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64 thoughts on “Open Thread #90

  1. Just wanted to make a shout-out to assanova. I’ve read and understand why you had to delete your moneymademen blog,but if it is at all possible,I hope(and many others too I presume) you consider making an archive out of it just like with the realmademen blog.

    There are some juicy and interesting insights on that blog that’s such a shame to just lose. Even if you never write anything new ever again,it would certainly be great to have all your writings archived.

    Hope you consider,assuming it is possible at this point.

    1. Thanks, but I am not the owner of that archive. Also, I didn’t bother backing up the MMM blog. Didn’t really see a point. There should be more than enough info on Sleazy’s blog and books to get laid.

  2. When do you guys think the patriarchy died in the West? Of course there is no clear cut date, but in the US I would say roughly in the early 1970s. Feminists are still fighting something that died before most of us were even born!

    1. giving voting rights to women was the beginning of the end.
      socialism and the destruction of the nuclear family follows from that.
      I think the end stage will be normalization of pedophilia, communism, extra taxes for single men. Families won’t exist anymore, children will be raised by the government.
      Then the society will collapse, there will follow a dark period, and once again only the fittest will survive.
      It’s very hard to predict this time because at the same time, there will be a lot of technological advancement.
      How AI, sexbots, nanotechnology will affect all of this, I don’t know.

  3. Nate Silver, one of the few pundits I respect, has Biden’s chances of winning at nearly 90%. He predicts that Democrats have a 2 in 3 chance of taking the Senate and a virtual guarantee to continue control of the House.

    The media and Big Tech are doing everything they can to hide Biden scandals and promote negative Trump stories.

    I am, once again, depressed and troubled at where my country is heading. So much hypocrisy. So much dishonesty. Above all, so much stupidity.

    When did we become like this? How did a country go from winning world wars and revolutionizing technology to worshipping criminals and encouraging mental illness?

    1. This is what I’m talking about. The country took a nose dive in the early 1970s. The Democratic Party used to be the party of the working man. JFK, LBJ and Humphrey were good men. In 1972 they nominated George McGovern who was a treasonous, coward, feminist, multiculturalist cuck. The first modern day liberal to be nominated for president for the Dems. He got the fucking shit kicked out of him by Richard Nixon because Nixon was a real man and a patriot. Those blue collar white men, who were traditional Democrats, crossed party lines to vote for Nixon in droves. I think McGovern only won his home state and DC. Nixon won the rest. It was that one-sided and a major lesson in American electoral history.

      “I opened the doors of the Democratic Party and 20 million people walked out.”

      –George McGovern.

      Nixon stepping down and the ineptitude of Gerald Ford is when things started to collapse.

    2. Communism is always the end result when you give women voting rights.
      Women are genetically predisposed to be socialists because they have more empathy. (and also a great longing for security because they are more vulnerable than men)
      (and also they directly benefit from socialist policies, women are negative taxpayers overall)
      And especially today you have a lot of childless women, and the empathy they would normally have for their own children, no goes to immigrants/poor people, so they vote for more and more socialism until the society collapses.

    3. That’s a good point. Its probably the reason the media ALWAYS brings up “the children” during the immigration debate. As well as “breaking up families.”. As if it’s not the irresponsible behaviour of the illegal parents in the first place. But who needs rationality when you have emotional woman as half the voting population?

    4. I think some people here are drinking too much kool-aid.

      Without writing a book I’ll say that I’m pretty center politically.

      A lot of Trump supporters will say “oh well the media is biased, they don’t show trump in good light.” That may be the case but whenever Trump speaks, freely and uncensored, he has a chance to show that he is an intelligent guy.

      Every word that comes out of this guy’s mouth is a disaster.

      His supporters like to say “fake news this and fakes news that” but you can actually one up them and say the person calling news fake is the one disseminating false info.

      In the end both parties have strayed to far to the side to make any candidate a clear choice but I think biden this time around is the lesser of two evils.

      Just my 2-cents

    5. Hello there, normie! Do you have an actual argument? There is zero substance in your post. Also, even if we accept your argument at face value, it does not follow that Creepy Joe Biden who seems to be the patriarch of a bona fide crime family, based on the latest revelations surrounding his sun Hinter, is a better choice than Trump. I look at that Biden and see someone no longer in control of his mental facilities. This is not hyperbole. We’re talking about the onset of dementia here.

    6. Yep that’s good information. In fact I put those statistics in a manuscript I wrote. The book deals largely with the decline of the American middle class. It should be noted too that the CEO to worker pay ratio was roughly 20 to 1 in the 1950s and today it’s over400 to 1. Worse than any other First World country. The era also marked the time point when corporate lobbyists began to take over Washington. Women and Third Worlders flooding the labor market sure didn’t help.

    7. Every word that comes out of this guy’s mouth is a disaster.

      That’s where I stopped reading, because it’s in direct contradiction to the whole “I’m center” bullshit.

      Such hyperbole is only possible for someone who’s hyper-partisan.

    8. Nate Silver also believed that Crooked Hilary would win in 2016. All hope is not lost but we are going through dark times indeed.

    9. Your comment is good until the end.

      The US never won the World Wars and in fact the World Wars were entirely planned and instigated by the ruling class in order to consolidate control and establish the dialectic that we see playing out.

      War is a racket, plain and simple. Until people wake up and realize how fake things like “Wars” are and the propaganda that comes from them, things will not change.

  4. Lay report:

    Been a little while since I’ve scored some new pussy. Former coworker makes it known that she’s been crushing on me for a while. I move fast. Set up a coffee date for the next day. She’s already sending me lewd photos. Decide to show off the the big E in the tight red boxers. Seemed risky but she wanted the big E bad. Tell her I have to sleep for the day (I work nights) a couple hours before I normally sleep to keep things from going stale. She confirms coffee date. I arrive before her and first choice is closed for some reason, perhaps it has gone bankrupt from lockdown. Starbucks will have to do, quick text and she agrees to the transition. Meet up. This is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever gotten to agree to a date (5’6’’, brunette, petite, bubble butt, big tits, pretty). I go for the kiss after grabbing coffee and heading towards outside seating – she wants to use her tongue. Divulges that she is a single mom now, I know I’m definitely scoring at this point. After some more catch up I ask if she wants a drink – nods no, but says ‘it’s whatever.’ I suggest we grab a bottle and head to her place. Her place is no good. I ask if she wants to ride with me to get liquor and then to my place, then be dropped back off at her vehicle later. She agrees. To store for booze, then to my place. Pad is tidy and smells good. Grab glass and chaser and feed her a few shots. Turn on a movie. Snuggle up to each other, immediately start making out. She’s passionate and heavy. I remove her top (great big perky tits) and mine and she hungrily starts going for the D through the jeans. Girl gives head like a porn star, maybe the best I’ve ever had – could have easily came. Lots of foreplay, I’m enjoying it, get her undressed. Blah, blah, blah. We fucked two times. She said she got off 6 times. Feeling like the man. It’s late, says she has to go home for sleep so she can work. Drop her back off at her vehicle, gives me a hand job in the parking lot. She leaves. The end.

    1. Update:

      Same chick rode me reverse cowgirl in the back of her truck in a public park. Windows were tinted and we had privacy. This chick is wild. The bad part is that she is already hinting at wanting to move things into a more serious realm. I hope she doesn’t end up popping my tires.

    2. This is a great story. A quick note on single mothers: it is not just the case that single mothers are more desperate and therefore more eager to have sex. Instead, my observation is that they tend to have poor impulse control, which arguably positively correlates with sex drive, and therefore are willing to have sex very quickly. That’s how they got pregnant in the first place.

  5. How much validity do you guys give to the idea that some guys overcompensate for physical inadequacies with huge trucks and automatic weapons?

    I always thought it was liberal propaganda before, but sometimes I wonder. I have a Toyota Camry and have never owned a gun. But I’m a big supporter of the second amendment. Also drive whatever you want, but I just don’t purchase gas guzzlers.

    1. there is probably some correlation there but very weak. I think preference for big cars (status symbols in general) and weapons is mostly independent of dick size.
      Would probably be different if everyone knew each others size, though.

    2. e.g. I think small men quite often try to overcompensate for it by being very aggressive/dominant.
      difference is, everyone sees that you are a small man, but no one sees your dick size.
      and a woman will only know it when you are already in bed with her, and then it’s probably only a problem if you are really small (think micropenis).

    3. I always thought there is a kernel of truth to it. Guys who are (or believe they are) somehow inadequate try to compensate by adopting the external trappings of what they believe tough guys are. They are mistaking the signals for the essence, adopting tough guy looks, accessories or mannerisms, without actually being so. The charade is usually quite transparent for actual manly guys.

      Picture it like putting a crown on your head. Just because a king wears a crown, it does not mean it gives him power, rather the crown is the symbol of the power the king has. Put a crown on your head without being king, you may soon find yourself without both crown and head.

  6. Aaron,

    I met this girl in July 2019. I met her at a local bar in my neighborhood. She’s a waitress. She’s now 23 years old. When I met her in 2019, we had a brief conversation. No flirting or anything of that nature. Somehow, we ended up talking about my ex (I’ll explain this in the consultation about falling in love that I wrote to you in the email). That was the first time I met her and last time I would ever see her. Guess what happens? I ran into her a year later in August 2020 at a bar which is 30 minutes away from my house.

    In August 2020, I went to this particular bar that I like to hang out. I’m sitting at the bar with a friend having a drink. A few minutes later, this waitress approaches me and starts making small talk. In the middle of the conversation she tells me, “you look familiar. Where have I met you before. I’ve seen you before?” At first, I thought she was just trying to be nice and flirtatious and make a tip or two. But she kept drilling me and asking me where we met. At the end of the night we exchange contact information. That same night I text her and we start texting back and forth. A couple of weeks later, I went to the same bar and ran into her. I asked her if she remember where we met cause I couldn’t remember. She tells me, “we met at this bar in the City of XYZ.” Furthermore, she adds, “we were talking about your ex how she never took pictures.” I was in disbelief. I was surprised that this girl remembered me a year later. I met her once and never saw her again until a year later.

    We stayed in contact. Eventually, I asked her out, but she kept playing games, so I started playing her games as well. Finally, about three weeks ago she agreed to meet up. She cancelled the day before. I told her, “if you want to meet, you have to call me and schedule the date.” A few days later, she calls me and asks me if I wanted to meet up and go out. I agreed to meet up. Unfortunately, I decided to cancel on her like she did to me. She got pissed off. Finally, we both mutually agreed to go out again. We finally met last night. We went to local burger stand. Before we stepped into the burger stand, she asked me, “what are you looking for?” I didn’t know how to answer her question. I kept my answer very neutral. I told her, “I wanted to meet up with you and just go with the flow.” I never been asked this question before.

    After we were done eating, we went to hang out in my car in the parking lot. It got sexual but not to sexual. There was definitely a lot of kissing, her top came off, but she wouldn’t let me play with her breast. I told her; “I’m going to have fun with your breast next time.” She said, “maybe” with a smile on her face. Sex didn’t happen, but we had a good time. I asked her if she wanted to go out and meet again and she agreed.

    My question is… what does it mean when a woman is asking, “what are you looking for?”

    Two, I’ve notice from experience that women love to use the word “maybe” a lot. From experience, I’ve learned that “maybe” means that a woman is not interested. For example, if I ask a woman out and she says “maybe” it’s obvious that she’s not interested. However, I have also had experience where women have said “maybe” and met up. How would you interpret “maybe?”

    Finally, her ability to recognize me a year later after meeting me once, would that be indicative of a person having good facial recognition ability or simply that she was attracted to me? I vaguely recall watching a documentary on facial recognition where the documentary highlighted that women are better at facial recognition than men. When I ask her about her ability to recognize faces, she told me that she’s good at remembering faces, but then her story changed to where she isn’t good at recognizing faces and simply said, “your handsome and I remember you.” I have a hard time believing it. I can’t even remember people after meeting them two weeks later. Lol

    1. Tl;Dr. She made it easy for you and said you were handsome. Assuming you were attracted to her, did you not get her contact info and set up a meeting? Once you start taking a few simple initiatives, you’re going to start slaying these chicks with ease. You’ll find that the ones who are attracted enough to you to tell you that you are good-looking to your face are simply going to follow your lead with little resistance. Try not to over think it.

      Ask yourself, am I willing to have sex with this chick? Has she given even the slightest indication of attraction (this could be as subtle as a glance)? If so, simply make conversation and test the waters if you’re not sure. Then, get her contact info and setup a coffee date.

      Just my thoughts.

      It also depends on the context of the interaction. Sleazy stories shows how fast one can move given the right circumstances. In this particular case, I think my advice applies.

    2. These stupid mindgames and psychoanalytics you have to do to get “normal” women into bed are the exact reason I switched to pros 😀
      Honestly, this seems way too much bullshit just for a single lay.
      Guess my bullshit tolerance is just way lower than that of most guys. No offense.

    3. When a woman I am just getting to know asks me what I am looking for, I like to turn the question around on them: “what do you think/imagine what i am looking for?” If she goes with it, you can just agree or fill in the blanks as you find convenient.

      However, my approach is usually such that it is clear from the beginning that I am not looking for something serious because the context of the interaction does it for me… eg. I am picking up girls at some place far from where I live, because I travel for work or pleasure, or I am picking up tourists in my home city. It is clear that my presence at that place is only temporary.
      And in my extended social circle I already have a well established reputation of being a player, so any girl who approaches me already knows and does not need to ask.

      This may work against you in some cases, for example if you like a girl and want to consider a steadier relationship, but she dismisses the possibility because she does not think she can ever trust you to be monogamous (yes, this has happened to me). But on balance its works out fine, because it is usually the other way around.

    4. You need to make a move sooner. The fact that she remembered you one year later, and admits it, is already a clear signal that she’s into you. Also, if you wait for girls to call you up and ask you out you are way too passive.

      “Maybe” sometimes just means “maybe”. It’s one thing to ask, “Do you want to hang out sometime next week?”, or “How about we meet for a quick coffee at X at 6 p.m. on Tuesday.” Context is everything here.

  7. Muslim terrorist decapitates teacher in Paris:

    And they still think teaching “ethics” to these savages will solve the problem. LOL.

    I’m actually starting to root for the Muslims here. Our society in Europe has become so cucked and weak and pathetic, it deserves to get wiped from the planet imho.

    At this point only radical measures would fix the problem (deportation of Muslims, bann of islam in Europe) but no politician has the balls to do it.

    If this continues we are heading straight for a civil war in 30-40 years (islam will be the majority religion then in a lot of european countries (france, germany, sweden, and some others), or more likely the cucked europeans will just resign to Islam.

    1. Also:

      black guy gets shot by a cop in the USA -> millions of people on the streets in Europe

      white guy gets killed by a Muslim immigrant in Europe -> no fucks given.

      white Europeans really hate themselves. It almost seems like they want to die. And that is probably what will happen.

  8. @Ubermensch
    Need to fix a sentence
    Original : “black guy gets shot by a cop in the USA -> millions of people on the streets in Europe”

    Revised: “black guy with criminal record and/or there is a warrant for his arrest… gets shot by a cop in the USA -> millions of people on the streets in Europe”

    Mad times

    But refugees welcome and black lives matter you bigoted readers!

  9. There have been a few times in my life where I’ve had a chick that seemed to want to fuck me, but when I went for the kiss at the end of the night, or whatever it was that I tried, I got shut down. With pretty much all of them except for one, I perceived the girl to be crazy more or less, and when I replayed the interaction in my head, I was very “one foot in and one foot out about it”. There was one girl who I bought a drink, and complied when I suggested we move upstairs to the balcony of the bar (her compliance made me think she was dtf), i went for the kids and she seemed shocked and said “I barely even know you”. I hit her up on Facebook later for a proper date, and she said no. All the other times, I had a one foot in and one foot out approach.

    I don’t want to make excuses for not having any “game” or having a shit personality or anti-game, so what do you guys think? I get the whole don’t stick your dick in crazy, but you can lie about your name, get a hotel, fuck at her place, etc to counteract the damage of banging a crazy.

    Have any of you ever experienced anything similar?

    1. I’d need more details. First, going for the kiss at the end of the night is a bad idea. It normally means that your escalation is way off. Most girls will get bored and walk off if you don’t make a move. Second, going for her boobs seemingly out of nowhere is likewise hardly smooth.

    2. I hadn’t read your book in ages and just opened it again. There was a girl last night who snapped at me for trying to grab her hand. I figured that because she came and sat by me uninvited, and was still talking to me after trying to grab her hand, that it still made sense to go for it. Your book says to just skip it after that.

      Regarding The girl who complied by going upstairs to the balcony with me, I hadn’t tried more innocuous touching first. So I think I’m seeing your point about escalation being off.

    3. Also, I’ve never gone for the boobs out of nowhere. I meant to type “go for the kiss“, not kids.

  10. Hey guys we haven’t talked history for a while and I recently had a discussion of WWII with my friends. I’m reminded of a time when Aaron said that a popular meme on social media is “thank God we defeated a Hitler.”

    The guys I was debating were actually making the claim that Hitler wanted to invade North America. There might have been some shooting the shit about it in Nazi circles, but a serious plan? Not realistic and never really in the cards for the Third Reich, who actually wanted an alliance with Britain and probably wouldn’t mind one with us. General Patton was even lukewarm to the idea, Churchill had misgivings about choosing the wrong side, and Harry Truman, when in the Senate, considered it a viable option.

    Any where you stand though, there is no way in hell Hitler could have crossed the Atlantic. But we hear this bullshit in the US all the time.

    1. I would also like to add that fascist nationalism and world conquest simply do not go together.

      Unlike communism and neoconservatism.

    2. My understanding is that Hitler wanted to reclaim lands that previously belonged to Germany, hence, why he invaded Poland as Germany had to cede West Prussia and Silesia. As far as extracurricular invasions, i know they talked about invading Africa. That would make more sense. They could make use of the resources and land. Also, Africa wouldn’t make as good of trading partners as the US. It really wouldn’t make sense to invade North America before Africa. They could have steamrolled Africa.

      On a side note, giving a fuck about whether you speak German or English when dick girls are reading to children at libraries and LGBTQP is outta control is beyond me.

      Another side note, we need to be adding the P to LGBTQ. It’s way past time. Watch Derek Jensen’s Queer Theory Jeopardy if you’re skeptical:

    3. Jenson’s hecklers in that video are the real “deplorabals.”

      Another side note:. More Americans are descended from Germany than from any other country. So speaking German should not be a huge issue at all. The media and Hollywood wants us to hate ourselves.

    4. To my knowledge, the Nazis never seriously considered invading the United States. How should it even have happened? Hitler is simply the universal boogeyman. Had he not exited, you’d have to invent him. Oh, wait…

  11. Aaron,
    From your experience, would you say that sluts (club sluts, strippers, pornstars, escorts, etc.) …more likely to get tired of having sex with the same guy quicker than normal women would? If so, what can guys do to prevent that?

    How is it that women can find a guy attractive, but have low interest in him and not go out with him, or would this be a false dichotomy?

    1. It’s a different issue altogether: those women tend to be much more outgoing than the average. They also may find it hard to resist temptation. Thus, even if she does not get tired of having sex with you, there will be the big D of other Chads. On a side note, the problem of women getting tired of having sex with you or getting bored in relationships is due to postponing having children. You fall in love and have a lot of sex because that’s nature’s way of telling you that you should procreate. Yet, despite copious amounts of sex she is not getting pregnant (due to contraception, of course). What do you think is more likely?
      1) Female biology has caught up with modernity within decades and all of evolution counts for nothing.
      2) Subconsciously, she feels that the man she’s with is no good because if he was a worthy male, she would have gotten pregnant a long time ago.

      Regarding your second question, I have a hard time believing that a sexually available woman who is looking for a man would not go out with a man she is attracted to, if we are talking about purely sexual interest in the context of hookup culture. Of course, if we are talking about traditional dating, then a woman may find some Chad attractive, yet not date him because he’s unreliable or poor, for instance.

    2. @Aaron, regarding question 1, point B, you might definitely be onto something regarding the evopsyche of dragging the premarriage, prechildren phase of a long term relationship. It’s not uncommon to find some friend of a friend who dumped her boyfriend of 4 years to tie the knot with the next one within a short time.

      I know I want children eventually, but now I’m certain that I should shun LTR’s until I’m sure the time is right to start a family.

    3. Aaron,
      “…even if she does not get tired of having sex with you, there will be the big D of other Chads.”

      Are certain women more likely to cheat than other women? There has always been a huge debate about women committing infidelity. Mainstream media loves to highlight that women often cheat because their husbands/boyfriends neglect their partners…

      “…the problem of women getting tired of having sex with you or getting bored in relationships is due to postponing having children.”

      What about women who already have kid from other men and are dating other men? Of course, they aren’t with baby daddy anymore.

      I’ve often heard co-workers complain about their sexless marriages and/or relationships. What is the issue here?

      “I have a hard time believing that a sexually available woman who is looking for a man would not go out with a man she is attracted to.”

      Perhaps you can provide some clarification to the following situation. There were couple of girls I’ve known in the past who claimed they were attracted to me, but made it difficult for things to materialize between us. For example, I met this one girl at a bar. Her name was Brieanna. We exchange contact information. She flaked out twice. On the third attempt, she told me to pick her up and take her to my place for sex.

      There was another girl by the name Brieanna as well. I met her via friends. When I first met her, she was very cold-hearted towards me. One night, I was hanging out with friends, and Brieanna was there as well. Later that night, Brieanna found out that I was friends with Anthony. When she found out I was friends with Anthony, her attitude changed towards me. She was now asking me out, and asking for my number.

      Another example is Aileen. I met her via friends. She wouldn’t go out with me in the beginning. One night, I was with a group of friends at a house party. Somehow, she found out that I went out with one of her friends. That night, she asked me whether I went out with Kristal since they were both friends. I told her yes. In the middle of the conversation, I told her that Kristal and I stop taking to each other. What happens after this? She ends up asking me out.

      And of course, there’s Ashley who recognized me a year later after one interaction.

      Lastly, none of these girls knew what I did for a living.

    4. Aaron,
      Forgot to mention one thing,
      In regards to the girl who recognised me a year later…I asked her what made her want to meet since she was playing a lot of game and was giving me the run-around. She said, “I like that you were persistent.” Honestly, this is something I wouldn’t do if a girl was 30plus. I didn’t mind playing her games. She’s 23. This is something I’ve heard in the past in my younger days… what with the idea of women liking men who are persistent?

    5. Honestly, I find the question weird because it’s so foundational to human mating. What do you mean why do women find persistent men attractive?

    6. @AlekNovy
      “What do you mean why do women find persistent men attractive?”

      In the beginning, she wouldn’t meet up but kept giving me lots of attention. When I asked her what changed her mind, she said “I liked that you were persistent.”

      Perhaps, I phrased my question wrong and should have asked…Why do some women want a man to be persistent?

    7. 1) If she’s asking you questions, she is the one who is persistent, not you.
      2) The world wasn’t shaped by men who had to be coaxed into action. I would need a very good argument to entertain the possibility that ambition is not an evolutionarily beneficial trait. In fact, for the most part, women want ambitious men. The exception are of course the idle sons of the rich who have women chasing after them but I’d argue that a guy like Elon Musk is a more attractive mate than some Rothschild scion who may have as much money but who would be nothing without family money.

    8. that’s also why all of this “only yes means yes” consent bullshit is contra productive.

      Women want men who push hard. They don’t want some beta bitch who asks for permission. They also want someone who shows that they are capable of using force & aggression, that’s why they like rough sex.

      That’s probably also why so many women are little bit crazy these days, they get programmed with an ideology that goes against their core instincts.

      Imagine you are told you want someone who respects you and all of this bullshit, but deep down you want to get fucked like a ragdoll by someone who is aggressive and dominant.

      I experienced this with my ex girlfriend. She verbalized to me she want to have this long and romantic sex, but then what she actually response to was basically the rough sex.
      She seemed to be very confused.

    9. Also it’s so funny when they bitch about being sexually objectified.
      yet when they are not objectified, they go home crying because no one gives them attention.
      and just look at all of the effort they put into actually making themselves sexual objects: makeup, pushup bras, high heels, hair extensions, fake fingernails… and so on.

      when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that a woman would get aroused when you basically use/see her as a fuck doll. Being a fuck doll is not a problem for a woman, but not being a fuck doll would indicate a huge problem: that she is not considered attractive by anyone.

    10. I get that women like persistent men. But personally I just can’t be bothered. In my experience it never really pays off. Even if you do get her with persistence, it’s just not worth the work. And most of the time you put all the extra work in and get nothing.

      I actually think when women say they like persistence, they mean they like men to invest in them.

    11. I actually think when women say they like persistence, they mean they like men to invest in them

      Bingo, and that’s what it is from an evolutionary standpoint as well.

    1. Searching “european people art” is another weird one; however, the issue persists across search engines unlike your example

    2. I thought something was fishy about the Rudy Giuliani stunt ‘Borat’ pulled (as well as all the pro-leftist propaganda and a release date for the film right before the election) until I researched the origin of the Sasha Cohen’s last name. Good thing wikipedia is rumored to propose scrubbing the early and personal life section so they can’t be identified as easily.

      Get a load of Borat as he cries out in pain while simultaneously striking you:

    3. The Guiliani stunt is really odd. What is it supposed to prove? That a single man would be willing to have sex with a young and seemingly attractive female? I guess that’s a no-no nowadays, when the powers that be work hard on normalizing pedophilia as seen, for instance, by the Netflix movie “Cuties” and the push to add “P” to the ever-increasing alphabet soup of LBTQXSDF*&#DF.

      How is it that Sasha Cohen isn’t in deep legal sh*t for this nonsense? I’d assume he broke several laws by setting up Guiliani and filming him without consent.

      Lastly, Cohen implicitly speaks out for increased Internet censorship in that video. There does not seem to be a contradiction.

    4. Yes, exactly. Nothing odd about an older gent desiring to sleep with a woman in her mid 20s. The female actor, Maria Bokalova, was 23-24 at the time of the filming and was dressed professionally as a reporter during the stunt. Libs tried to spin it that since throughout most of the movie Maria was portraying Borat’s 15 year old daughter, that it’s justifiable to pronounce that Giuliani is a pedo. The logic is retarded, but this was brought to my attention when a left leaning acquaintance of mine used this incident as justification that conservatives are the child abusers, not leftists. It seems the desired effect has been achieved.

    5. Cohen is attacking the wrong people. Giuliani is an open borders advocate and a Zionist. He called himself “more Jewish than George Soros.”

      Fuck Rudolph Giuliani and Sasha Cohen.

    6. But that doesn’t mean I advocate his rights being violated. I have no idea how that happened. The POS Giuliani is certainly no stranger to the law.

    7. Additionally I would say the original was far superior because Borat’s character was at least *somewhat* relatable. In the same vein as Archie Bunker and Eric Cartman. The second one has Borat as simply a leftist invention of their opposition. Not funny. And exactly the same mistakes Saturday Night Live has made. Commedy has to have an element of truth IMO. Propaganda simply isn’t funny.

    8. I tried watching the film, I got through about 15 mins of half-watching it then just fast forwarded to the Giuliani part to see what the big fuss was. I agree, it wasn’t very good despite the 4 stat rating on Amazon Prime. I got the sense that the main motivation for releasing the movie was just to propagandize the upcoming election. If Trump hadn’t been elected then there would be no reason for this film to exist. Trump is a gold mine for the leftist media in general.

    9. What scares me is that comedy has become a vehicle for political propaganda.

      The art itself may be dying.

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