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A Prime Example of Deluded Leftist Thinking: Rapes Happen Because of Dark Corners

You may be wondering why the Left is so keen on suppressing freedom of speech. The answer is quite surprising as it is due to a completely warped worldview according to something you don’t talk about does not exist. They believe that language shapes reality, not the other way around. Thus, in Left Think, you are not born with male or female sexual organs. Instead, you are “assigned a gender” by the midwife. You end up male or female by declaration, not because you were born male or female. That’s also why there are two biological sexes but dozens of made up gender identities. This rabbit hole goes deep. Look up “speech act theory” and be surprised.

In Left Think, every human being is the same. Africa is full of more than a billion Einsteins (we ignore that Einstein was likely a plagiarist). Similarly, a white bourgeois, if put into ghetto would sling dope just like Jamal and Tyrone. In contrast, Jamal and Tyrone would excel at middle-class careers if they had only put in the right environment. If you don’t believe in genetics or social class, then this may indeed sound like a valid conclusion.

With this preface out of the way, let me present a pearl of Left Think: “The nature of rape places”, a paper by Vania Ceccato who is a professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. In this paper, Ceccato analyses rapes in Stockholm in the last decade and develops a model based on environmental aspects. As anybody trained in the sciences knows, you need to test a model and not just fit a model on past data as there are infinitely many such models you could come up with, but that would be a bit too difficult to understand for your average academic in the social sciences.

I encourage you to at least skim that paper as it is full of unintentional humor. In it, you will learn about the Standardised Rape Ratio (SRR), which is a great example of just making up metrics. I made fun of that in my article on the Blue Pill Conformance Index (PBCI). I also chuckled when I read about the “relatively rape risk”.

What is most amusing, even though it is sad if you think about it some more, is that this leftist academic seems to believe that rape is due to features of geography or the built environment. There are some caveats later in the paper that demographics may have some role, but this is clearly just an afterthought. Just look at this:

In central areas, rape happens in secluded inner courts between buildings, walkways, hilly areas where visibility from the street is difficult (stairs), ditches, tunnels that link to public transportation, small parks, including cemeteries.

Indeed, in her mind “rape happens”, just like lazy teachers tell pupils that “war broke out”. There is no cause and no agency. Instead, it just happens. War broke out without anybody attacking anybody. It just happened. Likewise, rape just happens because, such is the implication, Ali wouldn’t need to rape Stacy if she wasn’t so racist and would just bang him as some act of humanitarian duty.

If you are a city planner, you need to consider the following to ensure that a lot of raping happens in your city:

Police records, trial protocols and particularly the fieldwork on 76 cases show that most rape places share three commonalities. These are places that:

1. Are at or very close to areas with vegetation, in other words, they are composed of parks, forested areas or interstitial places; and are easy to hide in.

2. Constitute an easy escape from the crime scene, since they are located close to public transportation (e.g., bus stops or under- ground/train stations).

3. Offer poor visibility from the surroundings, secluded (in a tunnel, ditch or stairs). They may be surrounded by multi-storey housing but with poor opportunity for natural surveillance.

I find the stupidity of this utterly mind-boggling. If you replaced the immigrant population of Stockholm with, for instance, meek Japanese, rapes would go down to basically zero, just like in the 1960s in Sweden. Geez, I wonder what happened in the last few decades. One day, places “close to areas with vegetation”, commonly referred to as parks or forests, are perfectly safe, and the next, they are a prime rape venue. How is this even possible? Seriously, guys, do you have a hint for me? It clearly must be some special and not-yet understood property of magic dirt that puts people into a rapey mood, but only under special circumstances. It must be magic dirt with conditions that trigger depending on who walks on it.

The policy recommendations of that paper are that you need to get rid of the places in which rapes happen. Clearly, if there was no vegetation, no easy escape route, and no place with poor visibility, rapes couldn’t just happen anymore. How could they? In all seriousness, what highly educated idiots like Vania Ceccato, sorry: Prof. Vania Ceccato, don’t understand is that rapes have very little to do with where they happen. She completely gets the causal chain wrong. You don’t start with a “rapey” venue that creates rapists, which is a prime example of Left Think magic dirt nonsense. Instead, you have a (potential) rapist who will simply pick the most suitable location.

I would be amused if such nonsensical research existed in a vacuum. However, people like Ceccato are highly paid public servants. They get funded by the taxpayer, and their research is used by policymakers who similarly have huge blinders on. This is a symbiosis that wastes tax money and leads to an ever-worsening life for citizens. Research papers like Ceccato’s “The nature of rape places” hint at the utterly rotten core of modern society. You can observe the effect of such research all around you in the West.

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5 thoughts on “A Prime Example of Deluded Leftist Thinking: Rapes Happen Because of Dark Corners

  1. You wrote on your Aaron S. Elias blog about the “epistemic relativism” that is prevalent in society, and I think the kind of thinking in this paper is an example of that.

    I’ve also noticed that moral relativism is quite popular among liberals, but God forbid the values of two “underprivileged” groups conflict. It’s okay for Muslims to persecute unbelievers in their own countries, but God forbid they mutilate the genitals of women.

    Anecdotally, it also appears that liberals tend not to believe in free will. And I don’t mean this as a purely academic discussion, but as in, if Jamal rapes Stacey, is he responsible for his actions, or was he made to do so by some external force? And it seems that the prevailing thought among liberals is that no, he is not. There’s a study that seems to back up this difference in beliefs surrounding free will between conservatives and liberals:

    What’s funny is, this lack of free will only applies to underprivileged groups. White males, particularly middle- and upper- class ones, do have free will, and furthermore, they’re using their free will to take advantage of the less privileged.

    So Harvey Weinstein knowingly and voluntarily decided to commit rape, but for Jamal, he’s just a victim of his circumstances.

    1. That’s a great comment. It seems that no matter where you look, there are contradictions in leftist thought. There is no end to double standards. What I find particularly amusing is that there are word pairs for the same phenomenon, depending on the context. For instance, “diversity” is a supposedly positive word. If diversity didn’t turn out so well, it is called “heterogeneity”.

      On a somewhat related note, I quite enjoy Covid-19 leading to some rather unexpected changes. For instance, up to yesterday, high-ranking German politicians were falling over themselves to say that closing the borders in order to limit the spread of infections was not an effective measure. Furthermore, there were commentators claiming that the political right is using Covid-19 as a Trojan horse to shift the Overton window, the upshot being that we can’t close the borders in response to that virus because that would signal to the right that it is possible to close the borders. We shouldn’t even discuss that issue. Well, today that all disappeared. From tomorrow onwards, Germany will close its borders. Suddenly the impossible is possible.

    2. Aaron ,you are a new Schopenhauer, no women is reading you, because they’re too stupid. It’s a shame I haven’t spent a dim on your learning. I plan to buy your books. I will read to my father and my grandfather. If it’s not enough I will donate. I apologize for my grammar. I am very drunk, it’s all true what you are saying. It’s hard to debate with you, because you are always saying true.

    3. Regarding “closing the Grtman borders”: I heard about yhat as well, but let’s see how this is gonna be implemented. Ws’re dealing with utter idiots/criminalx Angela Merkel and fruitcake Horst Seehofer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ali and Erhan, stuttefing the parole “asylum”, will be be admitted nonetheless….

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