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Pickup and the Problem of Incongruent Behavior

We got some good news recently: one of our former regulars, Lisbon, reappeared and told us that he got a girlfriend. Congratulations, bro! This is significant because he had been telling us for many months that he’s an “incel” and can’t get laid to save his life. He somehow had drunk sluts in clubs making out with him. Yet, he could not connect the dots. We had told him that his situation is not nearly as hopeless as he thinks and that he needs to go for girls who are into guys who look dangerous. For context, Lisbon looks like a (genuine) killer. You’d probably cross the street if you saw him coming your way. No offense, dude! That’s just how it is. It’s a strength, and you need to tailor your game accordingly.

If you look like a killer, i.e. very masculine and like a guy you just don’t want to fuck with, you need to act the way, too. You can’t look like a pitbull, yet carry your girlfriend’s handbag or tell her that it’s fine if she’s having sex with other guys because you don’t want to inhibit her spiritual growth or whatever other pretense she may use to justify her whoring. You need to act like a man! (Yup, Lisbon’s girlfriend wants to have sex with other men.)

Incongruence is where a lot of pickups go south because the initial assumption a girl makes is that you can get girls. She thinks that you are a confident dude. Well, she only thinks that you’re hot but because she doesn’t want to be shallow, she’ll b.s. about your personality if you ask her why she finds you attractive. She would not smile at you, inviting you to approach her, if she thought you were some soyboy cuck. Instead, she thinks that you’re a man who has balls to go for what he wants. Then the dude hems and haws, can’t make eye contact, and makes a lame approach ten minutes later, when she has already lost interest.

She wants you to be confident, so act in a confident manner! This is doubly important if you look as if you kill other men for a living like Lisbon. She will only lose respect for you if you don’t set any boundaries. He told us that his girlfriend wants to fuck other dudes on the side. Can you imagine how incongruent your behavior must be if a woman says to a guy who could break her neck like a pencil that she intends to fuck other guys? It does not take much to deduce that this is what you get when you look like a killer, yet act like a pushover.

To illustrate my point, assuming you don’t know any thugs in real life, look up depictions of dangerous men on screen. The first example that came to my mind was Tuco Salamanca in Breaking Bad. He’s aggressive and has impulse control issues. If you’re around such a guy, you would really watch your behavior. The closest you come to dangerous guys in real life is probably when you go to a nightclub and say hi to the bouncer as you walk in. Look at those dudes! Would you fuck with them? You wouldn’t, so why would a girl?

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26 thoughts on “Pickup and the Problem of Incongruent Behavior

    1. It seems counterintuitive, but women in my experience (once you’ve boned them a few times at least) have always started in with little ‘tests’. And every time I’ve given in to a demand or put up with a shitty behavior, it was never met with mutual benefit or respect.

      You gotta grab a fistful of hair when you’re fucking this chick and tell her, literally, that her pussy belongs to you. Make her repeat it back to you. I don’t imagine every chick responds well to this but the degenerate type of tatted and pierced bitches I fuck sure do. When they give you some shit about changing your behavior in some way to please her or her being able to do some shady shit like fuck other guys, you tell her no and threaten to walk out on her. Be prepared to actually walk out. If she cries and whines, you shut that shit down too. She’ll claim you’re a massive asshole and block you, but in about a day or two they unblock you and beg for you to dominate their pussy some more.

      After a while you get bored of their bullshit or they finally learn not to test your boundaries. If I were you, I’d be looking for some side pussy asap. This chick has raised a serious red flag, do not under any circumstance seriously commit to her. Hell. Let her fuck other guys. You should sleep with other women.

    2. Great comment! Also, you can bet that his girlfriend initially assumed that Lisbon fucks a bunch of girls on the side. In a nutshell, Lison is a thug Chad who believes he’s a 3/10 and acts like it.

    3. If a woman tells you that she wants to fuck other men, you’ve made some big mistakes along the way. You probably acted like a doormat for a few weeks and she just kept pushing. My suggestion is to kick a woman out right away if she just mentions the thought.

      How about having some standards for female behavior? Dude, you don’t even know what kind of game you could run. You could do hardcore thug game, like pulling out a loaded gun and putting it on her head as you’re banging her — and she’ll get so wet that you need to throw out the mattress afterwards. Just make sure you don’t accidentally pull the trigger. I’m only half-joking (not about the gun, but about thug game in general).

      Nose rings are a bad sign, comparable to tattoos, but not quite as bad. It’s easy to get rid of a nosering; getting rid of a tattoo is significantly more difficult.

    4. I don’t own a firearm, but I did try flicking a switchblade out and putting it to her throat tonight. She acted like it was too much for her at first but I just told her she had better shut and please my cock with her mouth if she knew what was best for her. When I fucked her she got off in like 30 seconds. I counted 4 orgasms total. She admitted how hot it was afterwards that I initiated sex with the knife.

      Thanks, Sleazy!

  1. Congrats, Lisbon. But I knew you could only get sluts 🙂 I’m not hating because sluts seem to be the only girls interested in me. I think I too have perma-scowl and have a really masculine, badass look. Some women don’t like me and I run into problems with guys at work (usually dorks and insecure men). People think I’m trying to be a smartass even when I’m not.

    1. I wanted to add that women with boyfriends and husbands often flirt with me. Even my cousin’s wife. My cousin is the classic beta provider. I attract all the wrong women, even though I consider myself a good guy.

  2. Ok, “He told us that his girlfriend wants to fuck other dudes on the side.” + judging from the picture and the nose ring he’s going to be on square one again in a couple of weeks/months haha. But breaking stupid mindsets is more important. I would bet 80% of all ‘incels’ are ‘mentalcels’. Speaking of PUA, RSD got finally shut down by youtube completely as I read today.

    1. Why did RSD get deplatformed? Don’t get me wrong, I hate those motherfuckers, but I’m very against censorship. Plus without clowns like them many would not find realists like Aaron.

    2. Everything that makes women feel uncomfortable is fair game for the Big Tech army of censors.

    3. I wonder what their official reasoning would be. It can’t be crap like copyright infringement, doxxing, or any of the typical stuff they use as an excuse to center.

      Do they now officialy have a policy of “can’t talk to women”? XD

    4. Seems like the case. As we talked about in another thread FacceAndLMS got demonetized for no apparent reason. I guess I was wrong about them being pro-PUA as Aaron pointed out.

      Remember when Youtube was awesome?

    5. Remember when the Internet was awesome? We’re already halfway down a new dark age of censorship. The next step will be nation-wide segregation, which some countries already practice, be it at the level of a nationwide firewall like China, or nation-wide blocking of selected IP addresses like, for instance, Singapore does it.

    6. Well, Youtube is a billion dollar business, they will not kill their reputation for a couple of ugly retards that film street-harassment. Money is the main driver here, I don’t think they care about censorship that much. And when some of those clowns got jailed they pulled the trigger. And regarding this whole free speech thing: youtube is a private company, they don’t have to grant you free speech in any way, because they are liable for the stuff you post in an extent.

    7. That’s a lot of misinformation in just a few lines. The big tech companies are exempt from that kind of liability. You may know that some people in the GOP have pushed back against Big Tech, and it’s based on the following argument: the original deal was that they provide access to the general public, similar to a utility company, in exchange for not being responsible for user content. Also, the “private company” argument is really ludicrous. We are talking about a monopoly here. Do you want to claim that a large supermarket chain should have the right to not sell food to you, or the sole electricity provider in your area the right to just not serve you?

  3. Apparently the biggest pro-trump forum on the internet was just shut down. What the fuck is matter with these assholes? Are they like seriously asking for a revolution?

    It’s almost like they’re begging to be slapped back into place with all the increasing censorship. The non-leftist side tends to like a bear that doesn’t even flinch while being provoked, until you’ve provoked it to the point that it bites off your head in 2 seconds.

    1. I don’t see much of a sign of pushback. At this point in time, it seems that our best hope is to get liberated by the Russians or Chinese, but with the trend towards increased nationalism as opposed to empire building, that probably won’t happen anytime soon. However, you can bet that a Chinese occupational government would clean up this mess really quickly. Indeed, you could fix it in a few days if you wanted to. You just make a bad example of one CEO, and the rest will fall in line rapidly. It’s just like large-scale fraud in the financial industry: the (rare) punishments are just a slap on the wrist.

    2. I’m confused. Aren’t the Chinese very much against free speech? Like that doctor that was arrested for alerting the public via social media that there was a new virus in circulation? If I recall, he was made to sign a form stating that he was basically causing unnecessary panic. He ended up contracting Covid-19 and dying.

      To be fair, shady stuff like that goes on in the West. Edward Snowden comes to mind. I certainly don’t imagine he would have been given very just treatment by the US government.

    3. There is basically only one topic that is off-limits in China: criticism of the government. Everything else you can discuss. Also, notice that people widely, and justifiably so, believe that the Chinese government wants to make everyone better off. How would you react if you lived in a country whose government has been working hard on lifting you out of poverty (I know, for a Westerner that’s really difficult to imagine), and then you overhear some dipshit maligning some policies, no matter if it is true or false?

      In the West, as you are well aware of, there is a sheer endless list of topics you cannot discuss without repercussions: the gender wage gap, differences between men and women, race realism, the educational achievement gap, black-on-white crime, homosexuals, transvestites, climate change, veganism, fake rape accusations, domestic violence perpetrated by women, etc. Sure, feel free to point out to your co-worker that man-made climate warning is not proven and that the science is not “settled”, that you find the promotion of sexual deviancy with taxpayer money at the very least questionable, or that you don’t like that your kids have to attend a tranny storytime session at school. Before you know it, you’ll have a nice chat with HR where you will be informed that you make your colleagues uncomfortable and therefore will be escorted out of the building.

    4. “There is basically only one topic that is off-limits in China: criticism of the government.”


      “How would you react if you lived in a country whose government has been working hard on lifting you out of poverty (I know, for a Westerner that’s really difficult to imagine), and then you overhear some dipshit maligning some policies, no matter if it is true or false?”

      I get your point. It’s kind of like how some Westerners are quick to criticize certain food choices in China. I understand that many in China’s history have been faced with starvation and have had to make due. In terms of lifting its people out of poverty, though, that surely isn’t out of the goodness of the ruling class’ hearts. Word is that if you become infected with coronavirus nowadays you are considered a public enemy and a threat to the economy. It seems to me that China’s singular focus is on building wealth through manufacturing the followed by expansion in the form of real estate investing outside of China and displacing local populations. Meanwhile, outsiders are not allowed to own real estate inside China. Pretty crafty.

      I agree the PC culture in the West is absurd.

    5. “How would you react if you lived in a country whose government has been working hard on lifting you out of poverty (I know, for a Westerner that’s really difficult to imagine), and then you overhear some dipshit maligning some policies, no matter if it is true or false?”

      If they have been working hard to lift people out of poverty, then why there exists such a dismal poverty in landlocked provinces? Social welfare haven’t seen any rise, poverty-stricken families still struggle in large cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjing, etc. If the lives of millions of Chinese have seen improvement, why the influx of immigrants from Fuzhou and Guangdong didn’t stop. Mind you that Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, is one of the greatest cities in China.

      Almost all working class Chinese who have immigrated to the US do not want to go back to China, and hold high hope that their children will succeed in this country.

      Already before I left Shanghai in 2014, people complained the rise of living costs in Shanghai, and how their salary couldn’t keep with such a rise. I don’t believe that now, everything is better for them.

      “Time of Xi” is just another piece of propaganda, just like so many other forms of propaganda manufactured during the reign of Emperor Mao Zedong. And if there is anything that I have learned through living in 2 Communist countries, it is their art of propaganda is top-notched.

  4. Also, consider this, if China is such a pleasant place to live, why haut-placé politicians and wealthy Chinese spend much effort to invest in real estate in the US and move to this country under IB5? When was the last time you hear that Japanese elites attempted to do the same thing?

  5. I’ve re read this a few times and it made me laugh hard quite a bit ..If you look like a killer… who break peoples necks like a pencil 😀 lmao
    really solid pickup always !

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