Ted Cruz and Looks-Maxing

Modern politicians are a collection of sad sacks. It’s basically a collection of spineless cucks who sell out your country for chump change. There has been some backlash building up, with the rise of nationalist parties in Europe, but our God Emperor Donald Trump has been quite a disappointment. He has not built a wall, nor has he locked up Hillary. Instead, he’s doing Israel’s bidding in the Middle East and heckling Iran. As sad as our current leaders are, there are some people building up an impressive profile in their shadows. One of my two most favorite contemporary politicians is Ted Cruz (the other is Josh Hawley). It’s beautiful how he (and Josh Hawley) barrages those lying sacks of shit Big Tech sent for questioning to Congress; here’s him pummelling Mark Zuckerberg.

Ted Cruz is not only interesting because he has big balls and principles. Instead, I find his most recent physical transformation remarkable as well. All too often guys tell me that they are doomed to inceldom because their looks are bad. Now, look at Ted Cruz in 2016, when he announced his bid for US presidency (full video):

His face looks doughy. His suit does not fit properly. He’s pale. If you look at him, you see a guy who does not seem to spend much time outside. In fact, this is a look that is very common among office workers because they sit around on their fat asses way too much. Of course, this makes their asses even fatter. If you work at a big corporation, you’ll run into guys like that a hundred times a day. You could of course resign yourself to that level of mediocrity and say that the other guys between 30 and 50 around you in the office don’t look any better. True, you could do that. However, alternatively, you could hit the gym, go outside, and improve your looks. This is what Ted Cruz has done. Now, look at him in 2019 (full video):

You see a dude with a much healthier complexion. His beard makes his face look a lot more manly. His hair looks better, too. Sure, it has been thinning, but gel and dying it black is a big improvement to what he looked like in 2016. You also get the impression that he’s both slimmed down and bulked up. If you were, say, an illegal immigrant looking to rob someone, you’d much more inclined to jump Ted Cruz 2016 as opposed to Ted Cruz 2019. The latter looks as if he could knock you out in one hit, while the former appears to be pretty meek, which would make him a prime target for a dose of cultural enrichment. Today, Ted Cruz looks like a fucking pitbull. You look at him and think that he takes down guys half his age in his MMA club and that he bangs ten female interns a week, just to get rid of all that testosterone that’s building up in his body.

The transformation Ted Cruz went through is a great counter example to hold up whenever someone wallows in self-pity about his lot in life. True, some guys are genetically gifted, while others got the short end of the stick. Yet, it is extremely rare that guys are genuinely hopeless. I bet that almost all guys who think they don’t look good are not even 10% of the man they could be.

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16 thoughts on “Ted Cruz and Looks-Maxing

  1. Omg!! I was there listening to part of the big tech questioning with you (though not fully focused) and didn’t even realise it’s Ted Cruz. Wow!

  2. I bet that almost all guys who think they don’t look good are not even 10% of the man they could be.

    Very true. That’s the other coin of blackpill and lookism.

    They did a great job bringing in the truth about looks into the discussion and bringing in a ton of good scientific data, and explanations etc etc…

    But the irony is the vast majority of those guys are far from looks-maxxed. Very far from it.

  3. I don’t think that Trump is doing that bad of a job, rather quite to the opposite.
    As a matter of fact the wall IS being built bitby bit and reinforced.
    The issue with crooked Hillary is a mich bigger issue, involving Epstein et al. and that’s also currently being tackled, and heckling Iran is not one of the worst things a POTUS can do.

    1. Look, until he doesn’t get rid of the freaking Federal Reserve Bank and until he doesn’t stop licking Israel’s ass (which is about the same thing, right?), American people will never be free.

    2. Well, since Thursday financing of the Wall has progressed substantially.

      As far as your basic objection is concerned, I’m gonna quote Billy Wilder: “Nobody’s perfect.”

  4. “Instead, he’s doing Israel’s bidding in the Middle East”

    Somewhat off topic, but I wanted to post this here, because who knows how long it’ll be on ***tube.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I watched part of that video. The official narrative of 9/11 is the biggest bullshit story the US has concocted in the last few decades.

    2. Regarding 9/11 I can really recoomend the epic 8h real time compilation of all abpvailable footage from this day on YT by “Black Pilled”. Really worth watching.

    3. You are clearly a Ron Paul ass licking loon but I still tried to watch this documentary. Im sorry I cant take this seriously. The central premise of this idiotic documentary is that Netanyahus is doing the bidding of Rabbis to fast forward the coming of the Messiah. By that logic, Christian evangelists are more responsible for 9/11 as they are just as fervant in this belief (of course in this case their messiah is some semi literate Jewish carpenter) and have more immediate access to the political power and hence the button. Thats the Occams Razor. Of course Occam Razor doesnt seem to apply when your own retarded beliefs dont match up.

      And Aaron, recognzing Jerusalem as Israels capital and let Israel and Iran duke it out in the Middle East just put AIPAC out of business. U.S shouldnt be giving aid to Israel or any other country. Detach from the middle east completely . But I doubt this would stop concern trolling over the Palestinians by these weirdos.

    4. Haven’t watched a single second of the documentary, but just wanna comment on Christian evangelists.

      Christian evangelists in the U.S. are very strong supporters of Israel (and the powerful Israel Lobby) precisely because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy. Pretty sick stuff if you ask me.

  5. wow! what a transition

    from german pedo in cambodia to mexican drug lord


    i seem to get better looking with age too, more grit, more density, smarter and wiser

    look out future 21year old supermodels!

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