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In Dating, “Something” is Not Necessarily Better than Nothing

After a brutal two or three months, I have finally had a bit of spare time for myself. Some of it I spent on catching up on my favorite content creators. This is a relatively short list, which includes FaceandLMS. I’m not this guy’s target audience but I like his sense of humor. He’s tuned into meme culture and sometimes just surprised you, for instance when he describes his race not as “black” but as “jogger”, which is the reprehensible dog-whistle the extreme far-right uses when disparagingly discussing Blacks.

In one of his recent streams, FaceandLMS made the off-hand remark that “when it comes to dating, something is better than nothing”. This is one of the instances where I am simply baffled. Statements like this also confirm that FaceandLMS really is an “incel” and not just some pretender because even guys with just a little bit of experience are aware of the fact that dating is not just sunshine and unicorns. This applies to even the most casual encounters. Dealing with a woman who has a foul attitude can quickly sour you on a hookup. On the other hand of the spectrum, a long-term relationship with a toxic woman can ruin you physically, mentally, and financially.

I do think that the “black pill” contains a lot of truths about the harsh realities of dating. Yet, there is also this undercurrent of downright bizarre perceptions of dating and, oftentimes, women in general. To be fair, you can’t really expect such men to know better. They are involuntarily celibate after all. It is still odd that they seem to idolize women. After all, did they not have mothers who nagged them, teachers who nagged them, or female bosses who nagged them? Sure, such women don’t nag all the time, but I can’t imagine making it into adulthood as a male without having experienced female nagging. Heck, just follow the news for a bit and imagine you’d have to spend time with someone as petty and vindictive as Nancy Pelosi or as dull and apathetic as Angela Merkel. Some women have personalities that are so off-putting that you’ll quickly drop them, even if they are very attractive. (Side note: it is a huge red flag when a very attractive woman is unable to keep a guy around.)

One of the most powerful insights of the (true) MGTOW community is that dating and having relationships can be a lot of work. Oftentimes, given today’s society, they are distinctly unrewarding. (I was fortunate to find a traditional non-Western woman. I don’t think I would have wanted to deal with the typical Western woman anymore.) What is worse, you can easily wreck your life by getting involved with the wrong woman. Therefore, I think there is a great tragedy in the Black Pill community: On the one hand, its members are aware of their own shortcomings in terms of looks. They also know that looks are important in general. Yet, they still desire the validation of women. You can bet that many “fakecels” and “chadcels”, as AlekNovy calls them, i.e. men who are celibate due to their own inactions, will be in for a rough awakening once they realize that what real-world dating really is like. This will teach them that “nothing” in terms of dating is often a lot better than “something”. The genuine MGTOW crowd, i.e. guys who chose to go their own way after oftentimes a lot of experience with women, knows this. Incels who swallow black pills for breakfast don’t.

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2 thoughts on “In Dating, “Something” is Not Necessarily Better than Nothing

  1. Those same oppressive women in their lives are the ones that make them feel incomplete without a woman. They encourage them to aim low. And they are bastards if they care about looks. Basically perpetuating the vicious cycle.

  2. most of these incels are not very logical.

    they hate women because they are irrational, immoral and so on, yet at the same time desire validation from them.
    also if you are truly black pilled desiring love from women doesn’t make much sense either. women love their children, they don’t love their men, only the utility they provide to them. (how many women would stay with their husband after he lost his job and is homeless? Probably below 0.1%)

    so in this way the bluepilled cucks actually have a more consistent belief system than most of the incels.

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