Why Women Love Degenerate Dog Breeds

You may have noticed that a lot of women love cats as well as small dogs. Pugs are very popular, and so are many other breeds that have one thing in common: the dogs are pretty small. This leads to one aspect I discussed previously: women love animals, in particular cats, that have the size of a baby as they serve as a stand-in for having a real baby. I think there is more to it, and it’s not necessarily flattering.

First, let me get some terminology out of the way. I use the term ‘degenerate dog breed’ to refer to dogs that cannot function properly without consistent help by humans. Objectively speaking, you could easily call them handicapped. Pugs are a great example because they normally can’t even breathe properly, so they require frequent intervention by veterinarians. Breathing difficulties aren’t even the worst problems pugs have. In fact, their eyes can pop out of their sockets., which is likewise a result of overbreeding. However, the most important feature, for my argument, is that pugs and pug-sized dogs have short legs. They commonly cannot even walk up stairs, which means that whenever that kind of hurdle is encountered, the female owner has an excuse to dote on her canine baby replacement.

The biggest aspect is simply helplessness. Sure, you need to feed a dog like you need to feed a baby or your children because they can’t go out into the world and hunt a mammoth. In theory, though, children could collect berries or hunt small animals. Likewise, a strong, healthy dog, the kind that is too heavy to carry for long stretches of time, arguably could survive in nature by hunting prey. A degenerate dog cannot, and you know it when you see it. They are completely useless and could not earn their keep in any way, with rare exceptions. I’m writing this as I just thought of a video I watched that showed how a chihuahua managed to intimidate a coyote. Yet, what would an abandoned pug do? Nothing. You need to watch them like you need to watch a toddler. They only survive because women think they are cute.

There is a rather dark aspect to women wanting to take care of something helpless. This does not just apply to cats or dogs. Some women want to feel needed and keep their children in a state of utter helplessness. They may even go as far as to sabotage the ambitions of their children just so that they will have no choice but to keep relying on their mother. A less extreme but by no means harmless behavior in the same vein is infantilization, i.e. the mother treating even her adult children as if they are helpless, chiding you, or criticizing you. To them, their adult child is still not able to make their own decisions. If you manage to spread your wings despite having been raised by a narcissist mother, then then your independence will cause many arguments.

Considering how badly children under narcissist mothers fare, we should probably be glad whenever we see a woman who is doting on a degenerate dog in public. Just think of the human tragedy that might play out if she had a baby or a toddler to take care of instead of a degenerate dog.

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4 thoughts on “Why Women Love Degenerate Dog Breeds

  1. One of my best friends from high school has a mother like that. She would not let him hang out with us outside, not even at the mall. Back then we thought this was very odd, but we thought she was merely overprotective because he was a single child from a divorced mom.

    He is in his 30s now, as far as i know he is still living with her, and probably still a virgin.

  2. Interesting. I know a woman that has a pug. She is 47 and never been married. No children (even though she desperately wanted them). And………She talks baby talk to the dog.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that she refers to herself as “Mommy” around the dog.

    2. I feel rather bad for her. Maternity is sacred.

      This world has been turned into a hellish place. Most women will not feel happy with their current status.

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