few insights into modern human behavior. It seems to me that we are living in an abnormal state, not unlike animals living in a zoo. Yes, they need not worry about survival, but a whole host of maladaptive psychological symptoms appear. Like humans, zoo animals can develop what could be considered depressive, obsessive-compulsive, and self-harming behavior.

    Now imagine what psychological problems we, as the most intelligent of the animal kingdom (relatively speaking, of course), have likely caused ourselves from living in the self-imposed zoo that we call “modern Western society”.

    And consider that due to our society’s promotion of dysgenics, our “elected zookeepers” are the dumbest (or most sociopathic) of us!

  3. Yeah I always found it weird when women complain about “premature ejaculation.” I didn’t even know how long it’s supposed to take. If your really turned on, you should jizz pretty fast. The only way it would “last” is if your not enjoying that much. Hell, orgasm is the fucking goal. I remember a comedian saying, “when it’s time, it’s time.”

    This used to be a huge issue and I think it was just a way to control men even more. What are you supposed to do? Think of baseball, not live in the moment? They acted like we were less manly if we came early, whatever early actually is. It’s probably a healthy sign to come quick.

    What do you guys think about finishing a girl off with your tongue if you cum “too fast.”

    1. This actually goes AGAINST their own feminist philosophy.

      Pretty much they are expecting a MAN to give them what they can’t achieve on their own. Haha!!

  4. Aaron,
    “There is also an aspect of sex that is only known to Chads, i.e. psychological orgasms. Sometimes women get off watching you blow a load, or pulling our your dick and feeling your cum dripping down their thighs.”

    On a related note, the girl that I discussed with you in the consultation parts 1 and 2, apparently when I reunited with her for the third time, I actually witness her experience this. The situation was slightly different. She was stroking my dick. A few minutes later, I started stroking it. Once I stroked it, her jaw dropped like she went ga-ga Chad. She couldn’t take her eyes off of my dick when I stroked it up and down. She was so mesmerized. She said that it turned her on. All logical thinking was gone. I’ve never seen this behavior in her in the past until I reunited with her the third time. It wasn’t a one-time thing. She went ga-ga every time I did it.

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