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50 thoughts on “Open Thread #99

  1. Aight, so my ED issues have surfaced even without a rubber.

    Gonna prioritize this. So, I’m circumcised. An ex-playboy model i’ve mentioned who i’ve been seeing on and off remarked that i have the perfect penis. It’s worth noting that she’s Jewish and hates foreskin. When i masturbate, i almost exclusively stimulate the part immediately below the head on the bottom side. The shaft almost doesn’t even feel errogenous. I do not feel as though I have a perfect penis.

    I have yet to snag a fleshlight, which would be a reasonable choice for experimentation.

    My plan to get a better understanding of it is this:
    1. Get a fleshlight and see how it feels and works on my dick in comparison to a pussy. Use it alone, with different videos, erotic thoughts, etc and see what happens.
    2. Experiment with different kinds and sizes of condoms on women and hookers.
    3. Do the above with different kinds of lube.
    4. Experiment with different doses of cialis, levitra, and viagra to use as a CRUTCH, which may help if my issues are indeed predominantly psychological.
    5. Experiment with stacking Cialis+Levitra, Cialis+Viagra for the same purpose.
    6. Experiment with stimulating the shaft with a light touch to see if anything lights up there.
    7. See a doctor

    Any feedback on this? The penis sensitivity cream thing looks dodgy, but lmk if anyone has something they’d suggest.

    1. also, how does tolerance and dependency work with ED meds? I don’t think there’s much data on this. Is it fine to use as a crutch while i build a sex life, or should i be worries about becoming permanently dependent on it.

    2. 7. See a doctor should really be your first priority.
      I don’t, know your age, but if you are below 40 your issue is 99% in your head.
      I use cialis regularly (1-2x per week), I still get normal erections. I am also not aware of any studies regarding negative long term issues of these drugs.
      In the past I also had ED issues with a girlfriend. What we did was just lying in bed together making out and so on, without any pressure to have sex. After a while my issues were gone.

    3. Oh and by the way, viagra does not help against psychological issues, you still need to get horny, it just lowers the threshold basically.

    4. i’m 31. for me, the issue is keeping the erection and taking awhile to cum if i do keep it. if i’m into a chick’s look, i’ll get the boner initially, which is why i think the ED meds will help with confidence.

      i probably overstated the lack of feeling in the shaft. it’s significantly less than i’d like, but i pulled up my favorite vids and images last night and had a session. i got off stimulating the shaft 95% of it and the tip for the rest of it.

      I’ve came into chicks a few times, Not many. Maybe I just need a few more successes to get over the issues in my head. One of the times was with a virgin with whom I knew would accept me completely and not compare me to anyone else, so my mind could have been a factor here. Her pussy feeling sexier was prolly also a factor.

      I’ll consider what you said about the pressure-free environment you had with your girlfriend.

    5. Yeah so this really sounds like a problem in your head to me.
      What you could do is take the minimal dose of viagra, just to have the confidence. Then you have sex a few times and then you drop the viagra. At least this worked for me.
      But still go see a doctor to exclude any physiological problems.
      Oh and I hope I should not have to tell you to check if you have any conditions which could be dangerous combined with viagra (e.g. heart problems). That’s also a good reason to see the doctor.

    6. I have chronic allergy problems and some stomach problems, which i’m working on slowly but surely.

    7. Like Ubermensch said, its very likely the problem is in your head. I am slightly older than you, (mid 30s) and whenever I had problems keeping it up it was just like you described, get horny but trouble keeping it up for long. It does not happen often, but it does surface every few years or so. I also usually take long to cum, but that has always been the case with me since i started having sex.

      At our age, its unlikely to be a physical condition. If you still get hard with porn, the problem is not your dick, but your brain. In my case, I did not consult a doctor, but I ascribed it to being stressed out. Instead of mentally disconnecting, I would have a lot on my mind, and my thoughts start drifting to other places while having sex. Losing your hard in the middle of it can also be embarassing, and the thought of it causes performance anxiety, leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy! 🙂 It usually resolved itself by taking it easy, relaxing, and I was back to normal within a few weeks or less.

      Its worth mentioning, although this is a nightmare scenario for many guys, no girl I was with ever made a fuss out of it, its a normal part of having a sex life, the same way some girls have a hard time getting to orgasm no matter how good you are or how long you pound them. Most girls will understand that guys can be stressed, overworked, or too drunk. Some girls may even think the problem is with them, that they are not hot enough, or that they are doing something wrong during sex (which also happens – excessive screamers turn me off por example). If you lose your hard halfway, you can always make it up with your fingers or tonge, I tell them ladies come first. Afterwards I usually get rewarded with a nice bj or handjob to get me there too.

      Viagra and cialis do help (in my case, I had better exp with cialis), but I try to avoid them as long as possible, I take a pill once or twice a year at most, and I suspect that for most of the younger people regularly taking these pills the bigger effect is actually a placebo, that takes away their performance anxiety.

      I save them for emergencies like when I need to perform but am very tired, or is a threesome or orgy comes up. Like Uber said, they lower the bar and help you keep it up, but they wont give you a boner if you are not horny to begin with. I would strongly advise against mixing meds if you dont know what you are doing.

      On a side note, happy new year to everyone!

    8. The more I think about the role of sex, the more I am convinced that there is little wrong with us as men. Sex is not meant to be a marathon pleasure experience like in porn. It’s meant for procreation — meaning efficient insemination. It’s why I no longer feel bad about premature ejaculation or losing an erection during prolonged foreplay or sex. Our ancestors needed to use energy efficiently to survive. If anything, the man who can keep an erection without ejaculating for marathon sex is the abnormal one.

      Besides, my experience has been that, despite what normies tell you, the more you care about her sexual experience, the less she respects you.

    9. thanks for the help guys. @yarara, i actually have had a chick punish me for losing an erection mid-coitus before. overall, i think you’re right in that they’ll be cool about it most of the time.

  2. This video clip made the rounds on Twitter recently. It shows a bunch of non-white kids thrashing an expensive BMW on 5th Avenue in NYC. There are people sitting in the car. Two questions would be obvious, based on the fact that the kids wear nice clothes, ride very expensive-looking bikes, and behave in a feral manner:
    1) Do the kids’ parents live off gibs? If so, why do they get so much money that they can afford such items for their kids? I’m sure plenty of working parents can’t.
    2) If the kids’ parents don’t live off gibs, you can assume that they have well-paying jobs. Thus, how come those kids act the way they do? Is it their genes or their upbringing or a combination of both? Something must have caused it, so which is it?

    1. Aaron,
      Black people in Los Angeles are very ghetto. They aren’t civilized people. Most law abiding citizens are very cautious around Black people since they have been depicted as violent individuals by society. Most often, they make their money by being drug dealers, committing theft/robbery, or making rap music. Of course, they live off the welfare system as well. But I can assure you that most blacks don’t have great well paying jobs. For those who go to college and manage to get a well paying job…well they still act ghetto despite all the indoctrination they have gone through. I have only meet a select few of Black people who are well civilized and cordial. From life experience, I can say that its a combination of their genetics and environment and most of all cultural. About 15 years ago, I went to Toronto, Canada. I had no idea how many black people lived there. The first thing I noticed about black people in Toronto was how well behaved they were. It was a culture shock to me since I have always associated black people to violent behaviour. I’ve also met some Kenyans from Africa who were very nice people as well. Even Africans have complained about blacks in American wondering why they act like wild savages. I haven’t been to Europe, but I know there’s a lot of Blacks in London. I’m not sure how they would compare to Los Angeles.

    2. In the 80s and 90s, black people faced a lot of discrimination by law enforcement and non-black people. They were heavily incarcerated by the judicial system. They had the highest crime rate followed by Hispanics. There was an increase in gang crimes and this is want cemented their reputation. You had blacks fighting blacks and Hispanics fighting Hispanics. Growing up in this time, I noticed that black people were never united as group or community like Asians and Hispanics. Blacks seemed to resent their own people. They hated being black. Even among the Hispanic culture, if a girl dated a black person she was considered to be damaged good and often disown by the family since she brought shame to the family name for dating a black person. They have been perceived as second class citizens. In the realm of dating, blacks are not considered attractive, whereas white is considered attractive universally. From the 80s and 90s and on…not much has been improved by blacks. They still leach on the welfare system and act ghetto like barbarians.

    3. There are huge economic problems in the United States. Outsourcing being one of the prime examples. The media is funded by these same corporations that outsource, so they dare not point to the culprit. Also illegal immigration has caused many economic and social problems. Again, the media dates not point the finger. Essentially globalism. Same globalists that own the US government, while simultaneously receiving generous bail outs, subsidies and contracts.

      Instead the media sensationalizes racial strife in America to get non-whites to hate all whites. It’s a huge diversion tactic.

    4. I think this is what happens when you tell a group of people 24/7 that everyone else oppresses and exploits them.
      They become entitled and justified in destroying the property of the oppressors.
      You can brainwash people basically with anything you want, facts don’t matter.

    5. Most likely mob mentality. All it takes is 1-2 individuals to get a crowd going, especially when emotions are running high. I saw a similar video the other day with Brazilians on skateboards:

      Every last one of them need to be thrown in jail, especially the ring leader that triggered the event. I am surprised that the driver of the BMW didn’t run them over.

    6. @ Assanova

      The fates of Jack Gardner, James Alex Fields, and the McCloskeys show what happens when you fight back against Antifa/BLM. Yes, I am positive these are Antifa/BLM orchestrated events designed to entrap retaliating whites for media attention.

    7. Nice bikes can be bought in Good Will. They live in NYC, you can get many high quality second-hand stuffs from Good Will or other thrift stores.

    8. Those bikes and clothes look rather new to me. I’d say it stretches the imagination that they are from a thrift store.

    9. “Those bikes and clothes look rather new to me. I’d say it stretches the imagination that they are from a thrift store.”
      Those clothes and bikes are ordinary to me. As I said, it is NYC. You can get a surprisingly large number of good items from thrift stores because the riches donate them. I used to live in Philadelphia and travelled to NYC no less than 10 times, I got lots of great stuffs from those thrift stores.

    10. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you. I have met both very well-off people (deca-millioniares) and very comfortable ones who probably had a net worth in the very high six figures or low seven figures. Those people make donations in exchange for a receipt they can use to lower their tax bill, i.e. they donate 50k but because that’s pre-tax, it reduces their taxable income. The idea that they’b buy a bike for 2 grand just to drop it at a thrift store is utterly ludicrous as that would be from post-tax income. Besides, this takes a lot more effort than donating money online or writing a check. People who have money have it because they are smart when handling it. Donating random bikes to thrift stores is the complete opposite of that. Thus, your hypothesis doesn’t seem to hold water. Of course, you may be right, so feel free to go to a thrift store in the U.S. and take a picture of top-shelf bikes in a thrift store that can be had for very little money. Good luck.

    11. Obviously I don’t know that. Yet, this is irrelevant as my observation is that those bikes do look expensive.

    12. “Obviously I don’t know that. Yet, this is irrelevant as my observation is that those bikes do look expensive.”
      How do you know their bikes and clothes are expensive?

    13. Do you know what a cheap bike looks like? Have you, by any chance, seen the bikes of kids from families who do not have much money? Also, there are families who cannot afford to buy their kids bikes.

      Anyway, you’ve annoyed me enough with your sophistry. None of your comments will be approved until 31 March 2021. (This also applies to my other blog.)

  3. With all the talk about narcissism recently on this forum, I just figured something out. One of the reasons I’m fucked up is because I don’t let people into my life because of trust issues. If you sit back and let other people dictate situations narcissists and otherwise abusive people will approach you for their supply. I feel like I’m taking advantage of the good people if I accept an invitation for dinner to their house, if I don’t know them well. Or several cousins have practically pleaded for me to host me so we can catch up. These are all good people. This is something narcissists don’t do in my experience. These people are probably the real deal, yet I shut them out.

    I’ve taken the first step of breaking contact with the bad people in my life. Next step is letting the good ones in.

  4. What’s your stand on hooligans groups? Do you think they will be the one who will be fighting Muslims when things go out of control?
    This subculture is certainly not the most intelligent, they fight without the reason. Some people from this groups are only there, because it makes it easier for them to make money from dealing drugs and other illegal activities.
    But those people are also highly trained when it comes to fight and martial arts. Most (99%+) of those groups have right-wing views. Politicians don’t like them. In ideal world where Muslims live in place where there culture is and not populate like a rabbits everywhere I wouldn’t support those groups, but in current state of the world I think they may be our friends.

    There are many instances of their attacks on muslims, antifa, and probably black lives matter too. I’ve put here two from youtube:
    – Greece: Football fans attack Muslims celebrating Prophet’s birthday
    – attack of Ultrecht’s hooligans on antifa

    1. You need tough guys in society. It’s always been true. Otherwise they just become ostracized and marginalized, and therefore useless. I honestly think the greaser movement died because of the decadent way that westerners want to portray themselves. We are tough. REALLY tough. Our downfall is holding back this incentive to get in touch with that side of civilization. They will take full advantage of it. Trust me.

      That video made me smile.

    2. Here is a short documentary from protest march of LGBT in Bialystok, Poland. English subtitles included. You will certainly like it. That’s the way we should deal with the perverts of all kind. In the real world of human beings, violence can and has solved a great deal of things.

    3. Thank you, very intense video. Poles always impress me with their nationalism, and oraginasation. Also the dudes looked tough and in much better shape than most American men.

      Side note: The former communist Bloc countries seem way ahead of the Western allies when it comes to nationalism and masculinity. I guess you have to live under a foreign commie power to come together like that.

    1. Haha, it’s almost like this forum invented this woman!

      Entitled: check

      Delusional: check

      Fat: check

      Likes wine: check

      Likes cats: check

      She’s says “I’m fun.” And “I’m smart.” What kind of normal person talks like this? This reminds me of the short story I wrote about gender roles reversal. She should spend a day knowing what it’s like being a man. She also claims to be happy yet sounds like she’s gonna cry the whole time. She wonders what she’s missing. A gym membership for starters.

  5. This book on “Pathological Altruism” seems like a worthwhile read:
    The review has certainly piqued my interest. In contrast, I’m thinking of the pathological altruism of the Swedish government that happily steals 57% of your income in the highest tax bracket, just to squander it on welfare programs. Using other people’s money to make yourself feel good and righteous is clearly the way forward. It’s pathological altruism that is costs the people getting high on helping the supposedly poor and downtrodden absolutely nothing.

    On a related note, the Swedish Wikipedia claims that the marginal tax rate of 57% (completely ignoring that there is an extra 30%+ payroll tax for the employer, too) is nothing to worry about because high income earners tend to own apartments and stocks and taxes for that aren’t so high. This makes my blood boil. If you’re not born rich in Sweden, chances of amassing a modicum of wealth due to work are virtually zero.

    1. Send me some links on these “complex issues” and I’d be happy to read them – but the anti-vax points have all been proven false.

      Out of curiosity. When you say 100% of claims in category x have been proven false… do you mean by a meta-study that reviews many studies? And are you qualified to (and reading those studies) yourself?

      Or when you say “proven” you mean that a journalist wrote that they are “proven false”.

      Just to be clear, I have no understanding on this particular topic nor have a side. I’m just genuinely curious what “proven false” means specifically, and how it is that you know they have been proven false.

    2. Lol just noticed I put this comment under the wrong thread. It was directed at Alex the “any criticism of any vaccine ever has been 100% disproven” guy.

  6. Aaron,

    A conspiracy theorist in my book has always been a crackpot (world is flat, anti-vaxxer people) Why do you think differently?

    1. You need to do a lot more reading and thinking for yourself. It is not the case that questioning the Covid narrative means that you believe that the world is flat. On the topic of “anti-vaxxing”, by the way, I recently discovered that the mainstream has been grotesquely mischaracterized their opponents by straw-manning them. The issue is not that they are against vaccinations per se but that they want, in the case of MMRs, to either vaccinate their kids later or use single-shot vaccinations. You may find it hard to believe, but there is statistical evidence that high vaccination load at 12 months causes issues and — shocking, I know! — indeed correlates with a higher incidence of autism. (Note that this does not imply causation.)

      Lastly, while you may think that people who dare to question the mainstream narrative are “crackpots”, it’s much closer to the truth that people who swallow the mainstream narratives are, generally, low-IQ morons. You realize that, for example, the claim that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction was made up, and so was the chemical attack on its own citizens by Assad. Your elites are habitually lying to you, yet you are so docile and so unable to question authority that you either ignore such reports or you are unable to process them and instead you think that, surely, the elites got it right this time and that they are all honest and well-meaning.

    2. Aaron,

      I did reading on this actually and they’re not issues. In the case of the former, the “issue” was with the thimerosal and that has been proven to be bogus. It’s not even the same type of “mercury” found in tuna. Some antivaxx groups even started saying “no wait, autism is going UP now since it was removed” lol. In the case of the latter, again the statistics show no difference. A baby’s immune system is introduced to hundreds of different antigens on a daily basis; several extra shots don’t do anything. The vaccines industry makes up only 1-2% of the pharmaceutical industry. The alternative medicine industry is actually bigger! If Pfizer wanted to make big bucks they would just sell essential-oils.

      I put the Saddam and Assad points you mentioned on completely different levels. The Saddam one was proven and talked about in the media how we were lied to. The Assad one you can at least argue successfully that it’s in the realm of possibility – the US doesn’t wear a halo on it’s head. The anti-vaxx stance, though, has been proven to be completely bogus, unless one is Jenny McCarthy. Autism is a neurological issue that starts in the womb, not an immune issue that occurs after, and soon they’ll be able to use MRI to diagnose autism way before the first vaccine is given.

      My life so far has allowed me to meet, know, and become friends with a wide variety of people: People who have travelled the world, people have not left their hometown. People have not graduated high school, people who have multiple degrees from ivy’s. Just looking at my phone contact list now, I count 4 people who have been to jail multiple times, and 6 people who (self made mind you) could buy everyone in a room a ferrari and not blink an eye. Based on my discussions with them, it’s pretty clear that the lower iq ones are the people who believe baseless arguments on a variety of topics.

    3. You shouldn’t focus on fringe anti-vaxxers. It’s a much more complex issue than you make it sound. Also, big pharma is selling supplements and alternative medicine. It’s all the same to them. Here, since you’re apparently too lazy to spend ten seconds on your favorite search engine:
      Then again, Google may suppress this nowadays.

      The Assad story has also been proven to be false. However, this time the media didn’t report on it as they have gone fully partisan. The point stands: your government has lied to you over and over in the past. Wouldn’t is make more sense to assume they are lying to you again this time?

      Go get your experimental Covid vaxx! You can trust the government.

    4. Aaron,

      Send me some links on these “complex issues” and I’d be happy to read them – but the anti-vax points have all been proven false. All anti-vaxxers are fringe. Just because “scary, big, bad and hairy” pharma makes them and they get money it for it doesn’t mean shit. You’ve come off before as very pro-science. Not sure why you’ve changed your mind. The science is clear behind this. Supplements such as Centrum are vitamins – not herbs – and are NOT “alternative medicine” – homeopathic non-sense is. Ha no idea why you are calling me lazy – maybe you shouldn’t be lazy and actually look up what things mean.

      What do you need to see from Pfizer or Moderna to take it? mRNA vaccines are the best thing since slice bread. Unlike what meme’s might say that your facebook friends post, mRNA vacs don’t pass the nuclear envelope – they can’t affect your DNA.

      Aaron, I believe people should have a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to many things but not everyone is out to get you – except maybe women.

    5. @ Alex

      The difference in information we have on the government lies regarding Hussein and Assad is related to the President at the time. The media was all too eager to beat up conservative Bush while vigilantly suppressing any negative coverage of liberal deity Obama.

    6. Two points about vaccine
      1 – you can remove aluminum as adjuvant with Calcium phosphate ( Adverse reaction from aluminum adjuvant is known fact, I don’t know why is not done.
      2- vaccine are cultured with egg proteins or casein, proteins in the bloodstream can cause adverse reaction (Anaphylaxis) in some individuals. Why they are not cultured in protein free excipient?

      There is no conspiracy theory, it is just bad science in the last at least 40 years, I can show you multiple example in the medical field. My point of view is conspiracy theorist get some intuition but they miss the sophistication and knowledge to have good argument.

  7. Aaron,

    I’ve noticed a big difference dating women in early 30s vs late 30s who seem much more desperate and bitter as they have aged. For some reason though it seems guys give less of a fuck as they age… is this your experience?

    1. I can confirm this. As guys who have not settled down age, they tend to get aware of the fact that they are doing pretty well on their own. Furthermore, those who have suffered through a few horrible relationships tend to not be in any hurry at all to give some other woman a chance at ruining their life.

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